Die for Love (The Calling is Reborn Vampire Novels, #15)

Die for Love (The Calling is Reborn Vampire Novels, #15)

by Caridad Piñeiro

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She never thought she’d fall in love with a dead man…

But FBI Agent Diana Reyes couldn’t resist sexy Southern vampire Ryder Latimer.  After years of fighting the good fight together, it’s time for the happily-ever-after, but life just isn’t fair.  Diana is expecting, but the pregnancy is taking a toll on her precarious health. To save the baby and Diana, she and Ryder must make a most difficult choice: turn Diana into a vampire or risk losing both her and the baby.  Only to do that, Ryder risks the wrath of being sanctioned by the Slayer Council.

A danger from the past will force her to choose duty over friends and her lover…


Dhampir Michaela Ramirez’s position on the Slayer Council is fragile at best, but buoyed by the support of newfound vampire friends and her lover, FBI Director Jesus Hernandez, Michaela is moving away from her quest to find the vampire who sired her and killed her mother.  But that past will soon come to haunt her and force her to choose between the lover who fulfills her and the friends who helped save her life in order to have justice for her mother and the Slayer Council.

Ryder Latimer lived without love for centuries and can’t imagine doing it again…

Ryder’s immortal life was empty until Diana Reyes charged into it.  Now she is his wife and expecting his child, something he never thought possible.  He would do anything to save them, including risking his own life in a fight against the Slayer Council and the vampire who wants to see Michaela dead.

