Easy to Fall

Easy to Fall

by W. Winters, Willow Winters

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From USA Today bestselling author Willow Winters comes the epic conclusion to the heart-wrenching, edge-of-your-seat gripping, romantic suspense, Hard to Love series.

With her I was always on the highest high. That's why it was so easy to fall.

I never stood a chance without her. The two of us were made for one another. It's as simple as that. The world could try to rip us apart, but it would fail. Until this.

She told me once, love isn't enough. I never would have believed it ... until now. Neither of us could have prepared for this.

I won't stop fighting. Not until the very end.

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BN ID: 2940163158805
Publisher: Willow Winters Publishing LLC
Publication date: 03/24/2020
Series: Hard to Love , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 8,095
File size: 471 KB

About the Author

I'm just an avid reader and mama turned writer. This passion of mine has grown to something I never could have imagined and I'm so grateful to share my words with you!

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Customer Reviews

Easy to Fall 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
FS_Meurinne 3 days ago
This series is just a must read, Laura and Seth's story is fantastic. Their connection is unmistakable refreshing and simply addictive. This ending was brilliant and the whole series is a top must read. I will be hearing the audiobook when possible. Simply a masterpiece of romance story. Bravo!
sweetleaf112 3 days ago
ARC review For honest review. As Laura Roth struggles with her pregnancy and a heart condition she's also worried about Seth king 's feels and what he thinks as he trying to figure out a way to save her. this is 10 stars .
PauletteAlphasReview 2 days ago
Easy to Fall was just phenomenal. Great read that I really & I truly enjoyed it, from cover to cover! Be prepared to get your heart rip apart with Seth & Laura once again This story might have taken 4 books get here, but here we are at the conclusion to this amazing series… There are so many different ups & downs, so many roads that you have to stop & feel & try to put your broken heart away from your brain & stop crying at the same time. You just can’t take it all in one go. Seth made a deal with the devil, to try to save Laura. Can he make one with God too? Oh Willow. Why do you do this to me? I needed a box of Kleenex next to me while I read this book. But every tear was worth it. Such an amazing story. An enthralling, emotional & moving book that will keep you entranced! Definitely a page turner!! Note: few times throughout this series, I felt like the author was taking too long to get where she needs to go. but all & all I enjoyed taking this journey with Seth & Laura
Rhondaz 3 days ago
5 BEAUTIFUL HEARTFELT STARS!! Wow....I was on the edge of my seat with the end of the series. My emotions were all over place with Seth and Laura's story, but as always this author give us a ride you will never forget. This series will always be in my heart. If you haven't read it you need to start it now.
PEJ2 3 days ago
The final chapter in the epic story of Laura and Seth who return with a tiny glimpse of Derek and Cami too. This book was everything and more, but I hated it to end. Seth was in all his powerful dominating glory, but his tender and compassionate side was on full display as well. Seth learns that Laura needs a new heart and he’s devastated by the news. He’s determined to do whatever it takes to make sure she gets that heart and can live her life and give birth to the baby and care for it. The battle Seth fights with himself and his conscience to do what he feels he must in order to get Laura the heart she needs is heartbreaking to witness I could hardly bear it. the love between Seth and Laura was palpable in every scene between them.
Anonymous 3 days ago
Pain and sacrifice... This book is not a standalone. It is another book in the Cross Family world and the conclusion of Seth and Laura's story. The books should be read in order to feel the full force of this story, world, and complex storyline and relationships that affect every character and plot point. This story is filled with pain and sacrifice and their happy ending is hard-earned. Seth loves Laura, hard. Period. You see it, you feel it, and you ache for him and Laura and the pain they must go through. Because make no mistake, there's pain in this story. The author is cruel and breaks them down so far they are barely hanging on, but then she pulls them back from that edge and brings them together. Stronger than before leaving you no doubt they will claw their way through whatever life dares throw their way. And that ending... I can't wait for the reveal. /I received an early edition of this book. This did not affect my opinion of the story or content of my review./
Linda_RochesterNY 4 days ago
