Dream Threshold: Poetry for the Spirit

Dream Threshold: Poetry for the Spirit

by Ajit Sripad Rao Nalkur


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Dream Threshold: Poetry for the Spirit by Ajit Sripad Rao Nalkur

"These poems are a unique incantation of the psychic being, always tangibly in front."

-Rod Hemsell, poet

Dream Threshold is the second volume in a poetic trilogy on love, following Coming Home, which describes poet Ajit Sripad Rao Nalkur's spiritual journey back to India from the West. His time abroad included living, working, and travelling through Australia, Europe, and the United States.

This collection characterizes the poet's gaze into the future of his search for the beloved. The poetry in this volume covers such topics as the pureness of rain in paradise and an examination of what love is really all about. In Dream Threshold, Nalkur continues to explore the theme of relationships and the need to be true to oneself.


Give me a place where beauty's face

Gazes ever on my soul,

A sacred haven for the grace

Of love's sweet and endless flow,

Words and silence filling hearts

That sing of things tomorrow knows

Is home to where the deeper arts

Of living thrive, the golden glow

Of spirit shines in all its trees,

Its very soil breathes strength and shows

A way to live in harmony

With all around, life's constant blows ...

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ISBN-13: 9781475940022
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/25/2012
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

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Dream Threshold

Poetry for the Spirit
By Ajit Sripad Rao Nalkur

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Ajit Sripad Rao Nalkur
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-4002-2

Chapter One

Part One - A Utopian Dream

    Against the Darkness

    I look into the sunny skies of freedom,
    I look into the future of my soul,
    All around is darkness in God's kingdom,
    The road is long and hard to being whole.

    I look into the darkness of the earth,
    I look into the endlessness of pain,
    All around is suffering and the birth
    Of falsehood gaining ground against the rain

    Of happiness and bliss, yet I see
    Candles in this blackness burning bright,
    The fires of tomorrow yet may be
    As long as there is vision in the night.

    One soul alone can change the status quo
    Defying death by throwing open doors
    To welcome in the rush of heaven's flow
    Onto the deserts and the barren floors

    Of life and homes that harbour wornout ways,
    Sweeping all aside that should not be,
    Standing tall against the windy days
    Of ill-will, this sentinel will free

    Those who hold to truth and light and love
    But need the strength of God to stay alive;
    A new world presses down from up above,
    And warriors guard the gates that He arrive

    Onto the chosen soil of golden life,
    A place that He had dared to dream would be,
    Destiny's moment shall arrive,
    What once was not be our reality!

    City of Dreams

    The seat of power is powerless
    In the face of the darkness surrounding it;
    Even within its walls, where energy should abound,
    The landscapes are vacant, desert-like.
    It was a desert once, still is,
    Despite the trees and the people rooted within,
    And one wonders what has changed in all these years ...
    There's no peace in the peace,
    Life is much like the living death
    One confronts everywhere else,
    With its citizens worshipping
    What many have left behind
    To make of this city of light
    A city of joy, hope, love and real peace;
    One is left with the emptiness one faces,
    One is left with oneself,
    One is left with the memory of great beginnings,
    One is left with the hopelessness one always rejected.
    I ask: This is the City of God?
    This the place of bold, new discoveries?
    This the Impossible Dream?

    As it approaches another birthday
    My heart goes out to this tender creation
    Of the world's greatest dreamers,
    Of the pioneers of the spirit,
    Of the lovers that dared the impossible,
    Of the faith, belief, absolute conviction
    That the world was ready for a big change,
    And so the City was born ... as a symbol
    Of mankind's sudden yearning to take a leap
    Into the future! ... I continue to wait, and watch,
    And dream ... after all, this city was built by dreamers,
    And dreamers it will be who shall usher in the unseen.

    Addressing Death

    O Death, although you don't exist
    In any form within my soul
    I see the shadows that resist
    Life's effort in becoming whole,

    I see the fences you erect
    Constantly around the free,
    Carefully you do select
    The chosen few to never be,

    For if they were to light the fire
    Of true love they know so well
    It would spell the end, dire
    Consequence befall the hell

    You have woven like a web
    Of deceit around all man,
    God's children would ensure its ebb
    With divine intention's hand,

    A blazing fire burn the threads
    Invisible that trap our minds,
    Confusion and the cosmic dread
    Forever vanish from mankind –

    The golden city of the burning
    Fires of the sun shall rise,
    Casting out The Shadow, turning
    Earth into our paradise,

    The children of the morning see
    The future now, earth's destiny
    Within their grasp, the balance shifted,
    Manifest eternity!