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Publisher: Caridad Pineiro
Publication date: 07/15/2015
Series: Calling is Reborn Vampire Novels , #15
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Format: NOOK Book
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Die for Love 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
LITERALADDICTION_MLO More than 1 year ago
Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Vivacious Valkyrie - Marta: First up, I have to say that I'm a bit confused as this series comes under different names so I guess that maybe it's being republished? I realise that this sometimes happens when authors change publishers or revert to self publishing but I'm not sure if I should call this Vampire Reborn or The Calling or even The Ignite series! Whichever title you know it by it's fabulous paranormal fun! These books are all loosely connected and feature Supernaturals and in particular vampires! Add in more than a dash of the FBI and a whole lot of steamy romance and these books are bound to appeal to appreciative readers everywhere. This is a mixture really of two very powerful story lines. The first one catches up with Diana who whilst working as an agent for the FBI became contaminated with vampire blood . The fact that she loves the vampire Ryder whose blood she now carries doesn't help! Forced to watch the one woman he loves gradually succumb to illness and possible death Ryder can never forgive himself. They have tried everything to keep Diana alive and human but her health is deteriorating at a rapid rate and now to truly fuel the damage Diana is carrying their unborn child! At a time when they should be rejoicing all they can really do a pray for a miracle as no amount of drugs or transfusions help and Diana's life starts to drain away.In spite of Diana's own tragic circumstances she still wants to help her old friend and colleague Jesus who is in love with the Dhamphir Michaela . Conceived when her mother was raped by a vampire Michaela is a slayer without equal but her fellow slayers have always reviled her for her mixed blood. All her life all Michaela has dreamed about is finding and killing the vampire Connall who so cruelly ended her mothers life. Now she unexpectedly finds herself being targeted by both him and those he has sired. Michaela is not one to run away but she's under attack from all sides as even her fellow slayers seem set on her destruction.  Michaela has tried to never become involved and yet here she is surrounded by those she now considers friends. Ryder refuses to give up on Diana and wants to fully convert her to vampire but if he does that Michaela is honour bound as a slayer to fulfil her duty. As for Connall he is out to trap Michaela and will kill anyone in his way! In many ways this must be the book that fans of this author have been waiting for. It's a story that has just ran and captured the imagination of Ms Pineiros readers. The genuine love between Ryder and Diana had been left as a cliffhanger in the previous book as her health took a turn for the worse and harsh choices would have to be made. In this book we see the raw anguish and emotion that threatens to tear the couple apart and yet Michaela's storyline slots in seamlessly . It's a very clever author that can write two stories and yet make them flow as one.
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Michaela will stop at nothing to find the vampire who killed and raped her mother. She is an enforcer and must carry out the laws the Slayer Council commands her to do. She isn't feeling the same however since FBI directer Jesus has became her lover. She is softer and doesn't want to hurt her friends and has to think about what she will do. Her friends Ryder and Diana may be next on her list. Diana's pregnancy isn't going well and Ryder just may have to turn her into a vampire as well to save her and the baby. Now the vampire Michaela is hunting has her marked as his prey. She has never backed down from danger or her job but now love may change her heart. I will say that even if this is book is in a series you can read it without reading the others. I did and it was very easy to follow. Connall is the bad guy and you see from the beginning how evil he is. He stops at nothing to do what he wants. You will wish him dead for good from the start. Diana and Ryder seem so perfect for each other. They love each other and are willing to fight to do the right thing for them. I will say I was so worried about Diana at times and kept hoping for the best. She is no weakling so don't think that. She will stand and fight with the best of them. Michaela really is the one who stood out for me in this book. She is a slayer but as her heart has been opened up by Jesus she doesn't like to kill those unless she knows they are evil. She is scared about how much she feels for him at times and that makes her seem more real. She has so much going on you just keep reading to see what she will do. There is tons of action in this book as Connall sends others after Micheala and those she cares about. He is very smart and they have to stay on their toes to keep ahead of him and try to stop him. There is the great love of Ryder and Diana and also Jesus and Michaela. You see how much a bond they have and it is a delight to read. If you enjoy paranormal romance with a wonderful plot and a book that has a great pace be sure to pick this one up.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
Connall had once again found the beauty that he had attacked just about 6 years before. She was as beautiful as ever and he knew he would again attack her sexually and then enjoy killing her. He did as he promised, enjoying the kill, until he heard a faint heartbeat, he needed to run away from the scene. Michaela, a slayer that was half vampire half human was on a mission to kill. She witnessed her mother being brutally attacked and then finally killed by her evil vampire father. Not only did she have “family” problems, but her slayer side told her she should kill her friend once he changed his pregnant love to a vampire. Ryder had no choice in the matter. Diana would have died and so would her unborn daughter unless Ryder changed her. Could they all survive Connall and then themselves when more secrets came out? Looking for a steamy vampire read, with a touch of violence and forgiveness? This is your book. I loved the different types of “creatures” in the book. The vamps, half vamps and slayers. The book has many layers. The characters are in constant turmoil, trying to survive, but also trying to do the job that is in their nature. The sex scenes are hot!! Not a ton of them but what the book lacks in quantity makes up in the quality of the scenes. They are very intimate and erotic. A great read for vamp lovers and erotic book lovers alike. Rating 4.5 Heat Rating Hot Reviewed By Rae Courtesy Of My Book Addiction And More