This highly emotional conclusion to Seth and Laura's story left me a little dazed but happy. This couple has been through so much already and that doesn't hold a candle to what happens in this book! It's hard to say much without spoilers so I will say this: Willow Winters is a masterful writer. She paints vivid pictures with every word. You feel every emotion, hear every sound, see every movement, hear every thought in the characters' heads. It just completely immerses you in what's taking place in the story. Seth and Laura's love for each other is so all-encompassing and incredibly deep that it's breathtaking. This is a fantastic end to their love story. I am voluntarily reviewing an advance reader copy of this book.
S_H_ 4 days ago
This is the conclusion to Seth and Laura’s story. What a ride on the emotional rollercoaster. I truly don’t know how Willow Winter keeps coming up with the ideas for her series, but this one doesn’t disappoint. This series is suspenseful and gut-wrenching, and their love story is truly beautiful! It’s another must read series! I can’t wait for her next book, which is a BIG reveal of a mysterious character from the series. Willow just keeps us hanging on! Once you read her books, you’ll be hooked.
Anonymous 4 days ago
Easy to Fall is the enthralling conclusion to the Hard to Love Series. This story picks up right where Seth and Laura's left off in Hard Love. These two have taken me on one heck of a journey, that I couldn't wait to dive back in and see what was in store for them. The suspense was killing me. If any two characters needed to be together it was these two. Add in the Cross brothers and you've got yourself a hit. This is my favorite series to date from this author. I've got to say W.W. is one of my one click author, she writes in a way that draws us readers in and keep us completely captivated with her words, and you can't help but fall in love with her characters.
moonfox1234 4 days ago
I am trying so hard to put into words my feelings about this book and series. Let's start with the easy stuff. This is the fourth book in Seth and Laura's story. You must read books 1 through 3 and in order to have full understanding and to get their whole story. This couple's romance and relationship has been epic and tragic and emotional. There have been so many twists and jaw-dropping bombshells as the story has unfolded, with the most mind-blowing and devastating one being at the end of the last book. My heart literally broke and I admit that my faith in this couple and the profound love that they share was shaken to the core. After all, even the deepest connection and strongest of hearts can only handle so much and as much as I enjoy this author's work I had doubts that even she had the skill to help these two weather the torrential and devastating storm she had thrown them into. After reading this book I am absolutely thrilled to say while the trip was often harrowing, painful and emotionally gutting it was worth every tear I shed, every moment of anxiety and every single ache my heart had to endure. If you want to be completely consumed by characters that will capture your heart, be pulled into a world that will captivate you and make you never want to leave it and bear witness to a love that is as beautiful and pure as it is at times ugly and cataclysmic, you need to read Laura and Seth's right now! I know you won't regret it.
DebsIN 4 days ago
"Easy to Fall" is a fitting and an amazing ending to Seth and Laura's story, as W. Winters gives readers a twist that is always a page turner. It is heart wrenching as Seth searches for alternatives in keeping Laura safe as his options have all but vanished, unless he betrays the Cross brothers. Going it alone, Seth makes mistakes along the way trying to find an answer, but unknown to him others watch and wait. It may be the final book in the Hard to Love series, but with the Cross Bros. and Marcus a part of the stories, there is no ending for those involved. I look forward to reading more and would love to see Declan get his own story. **I was gifted "Easy to Fall" and leave my review voluntarily based on my reading.** 5 Stars!
aries_sword 5 days ago
“Easy To Fall” is full of molten-hot romance, a thunderstorm of emotions, a bit of jealousy, and the happy forever Seth and Laura deserve. Seth and Laura have suffered many trials throughout their relationship. This story pushes the boundaries of friendship, loyalty, and true unconditional love. Marcus asks Seth for a favor. Though Seth is not a Cross, the brothers prove to him they are the family he needs. Seth and Laura face a few hurdles before reaching their happy forever. Fantastic captivating, well written read with awesome character interaction. Vivid scene descriptions tug your heartstrings and leave you breathless. The author does a fabulous job showing what true unconditional love is. Relishing this gratifying read, I voluntarily reviewed a pre-release copy of this story via the author. I look forward to reading Marcus’ story.
SofiaAlmiroudis 5 days ago
