Dr. Strange Beard (Winston Brothers Series #5)

Dr. Strange Beard (Winston Brothers Series #5)

by Penny Reid


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Hunches, horse races, and heartbreak

Ten years after Simone Payton broke his heart, all Roscoe Winston wants is a doughnut. He’d also like to forget her entirely, but that’s never going to happen. Roscoe Winston remembers everything—every look, every word, every single unrequited second—and the last thing he needs is another memory of Simone.

Unfortunately, after one chance encounter, Simone keeps popping up everywhere he happens to be . . .

Ten years after Roscoe Winston dropped out of her life, all Simone Payton wants is to exploit him. She’d also like some answers from her former best friend about why he ghosted her, but if she never gets those answers, that’s a-okay. Simone let go of the past a long time ago. Seriously, she has. She totally, totally has. She is definitely not still thinking about Roscoe. Nope. She’s more than happy to forget he exists.

But first, she needs just one teeny-tiny favor . . .

Dr. Strange Beard is a full-length romantic comedy novel, can be read as a stand-alone, and is the fifth book in the USA TODAY bestselling Winston Brothers series.

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ISBN-13: 9781635763515
Publisher: EverAfter Romance
Publication date: 08/14/2018
Series: Winston Brothers Series , #5
Pages: 350
Sales rank: 260,910
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Penny Reid is the USA TODAY bestselling author of the Winston Brothers and Knitting in the City series. When she’s not immersed in penning smart romances, Penny works in the biotech industry as a researcher. She’s also a full time mom to three diminutive adults, wife, daughter, knitter, crocheter, sewer, general crafter, and thought ninja.