JillianReadLoveBlog More than 1 year ago
Die For Love is the fourth book in author Caridad Piñeiro’s The Reborn Series and admittedly, the first in the series that I have read.  Well, clearly I have been missing out.  This book was amazing and I have already added the others in the series to my to-read list! This story primarily follows two couples and their current struggles, which is a fun break from the one-couple-per-book norm I’ve been reading lately. Michaela Ramirez is good at two things…being an FBI agent and a vampire slayer.  You see those two things are easy for her because you don’t really require a whole lot of warm and fuzzy emotions.  She really didn’t excel at the warm and fuzzy.  Not since seeing her mother brutalized and murdered in front of her at twelve years old.  The problem now is Jesus Hernandez, her lover.  He is bringing about all sorts of emotions she never knew she was capable of, and emotions she’s afraid of feeling.  Just when she thinks she already has plenty on her plate, she stumbles across her vampire father.  The man she has wanted revenge on for as long as she can remember.  Never before has Michaela been more emotionally confused or her focus more shattered and never before has it mattered most.  Her heart and sense of revenge are at stake…. Soon-to-be-mom Diana Reye should be experiencing the common joys of first time parenthood.  Picking out the paint color for the nursery, choosing names, buying baby clothes.  Instead, Diana and her vampire husband Ryder are deciding if and when they will have to take away Diana’s human life in exchange for a vampire life in order to save her and their unborn child.  Add into the mix their friend and vampire slayer Michaela and the possibility she will kill Ryder for turning Diana and you could say that this baby prep is anything but normal.  Their happy ending is anything but certain and the stress is unbearable at times. So, you already know this is the first book in author Piñeiro’s The Reborn Series that I have read but the beauty of Caridad’s writing is that I wasn’t once lost or confused during this book.  That being said, I was able to thoroughly enjoy all the emotions swirling around in this book…and man, there were a multitude of them! Starting with Michaela and Jesus.  These two are so well matched and Jesus has an innate ability when it comes to dealing with Michaela.  He knows she’s not going to admit her feeling easily but he knows she is worth fighting for.  Michaela is one kick-ass heroine.  When she has her sights set on something, she goes for it.  All in, consequences be damned.  I loved her for that.  Their ending in this story was so fitting for them as a couple! I won’t give any of the details away but know this….it’s in true Michaela fashion in how they get their own special version of a happy ever after. Now, for Diana and Ryder….whew!  These two are equally amazing.  Diana was absolutely meant to be a mom and the way she fought for what was best for her unborn daughter was humbling and something any mom can relate to.  Doing what’s best for you child no matter what.  Ryder is also 100% dad material and he broke my heart with his worry for his wife and child.  I will tell you that I sobbed through almost four entire chapters with them.  But, if you know me, you know two things….1.) I love to cry while reading and 2.) I wouldn’t recommend a book that ends sadly.  But other than that, my lips are sealed! I have appreciated Caridad, as a person and as an author, for quite some time and this book is just another example of how awesome she is.  If you’re a fan of love stories filled with emotion and suspense, and of course the paranormal, than I absolutely recommend this story.  Thank you, Caridad, for a spectacular and thrilling story!
MsChris1161 More than 1 year ago
“DIE FOR LOVE is an intense, amazing, captivating, heart-warming, suspenseful story that I could not put down! These books from Caridad Pineiro's Reborn Vampire series just keep getting better and better!! Die for Love is my favorite of them all and hopefully not the last! It is a standalone that can be read and enjoyed all on it's own, but for full impact I recommend you also read For Love or Vengeance, To Love and Serve, and Born to Love. The main storyline in Die For Love is about the Dhampir Slayer, Michaela Ramirez. It explains her parentage, how she lost her mother, why she fought so hard to become a Slayer, and the need for vengeance that drives her. We also get a closer look at her lover, FBI Assistant Director in Charge, Jesus Hernandez and their relationship. Michaela believes being with Jesus and forming a relationship with his friends is dangerous for her, weakens her emotionally, and is keeping her from staying focused on her life mission. To find and destroy the cruel and powerful, rogue vampire that raped and left her mother for dead only to come back for her ten years later to rape her again, and killing her before Michaela's eyes. She is looking for her father, Connall Burk. She does her best to deny her feeling for Jesus and walk away, believing she is best handling things on her own without the emotional complications a lover and friends bring. Jesus is having none of it. He loves Michaela and he is willing to respect her need for space at times, but he is not about to let her face these dangers alone when he and his friends care about her and are able to help. I have to say the way Ms. Pineiro writes the internal struggles Michaela has throughout this story was brilliant and really drew me in as I rooted for it all to work out. Jesus was wonderful. Patient, understanding, supportive, tender, loving, sexy, and a bad ass ready to defend and fight by his woman's side whether she wanted him there or not. The secondary plot gives us more of Diana and Ryder's love story. The time for their child to be born is near which means time is running out for Diana as her human body fails her under the strain. Ms. Pineiro has written these scenes so well the intensity of the love Ryder has for her and their unborn child is palpable as is Diana's love for Ryder and her desire to be with him forever. All of their friends are there to offer their love and support as Diana prepares for her change and for the birth of their child knowing they could lose one or both of them at any time. It was all very touching and tears were streaming down my face as I read it. Of course, the story would not have been as captivating and impossible to put down without the danger and suspense aspect of the story. Connall is cruel, vicious, and heartless. When he realizes it's Michaela (and that she is his daughter) who is chasing him down to destroy him he turns the tables and is on the hunt for her and anyone important to her. When Michaela becomes the prey then all her newfound friends are also in danger including Diana as she is about to give birth. But saying anymore would mean spoilers, so I won't. I will repeat I liked this book best so far and eagerly wait for more from this incredible series. *I received this ARC ebook free from Ignite Publishing in exchange for an honest review.