Ecstasy Unveiled (Demonica Series #4)

Ecstasy Unveiled (Demonica Series #4)

by Larissa Ione

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Reissue)

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ISBN-13: 9780446556828
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 02/01/2010
Series: Demonica Series , #4
Edition description: Reissue
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 161,877
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.70(h) x 4.10(d)

About the Author

Larissa Ione, an Air Force veteran, lives a nomadic lifestyle with her U.S. Coast Guard husband and young son. She currently lives in Wisconsin and is hard at work on her next Demonica novel. Visit her website at

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Ecstasy Unveiled

By Ione, Larissa


Copyright © 2010 Ione, Larissa
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780446556828


He who does not see the angels and devils in the beauty and malice of life will be far removed from knowledge, and his spirit will be empty of affection.

—Kahlil Gibran

Lore had always believed that when it came to sex, the more the merrier. Too bad for him that when “more” meant more than just himself, people tended to die.

So what the hell was he doing in bed with a curvy liquor store clerk he’d picked up while on his third tequila run in as many days?

Sure, technically, he wasn’t in bed. He was standing at the foot of the human-looking demon’s California King, pounding into her from behind as she kneeled on the mattress, moaning through her fourth orgasm.

Pressure built in his balls and his shaft throbbed with the need to blow, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t ignite. He gripped her hips harder, thrust deeper. Faster.


He lifted her so her knees came off the bed, giving him absolute control as he ground against her with feverish gyrations.

Still nothing.

Sweat streamed down his face, and his lungs burned with the force of his panting breaths.

“Come on, baby,” the female—he thought her name was April… or May… maybe June—cried. She bucked, consumed by yet another climax, and then dropped her head in exhaustion, her flaxen hair pooling on the black satin sheets.

She was pretty—not as pretty as Gem, but then, no one was. Lore shook the image of the Goth half-Soulshredder doctor out of his head, because she was in love with a human jerk named Kynan, and Lore hadn’t truly had a shot with her anyway.

That he couldn’t climax because he was worried about snuffing this mystery species demon chick was really fucking funny considering that he killed for money, with no qualms, no regrets, and there were definitely worse ways to go than death-by-orgasm.

But Gem seemed to have opened up a vein in him, one that ran with pansy-ass feelings instead of blood. And in truth, there was a reason he hadn’t had sex in decades, even though his Seminus breeding gave him the over-whelming need to screw every female who crossed his path. Fortunately for him, his human side allowed him to handle those urges himself, unlike purebred Sems who had to have a female partner or die.

When Lore had female partners, they died.

With a frustrated roar, he tore himself away from AprilMayJune and fisted his cock in his gloved hand. His release was hard and fast… and, as expected, no more satisfying than if he’d been by himself. And now, with nothing to distract him, he couldn’t ignore the handprint-shaped welt that burned on his chest.

Lore had to go. No more stalling. After three weeks of avoidance—mainly to piss off his boss—it was time to take his punishment like a man. Well, a half-man, half-incubus.

The female rolled over, watched him with drowsy eyes. He still wasn’t sure why he’d fallen off the celibacy wagon for her, except maybe for the fact that she’d been in the right place, right time when he’d gotten yet another text from Eidolon, M.D. Christ, the guy just had to include the M.D. in his signature, as if the entire underworld didn’t know what he was.

The reminder that his brother was a respected doctor who saved lives, while Lore was nothing but a low-life half-breed killer, had sent him into a destructive, down-ward spiral that involved a lot of alcohol and a proposition for AprilMayJune.

Still, he was eventually going to have to face Eidolon and his other brothers again, no matter what Lore had promised his sister, because he had a feeling that if his newfound brothers wanted to find him, they would. And they didn’t seem like the types to respect space and privacy.

“I told you I’m not in season,” AprilMayJune said, her voice sleepy with sexual satiation. “I can’t get pregnant.”

“Doesn’t matter.” He tucked himself back into his leather pants. “I’m sterile.” At least, that was what one of the other brothers, Shade, had told him. Lore wasn’t sure how he felt about that, but it was definitely for the best.

She sighed and fell back against the pillows. “Then why did you just cream all over my floor? And why are you still wearing that glove?”

“To reduce the chances that I’ll kill you.” Anyone who touched the bare skin of his right arm and hand, marked by the color-diluted glyphs called a dermoire that snaked from shoulder to fingernail, dropped dead on contact. He’d worn a jacket and gloves around everyone except his sister for decades, but if he orgasmed or summoned his “gift,” he could kill right through the protective leather, which was why, during sex, he tried not to touch his partners as he neared climax. Tried, because with very few exceptions, something had always gone wrong.

The female bared her teeth, which, in the last couple of seconds, had grown sharper. And longer. “You think you can take me?”

I just did, honey. “I know I can.” He patted his pocket to make sure she hadn’t lifted his wallet, then checked his weapons harness for the same reason. He’d have to kill her if she’d swiped his Gargantua-bone dagger.