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Dr. Strange Beard 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The 5th Winston Brothers book was amazing! Simone and Roscoe easily captured my heart and had be greedily turning pages wanting more! One of my favorite Penny Reid books!
Anonymous 9 months ago
So sweet. And hot! Time gap was disorienting, though.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Penny's writing always lifts my spirits and I truly needed her and her talent this last past weekend. Roscoe was even better than I had hoped. And I absolutely adored Simone. You will, as well. Don't hesitate to purchase this book ... or every single book Penny has written. You won't be disappointed!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Never fails to keep me wanting more. New characters full of their own stories waiting to be told in future books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Smart, strong characters; intrigue and (most important ) romance. I can't say enough about this book except it will hit you in all the right places.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Took me a while to get into this one, not sure if it was the time jump from Beau's story, not really liking Simone, not really getting to know Roscoe in any of the previous books about the Winston brothers, or what. I'm glad I kept with it. Took me 100+ pages before I could begin to feel anything but boredom for either of the lead characters. I do recommend this book, although I did not enjoy it as much as the Kniitting in the City or other Winston brothers books. I can't wait to read Billy's story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Penny does it again. Smart, funny and inspiring. I can't decide who I love more Simone or Roscoe. I couldn't put the book down and I didn't want it to end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this series and all her other ones as well.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed getting to know Simone and the grown-up version of Roscoe.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Didn't want the book to end! Loved these beautifully complex and imperfect characters. Thankful that I got to see little glimpses of all the Winstons... love love love.
jonessjjones 11 months ago
Like all the books in this series, I really enjoyed this book. The characters are quirky and fun. The situations might be outside my typical life experience, but the characters respond in what feel like authentic ways. I loved the opportunity to experience a difficult situation faced by a character outside my ethnic identity. I felt challenged in a good way. As a Social Worker, I get the opportunity to listen to stories from persons of varied ethnic, cultural, gender, religious and other diverse identities. I think an important if small part of this book is providing this opportunity to folks who may not have the same professional opportunities as I do. Other all though, this is just a really fun romantic story involving a fictional family that I have come to love.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars--DR. STRANGE BEARD is the fifth full-length instalment in Penny Reid’s contemporary, adult WINSTON BROTHERS romance series focusing on the Winston siblings. This is twenty-six year olds, FBI agent Simone Payton, and veterinarian Roscoe Winston’s story line. DR. STRANGE BEARD can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalments is revealed where necessary but I recommend reading the series in order for back story and cohesion. Told from dual first person perspectives (Roscoe and Simone) DR. STRANGE BEARD follows the second chance relationship between twenty-six year olds, childhood friends and sweethearts, FBI agent Simone Payton, and veterinarian Roscoe Winston. Ten years earlier, at sixteen years old, after professing his love to the girl that he loved, the youngest Winston sibling Roscoe walked away without explanation leaving a grieving Simone Payton to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. Fast forward to present day wherein Simone, now an undercover FBI agent, returns to her hometown of Green Valley, Tennessee as part of a sting operation to take down the local MC believed to be involved in a string of murders and missing men. Enter veterinarian Roscoe Winston, the man who destroyed her heart, and the man with whom she is still in love. What ensues is the rekindling romance between Roscoe and Simone, and the potential fall-out as the sting operation comes to a head placing our story line couple in the direct line of fire. For close to five years, Roscoe Winston has avoided Payton’s bakery owned and operated by Simone’s mother but a chance encounter found Roscoe face to face with his past when he and his father squared off the bakery parking lot, as Simone played interference between the cantankerous duo. Still reeling from the events ten years earlier, Winston is constantly on the run to avoid a confrontation with the woman he loves. Throughout the story Penny Reid offers up bits of information from the previous story lines including the dysfunctional Winston family dynamics, as well as the on-going history of the local MCs. The Winston siblings are a tight knit group held together by their tormented pasts including their futile relationship with the man they called dad. The relationship between Simone and Roscoe is one of second chances; a rekindling romance between two people torn apart by misunderstanding and miscommunication, and the betrayal of heart break and pain. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. Most of the Winston siblings are present and accounted for including the long suffering eldest brother Billy Winston whose own personal life is spiralling out of control. We are re-introduced to Simone’s parents Daisy and Trevor Payton, and her siblings Dani and Poe. The requisite evil has many faces including Roscoe’s father Darrell Winston, and MC member Razor Dennings. DR. STRANGE BEARD is a well-written, infinitely detailed, and intelligent story line focusing on family, friendships, second chances, murder, betrayal and race. The premise is energetic and animated; the characters are colorful and spirited; the romance is dramatic and edgy. DR. STRANGE BEARD is a suspenseful, impassioned and palpable tale about the destructive nature of secrets, lies, power and greed.
