Embracing Life After Loss: A Gentle Guide for Growing through Grief

Embracing Life After Loss: A Gentle Guide for Growing through Grief


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Learn to Laugh When You Feel Like Crying

Readers of When Breath Becomes Air , Present Over Perfect and Feeling Good will be inspired and encouraged by Embracing Life after Loss.

Work through the depression of grief and loss with resilience: Losing a loved one is never easy. Allen Klein knows how it feels—just like you, he's lost many loved ones in his life. Inspired by Klein's experience with the loss of his wife, Embracing Life after Loss will help you to recover from grief and loss—just like Klein did.

Learn how to laugh again: You never forget the people you lose. But you can grow stronger, wiser, and more appreciative of life as you move forward. And, believe it or not, you can even laugh again. Embracing Life after Loss will show you how to smile through the difficult times—how to take a break from the pain of your loss and find joy in life again.

Rediscover joy with the world’s only Jollytologist®: Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, Allen Klein is the perfect person to teach you how to find joy and happiness. Discover why Comedian Jerry Lewis has said that Allen Klein is “a noble and vital force watching over the human condition.”

Embracing Life after Loss is a steadfast compass that offers hope and resilience to anyone trying to navigate through dark times. Allen Klein illustrates five practical steps for recovering from depression caused by grief and loss:

  • Losing
  • Learning
  • Letting Go
  • Living
  • Laughing

Laughter and humor are some of God’s gifts to overcome your trials and tribulations. Learn to laugh again with Embracing Life after Loss.

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ISBN-13: 9781642500066
Publisher: Mango Media
Publication date: 03/15/2019
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 522,197
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Allen Klein, aka “Mr. Jollytologist”®, is no stranger to quotation books. His previous uplifting and motivational books in this genre have sold over 400,000 copies. Add to that another 200,000+ units sold domestically in non-quotation categories and the nine language translations. In addition, the author is the recipient of a number of national awards including both the Best New Book of the Year Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, a Communication and Leadership Award from Toastmasters, as well as being a Hunter College, The City University of New York, Hall of Fame honoree. Through his books, workshops and keynote presentations, the author has devoted over 30 years of his life to encouraging people to lighten up, to embrace a positive attitude, and to take back their power. This book will further that goal and validate what comedian Jerry Lewis said about the author: Allen Klein is “a noble and vital force watching over the human condition.”

Dr. Gloria Horsley, MFC, CNS, Ph.D., is the Founder and President of the Open to Hope Foundation, a multimedia web-based resource for the bereaved. Horsley is an internationally known grief expert, psychotherapist, and bereaved parent. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Nurse Specialist. With her daughter, Heidi Horsley, she co-hosts the Open to Hope podcast and cable television show. She has also authored a number of grief-related books and articles as well as being on numerous radio and television shows including “The Today Show”.