Easy to Fall is the final book and conclusion to Seth and Laura's love story. They haven't had the easiest life and love together BUT what the bond of their love and souls is one that can not be broken. Even with all that they have been through and continue to endure, instead of breaking them it only makes them stronger. Seth is Laura's person and Laura is Seth's person. Danger still lurks when Marcus is around. His motives and methods for helping are untraditional but we finally start to get a little glimpse of why he has and is doing what he is doing. Seth is willing to sell his soul to Marcus to save Laura even if it means losing himself. Laura is also willing to do what is necessary to help Seth figure out who Marcus is. In the end will it be Seth and Laura who will have more to lose? Seth and Laura have become one of my favorite couples of Willow Winter's. The depth and risks that each will do for the other is unbelievable. They have had their highs and their lows and throughout this series they have grown so much. What an emotional ride that this series has put me through, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Great ending.... I can not wait to learn more about Marcus in This Love Hurts.
Belle Aurora 5 days ago
Soooooo...... we seriously just ended Laura and Seth's story. It's honestly pretty bittersweet but this is what I love about Willow's writing. She knows how to hook you in, even during the most desperate of times in their story, yet she finds a way to pull you back together when you think everything is falling apart. I am not the kind of person to cry when I read books, it takes A LOT but I will admit I had the smallest lump in my throat at times and even that was f'n painful. Laura and Seth's story was a roller coaster of emotions and to finally reach the end of it, Willow really ended it on a good note. This is a series I really love and it is crazy to think it is now complete. Thanks Willow for another gut wrenching, emotional, edge of your seat ride!
StarStacy 5 days ago
Easy to fall for this book! 4 stars This book wrecked me in the best way, and I easily fell for this conclusion to Seth and Laura’s story! I cared and loved Seth and Laura so much that everything they went through in this book wrecked me. They would have moments of happiness, but then reality would come crashing in on them. The intensity in this book kept a tight grip on me until the last page. Laura was so fraught with what to do about what she found out at the end of book 3 that it just wrecked me. Seth was such a good man in this book and loved Laura so much that he would do anything for her. Would doing anything for her include making a deal with the devil? Read this gripping, amazing book and story to find out! *I received an advanced copy of this ebook for my honest review.*
Bibliophile_Chloe 5 days ago
What a beautiful, heart-wrenching finale to this series! This ending to Seth and Laura's story is going to make you cry.  It made me ugly cry and then it made me smile. The love that Seth and Laura have for each other is tested to its farthest limits in this story.  But it's a love that is strong in its convictions and shows that it can conquer all. Secrets are revealed.  More mysteries are unveiled and oh Marcus, you sly, sly devil!! I cannot wait to see his story next!
How can you start a review when you're super nervous about what you were about to read... I always start reviewing it before starting to read it, I love to give each review an introduction and then, halfway through it, I stop, read the book, and then complete my review. In this case, it was almost impossible to do it because this lady had a few explanations to give... Just saying. Willow Winters has created this world that will suck all the air out of your lungs. It will blow your heart, mind, and soul into tiny pieces and it's going to be almost impossible to mend it... Her writing is that powerful... Just wait and see. Easy to Fall, is her latest release and it's the fourth and final book from the Hard to Love series. And I must tell you something. This book is not a standalone, therefore you must read the first three books and only then, grab this one. This new book continues to explore the lives of Laura and Seth. As you know, their stories started way back but life has been giving then shi***. All forces are trying to keep them apart but sometimes your heart has other ideas... OMG... My heart was beating so fast when this book ended... So freaking fast... I knew that Willow would have some stuff stored for us but... Uau... Just uau... Perfect, intense, breathtaking, nerve-wracking... All these words are able to describe just a tiny bit of it... I'm at a loss of words actually... Sublime plot, very well written, super engaging, super intense, super dark... Perfect... Just perfect. There were parts of the book from that I really wanted to hurt someone... Hurt really bad... But then there were others that I wanted to hold them and promise better days, to promise happiness... It was hard to read a few chapters but then the others would soothe the ache... I'm not able to talk more about this book without spoiling it so I'm going to shut up and demand you read it. One minute I was thrilled that everyone and everything would be OK and then bam... Something would occur. Seriously Willow??? Seriously?? You love to tease us right? Right? You're lucky that I love you... Marcus's story is next right? Right? You have some explaining to do... Just saying...  I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.