Lisa_Loves_Literature More than 1 year ago
I love the characters in the Winston family. I love Roscoe a lot! He's got an eidetic memory/photographic memory, and it is really interesting to read about how he is affected by it. Realizing just how real his memories are for him, it is totally understandable to see why he is the way he is around people. Although I have to say that the words Simone said to him on the night before he had to separate himself from her to save his own heart, well, if someone said that to me, I wouldn't need a photographic memory to remember those. And I do remember little things like that when people say them to me. Or else sometimes I remember the things I say that are really embarrassing to look back on later, or at the time even. However Simone was drunk that night she said that, and so in a way, it feels like Roscoe should have given her a chance at some point to explain or at least when she was not drunk say what he said again. And so it is also easy to see how she felt when her best friend Roscoe just started ghosting her, and moving on to what seemed like the whole cheerleading squad. Without giving away some of the surprises that we have in the book, a couple thoughts I had as I read. First, just because someone is a virgin doesn't mean they haven't done foreplay or other sexual things. Second, missionary position isn't always that bad, it can be good, which Simone does find out later. And third, there was this quote by Simone that I LOVED: "I mean, ladies. Wow! Get thee a Winston, stat!" To that I say, sure, find me one now! I loved all the other family members that we get to catch up with in this story. This type of series, where the books are standalones, yet connect you to all the other characters in some way, these are my favorites. A great thing about this story also is how much it tuned into the culture and climate of America these days. I really liked how Simone let the people who were standing up for her know that while it was greatly appreciated, sometimes you also have to let those people do it for themselves, or else things may not change. I think that is a great point. I haven't read all of the books in this series so far, but I hope to go back and catch up when I can to the ones that I haven't, and also get in on any that may be coming out in the future.
BookAngel_Emma More than 1 year ago
One of the things I constantly reinforce when promoting reading for pleasure is how reading creates empathy and understanding especially with regard to the situations we ourselves may not encounter but others have to face on a daily basis. Penny Reid should be commended for her portrayal of how people are treated based on the colour of their skin. I had never realised the extent of the divide until Penny's depiction and characterisation enabled me to put myself in that position. Can you imagine having to talk to your children about remaining calm and respectful in the face of prejudice, even when being deliberately provoked - seriously mind-blowing that the extent of racism still exists in what is supposed to be the age of diversity and acceptance.  Dr Strange Beard is set a few years after Beard in Mind, which was a little disorientating to begin as a lot of changes had occurred within that time frame for all of the Winstons. I loved being able to catch up on all of their lives and the progression and additions to their relationships.  Roscoe and Simone were best friends throughout school until Roscoe wanted more. Following an emotional but ill-timed declaration and subsequent miscommunication, Roscoe ghosted Simone breaking both of their hearts in the process. Skip ahead 10 years and they find themselves pushed together due to events larger than their relationship. I completely adored Roscoe and his uniqueness, he is right up there with Cletus in my affections (but don't tell Cletus I wouldn't want him to be upset). I cannot imagine what it would be like to be in Roscoe's position and admired the way in which he dealt with his baggage. As you can probably tell he is very self-aware and endearingly oblivious to his own appeal  On the other hand, Simone prides herself on how well she thinks she knows herself. Something she has to address throughout the narrative, to say she learns a lot about herself would be an understatement  There is a LOT going on within the plot, threads from the series continue and are added to in unexpected ways creating a manic desperation to know the outcome (BILLY!!!!!!) along with plot twists so unexpected they will leave you reeling. Seriously, with each Penny Reid book I read my admiration for her talent grows. Dr Strange Beard is a must read for all Winston Brothers fans, for those new to the series - I know it can be read as a standalone but do yourself a favour and read them in order - you won't regret it 
PennySparkles More than 1 year ago