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Diana Reyes loves her husband and is pregnant with their child. She is also dying. The only way she and her baby will survive is for her husband, Ryder, to turn her. If he saves them it could mean his death. It is illegal for him to turn a human. The Slayer Council could send Michaela Ramirez, a slayer and their friend, to stake him. Michaela is fighting her own demons. She is hunting Connall, a powerful vampire and her sire. She wants him dead. He raped and killed her mother. These two stories intertwine and provide a powerful and emotional story. What a perfect continuation of the Vampire Reborn series. Caridad Piñeiro has written a well plotted tale which has both heart-pounding suspense and a red hot romance. I enjoyed reading about familiar characters. It was like seeing old friends, but if this is your first book, the story is a standalone. This book tells of love, forgiveness and healing. This series just keeps getting better.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
FBI Special Agent Diana Reyes and ADIC Jesus Hernandez and friends are back in this sexy supernatural romantic suspense novel.  I think this may just be the best one yet as I’ve grown to care for these characters from the books that preceded this one.  Dhamphir Slayer Michaela Ramirez has a mission in life.  Kill the bastard vampire that raped her mother creating her and who then came back and raped and killed her.  She has always been different and alone.  She never counted on having friends or someone she loved.  Jesus Hernandez knows that Michaela is on a mission but can he convince her she doesn’t have to go it alone and that love makes you stronger not weaker.  This book continues The underlying theme of justice v. vengeance, love, duty and honor.  I received a copy of this book from the publisher and the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
Another installment in a great series by Caridad Pineiro! This was another great installment to the Reborn series by Caridad Pineiro. I loved how Caridad was able to weave two story arcs, intersecting them and wrapping them around one another to create an overall story filled with love and hope, as well as lots of action, suspense and drama. Ryder and Diana’s story continues, picking up where things left off in the last book (Born to Love). Diana is in the hospital, the baby is fine, but Diana’s health is continuing to decline due to the contamination in her blood. Although there is lots of uncertainty about turning Diana while she is pregnant, they may not have any choice. And when Ryder is faced with the reality that he may not always be able to protect Diana, he shows a vulnerability which just breaks your heart. Michaela and Jesus are also featured in this story. Michaela is such a great character, full of internal conflicts and struggles. In order to exorcise the demons from her past, she is driven to hunt down her father and exact justice for the crimes he committed against her mother – and the lines between justice and vengeance are definitely blurred for her. She is conflicted by her role as a Slayer and the need to follow the laws put in place by the Slayer Council – especially when she is beginning to see that those laws that the Slayer Council has put in place may not always result in true justice being served. She also has to learn to accept love and friendship into her life – something she has never allowed herself the luxury of. Jesus is wonderful, standing by Michaela through it all, never pushing her for more in fear of driving her away. He is with her every step of the way, lending her his strength and reminding her that she isn’t alone. When Michaela’s father turns the tables and begins hunting her and he targets her friends as a way to get to her, they all must band together to protect each other from his evil. As the danger increases, Michaela is also facing pressure from the Slayer Council and finds herself faced with life-altering decisions that must be made. Another must read from Caridad Pineiro! I received an eARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Lynn53 More than 1 year ago
Part of a great series. Rating: 4 1/2 stars I received a copy of this book from the publisher and the author in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated in any way. This fourth book in this Reborn series starts with Diana Reyes being pregnant. This should tell you that if this is your first book, in Caridad’s Vampire Reborn series, you need to read the other three books first. This book will make a lot more sense and of course you will understand all the couples better. This book starts off with us knowing the name of the bad guy, Connall Burk. He’s a vampire whom doesn’t seem to be concerned about human life. He’s a true demon – you can tell his character is dark. If you want to know what his agenda is, you’ll just have to read the book. This story shows the many sides to being a vampire. There’s the vampire most of us grew up knowing – the one shrouded in violence. There’s the current one we know – the one who’s sexy and romantic but knows how to protect his family. And then we have the vampire whose not – one foot in two different worlds. Caridad also treats Diana’s pregnancy like a real one – her work has changed to accommodate for that. One great point about Diana and Ryder’s story is that nothing is easy or sure. This is what makes the story so believable. Nothing is sugar coated and fight scenes are so realistic. And in making it realistic that means someone gets hurt – you can “see” the violence. And the action continues throughout. Plus our author also continues the story with Michaela Ramirez and Jesus Hernandez. This time, they seem to take the lead. It’s a great way to keep her readers interested in the series.