Descent into Mayhem

Descent into Mayhem

by Bruno Goncalves

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After two hundred years of isolation, the colonists of Capicua, a fertile super-earth orbiting Gliese 667C, are suddenly faced with an unknown and hostile military force.

Oblivious to the impending invasion, Toni Miura joins Capicua's decrepit armed forces in a bid to escape domestic troubles, aiming for the privilege of driving the Hammerhead, a bipedal mobile suit which is the epitome of his planet's ailing warrior spirit.

With the arrival of the earthborn invaders, Toni's unqualified platoon, brimming with misfits and plagued by internal differences, is suddenly thrown into the midst of battle. Abandoned by their seniors in the course of their mission, Toni and the remnants of his unit become lost in a world which, owing to the nature of its orbit, suffers periodically from planet-wide hurricane conditions.

So begins a race against time, where a handful of cadets will be forced to outmaneuver a pursuing enemy in the boondocks of a turbulent planet, all the while seeking to deliver an odd but important Bavarian prisoner-of-war to their headquarters.

"Comparisons to Heinlein's Starship Troopers are justified. Fans of hard Military Science Fiction, salute your new commander!" - D. B. Rose

"Much better than expected! I can barely wait for the next installment. Very interesting world building, good extrapolation of current technological warfare!" - RAZVAN ANDREI

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BN ID: 2940046485417
Publisher: Bruno Goncalves
Publication date: 12/26/2014
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Born in Portugal but raised in South Africa, Bruno Goncalves is one of those odd people whose sentences sometimes begin in one language and end in another. After a few years dedicating his life to combat engineering, Bruno somehow managed to fool the Portuguese government into offering him a pistol and a badge. This achievement is still a source of some amusement to him. He has since been working as a Police officer by day, but at night he reads and writes science fiction novels. His greatest enemy? Television. Oh, and Youtube. Especially the funny cat videos. That'll distract him from his writing in an instant. On the other hand, he also relies heavily upon Youtube's epic music clips for writing inspiration.

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Descent into Mayhem 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
DavidRose More than 1 year ago
Bruno Goncalves is, simply put, a find. Comparisons to Heinlein's Starship Troopers are justified. The only thing is, Goncalves may actually be better - once the little editing issues are sorted out. Toni Miura is a farm boy who gets tired of his family telling him how to live, and making decisions about his future. So he joins the army. If you've ever been in the army, I won't need to tell you to chuckle at this point. Toni is a great protagonist - gifted, but also flawed. He has good instincts and good aptitude, but he's not prescient and he makes mistakes. His squad mates are sketched more sparingly, but still well drawn, with the possible exception of Ian Templeton whose motives are unexplained, at least in this first book. Partially genetically adapted human colonists on the super-earth planet Capicua have had no contact with Earth or anyone else for centuries. Now an armed expeditionary force arrives to reclaim Earth's 'territory'. The shocked colonists fight back. Toni and the other recruits picked a bad time to join the army. They're not even half-trained when Bad Things begin to happen, but they have to do the best they can with what they've got. Goncalves is a tough writer. Characters get hurt, and they get killed. Just as in war, there are no favourites and no one has a charmed life. The reader really does not know who will die next, or how. The book starts with a prologue describing combat action which takes place twenty years earlier. I suspect the importance of this will become clearer in Goncalves' sequel (see the Interview below!). Capicua's boot training, and selection of Suit driver candidates, is outstanding. It reflects the standard military method, but it is expertly applied in the SF setting of Capicua. After two hundred years of peace, the armed forces are not exactly in a high state of readiness to repel invaders; nevertheless the actions of the invaders push the Capicuans into armed conflict. The invaders from the Earth Federation are also very well drawn: real characters, with different cultural values and customs from the Capicuans. One feels a connection with the invaders as well as with the hard-pressed defenders. This is particularly so in the case of Kaiser, but also with the ruthless Lippard. What is truly impressive is the hard SF nature of this book. Goncalves has taken the trouble, and done the research, to create an unusually real-world feel in his creation. Fans of hard military Science Fiction, salute your new commander!
Elizabeth91 More than 1 year ago
At last, military SF with as much SF as blood and guts. Descent into Mayhem has real depth, to both story and characters. The author has laid a solid foundation in creating a deep and real new world. The plot is enticingly layered, the pace is good to excellent, and there's no shortage of action, especially in the latter half. I really, really want to know what happens to Toni next!