Gracefully, she came to her feet, which were now tipped by curved claws, just like her hands. What the hell kind of demon was she? “Arrogant prick.” Her pronunciation was mushy now, the words spoken through an extra row of teeth that hadn’t been there before.

“You’re messing with the wrong arrogant prick, little girl.” Lore moved toward the door. “Thanks for the laughs. See ya.”

“Little girl?” She launched at him, catching him in the back and knocking him into the wall. As he spun away, she raked her claws across his chest, tearing open his T-shirt and leaving a bloody trail of scratches behind.

Hunger glimmered in her black eyes as she crept toward him like a cat preparing to pounce. “I’m going to eat your brains raw.”

Lore clapped a hand over his stinging cuts. “Jesus. You’re a fucking Dire Mantis.” Figured that after sixty years of celibacy, the first partner he picked would be one that ate the heads of demon males.

“If it’s any consolation,” she purred, “that was the best sex any of my mates have given me.”

“Well, duh.” He watched her lick her lips as though she was already tasting his brain. Disgusting. “I can’t believe I was worried about killing you.”

She lunged. He dodged. He could kill her with a snap of the neck, but Dire Mantis bites were paralyzing, and he didn’t want to risk getting anywhere near that mouth.

She came at him again, teeth gnashing. As she reached for him, he twisted aside and seized her forearm. Killing power sizzled like lightning from his shoulder to his fingers, and she fell to the floor, her lifeless body making a soft thud. It twitched a few times before falling still.

Most purebred demons who died aboveground dis-integrated within seconds, but he didn’t stick around to watch. Or to care. He strode out of the bedroom and out of the house without looking back. He was, after all, a killer. In the three weeks since witnessing the near end of the world, meeting his brothers, and bringing back to life a human he would rather have left dead, he’d done nothing but drown himself in liquor bottles. But no more. Losing himself and his edge had almost cost him his life in AprilMayJune’s bedroom.

He wouldn’t make that mistake ever again.

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you.”

Tapping his tongue piercing against his teeth, Lore considered his answer as he stood before his master-slash-asshole boss. The tag of pimp could also apply to the demon, seeing how Deth allowed his assassins to take freelance work… as long as he received a 60 percent cut of the money earned. And none of the kills made on outside contracts counted toward Lore’s obligation to Deth, even though the demon required his assassins to accept three outside jobs a year. Asshole.

Lore kept his gaze level with Deth’s, more to keep himself grounded than to show that he wasn’t nervous. He’d come straight from the mantis’s place, but that had been yesterday. For twelve hours he’d been imprisoned below the main chamber, in stocks and kneeling on shards of glass.

Which meant he hadn’t been able to fulfill his body’s sexual needs, and he could feel the resulting tension, the growing rage that threatened to turn him into a beast clawing at the inside of his skin. The rest of his body didn’t feel much better. His joints ached, his balls were tender, and every inch of his skin burned.

But all of that pain was minor compared to the torture he’d endured while in the stocks, a punishment he’d earned when he’d used his gift of resurrection. Before Lore had handed his soul over to Deth, Lore would spend a good twenty-four hours in bloody agony after bringing someone back from the dead. But now, because of his slave bond, it was his master, Detharu, who instead experienced the agonizing price Lore paid for bringing a being back to life. And Deth made damned sure Lore paid hugely for his suffering.

Funny how his two special abilities—taking and giving life—were so opposite, but only the “good” one came with pain. He supposed it made sense; life fucking hurt.

“Well,” he drawled finally, with a calm he didn’t feel, “I’m your best-looking assassin, and without me, you’d have to stare at the likes of Hadrian Maggotface all day.”

Detharu, a demon whose species Lore had never determined, mainly because he appeared different to everyone who saw him, smiled. At least, the upturn of his black, crusted lips was the closest thing to a smile Lore had ever seen from the guy. Whatever it was, it didn’t do anything to quell the unease churning in Lore’s gut, an unease that was even more crushing than usual.

“You make a good point. But not good enough.” Shifting in his throne constructed of the bones of several demon species and at least one human, Detharu gestured with his steel-gauntleted fist.

Two of his sentries, huge Ramreel demons with curled horns and an unholy love of machetes, peeled away from the jagged stone walls. Their small, piggish eyes glowed with murderous anticipation as they came at Lore from both sides.

Four more Ramreels watched from their positions at the chamber entrance, drool dripping from their snouts as though Pavlov had rung the dinner bell. And in the shadows behind Detharu, another male stood, the expression on his face unreadable, but Lore sensed a certain… anticipation. Weird. Lore had seen the dude before, hanging out with his insane brother, Roag, and Byzamoth, an equally insane fallen angel who had tried to start Armageddon.

But both nutcases were gone now, and there was no point in wondering why the demon was there, because at the moment, the biggest mystery facing him was whether he was keeping his head.

Lore rolled his shoulders, doing his best impression of a guy who wasn’t at all worried that his next breath might be the last. “Look, Deth, no need to get your knickers in a twist. I’ll make it up to you—”

“You gave someone life so I would spend two sunsets in agony!”

