by Rachel Van Dyken

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With blood on my hands, I held her.
With death in my soul, I took from her.
With the devil in my heart, I coveted her.
There're many definitions of Hell.
My list was exhaustive, my definitions tragic.
Tonight I was adding something new to the very top.
Girl number six thirty-two.
She arrived on my birthday, the same day, every year, I play Russian Roulette and pull the trigger.
She was my omen.
My end game.
She made it personal.
And for the first time in my life, I gave in.
A virgin mob boss with no soul.
My name is Andrei Petrov.
They call me the devil.
All I want is for the pain to end.
All she wants is for me to share it.
I am the last remaining heir to a dynasty that should burn in Hell.
And my last wish remains for it to die with me.

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BN ID: 2940161205310
Publisher: Rachel Van Dyken
Publication date: 04/30/2019
Series: Elite Bratva Brotherhood , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 7,751
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About the Author

Rachel Van Dyken is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and #1 New York Times bestselling author known for regency romances, contemporary romances, and her love of coffee and Swedish Fish. Rachel’s also recently inked a deal for her Wingmen Inc. series—The Matchmaker’s Playbook and The Matchmaker’s Replacement—to be made into movies.

A fan of The Bachelor and the Seattle Seahawks (not necessarily in that order), Rachel lives in Idaho with her husband, a super cute toddler son who keeps her on her toes, and two boxers. Make sure you check out her site,, and follow her on Twitter (@RachVD).

