E.A.T.: An Unconventional Decade In The Life Of A Cancer Patient

E.A.T.: An Unconventional Decade In The Life Of A Cancer Patient

by Kathy Mydlach Bero


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A gifted writer, Bero knows how to tell a story. E.A.T. An Unconventional Decade In The Life Of A Cancer Patient is a four-time award winning book that is an entirely transparent, honest and relatable accounting of battling cancer through the prism of healing.Book Awards:13th Annual National Indie Excellence Award Winner for Best Motivational book2019 International Book Awards Finalist for Best New Non-Fiction2019 Book Excellence Award Winner for Best Memoir 13th Annual National Indie Excellence Award Finalist in Alternative Medicine books Bero's genuine optimism and passion for life is contagious in this candid, honest, and deeply human story that speaks straight to the heart while presenting valuable information about her self-designed healing protocol to overcome stage IV inflammatory breast cancer and a high-grade tumor in her head and neck. In 2005, Bero's life expectancy was 21 months, a mere sliver of time compared to the 14 years she has logged thus far. Her story is exactly how it is in real life. Not every moment was full of hope nor every day packed with unfailing support. Bero does not hold back nor does she sugar coat anything. Her insights are a perspective rarely heard and provide critical benefits to patients and health care providers alike. She is brutally honest about the good, the bad and the l can't believe they actually did that, demonstrating triumph over a disease that feeds from a damaged mind, body and spirit is possible. Today, her case is being studied as part of Harvard University's People Powered Network of Enigmatic Exceptional Responders looking at individuals with unexpected success battling cancer. "When one door closes another will open, if you just turn the knob." - Kathy Mydlach Bero

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ISBN-13: 9781986609289
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/20/2018
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 254,151
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About the Author

Kathy Mydlach Bero's remarkable recovery from two rare and aggressive forms of cancer, took her previous advocacy work into a whole new arena. She is a speaker, reiki master and integrative health and cancer coach, working to change the way we look at chronic disease.

Prior to her cancer diagnosis, Bero's work ranged widely to include advocacy, facilitation, and consultation along with leadership development in the U.S and abroad. Bero has been recognized nationally for her significant contributions in environmental advocacy and education, and has executive produced the two-time Emmy award winning documentary WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

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