Only Deth would think that Kynan’s resurrection was all about him. “Yeah, but—”

“We’re assassins, you imbecile! We don’t give life! You make me a laughingstock.” Detharu came to his feet with a snarl, the fire from the huge hearth in the center of the room casting flickering shadows into the valleys between his ribs—which were on the outside of his body. “Worse, you and Zaw failed to kill the Seminus demons as you were contracted to do!”

Lore clenched his hands into fists at his sides to keep from doing something stupid, like strangle his boss. “I can get you the money.”

That was a big, fat lie. There was no way in Hades he could come up with the twenty million he would have gotten from the executor of Roag’s estate upon proof of Wraith, Eidolon, and Shade’s deaths. Half of that, maybe, but not the full amount.

“But you can’t get back the respect I lost in the eyes of the Assassins’ Guild,” Deth roared.

“There has to be a way.”

“There is.” Detharu sank back down as if his display of temper never happened. “Your head on a pike, displayed in the Guild hall.”

“Yeah, that doesn’t work for me.” Lore shoved his gloved hand through his hair, but that didn’t massage the tension out of his skull. “Cut me some slack, will ya? They were my brothers.”

Fortunately, Lore had failed to kill them. After the attempt and consequent revelations of blood ties, Lore had only stuck around his brothers long enough to get a little history of the Seminus breed and see what happened with Wraith’s female, and then he’d gotten out of the demon hospital as if it was burning down.

Hadn’t seen or spoken with his brothers since, though Eidolon’s constant text messages had been as irritating as claws on a chalkboard.

“Family?” Detharu leaned forward in his seat. “Then why did you agree to kill them?”

“I didn’t know they were my brothers at the time the job was offered.” No, that little secret had been as twisted as Roag.

The chair creaked as Detharu sat back and rubbed his pointed chin. “I have siblings. I killed two of them. Liked doing it.”

This wasn’t looking good. “No doubt they deserved it.” Yep, Lore could kiss ass with the best of them.

Detharu shrugged. For a long moment, the only sound in the room was the crackle of the fire and the occasional drip of Ramreel drool. Lore eyed the exit, hastily piecing together an escape plan. He could take out the demon closest to him, snag his machete, and then hope to God he could mow down the others before Detharu caught up to him. If he made it to the outer chamber, Detharu’s other slave-assassins would help him escape.

Not that he’d be free for long. The slave-bond, the hand imprint burned into the flesh above his heart, would eventually compel him to return here or face unimaginable suffering as the bond first seared his skin, and then worked its way to his muscles and organs. You either returned to the den, or you cooked to death. Slowly.

Finally, Detharu shook his head. “I won’t execute you for not killing your brothers.”

“Big of you,” Lore muttered.

A serrated growl rumbled in Deth’s skeletal chest. “What did you say?”

“I said thank you.” Lore scowled at the Ramreels. “You heard him. Beat it. No murder for you today.” The Ramreel minions acted more as guards than executioners, but they pretty much did whatever Deth wanted them to do, and the bloodier the task, the happier they were.

Detharu’s glowing orange eyes narrowed. “There is a price, of course.”


“I have a job for you.”

Which meant that despite the threats and posturing, Deth hadn’t intended to impale Lore’s head on a pointy stick at all. “What do I have to do?” Lore asked through gritted teeth. “Collect another debt? Deliver a bloody warning to someone? Want me to fetch a pizza? Because you know how I love playing delivery boy.”

He hated playing pizza minion.

“You can bring me an all-meat topped with a certain human’s head. I’m giving you your hundredth kill.”

Lore stopped breathing even as his pulse revved. He’d been waiting thirty years for this. After he completed his hundredth kill, Deth would no longer have any hold on him. He’d be a free man. But wait… something wasn’t right. Detharu had avoided giving him an assassin job for years, unwilling to hand out that last assignment that would free both Lore and his sister, Sin, forever.

Lore studied Deth’s impassive face, seeking, but not finding, any clues to what he was thinking. “What’s the catch?”

Deth’s bony fingers made irritating clicking noises as he tapped on the arm of his chair. “You violated the terms of our bargain by breaking the subcontract with Roag and not killing the Seminus brothers. I missed out on my share and look like a fool. Therefore, I’m amending our agreement.”

Fuck. He knew it. “And what are your new terms?” he ground out.

“In the past, you have been allowed to refuse assignments.”

“And I paid the price in blood.” A lot of blood.

“You will not refuse this one.”

Uh-oh. A chill skittered up Lore’s spine. Deth was expecting him to refuse, which meant the mark would be a child or pregnant woman or something. “And if I do?”

“If you refuse or don’t succeed, then I’ll have Sin’s head in place of yours for your failure to kill your brothers.”

A red curtain came down over his vision. Stay calm. Stay… calm. Didn’t work. The rage inside Lore screamed to the surface, completely missing the usual transition period, and he lunged at the demon. “You fuck!”