4.5 “I have never been more on board with facial hair” Stars Dr. Strange Beard is another weird, beardilicious and freakishly hilarious addition to the Winston clan’s stories. In this fifth installment, we get to witness Roscoe, the youngest Winston Bearded Brother, on his bumpy journey to true love and happiness. Roscoe and Simone were inseparable all through childhood. Until one day Roscoe simply disappeared from Simone’s life. Fast forward a decade and Simone is still mystified as to what happened with him. Only now she’s under orders to get close to him, and with no other choice, get close she does… real close. But as I don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone… there’s not much else I can say about that. I absolutely and heartily loved Roscoe. He was sweet, considerate, kind, funny and knew what he wanted. And as he believed he couldn’t get it, he settled for getting as close to what he wanted as he thought he could and cherished the memories. Simone was the sh**. She was a bossy pants, no-nonsense, hilarious and dedicated woman. She kinda made me lose my patience when she went overly analytical and refused to acknowledge her feelings, but her and Roscoe’s interactions were so cute, she ended up making it up to me. Roscoe and Simone, once they finally take their heads out of their respective butts, were insanely hot together. Their chemistry, their banter, the ease with which they connected was beyond fabulous. I do have to mention that their "separatedness" and lack of communication meant it took me a bit to get into the flow of the story, but once I did I was glued to my kindle. With action, a bit of intrigue, weird stuff galore and the sexiest and most soulful bearded veterinarian you could imagine, Dr. Strange Beard was another beardtastic addition to the yumminess that are these Winston Bearded Brothers. And if you haven’t read about them, it’s a damn good time to start! *I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book*
tats More than 1 year ago
Penny Reid continues to be one of my go-to authors, and Dr. Strange Beard simply validates this life decision. While I'm a few books behind on the Winston Brothers, I was able to pick this book up and catch right up with the clan (although now I need to make time to go back and read the missed books--can someone take over all my responsibilities for me so I can make this happen?). Dr. Strange Beard is smart, witty, thought-provoking, and most of all, swoony. I'm not even a beard type of woman, and Roscoe--well, he's got me thinking impure thoughts. Simone is the heroine we all want to be. I mean, undercover FBI agent? Yes please, with a side of ass-kicking awesome. If you like books with smart characters who make you laugh and fall in love, as well as keep you way up past your bedtime, then I highly recommend Dr. Strange Beard. I received an advanced review copy in exchange for a fair review. Even if I had not received an ARC, I would still feel the same way about this totally awesome book.
bbarneybooks28 More than 1 year ago
Oscar Wilde once said, ‘Memory…is the diary that we all carry about with us.’ But, the way that we ‘carry’ our recollections is not universal, meaning that the ability to reminisce as well as recall childhood memories or even memories that occurred within the past decade or so varies, and while some might find the capacity to remember everything about their lives a valuable asset, for Roscoe Winston, it’s more of a curse than a blessing because his eidetic memory makes it extremely difficult to interact with others and not recall every conversation he has had with them and the stories that they have shared with him. It seems like an incredible burden to carry, but Roscoe has found ways to cope with his memories and protect himself and those he encounters, but with one person in particular, the inability to forget the last memory he has of her has forced him to ghost her for the past 10 years, but now she’s back in Green Valley, and she’s hellbent on finding out why he stopped being her best friend all those years ago, and if he doesn’t figure out how to make new memories with her, the complexity of their relationship and his feelings for her will continue to be based on their last interaction when they were 16 years old. Roscoe Winston is definitely an intriguing hero, and as the youngest Winston, he has witnessed his older siblings find their perfect other half while never putting himself in a position to find the woman for him because it always was and it will always be Simone Payton, even if they never talk or see each other again. I adored the chapters told from Roscoe’s perspective. It’s clear that Penny Reid did her due diligence when it comes to Roscoe’s better than average memory. Learning about what his mind forces him to endure and the ways that he has gone about trouble shooting his encounters with others helps readers to truly comprehend how overwhelming it is for Roscoe to ‘go down memory lane,’ especially when it comes to the woman he has loved since he was a teenager. While I quickly connected with Roscoe and his idiosyncrasies, I struggled with understanding why Simone approaches her life the way she does and how her scientific mind guides her decisions, avoiding anything emotional or sentimental…at least that how she thought she lived her life until she was reunited with her childhood best friend. It took me a bit to warm up to her personality and to see beyond her primary reason for befriending Roscoe 10 years later. BUT, I will say that once Simone starts to be honest with herself and with Roscoe, I found her extremely likable and loved how Penny Reid crafted Simone’s personal revelations and how difficult it becomes for her to separate her personal and professional life given that the one she wants to be a significant person in her life is involved in the case she’s working for the FBI. In order for Roscoe and Simone to move forward, they need to make new memories together - ones that replace Roscoe’s old recollections, and the scenes where they work towards that goal are well written and quite emotional, and regardless of how analytical and logical these two people are, when it comes to what they mean to one another and what they want from each other in the future is highly emotional and something that cannot be solved without their hearts factoring into their situation.