    Give me a place where beauty's face
    Gazes ever on my soul,
    A sacred haven for the grace
    Of love's sweet and endless flow,
    Words and silence filling hearts
    That sing of things tomorrow knows
    Is home to where the deeper arts
    Of living thrive, the golden glow
    Of spirit shines in all its trees,
    Its very soil breathes strength and shows
    A way to live in harmony
    With all around, life's constant blows

    Are never felt nor seen or known
    By the people who live there
    Because the dream is central to
    Its vision of eternal care
    In all it does, attempting things
    The world we know just cannot dare
    For this place is made to bring
    To earth another race, a rare

    Species from the human leap
    Into the future, children who
    Alive, awake as mankind sleeps
    Bring with them a newer truth

    To change the very face of earth
    And the nature of our lives,
    Inborn, inbred, their blessings birth
    The open doors to paradise
    Such as we have never seen,
    Not even in our deepest dreams
    Or memories of ancient times,
    They the answer to our screams
    For an end to all this pain
    Resulting from our ignorance,
    Created of the golden rain
    They our hope, our only chance!

Chapter Two

Part Two- Poems to Nature

Earth, the Miracle

There's little that compares with complete and total isolation in the midst of nature ... the peace and quietude stroked periodically by the gentle rustling of leaves, birds in conversation, the cooling effect of an ocean breeze visiting upon you the language of waves, and sunshine playing with its shadows ...

How is it that with all this one forgets the meaning of loneliness, one feels distinctly the companionship of all that is good, sweet and beautiful in life, imbued with the presence, above all, of That which created life, maintains life and promises its existence beyond time ...

There are voices and whispers and murmurs, too, of an ever-present intelligence similar to ours, but in harmony with its surroundings, altogether completing the chorus of a divine, musical piece.

This is peace, this is the joy that sings in our souls, this is the Love that promises the fulfillment of all things, this is the universal voice of One who repairs the damage from our errors, this is Earth waiting upon us, calling to us, nourishing our innocence, this is the eternal presence of the Garden of Eden, untouched, unperturbed by the disharmony we constantly call upon her. She is the Miracle that will change All.

    Tomorrow's Surprise

    In anticipation of tomorrow
    I wonder which way the world will turn,
    Will it return to its primal state
    After nature has her way?
    Will it turn endlessly in circles
    Which have no ultimate destination?
    Will it spring surprises
    Such as we have no conception of?

    It seems to me that nature herself
    Has no idea what God has in mind for her,
    But she does know her urgency for change
    And will achieve it with or without violence,
    And she knows her love of beauty and peace and joy
    And the paradisial thrills she experiences
    When God makes love to her,
    And she would like to live perpetually in that state.

    So who is the enemy? We are,
    With our chronic states of chaos and confusion ...
    We battle with her who seeks to infuse our lives

    With the glory of His sunshine
    And surround us with paradise ...
    She wants to be allowed to make love
    To Him who is the source of her wondrous creation,
    So giving us what our true natures call for.


    I have my little bit of ocean,
    A little bit of peace,
    Just a few flowers
    And some privacy ...

    To sing a softer, gentler tune
    In this special breeze
    Of newness in the afternoon,
    And birds among the trees

    Whose whispers in the secrecy
    Of my blissful soul
    Are promises of better times,
    A life becoming whole;

    Someone in the distance
    Watches over me
    And my firm insistence
    On a greater reality.

    Meanwhile, I'm a gardener
    Sincere in my dreams
    To make of earth a happy place
    Of endless flowing streams

    Gushing forth from paradise
    For all and everyone
    To bathe in and awaken, eyes
    Radiating sun!

    Yes, dreamers make reality
    Come true for souls asleep,
    Bringing in the new day
    From a source that's vast and deep ...


    I stand outside
    Looking in
    Towards the beauty
    Of a sunlit field
    Of flowers,
    Unseeing of the spirits
    That roam within,
    Caretakers of the gardens
    Of Love,
    Yet feeling them,
    Knowing they are there
    To aid the wandering
    Or knowing soul
    That stumbles in
    Or enters willingly
    And without fear,
    Like a child that
    Is drawn towards
    Its natural home ...
    The home of the memories
    Of the soul, of its birthplace

    Whence it ventured
    Into this world of ours.
    We are ourselves here.
    We are at peace here.
    We understand Love,

    Listen ...

    Listen to the Angels sing,
    They sing to us a song that brings
    The melody of the soul,
    The rhapsody that makes us whole!

    Listen to the flowers speak
    Who make us strong when we are weak,
    The voice within respond
    To the call of Love's great song!

    Listen to the ocean roar
    With the majesty of the evermore,
    Inner waves soar
    From within our gentle core!

    Listen to the winds that rustle
    In the trees, our daily bustle
    Bringing to a halt,
    Our tired spirits to exalt!

    Listen deeply to the sounds
    Within, without, all around
    A silent heart exists
    Supporting all we can't resist!

    Listen to and with your soul,
    You'll hear love's music all unfold
    The mystery of life,
    The hidden joy of all our strife!

    New Horizon

    Bright gold light on leaves and trees,
    Nature wakes to an autumnal breeze.