The sentries caught him, one on each arm. Instinct and anger merged, and without thinking, he charged up his gift. The Ramreel clutching Lore’s right biceps didn’t even have time to scream. He fell to the floor, eyes wider in death than they’d ever been in life.

Instantly, the other one wheeled away, drawing his machete, which he jabbed into Lore’s ribs.

Detharu came to his feet, and the next thing Lore knew, Deth’s steel-gauntleted fist was in his face. Lore’s head snapped back and pain exploded in his skull. Fury contorted Detharu’s expression, peeling his lips from his sharp, blackened teeth.

“That was stupid, Lore. Even after all this time, you have not learned to control your temper.”

It chafed to admit it, but Detharu was right on both counts. Lore’s rages had been a problem since he was twenty, when he’d gone through the weird transformation that had given him an arm covered with tattoos. But that was just for starters. He also gained the “gift” to kill everything he touched with the tattooed arm, the ability to resurrect the dead or “feel” how a person had died, and a rampant libido that had to be addressed several times daily lest he go into rages that didn’t end until he either killed or had sex—sex that ended in the death of his partner.

But being sexually sated wasn’t a guarantee against the rages. Pain and anger could still set him off no matter how many times or how recently he’d relieved himself.

Breathing deeply, he willed himself to come down before the rage took him to the point of no return or before he did something stupid again. The move he’d made against Detharu carried with it a penalty of death.

Thing was, Lore couldn’t have hurt Detharu anyway. The bond’s magic prevented violence against one’s master. Lore couldn’t so much as touch Detharu unless the demon wanted to be touched.

And thank God Deth had long ago decided Lore wasn’t allowed to touch. Few of Deth’s assassins were so lucky.

Lore clenched his teeth, determined to keep from smarting off, but refusing to apologize. Instead, he gritted out, “Who’s the target? Who is my hundredth kill?”

Lore had forgotten all about the male in the shadows, but now he shifted slightly, his black, waist-length hair seeming to absorb all the light in the room. It was as if the dude wore his shadow like a cloak. That was seriously fucked up.

A sinister smile split Deth’s face wide open. “The target,” he said, “is Kynan Morgan. The very human you brought back to life.”

The ground shifted beneath Lore’s feet. Oh, holy hell. Though Lore had saved Kynan’s life, he hated him and really wouldn’t mind putting him in the ground. But Jesus… if he killed the human, Lore would spend the rest of his sorry life looking over his shoulder. He’d have every Aegis Guardian on the planet aiming to gut him with a stang, which would be pleasant compared to what Gem and his brothers would do to him.

Deth leaned in close, so close Lore could feel the ugly demon’s heat on his face. “You have your assignment. You will kill Morgan—using your death touch—and retrieve his amulet within ninety-six hours. And if you refuse or fail, Sin will die.”

Sin, whose favorite saying was now becoming ironic reality.

No good deed shall go unpunished.

No fucking shit.

By sparing his brothers, Lore might have condemned his sister to death.

Rariel couldn’t contain a smile as he watched Lore exit Detharu’s chamber. He’d waited so long to put his plan into motion, and now that the ball was rolling, nothing could stop it.

“Why did you specifically request Lore for this job?” Detharu stood at the hearth’s edge, his normally white skin taking on the orange of the flames like a chameleon’s. Unlike most, Rariel could see the Molegra demon’s true form, though he wished he couldn’t. The eyeless man-shaped creature was one of the most repulsive demons Rariel had ever come across.

“He has a reputation as being one of the best,” Rariel lied.

Lore did have a reputation for excellence at his job, but that wasn’t why Rariel had chosen him. Rariel had chosen him because by giving Kynan, a Marked Sentinel, life, Lore had become the only being other than an angel who could take it away.

Detharu nodded, still facing the fire. “I’ll be sorry to lose him. And Sin.”

Yes, Rariel had been curious about this Sin person Detharu had dangled over Lore’s head. “Is she his mate?”


Rariel’s breath caught. Sister… “Is she an assassin?”

Detharu turned around, his sausage-body undulating grotesquely. “She is. Ruthless and cunning, like her brother.”

Oh, this was perfect. Poetic, even. “Then I want Sin for the other target.”

“Same time frame?” Deth asked.


The assassin master shuffled to his throne. “The rush job will cost you quadruple, as it did with Lore.”

“I’m paying quadruple because my insistence on using Lore is depriving you of him as a slave.”

“Double then. Take it or leave it.”

Rariel could leave it and go with another assassin, but the brother-sister thing gave him shivers of pleasure. “Done.”

Detharu smiled, his pale, shapeless lips forming a deep fissure that revealed tiny, pointed teeth. “Tell me, why is this amulet of Morgan’s important to you?”

“It’s a bauble. Worthless except as a trophy.” The truth, that it was a priceless bargaining chip that would get Rariel everything he wanted, was not something he would share with anyone, let alone assassin scum.

The demon seemed to buy the lie. “Come then,” he said, gesturing toward the door. “We’ll feast on the sweet flesh of a newly hatched huldrefox while we draw up the contracts.”

