Dynamics of Advanced Materials and Smart Structures

Dynamics of Advanced Materials and Smart Structures

Paperback(Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2003)

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ISBN-13: 9789048161928
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 01/25/2011
Series: Solid Mechanics and Its Applications , #106
Edition description: Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2003
Pages: 472
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.45(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Preface. Closing Address. Committees and Sponsors. List of Participants. Symposium Program. Exact Solution for a Thermoelastic Problem of Wave Propagations in a Piezoelectric Plate; F. Ashida, T.R. Tauchert. Simulation of Impact-Induced Martensitic Phase-Transition Front Propagation in Thermoelastic Solids; A Berezovski, G.A. Maugin. Wave Scattering and Attenuation in Polymer-Based Composites: Analysis and Measurements; S. Biwa, et al. Dynamics of Structural Systems with Devices Driven by Fuzzy Controllers; F. Casciati, R. Rossi. Model Reduction for Complex Adaptive Structures; W. Chang, V.V. Varadan. Transient Analysis of Smart Structures Using a Coupled Piezoelectric-Mechanical Theory; A. Chattopadhyay, et al. Dynamic Behavior of Shape Memory Alloy Structural Devices: Numerical and Experimental Investigation; L. Faravelli, S. Casciati. Overall Design and Simulation of Smart Structures; U. Gabbert, et al. Bio-Mimetic Smart Microstructures: Attachment Devices in Insects as a Possible Source for Technical Design; S.N. Gorb. Stress-Focusing Effects in a Spherical Inclusion Embedded into an Infinite Medium Caused by Instantaneous Phase Transformation; T. Hata. Free Large Vibrations of Buckled Laminated Plates; R. Heuer. High-Performance Impact Absorbing Materials The Concept, Design Tools and Applications; J. Holnicki-Szulc, P. Pawlowski. Maysel's Formula for Small Vibrations Superimposed upon Large Static Deformations of Piezoelastic Bodies; H. Irschik, U. Pichler. The Analysis of Transient Thermal Stresses in Piezothermoelastic Semi-infinite Body with an Edge Crack; M. Ishihara, et al. Transient Dynamic Stresses around a Crack in a Nonhomogeneous Layer between Two Dissimilar Elastic Half-Spaces; S. Itou. Remote Smart Damage Detection via Internet with Unsupervised Statistical Diagnosis; A. Iwasaki, et al. Smart Actuation from Coupling between Active Polymer Gels and Fibrous Structures; G. Jeronimidis. Thermally Induced Vibration of an Inhomogeneous Beam Due to a Cyclic Heating; R. Kawamura, et al. Application of Optical Fiber Sensors to Smart Structures; S.-H. Kim, et al. Application of Stress and Strain Control to Living Tissues; V. Kiryukhin, Y. Nyashin. Unfolding of Morning Glory Flower as a Deployable Structure; H. Kobayashi, et al. Mechanics of Plasma Membrane Vesicles in Cells; T. Kosawada. Control of Structures by Means of High-Frequency Vibration; A. Kovaleva. Numerical Modeling of Smart Devices; R. Lerch. A Review of Simulation Methods for Smart Structures with Piezoelectric Materials; G.R. Liu, et al. Application of Transfer Matrix Method in Analyzing the Inhomogeneous Initial Stress Problem in Prestressed Layered Piezoelectric Media; H. Liu, et al. Infinitesimal Mechanism Modes of Tensegrity Modules; H. Murakami, Y. Nishimura. Shape and Stress Control in Elastic and Inelastic Structures; Y. Nyashin, V. Kiryukhin. Transient Piezothermoelasticity for a Cylindrical Composite Panel; Y. Ootao, Y. Tanigawa. Active Damping of Torsional Vibration in a Piezoelectric Fiber Composite Shaft; P.M. Przybylowicz. High-Performance PZT and PNN-PZT Actuators; J. Qiu, et al. Energy Release Rate Criteria for Piezoelectric Solids; N. Rajapakse, S.X. Xu. Integral Approach for Velocity Feedback Control in a Thin Plate with Piezoelectric Patches; S. Sadek, et al. Non-Parametric Representations of MR Linear Damping Behaviour; B. Sapinski. Active Control of Smart Structures Using Port Controlled Hamiltonian Systems; K. Schlachter, K. Zehetleitner. Numerical Simulation for Control of Progressive Buckling with Defects on Axisymmetric Shell Structure; Y. Shibuya

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