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Debase 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
Anonymous 23 days ago
Anonymous 2 days ago
Born into a legacy of pain and suffering, it takes a strong and compassionate woman to see beneath the monster and pull the last shards of pure love from the dark depths of years of evil and into the light. The daughter of an enemy will set him free. I loved this sweet tortured love story.
Anonymous 14 days ago
LisaD 20 days ago
Alice De Lange was being abused by some of her family. So when she ends up with the Russian mafia she almost feels relieved or safe. Andrei Petrov is a very powerful man. He manages to keep himself emotionally distant from others, until the one girl they bring in who intrigues him and he can not take his eyes off of. Debase definitely has a darker feel to it than any other of the Eagle Elite books. It does give it a very real like, Mafia feel to it. Well what I would guess it could be like. Amongst all the darkness and torment, there are also sexy moments, and very touching, very tender moments, along many moments that had me laughing. This book was tearing me apart, it had me crying a time or two. It had me feeling so much I actually had to put it down for a few minutes. I was sort of afraid to keep reading for fear of what was to come, but I was also so intrigued and invested I had to keep going and find out how it finished. I am so glad I finished this book all the way through. Even though it had torn me apart it did manage to put me back together and heal me. By the end my heart was so full of love and joy. I absolutely Love these guys and their wives, I feel like they are apart of me. I will definitely have a book hangover from reading Debase!! I highly highly recommend Debase!! I can not wait for more from this series!! Blood In No Out!!
bbarneybooks28 20 days ago
I’ll never get enough of Rachel Van Dyken’s mafia world and the families who rule it, and while it’s a dangerous, destructive, and deadly environment to be a part of, it also epitomizes what brotherhood, fidelity, and honor are all about, illustrating the true measure of a man and what it takes to differentiate between truth and lies as well as those individuals who are working with them or against them. Throughout the Eagle Elite series, Van Dyken has introduced readers to a bevy of alpha male mafia men, and while their personalities vary based on their life experiences, their struggles, and the roles that they’ve had as members of some of the most important Italian mafia families, at their core, they’re all about protecting their own and loving as fiercely as they hate their enemies. And now with a spin-off series from the Eagle Elite, readers still get to interact with some of our favorite mafia heroes as well as learn about a new bloodline - the Elite Bratva Brotherhood - and let me tell you, Van Dyken doesn’t hold anything back in Debase; in fact, Andrei Petrov is perhaps even more ruthless and vindictive than any of the other characters we have already met throughout the series. I definitely had a love/hate relationship with Andrei throughout the course of his and Alice’s story, and I would probably liken his anti-hero like demeanor and attitude to another tortured mafia man - Phoenix - and I could go on and on about my disdain and distrust, but ultimately, my complete adoration for how he rose from his past misdeeds and found his own way out of the darkness. Andrei Petrov - I’m sure there will be a mixed bag of feelings from readers when it comes to this deliverer of destruction and devastation, but it’s essential to look at him as the sum of all of his parts and personality traits, not just the ones that are constantly at the forefront - those that illustrate him as the devil…as an irredeemable sinner lost in the darkness of his past, not seeking redemption but a way to become void of all of the pain and torturous memories that refuse to release him. The way the heroine is introduced signifies her uniqueness and the fact that she might just be Andrei’s salvation. But that can only happen if Andrei allows it to and as far as he’s concerned, he’s too tainted…too damaged…too inundated with darkness to ever allow her the opportunity to bring him into even the smallest amount of life. Too bad that won’t stop her, and while their path is going to be one riddled with refusals, mistrust, and hot and cold interactions, what starts to build between them is more essential than either of them could have imagined. But like all of Rachel Van Dyken’s mafia stories, there are complicated twists and suspenseful moments that readers won’t see coming nor will they figure out how everything will reach a positive conclusion when chaos and duplicity reign. It’s difficult to move forward when people are so clearly defined by their past…its trauma, its heartache, and its oppression, but what Debase works to prove is that sometimes in the least likeliest of places and ways, memories and darkness can be overrun with a bit of hope and light. 4.5 Poison Apples
Rina_S 22 days ago
Where do I even begin...... The know, the usual but what really threw me for a loop was the way Andrei was with Alice! The comradery or not of the mafia families, the witty banter, I laughed more than a few times and then my heart was thumping so hard, I wondered what on earth would happen! The behind closed doors of what goes on is somewhat difficult to read about but when you understand why, it all makes so much sense! The author has written this story perfectly and I absolutely love living threw Andrei’s eyes! Surprises are abound, intense moments and a whole lot of suspense which is what makes Debase the best mafia read this year! I really don't know what to do with my life now. Really!!!
Anonymous 23 days ago
If you are looking for an amazing new book to read then this is it!! It doesn’t matter if you are new to Rachel or an old friend you will fall in love with this characters!! Rachel makes you feel as though you are apart of their world and that we are all family!! I do have to say that you will need a survival kit for this book!! Because you will cry, laugh, cry from laughing, cry from such brokenness, cry and laugh because that is simply what this family does!! Your survival kit must include the following water, tissues, chocolate, fries, bagels, pasta, wine, vodka, more water, more tissues, and I think the most important thing is love!!! Rachel Van Dyken, Debase was everything! Debase was so much more than everything! I knew you were going to have Andrei be this!! I knew this because he was always there, apart of the family, craved his name on the same tree with the rest of the guys, there was no other way for Andrei to have been written, and Alice oh what a BadA** she is!!! Thank you for texts between them!! These are and best moments because we got to see the Andrei that truly wanted to be but kept himself hidden. Thank you for this!!!! Alice what’s not to love about her?!? Thank you Thank you Thank you ? ??????????????????? Blood In, No Out ????????
Anonymous 23 days ago
DannyJeffbooks 23 days ago
I have been absolutely dying for this book and I have to say it did not disappoint! This book really had it all; suspense, romance, emotion and it wouldn’t be an RVD book without some humour running through it. I will say it started off a little slow for me, I’m not sure why, but from about a quarter of way in this was a knuckle biting read. The story was strong and he characters were multi dimensional. Man, I love flawed hero’s and Andre just ticked all my boxes. A really great read and I can’t wait for more secrets to unfold and be revealed. An absolute recommendation. I was provided with a copy of this book from the publisher; there was no inducement or obligation and I opted to leave a review.
Anelise Torian 23 days ago
Can the monster fall in love? Will someone who was abused by her family be able to trust again? Andrei Petrov is the last remaining Petrov left to run an empire of his father’s making and becomes intrigued by the one woman who is off limits. This book takes you through the intertwined lives of the Italian mafia and the ever despised Russian mafia. This book is beautiful and gut wrenching in the best ways and will keep you glued to the pages until you finish it and want to start reading it all over again. The queen of mafia is back at it and proving even the worst monsters of the mafia can find someone who loves the man and monster.