Furry little huldrefox hatchlings weren’t cheap, and with what Rariel was paying, the bastard could afford to eat them—or the young of any species—every day if he wanted to. Still, Rariel couldn’t scrounge up much in the way of bitterness. Not when centuries of planning was about to yield results.

Oh, yes. He could almost hear Idess’s screams of misery already.

The icy whisper of a hand caressed his arm, reminding him of the debt Rariel had yet to pay. Because Rariel wasn’t the only being in the room who was after revenge.

And after what Roag’s brothers had done to him, Rariel couldn’t blame the demon at all.


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Ecstasy Unveiled (Demonica Series #4) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 497 reviews.
DComfort More than 1 year ago
Ecstasy Unveiled is the fourth book in Larissa Ione's Demonica series. With each book my heart goes into pitter-patter mode. This book centers around the story of Lore, who is a Seminus demon and the brother to those introduced in previous books, Eidolen, Shade, and Wraith. It was an interesting concept to be introduced when the brothers realized they were in fact related to Lore, seeing as he was hired to kill them.but really, who's paying attention to THAT minor detail. Lore's "gift" is his right hand (no, seriously, dirty mind) where if he touches anyone, he kills them. I know, makes for a rough life and an even more difficult issue for his sex life, which he must have in order to survive. (Really, where did she come up with this stuff, its great!) In the previous book Lore brought back to life Kynan, a good friend of his brothers in that book, and now he has been hired to assassinate Kynan and he must do so in order to be freed from his contract and keep his sister, Sin, alive. To make matters worse he is on a 96 hour deadline and Kynan is being protected by a 2000 year old guardian angel, Idess. Now, you would think that meeting the man/woman of your dreams would be under better circumstances than a fight to death to protect or kill, but in Ione's book, think again. The chemistry between these two is hot and the way each of them put one another before the other is truly touching, especially when they don't realize they are doing it. Once again, these two have been put to the test of saving humanity by Ione and the action unveiled in the book makes for a heart stopping, entertaining read. I was salivating while reading this book. The attraction between man and woman was sizzling, enchanting, and more importantly, convincing. The shameless part of me wishes that there was more. More sex, more funny interactions, more moments where Lore and Idess kick major butt. It was a fun book to read and once again, I feel as though I have made some new friends. I am looking forward to the book with Sin which comes out in August/September and I believe it will be a hit because even though the book focused on Lore, Sin had her parts and stole the show when she did. She has a combination of humor, strength, and wicked sexy ways about her that readers will come to enjoy. Once again, I highly suggest that readers look into the Demonica series. Ms. Ione's writing, characters, and plots continue to develop and improve, making each story even better than the last.
kitkat3ny More than 1 year ago
I strongly recommend you read this series in order (Pleasure Unbound, Desire Unchained and Passion Unleashed) before reading this novel. My review will be brief and focused on my feelings about the story, since this book has already been thoroughly reviewed by others. This author has an extraordinary ability. She can twist characters and plots into fierce, electrifyingly dark, mysterious and suspenseful stories. This intense novel commands and captivates your attention, and completely and entirely dominates your time; to the effect you just can't stop reading. On occasion while reading this book, I tried to pace myself but the story was so addicting, I completely devoured it. I actually gasped in shock, outrage and regret like a fiend when the book ended. Needless to say, I loved this book and I miss this story and characters already. For those fellow dark urban fantasy readers that are wondering what genre this series falls into, I would categorize it as an HEA-romantic urban fantasy. I highly recommend to those dark urban fantasy readers that are straddling that fence, to take the plunge into this masterpiece of a series, it is phenomenal! I also look forward to the next book Sin Undone due out 9/1/2010.
Madfantacy4me More than 1 year ago
I loved these books- My favorite is the fist and this one but they are all great. I can not wait for the next- Sin is a bad @*!.
The_Reading_Reviewer More than 1 year ago
Lore has been very bad man doing very bad things for a very long time. He has served as a personal assassin killing for money and the opportunity to gain his freedom as well as his twin sister's for so long he can't remember what freedom tastes like. He is half-human and half-incubus but the feelings he should have as a human are long gone and except for his sister he cares for no one not even the brothers he recently discovered he had. He has great powers but very destructive and he has the ability to give and take life but it is with the touch of his tattooed arm that can cause death. While he is so close to freedom from the man who has controlled his destiny for thirty years that all it will take is one more kill and he is done. Free to live his life as he wants and not have the threat of constant torture and pain with him every moment of every day. But it turns out that one more kill is not going to be easy because this man he is to kill is the best friend of his brothers and they will do whatever to stop Lore in this quest. On the way to fulfill his obligation the strangest thing happens to Lore - he runs into an angel. Not your ordinary run of the mill angel but one that is ready to ascend to heaven and get her wings and the only thing she has to do to get there is keep the man Lore is set to kill alive. Idess is part of a band of angels that were conceived and not created by the hand of God so she has to earn the right to be in heaven and she is almost there but Lore was not going to make this easy. They fight and she wins, they fought again and he is becomes the master but in the end the battle they both lost was one to love. The longer they held out on displaying their true feelings the harder the fall was for both of them. Each had been celibate to protect their life and heart but something broke down all the walls and while the battles for all things holy raged on these two found something pure and simple in the fight, love. This latest book in the Demonica Series is the most complicated and the reader is drawn into a magical but sinister world of smoke, ghosts, mirrors and outright evil. There is so much going on it is imperative you pay attention to everything because the detail you miss is the one that is key to the entire structure of the book. You do not have to read the other books prior to this one but I highly suggest it because each of them that came before is as engrossing and downright amazing. Mary Gramlich ~ ("The Reading Reviewer") ~
