Dedicated To You

Dedicated To You

by Candy Hwa


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Dedicated To You by Candy Hwa

Only Human
Daniel James, the sole heir to his mother's business, Gloria Financial Group, leaves his hometown of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and moves to the smaller city of Adelaide where he enrols into University of South Australia.
There he meets a girl, unlike any other. At first sight, she avoids him, because he is rich and all his annoying fan girls are exceedingly loud and selfish. As time goes on, the girl feels drawn to Daniel.
When they officially start dating, one obstacle just happens to get in the way . . .

Memorable Quotes:
-"We are renting this apartment. We never seem to have enough money because the prices just keep rising. People just want to make money, they do not think twice about the disadvantaged."
-Stalkers NEVER have happy endings. Flora is right; you are a VERY selfish person. You want her all to yourself and not share her with anyone, not even her brothers. They are a family; they are allowed to be together. YOU RUINED EVERYTHING IN HER TIME DURING HIGH SCHOOL, she is NOT safe with you around. You do not allow her to do things without your supervision, which is abuse and controlling behaviour. If you love her, you should be able to trust her! You obviously do not show that you do. YOU CANNOT EVEN MAKE FLORA SMILE FOR THE SEVEN YEARS YOU HAVE LOVED HER, NOT EVEN ONCE (he was shocked at these words)!"

Fly High
Dream. Hope. Fly.
"When you have a Goal, fulfill it. Why? Because it gives you a purpose in life."
Three people, two boys and one girl, have the most beautiful singing voices in the whole school. They love singing but no one likes their songs because they do not sing English but so what? If it is their dream to become singers why let others block their path to success..?

Memorable Quotes:
-"Thanks Bradley. It is not likely people will like us because we sing in different languages. Why can people not accept everyone is different?"
"Because people only like what they like. They do not care about what everyone else likes."
-"I was afraid that you would think I was a cry-baby." She answered quietly, "I was distracting my father from the road and he ran into another vehicle. Both my parents died almost instantly from the crash and I was the sole survivor, not even the other vehicle's passengers survived from the crash."
-"My parents were very lovable people, they had many friends." Ryan began, "Nearly everyone in our neighbourhood knew them. We were a wealthy family that lived well with all the other wealthy people. My parents were murdered by being stabbed repetitively then shot twice each. There were two murderers but only one was caught. The other committed suicide to avoid going into prison. They deserve the prison time for taking away my parents but I have lived life as they had, by doing the one thing that I am happy doing, singing. Murderers deserve a life sentence for murder, not just a set period."
-"I want to show images of what happens at war, just the like original music video to this song. It would teach arrogant country leaders that war solves nothing. All it does is hurt others. Even though people are fighting for their countries, it makes things worse by hurting others. Too bad people do not listen to foreign songs. A lot of foreign songs have powerful messages but people are too ignorant to give them a try." Bradley proudly said.

Fond Memories
When the love of your life forgets who you are when they wake up, how would you feel? Miserable or desperate to win them back before someone else did? That is how Jonathan James felt. It got even more difficult when his brother falls in love with the same girl . . .

Memorable Quotes:
-"Wealthy people are so arrogant. Just because they can have anything they want, they take advantage of that and act all 'high and mighty'. They treat everyone who is considered lower than them to be scums or people unworthy of their attention. Why do people only like wealthy people? They are not the best type of people anyway. People only like these type of people because they are blinded by their status, good looks, or power that they do not care how they are treated!"
-"I really like you, I do. It is just that my brother likes you too. I will tell you the truth. My brother is your fiancé." Katie gasped. "He had been crying for hours when you had forgotten him."

I'm willing to be, in the fairytale
The angel that you love
Spread my hands, into wings, to hold you
You have to believe
Believe that we'll be like the fairytale
With a happy ending.

Memorable Quotes:
-"Running away does not solve any problems." Holly lectured, "It makes you look like a pansy. You should stand up for his own beliefs, a trait that most people cannot do. They are terrified of being alone so they cannot stand up for themselves."
-"What a bunch of bitches!" Isaac yelled, "They called you a bitch when in reality they were the bitches. Everyone has different tastes so they have different likes. Not everyone is the same. If that were the case, the world would be boring! I hate people who cannot accept that people are different. They are so ignorant and arrogant! I can see why you did not like High School. I would of hated it too if I had to put up with those type of girls!"
-"Why do so many people hate people who are different to them?! It is very unfair! Why do girls have to have such a bitchy personality and still be liked by someone?" Isaac complained with intense anger.

An Heir's First Love
On the opposite coast of sadness is something called a smile
But before we can go there, is there something we're waiting for?

In order to chase our dreams, we can't have a reason to run away
We've got to go, to that far away summer's day
Memorable Quotes:
-Wilber had nothing to do so Benny struck up a conversation with him. Benny explained his family background, "I have never known what it is like to have a family. My whole family was wiped out. They were all murdered when I was young. The entire family fortune is now under my name. I inherited it at a young age because I had no guardians or anyone. That is how I met Christopher. He found me and invited me to live with him. I lived with him for twelve years then I moved out to my own place. I am now twenty, if you are wondering how old I am. This means that I was only eight when my entire family was wiped out."
-"It is the only song that calms me down when I listen to it." He smiled. "I like this song even though I do not understand it. The way you sing it calms me down. I remember only too clearly that my heart was thumping at the very first time I heard this song."
-"He has been listening to you sing for the past two years. Your singing was the only thing that puts him in a good mood. You should give him the chance even if you normally do not like wealthy people."
"I know. I will give him a chance. It is unfair to hate someone without allowing them to show who they really are."
-"Most wealthy people and commoners do not get along that well. Wealthy people look down on us and we hate wealthy people because of their treatment to us. Everyone in the University does not like us because we do not have the luxuries they have."
-Benny was curious as to how Mia's father and Brian's mother met. Brian went on to explain. "I do not know how they met because the wealthy and the poor do not get along so well but before I knew it, I had a family. When I first met Mia, I thought she looked cute. She had a cute smile and hugged me upon our first meeting. She was happy that she had another brother. My mother went overseas for business trips leaving their father with us. After awhile, he was mysteriously murdered. This left me with them. With my mother hardly at home with us, the four of us grew closer. She introduced me to her favourite music and foods. I grew accustomed to foreign things. It would not surprise me if she influenced Chris like she did to me." Brian laughed at this thought. He could

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ISBN-13: 9781453500941
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 05/20/2010
Pages: 214
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.49(d)

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