Stephanie Taylor 24 days ago
If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I’m a HUGE fan of Rachel Van Dyken and of her words. She’s just got loads of talent in the storytelling arena. And my absolute favorite series of hers is the Eagle Elite mafia romance series. I shouldn’t love mafia romance like I do...but I can’t help it when it’s Rachel Van Dyken’s words and characters, man! Debase is the last Eagle Elite book and book one of the Russian mafia spin-off series, the Elite Bratva Brotherhood. If you’re an EE fan, you’ve known Andrei for some time. He’s slowly been working his way out of the chaos his father unleashed. But despite knowing what we thought his story was, his true story will blow you away. And if you’ve not read ANY of the Eagle Elite books (WHY NOT???!!!), this is a great place to start. Featuring all our beloved characters from EE, yet keeping it information overload free, Debase will quite simply rock your mafia romance-loving heart and soul. In true Rachel mafia style writing, there are twists and turns you will NOT see coming that lead to those “a-ha!” moments, all while making you wonder how DOES she come up with this?! While Andrei is a very dark character, there are plenty of absolutely laugh out loud moments interspersed throughout Debase, as well. Those of us that love the group texts in previous books get plenty of hilarious one-liners in several group chats in this book. While I wanted to hate Andrei after Enrage, this book totally endeared me to him, and I can NOT wait to see where Rachel Van Dyken takes this next series! NICUnurse’s Rating: Debase is the long-anticipated last Eagle Elite book and first Elite Bratva Brotherhood book. And while it’s not my absolute favorite of the series (I’m still a HUGE fan or Elude and Eulogy), it is definitely an amazing story. I give Debase by Rachel Van Dyken 4.75 stars! Pick up your copy today and see what all the mafia fuss is about! I don’t think you will be disappointed!
Ashes2ashes1189 24 days ago
Reviewed as ashley lovestoread - Two characters both with experiences that could not only crush a person but shatter them. I love how while they both had cracks from their past that affected them they didn’t let it make them break. I enjoyed reading this story from beginning to end. It can be read as a stand alone
Sandy-thereadingcafe 24 days ago
4.5 stars--DEBASE is the first instalment in Rachel Van Dyken’s contemporary, adult ELITE BRATVA BROTHERHOOD dark and violent, mafia romance series-a spin off from the authors Eagle Elite series. This is Russian Mafia head of the Petrov family, twenty-two year old, Andrei Petrov, and twenty-one year old, Alice De Lange, whose family has been ex-communicated from the Cosa Nostra. DEBASE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous series is revealed where necessary but I recommend reading the original series for back story. Several characters and couples cross over for cohesion. WARNING: DEBASE contains scenes of graphic violence, torture, killing and abuse, as well as exploitation, corruption and sexual slavery which may not be suitable for all readers. Told from three first person points of view (Andrei, Alice, Phoenix) DEBASE follows in the aftermath of Alice (aka #632) De Lange’s forced imprisonment when she is sold to the Petrov Dynasty in a back room deal made between the two warring families of the Cosa Nostra. Current head of the Petrov family, Andrei Petrov struggles with his place, his direction, and the memories from the past, a past that has shaped a violent, uncaring and tormented man. Unaware of all of his predecessor’s back room deals, Andrei will have to face the reality of the Petrov family heritage, a heritage he battles with every waking moment. Discovering one of the new ‘slaves’ is none other than a member of the ex-communicated De Lange family Andrei makes it his mission to break the woman with whom he will fall in love. What ensues is the building relationship between Andrei and Alice, and the fall-out as sins of the family, and of the past, force the painful and heart breaking reality that reparation for a debt must be paid in blood. Alice De Lange is an innocent pawn in a war that will see many lives lost, and the possibility of the loss of her own. Falling for her captor means issues of trust continue to grow when sins of the past are brought to the forefront of family negotiations. A kill order for all De Lange family members places our heroine in the direct line of fire. Andrei Petrov is both dangerous and dark; without emotion, and without the ability to feel love or be loved. Execution and torture are his only mode of expression, something taught to Andrei at an early age. The relationship between Alice and Andrei begins as master and slave; warden and prisoner; enemies up close and personal. In order to save Alice, Andrei must claim the woman as his own, a claim that threatens the stability of the Petrov Dynasty. The $ex scenes are limited, passionate and intense. There is a large ensemble cast of colorful and energetic secondary and supporting characters including many from the author’s original Eagle Elite series focusing on ruthless members of several Mafia families. As the Russians and Italians work together against a common enemy, many more secrets are revealed that could destroy them all. The author adds a guide to the families, their members both living and gone. DEBASE is a story of family, blood, cruelty and love; of lies and lessons; of betrayal and revenge. The premise is dark, gritty and raw; the characters are dark, dangerous, and deceptive; the romance is tragic and heart breaking. DEBASE is a dramatic, intense and emotional story of hate, vengeance and hope.
heater_28 24 days ago
**I voluntarily read an early copy of this title in exchange for an honest review** As a lover of Rachel Van Dyken's Eagle Elite series, I could not wait to get my hands on this book! While Debase is the first book in the Elite Bratva Brotherhood series, all of our favorites from the EE series are in this book as well. Eagle Elite is hands down my favorite mafia series, so I was so happy to be back with this group. Andrei Petrov is the boss of the Petrov dynasty. He has demons that run so deep that you can't help but feel for him. He seems to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. He is dark, he's intense and he's a ruthless killer. He gets off on the ways that he can bring pain to the people he is dealing with. While he shows the world toughness, the reality is that is a facade; he is truly broken and beaten down from things he was exposed to as a child. Things that no child should ever be witness to. He truly believes he is evil because that was what his father was and that was what he witnessed as a vulnerable child. Alice De Lange is a woman who has been broken by her own families actions and now is being held captive and she couldn't be happier about it. Yes, you read that right. She's thrilled that she's not in the hands of her family any longer who were doing unthinkable things to her. Even if things aren't rosy in captivity, she knows that there is a chance life will be better now than it was. Now that she is at Andrei's club, Alice is known at number six-thirty-two. She doesn't have a name any longer, just a number. When Andrei and Alice come together, you can tell immediately there is a connection. Will these two end up being exactly what the other needs or will the truths and secrets that are uncovered put them in even more danger? I can't get enough of RVD's EE books. There is something about the way she writes mafia that just draws you in from the very beginning. I felt every emotion reading this book. I laughed, I cried, I hurt, I raged and to me, that's when you know you have something great. Another thing I absolutely loved about this book was that we got the POV of Phoenix as well. It helped to give us insight to things as the story moved along. I'm so happy to have been back with all of the EE crew and I'm looking forward to whatever Rachel has planned for us next!