crazyfortwilight1213 More than 1 year ago
This was such a good book!!! The series is amazing and I have been waiting so long to here Lore's story and I loved it!!! Lore and Idess are such an amazing couple with struggles to overcome!!! They both have regrets from there pasts which in the end brings them together!!! Such a great book with so many new charaters and updates on the old!!!! I can't wait for the next book to see what happens with sin!!!
AuthorKellyMoran More than 1 year ago
New York Times best-selling author Larissa Ione grew up reading Stephen King and Dean Koontz. She began writing horror and fantasy, but soon learned to love romance. She is able to combine her two loves into one genre- paranormal romance. She also writes under the pen name Sydney Croft. Titles include: Seduced by the Storm, Pleasure Unbound, Hot Nights Dark Desires, Unleashing the Storm, Wet Dreams, Snow Bound, Riding the Storm, Flesh to Fantasy, and Shadow Play. Her title, Pleasure Unbound was named Best Paranormal Romance of 2008 in the First Annual Reviewers Choice Awards at Romance Novel TV. She was born in Oregon but resides now in Virginia. Idess is an earthbound angel trying to complete her last assigned duty before finally ascending into Heaven. Her wild side has gotten her into trouble before and this could be her last chance at redemption. The task? To protect the very human that Lore (a half-breed Seminus demon) is being forced to assassinate. If Lore does not complete his mission to kill his half-brother, his twin sister will die. If Idess does not protect the human, she will not ascend. Torn between duty and desire, both angel and demon must join forces and fight their attraction, because an enemy from the past is rising again, hell-bent on revenge- and this time, he doesn't plan to fail. This is book four in the Demonica series, with Pleasure Unbound, Desire Unchained, and Passion Unleashed coming before it. Though this book is part of a series, it stands alone and it is not necessary to have read the previous ones to understand this one. However, I highly recommend doing so, as you'll get more from the read and the books were great. Now here's an author who knows her conflict well. Pinning angel against demon and good against evil, to make an argument for the importance of family and loyalty, all the while adding forbidden lust and love to the mix. Yeah, this was a stellar, fascinating, steamy read. Following the books with previous characters, former enemies, and new ones made for exceptional secondary characters and side-stories. Flaws and all, you'll fall in love with demons, rooting for them all the way. The descriptive and imaginative setting draws you into this fantasy world and holds you captive. By the time you are finished, the ordinary world seems dull, and you want more of Larissa Ione's. A recommended read! Kelly Moran, Author and Reviewer
Catherine331 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
I was browsing the bookstore when this cover caught my eye. I read the back of it and figured I'd give it a try. I wish I would have known it was part of a series first. Unfortunately this book does not stand on its own well at all. There were so many characters running around that I was irritated. I found Lore's newly discovered brothers especially irritating. I suppose if I had read their books first I would have had some investment in them and might have been glad to read about them again. Obviously that wasn't the case with me.Lore can kill with a touch (even inadvertently) which makes it very awkward for him to have the sex that he needs to keep his rage down. He's also bound to Deth as an assassin until he completes his 100th kill. His last kill is assigned to him and this time he isn't given the option to say no. Deth also gives him a time limit that he has to complete his last kill by or his sister, Sin, will die. Needless to say he's determined to kill the guy even though it will put him at odds with his brothers.While trying to take out his target he comes into contact with Idess. She's basically an angel-in-waiting and guards people who have an important destiny until she finally makes it to heaven. One of the people that Idess is assigned to guard is the very same person that Lore has to kill. Idess and Lore have several confrontations until Idess gets the upper hand. Unfortunately for Idess another one of the people she has to protect is in danger too. She ends up very busy trying to keep all of her charges safe.Idess and Lore seem to have good chemistry together. There's nice sexual tension between them and their dialogue together is amusing. I think if more time had been spent on developing them and their relationship I would have been happier. I could never forget that they had known each other a matter of days when they were overcome with love. There was way too much page time devoted to other characters and it definitely impacted the believability of the main character's romance for me.The type of book this was and tone of it really reminded me of Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series. I think if you enjoy those books you might like these ones too. I'd definitely recommend starting with the first one though. I don't think I'll read any more in this series. I'm mildly interested in Sin's story but I think I would be just as lost to all the previous book references in that one as I was in this one. It really pulls you out of the story when you're constantly wondering what everyone is talking about.