BookAddictLive More than 1 year ago
Another triumph for Penny Reid as I fell in love with Roscoe, and all his quirks. Simone was perfect for him, and watching them circle around each was hilarious. Penny’s book have everything, a great storyline, wonderful characters and for the reader fulfillment. Roscoe and Simone were inseparable as children, up to the age of sixteen. When they were drunk, Roscoe had confessed his love, and Simone brushed him off. Unfortunately she doesn’t remember, so she was heartbroken when Roscoe started to avoided her. That was TEN years ago, so when Roscoe pulls up at her mother’s doughnut bakery to buy a box to take home. He sees Simone, who is not usually there when he comes home to visit. This book has everything, as Simone is undercover for the FBI, so one of their informants can pass info she is working for her mother instead of her Lab in DC. As Roscoe spends his time avoiding her he turns to go without. When suddenly his father is standing in front of him. That’s the beginning of the story, this book has so much going on, but I not telling. Its great catching up with some of his siblings, it was entertainment all the way. I loved every minute, it was a pleasure to read.
Arys More than 1 year ago
Dr. Strange Beard by Penny Reid is Winston Brothers book #5. Roscoe Winston was best friends with Simone... until he wasn't. Or at least that's what it seems like to her and ten years later she wants to know why. Roscoe can't forget what happened between him and Simone. Literally. He has a memory condition that won't let him forget. With a fifth book in a series its like a comfortable old shoe, but Dr. Strange Beard is also it's own unique and special book. Roscoe's hurt and his ways of dealing with it really get you and Simone's strength, wit, and independence make her a force to be reckoned with. This was kinda a friends to lover's mixed with a second chance romance, but there were so many added layers as to make it it's own thing. The characters are vivid and complex and Ms. Reid makes you feel for them in a real way. Overall Dr. Strange Beard by Penny Reid is definitely one to pick up and I recommend it and all the books in the Winston Brother's series. Digging into the mystery of the past between these characters and seeing them build something real and create a deeper connection that was incredibly romantic and passionate was something really special. (I voluntarily reviewed an advance review copy of this book I received for free in exchange for my open and honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.)
Chloe Trivelpiece More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love the Winston family! True southern gentlemen and woman with a twist! Even though this is a series, you can read this as a standalone, easily! But once you start with this family, you won't stop until you have read them all! Dr. Strange Beard is about the youngest Winston, Roscoe and Simone. I admire Penny's thoroughness in her research.  Between Roscoe's gift (or affliction as he describes it) and the diversity of Simone.  It was an honest, real feeling story! Friends for years, and because of some miscommunication on both parts, Roscoe feels the need to stop all communication with Simone. For his own sanity. Simone is a kick-ass character! I love her spirit, her loyalty and her honesty. She is a beautiful person both in and out! I loved reading glimpses of the other members of the Winston family! It was like a family reunion, seeing what everyone is up to! I also admired the sensitivity Penny has when writing about Simone and Roscoe.  As a mixed race couple and what Simone goes through as a African American woman. It was a learning experience for me. This story has mystery and intrigue!   As with all of Penny's stories that I have read, once you pick it up, it's almost impossible to put down.  I was sad to see this story end, but end they must! This is definitely a must read! I have yet to read a Penny Reid book that I haven't loved and so will you!
mandy30 More than 1 year ago
Wow! My heart is so full! I loved this book so much! These characters were so much more than I was anticipating. I thought I had an idea of who Roscoe was from reading the other books in this series but he was nothing like I was expecting in all the best ways. He was complicated and sweet, misunderstood and sensitive. As much as I love Roscoe and the Winston family, the real star of this book for me is the heroine, Simone. I can honestly say that she is one of my favorite book heroines ever. Thank you Penny Reid for writing a smart, funny, independent, confident woman who can hold her own and doesn't let people walk all over her. There was so much to love about Simone. Her love of her family, how strong willed she is, her sense of humor that had me laughing out loud several times, her strength in difficult situations and the way she loves the people that are important to her. I would read a whole book series just about Simone if it was written - I completely adored her. There were a few scenes that made me angry for the character, a few that had me in tears. The romance in this book was fantastic - super swoony moments and some pretty hot steamy scenes. I loved catching up with all the Winston family and enjoyed a few surprises throughout the story with them as well. I am nervously awaiting Billy and Claire's book but never want this series to end so I don't mind the wait. This is a top pick of 2018 for me and I highly recommend this book!