    Shivering birds in a crisp dawn air,
    Morning mist the field now bares.

    Further out the engines roar,
    Fishermen's boats come in to shore.

    The sea is calm, yet voices call
    Heard in the waves that crash and fall.

    A poet looks out on natural change,
    Trembling hands in a tension strange.

    Thoughts are held reluctantly
    By a watchful mind but the heart is free.

    Surrendered, the body is nature's toy,
    The soul is thrilled, a dance of joy.

    Nearness and distance mean nothing at all,
    Horizon a door to a timeless call.

    The Flow

    Stillness on the water,
    Boat on open sea,
    Supreme peace abroad,
    Silence in the trees.

    Faces in the flowers
    Watching over me,
    I while away the hours,
    Happiness is free.

    Thoughts like waves now fade
    Into ethereal air,
    I feel as if today
    There's nothing I can't dare.

    Nature is my shelter,
    Freedom is my space,
    Inner sounds the welter
    Of a sweet and golden grace.

    Life is being me,
    Love is seeing you,
    Poetry is flowing
    Into the ever new ...

    Footnote: The call of the timeless is to live eternity on earth.

    The Storm

    Nature, in a show of strength,
    Tested the tall trees of earth
    With the potentially destructive force of God;
    But it was not these giant sentinels
    That her anger was directed towards,
    Rather the cowardly and the weak
    Who repeatedly and incessantly abuse
    The peace and love of her sunlight
    Which she casts upon all – To these
    She showed no mercy this time,
    Yet it was only a warning
    That nothing may stand in her way
    When she decides to walk upon the earth
    In all her majesty and glory ...

    And I, worshipper of her beauty
    And all she brings with her
    From the invisible and the unknown,
    Silently, with the smile of acquiescence
    To this Goddess of all creation
    Of whom I am the servitor eternal

    Upon a resistant and ignorant earth,
    Pick up the shards of shattered glass
    All around me from the homes of abuse,
    Sweep away the debris of destruction
    As willed by her with the waters of her love
    Misunderstood or not understood at all,
    And walking with these remains, with care
    And precision, empty them into the abyss.

    Invisible Beauty

    A black and yellow little bird
    Is missing its golden flower
    Upon the tree that stood the storm.

    Bright sunshine on the waters
    Of my being warms the heart
    From within and without.

    A lone voice chanting
    In the distance to the
    Harmonious beat of a drum
    Surrenders to silence.

    Murmurings from the unknown
    Signal the newness
    Of a day arriving
    To greet an eternal moment ...


    One single source
    Breathing life
    Into the body of a tree,
    Trunk, branches, twigs and leaves ...
    Soon it will flower
    In every direction ...
    It reminds me of me.
    Water, the source of life,
    Is what upholds my body
    From storm and strife,
    Ever thirsting to survive
    I drink this earthborn nectar,
    It is who and what I am,
    Blossoming and blooming
    Into the final sunshine.


    Sometimes I think
    Life on the other side
    Is no different
    From the one we know.

    What tells me so?
    The ocean, trees, flowers,
    Birds in flight
    And sunlight.

    Even the night
    Whispers its secrets
    To the smiling soul.

    Something in the air
    Which we breathe
    When we feel whole,

    Wanting nothing
    But a life of beauty
    That never ends

    Brings on a music
    Heard by the one
    Who knows within us

    That eternal creative
    Beat and rhythm
    Upholding the universe,

    And we understand
    The illusion of death
    And the falsehood of fear.

    Life, and only life,
    Love, and only love,
    Bliss, and only bliss,
    Is the true nature of things.

    Gentle Rain in Paradise

    A gentle rain in paradise,
    A tree that learnt to stand upright,
    Leaves that glistened in the light
    Somewhere between day and night,

    Flowers smiling as they danced
    To the music of romance,
    Playful teasing as they glance
    At each other in this chance

    Happening of graceful ease,
    Pain a memory in the breeze
    Passing into quiet peace
    For tired souls to be released

    Into the home-ground of their love
    Nourished gently from above
    By the teardrops of a bliss
    As everlasting as their kiss...

    Mother Nature

    How can you compare
    the silence of nature
    to the noise we make?
    Her moods and her moments
    of beauty, her music
    to soothe the heart's ache

    To our cries and complaints,
    the sorrows and pains
    we refuse to let go,
    Saying NO to the rain
    and the sunshine? Again
    in our shame we wallow!

    With passion possess
    her soul, her caress
    and her body of peace
    Shall I with my love
    forever and ever,
    return her my ease ...

    How foolish we are,
    small-minded by far
    before her majestic smile,
    Like a mother she plays
    with our egos and days,
    our secrets she keeps till we die ...


Excerpted from Dream Threshold by Ajit Sripad Rao Nalkur Copyright © 2012 by Ajit Sripad Rao Nalkur. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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