BrokenTeepee on LibraryThing 10 months ago
This was my first Demonica novel so I had a bit of catching up to do. There is a very handy glossary in the front of the book; I think that without it a new reader to the series would have been completely lost so I was very grateful for its presence. At the core this is a romance story and it's a good one. The characters are ones you can really root for and the twists the book take really come as a surprise - at least they did to me. It was a story that kept you rooting for the good guy and cheering when the bad guys met their inevitable ends. The sex scenes are VERY graphic so if you don't go in for that be aware.
Cajunbooklady on LibraryThing 10 months ago
I loved this book! Ecstasy Unveiled is the Fourth Book in Larissa Ione's Demonica series and I must say that I NEED to read the others. (just because this one was so excellent) But...if you haven't read the first 3 and wanted to start the series here you could.You are provided enough background info to know what's going on but not so much as to bog down the current story.This book was just HOT! The "intimate" scenes just about had MY eyes crossing! LOL! The characters in "Ecstasy Unveiled" have no problem keeping your attention and making you root for them. I gotta tell you...I loved these brothers almost as much as I love J.R.Wards's Brothers. That is saying alot.It was just a very exciting and climactic story all the way through and I definitely didn't predict that ending!Quick Wrap-up...I give "Ecstasy Unveiled" five glowing stars and really look forward to continuing the series!
xbetty on LibraryThing 10 months ago
I heart the Demonica series so much! It's one of the first paranormal series' that I got into. I discovered it by accident online late one night and promptly ordered the first novel, Pleasure Unbound. After that I quickly devoured the next two in the series one after the other.Lore is an assassin in the demon underworld and has been hired to kill, yet again, a member of his newly found family. Driving him to complete this kill is the weight of his sisters life in his hands should he fall short of his contract. What he doesn't count on is Idess, an angel in waiting who has been called on to protect his latest mark.It took me a moment of two to get my head back into the world of the Demonica novels. For some reason, not all the time - but some of the time, I get this series mixed up with the Black Dagger Brotherhood (don't ask me how, they're completely different - can you imagine Rhage and co setting up a hospital for other vamps? lol) - but once things started moving I found it impossible to put this book down.I must admit I did get a little fed up at the back and forth attacks and did feel it halted the story a little. But Larissa pulled the rug out from under me when she revealed who the big evils were in this book. I didn't see it coming one bit and actually had to put the book down in disbelief. I honestly didn't see it coming!Final Thoughts...I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend this to any one! Though I suggest reading from the start of the series with Pleasure Unbound - you cannot ignore the other brothers, especially Eidolon! Larissa has crafted a fantastic world in these four novels, and throwing in a demon inhabited hospital (think Grey's Anatomy crossed with a bit of Buffy lol) - pure genius!I'm really looking forward to the next book, Sin Undone. Which tells the story of the brother's sister - the only female sem demon. I hope this won't be the end of the Demonica series and Larissa carries it on, because anything related to this series I'd gladly devour!
chaoticbooklover on LibraryThing 10 months ago
I love to read paranormal and romance novels, and when they are both put together it makes my day!! It's also the fourth installment of the Demonica supernatural romance series by Larissa Ione. Coming into the series cold as I did was a little challenging- after all, I knew about demons and angels, but not Larissa's demons and angels- but Ione had thoughtfully included a Demon glossary in the front of the book, which made following a bit easier. It was still difficult to get through some of the unanswered questions I had, but I surrendered to the story. I was enthralled with the romance between two seemingly opposite beings, a demon and an angel. I enjoyed the story once I got the hang of it, and I found myself torn as to which side I was cheering for. The ending was great (no spoilers here!), and I have to say that I never imagined demons could be so sensual. (Warning: this book is pretty explicit).Now I'm heading to the bookstore to get the other three in the series!!!
FantasyDreamer on LibraryThing 10 months ago
This story is based on the traditional plot of the good girl falling for the bad boy, but Larissa Ione has added her own brand of intrigue that keeps this passion filled story so very interesting. I found myself immersed into the story of Idess and Lore because it goes from complicated to critical fast at the very beginning and just builds from there. Throughout the book I kept thinking how's this new kink going to get work out. The characters are not perfect and they are flawed in such a way I found myself emotionally tied to each one. I found Idess to be the just right combination of tough, soft and just a little of a bad girl. Lore was self-sacrificing for those he loved, and perfect for Idess.As a subplot to Estasy Unveiled, there is an angry disturbance causing the spirits to be agitated at Underworld General, a medical center under the city of New York for vamps, demons, werewolves, well pretty much all paranormal beings. This disturbance also starts to flow over and effect the people who visit and run the hospital. Things start to get pretty tense around Underworld General and angry emotions start to fly.Also, when you get to end of the book and you're thinking about how you want more, there is an excerpt to the next novel in the Demonica series.After reading Ecstasy Unveiled, the fourth book in the Demonica series, I have come to expect to be captivated by Larissa Ione's writing. Yes, in my opinion, Larissa Ione is the mistress of world building and scorching love scenarios with endings that leaving you feeling beyond satisfied.If you have been reading the Demonica series then you do not want to miss Ecstasy Unveiled. Or you haven't started this series yet, don't wait another day but I recommend you start with the first book, Pleasure Unbound.
