dying in the scarecrow's arms: Poems

dying in the scarecrow's arms: Poems

by Mitchell L. H. Douglas


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A rebuke of American racism and violence by a poet of “scrutinizing intellect, imagination, and soul” (Terrance Hayes).
In urgent new poems, Mitchell L. H. Douglas depicts the assault on people of color in America’s increasingly divided Heartland. A devotee of American popular culture, from rock ’n’ roll to Star Wars to Marvel comic books, Douglas now wonders whether we will withstand its most odious, self-destructive elements in this searing collection.

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ISBN-13: 9780892554874
Publisher: Persea Books
Publication date: 03/13/2018
Pages: 96
Sales rank: 1,275,453
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Mitchell L. H. Douglas is the author of three poetry collections. A native of Louisville, he lives in Indianapolis.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments v

Author's Note xi

Loosies 3

Cross frame

Used. Sold. 7

Circle 8

After murder, 10

False Starts for Cursed Letters 11

Two Black writers walk into a bar in Colorado is not the beginning of a racist joke 12

Day one, 13

{Ení (in Therapy)} 14

The Illusion of Hips 15

Ekphrasis: Giza '61 16

Selma Love Song 17

Why Grits Burn So Bad 18

{Ení (Woke up Sunday Saturday night drunk)} 19

Persist (I) 20

Oak 21

The Poem that Makes You Love Me 22

Heretics 23

Blood Aubade, 1969 25

(In Medias) Res 26

How You Got Here 27

Continuum 29

Hot Donuts, Long's Bakery 30

Dismantle 31

If There Is a Reason 32

When a woman hits on you in a bookstore, 33

Persist (II) 34

Blood Houses 35

127 Notebooks 37

Amplified 38

Spark, earth

Abandon 43

Mother's Day 45

Farther 46

Love me again 47

Persist (III) 48

&-in a Thousand-Yard Stare-Reverie 49

O-H-I-O 50

Monday morning, the first thing 51

Protocol 52

Persist (IV) 53

{Ení Dreams (w/Regrets)} 54

Montgomery 55

Sugar Hill 56

Caterwaul 57

Family Business: Indy 58

Clip 60

Haints 62

Rorschach visits the ER 64

Is it wrong 65

Persist (V) 67

When You Know, Logically, That Death Is Not Just a Matter of Rest but a Way of Making Space For New People On Earth, &, Quite Honestly, After All You've Loved, Pampered & Lost, You, Selfish By Your Own Admission, Could Care Less 68

Tout De Suite 69

Upon the Wife's Return, the Lovers Kiss @ the Airport 70

Workers, Morning: The Thirsty Scholar 71

{Ení (of the Unreliable Knuckles)} 73

Confession: 74

Prosody 75

A grandmother asks me how to spell divine 76

Jack London Square, September 77

Tongues 78

Epilogue 81

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