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Earth's Glacial Record by M. Deynoux

Glacial deposits provide a long-term record of climate and sea level changes on Earth. Detailed study of sedimentary rocks deposited during and immediately after glacial episodes is paramount to accurate palaeoclimatic reconstructions and for our understanding of global climatic and eustatic changes. This book presents new information and interpretations of the ancient glacial record, looking in particular at the Late Proterozoic and Late Paleozoic eras. The influence of global tectonics on the origins and distribution of ice masses and the character of glacial deposits through geologic time is emphasised. Sequence stratigraphic techniques are applied to glaciogenic successions, and explanations for possible low-latitude glaciation during the Late Proterozoic era and the association of carbonate deposits with glaciogenic rocks are put forward. Early interglacial conditions, represented by dark grey mudrocks and ice keel scour features are discussed. These studies, from key workers in International Geological Correlation Program Project 260, will aid the understanding of the Earth's climatic history.

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ISBN-13: 9780521548038
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 11/30/2003
Series: World and Regional Geology Series , #5
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 8.20(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

1. Geodynamic controls on glaciation in Earth history N. Eyles and G. M. Young; 2. Glacial-marine facies in the continental rift environment: Neoproterozoic rocks of the western United States Cordillera P. K. Link, J. M. G. Miller and N. Christie-Blick; 3. The Neoproterozoic Konnarock formation, southwestern Virginia, USA: glaciolacustrine facies in a continental rift J. M. G. Miller; 4. Glaciogenic deposits of the Permo-Carboniferous Dwyka Group in the eastern region of the Karoo Basin, South Africa V. Von Brunn; 5. Itararé Group: Gondwanan Carboniferous-Permian of the Paraná Basin, Brazil A. B. França; 6. The interpretation of massive rain-out and debris-flow diamictites from the glacial-marine environment J. N. J. Visser; 7. Neoproterozoic tillite and tilloid in the Aksu area, Tarim Basin, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Northwest China Lu Zongnian and Gao Zhenjia; 8. Lithology, sedimentology and genesis of the Zhengmuguan Formation of Ningxia, China Lu Zongnian, Gao Zhenjia, Zheng Zhaochang, Li Yuzhen and Li Huaikun; 9. Architectural styles of glacially influenced marine deposits on tectonically active and passive margins M. R. Gipp; 10. Marine to non-marine sequence architecture of an intracratonic glacially related basin. Late Proterozoic of the West African platform in western Mali J. N. Proust and M. Deynoux; 11. The enigmatic Late Proterozoic glacial climate: an Australian perspective G. E. Williams; 12. Isotopic signatures of carbonates associated with Sturtian (Neoproterozoic) glacial facies, central Flinders Ranges, South Australia A. R. Crossing and V. A. Gostin; 13. Reactive carbonate in glacial systems: a preliminary synthesis of its creation, dissolution and reincarnation I. J. Fairchild, L. Bradby and B. Spiro; 14. A Permian argillaceous syn- to post-glacial foreland sequence in the Karoo Basin, South Africa J. N. J. Visser; 15. A palaeoenvironmental study of black mudrock in the glacigenic Dwyka Group from the Boshof-Hertzogville regional northern part of the Karoo Basin, South Africa D. I. Cole and A. D. M. Christie; 16. Late Paleozoic post-glacial inland sea filled by fine-grained turbidites: Mackellar Formation, Central Transantarctic Mountains M. F. Miller and J. W. Collinson; 17. Ice scouring structures in Late Paleozoic rhythmites, Paraná Basin, Brazil A. C. Rocha-Campos, P. R. Dos Santos and J. R. Canuto; 18. Soft-sediment striated surfaces and massive diamicton facies produced by floating ice C. M. T. Woodworth-Lynas and J. A. Dowdeswell; 19. Environmental evolution during the early phase of Late Proterozoic glaciation, Human, China Qi Rui Zhang.

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