Deserie.Comfort on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Ecstasy Unveiled is the fourth book in Larissa Ione¿s Demonica series. With each book my heart goes into pitter-patter mode. This book centers around the story of Lore, who is a Seminus demon and the brother to those introduced in previous books, Eidolen, Shade, and Wraith. It was an interesting concept to be introduced when the brothers realized they were in fact related to Lore, seeing as he was hired to kill them¿but really, who¿s paying attention to THAT minor detail. Lore¿s ¿gift¿ is his right hand (no, seriously, dirty mind) where if he touches anyone, he kills them. I know, makes for a rough life and an even more difficult issue for his sex life, which he must have in order to survive. (Really, where did she come up with this stuff, its great!) In the previous book Lore brought back to life Kynan, a good friend of his brothers in that book, and now he has been hired to assassinate Kynan and he must do so in order to be freed from his contract and keep his sister, Sin, alive. To make matters worse he is on a 96 hour deadline and Kynan is being protected by a 2000 year old guardian angel, Idess. Now, you would think that meeting the man/woman of your dreams would be under better circumstances than a fight to death to protect or kill, but in Ione¿s book, think again. The chemistry between these two is hot and the way each of them put one another before the other is truly touching, especially when they don¿t realize they are doing it. Once again, these two have been put to the test of saving humanity by Ione and the action unveiled in the book makes for a heart stopping, entertaining read. I was salivating while reading this book. The attraction between man and woman was sizzling, enchanting, and more importantly, convincing. The shameless part of me wishes that there was more. More sex, more funny interactions, more moments where Lore and Idess kick major butt.It was a fun book to read and once again, I feel as though I have made some new friends. I am looking forward to the book with Sin which comes out in August/September and I believe it will be a hit because even though the book focused on Lore, Sin had her parts and stole the show when she did. She has a combination of humor, strength, and wicked sexy ways about her that readers will come to enjoy. Once again, I highly suggest that readers look into the Demonica series. Ms. Ione's writing, characters, and plots continue to develop and improve, making each story even better than the last.
LadyIsis on LibraryThing 10 months ago
This book had a lot going on throughout the story. You learn more about Lore and Sin as while as getting rid of a evil nasty bad guy once and for all. It was interesting learning Idess's history and who her father is. It will be interesting to see if he shows up again. We are also introduced to a new problem and I am wondering how it will be solved since there is only one book left in the series. I was glad to that Lore turns out to be such a loving and caring partner and bother. This has been a really good series so far and I am not sure I am ready for it to end.
onyx95 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
He had gotten himself into a mess, after saving Ky, someone he didn¿t even like, now to save his own sister Sin, he has to kill Kynan ¿ again. Lore knew he had no choice, to save Sin he would do anything, he had failed her once before and vowed, never again. Wanting in to heaven, Idessa had her goals and to reach them she had to keep all her charges safe, including Kynan. If someone wanted to harm him they had to go through her and so when she got that feeling Ky was in trouble, she was there. Face to face with Lore. A want-to-be-Angel has power that even Lore hadn¿t foreseen. Coming up with another way to save Sin, Lore would go through with what ever it took, but to be able to touch Idessa without fear of killing her, held an appeal all its own. Book 4 ¿.. The newest brother, I wasn¿t¿ sure what to think of him after the last books introduction to him. Found it fun to get to know him and Idessa though. A `wanna be¿ Angel, a protector with flaws of her own, she waffled a lot, but that didn¿t seem to take away from her character, for me it made her more, more believable as a fallible creature. I do so like this series. Looking forward to the next (Sin Undone #5) especially after how and where we last `saw¿ Sin.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great addition to the series. Loved getting to know the twins.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
By far my favorite so far. And sers you up for the next one. Can't wait.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the sem brothers would love a book about gem and kynan there relationship is awesome. Gems my fav character
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mindy_Lou More than 1 year ago
I have read all the books in this series so far and I have yet to be let down.. All the books focus on certain characters life and gives you insight to who they are.. I am loving all the brothers each one has a special quality to him that makes you fall for them.. I can not wait to crack into the next book.. happy reading
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book. I hated when I had to put it down. Another great book in the bag. Awesome series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BelladonnaLS More than 1 year ago
Larissa Ione has created a great paranormal series with her Demonica Series. She weaves her characters' story lines together well and includes her characters from previous books in the latest one. I always love when you get to see what is going on with the previous couple that you read about. Lore is just one of several great alpha males in the Demonica series. He is a mster assassin who is pitted against his love interest when he is ordered to kill the very man that she has been ordered to protect. If you love Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series, you will love this one!