Table of Contents

Foreword 18

Dear Reader 20

Opening Diary 22

Step 1 Losing 26

In Shock 28

Why Me? 29

Rising Above Your Loss 31

The Big Picture 32

Triumphing Over Tragedy 34

Endings Are Also Beginnings 36

Death Is Part of Life 37

The Hero's Journey 39

Ask the Horse 40

One Step at a Time 42

Your Unique Grief 43

When You Least Expect Them 45

Setbacks Are Normal 46

You Are Not Alone 47

Pat Yourself on the Back 48

Additional Thoughts on Losing 49

Step 2 Learning 50

The Seasons 53

Inner Strength 54

Take Courage 56

Remembering Those Who Left Us 57

Still Here 58

Twenty-One Grams 60

Larger Than Your Loss 62

Becoming Bigger 63

With a Little Help from Your Friends 64

Connect With Others 66

The Power of Hope 67

The Highest Good 68

What's Empty, Fills 69

Opportunity Knocks 70

Seeds of the Best 71

Living and Losing 72

Finding Meaning in Your Loss 73

Keeping Your Loved One Alive 75

Wake-Up Call 77

Closer to Your Core 78

A New World 79

Embrace Change 80

The Human Spirit 82

Additional Thoughts on Learning 83

Step 3 Letting Go 84

Things Are Different Now 86

Bend Without Breaking 87

This Too Shall Pass 89

Change Is Inevitable 90

Losing and Choosing 92

Forgiving Others 93

Forgiving Yourself 95

Keep On Forgiving 96

Ask Others for Forgiveness 97

Inner Peace 98

Look Within 99

Remember to Breathe 100

Let Go of the Past 101

Rejoice in a Life Lived 102

Trust Your Gut 103

Additional Thoughts On Letting Go 104

Step 4 Living 106

Getting On With Life 108

To Live Again 109

Take Back Your Life 110

It Takes Effort 112

Keep Moving 113

Get Out of the House 115

Do It Anyway 117

Do Something New 119

Life Is Short 120

Life Is a Gift 121

Help Yourself by Helping Others 122

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves 123

Allow Others to Do Something for You 124

Be Thankful 125

Simple Pleasures 125

Half Full or Half Empty? 128

Shine Your Light 129

A Chance to Rise Higher 130

Moving On 131

Yesterday 132

Today 133

Tomorrow 134

Time Heals 135

Look Around 136

Bitter-Sweetness of Life 137

Life Goes On 138

Additional Thoughts on Living 139

Step 5 Laughing 140

Laughter and Tears 143

Appropriate, Timely, and Tasteful 144

How Can You Laugh at a Time like This? 145

Don't Compare 146

Humor Buddies 147

Give It Time 148

Open to Laughter 149

Laughter and Loss 150

To Laugh Again 151

Let It Begin With You 152

Start With a Smile 153

Healing Humor 154

Tension Release 155

Humor and Survival 156

The Power of Humor 157

The Power to Rise Above 158

Softening the Blow 159

Finding Happiness Again 160

Uplifting Words 161

Positive Self-Talk 163

All That Is Left 164

Anesthesia for the Heart 165

God-Given Laughter 166

Just Laugh 167

Humor and Hope 168

Additional Thoughts on Laughing 169

Time for Some Laughs? 170

Closing Diary 174

Moving On 176

Suggested Reading 198

About the Author 200

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“Serendipitously, I was asked to review Allen Klein’s book Embracing Life After Loss directly following my mother’s passing. Reading this book has been a gift to me during this difficult transition. As the sting of loss begins to wane, the words in this wonderful book continue to resonate in my heart and in my healing. This book does the impossible—it turns the dark into something beautiful. This is a moving, provocative book about life, death, and most importantly, perspective.”
-Joseph J. Luciani, author of Self-Coaching: The Powerful Program to Beat Anxiety & Depression

"If life sometimes feels like a bucket full of small dark stones, Allen Klein's insights are like bright pennies waiting to be found. This collection of brief sermons on grief and recovery can help turn fear into forgiveness, wounds into wisdom and losses into laughter."

-Stephen Kiernan, author of Last Rights

“This book is a wonderful companion in your darkest hours. It feels like a warm, nourishing hug from a dear and loving friend. It will soothe your heart and warm your soul. It will help you to find that sacred place within you that is never lost and never changes—your spiritual heart, your soul, which can be gracefully awakened through the mystical, transformational, holy experience of laughter.”

-John E. Welshons, author of When Prayers Aren’t Answered

"Like a dear friend, this beautiful book takes us by the hand and walks us through the stages of loss and recovery. Allen Klein has inspired us all to define ourselves, not by our grief, but by our joy."

-Susan Sparks, Pastor, author of Laugh Your Way to Grace

"This is an easy-to-read, compassionate and useful book for dealing with loss and grief. Allen Klein addresses different aspects of the grieving process, all of which speak to the heart of what it is to deal with and recover from loss. This is a wonderful addition to the current literature on grief, and would make a wonderful condolence gift."

-Judy Tatelbaum, author of The Courage to Grieve

"Raising Lazarus from the dead is less miraculous than raising ourselves from the loss of a loved one. Allen Klein, invoking his decades of experience 'lightening the load of grief' offers an unexpected grace, a slight levitation of the heart, into the healing process." -Stephen Levine, author of A Year to Live

"With great love and humor, Allen Klein shares his wisdom, wisdom which shows us the path to healing the wounds uncovered by our grief, wisdom that he has clearly earned through his own deep practice. He walks the walk. We are all grieving. Allen shows us the way, as Rumi says, to use grief as the garden of compassion."

-Dale Borglum, Executive Director of the Living/Dying Project

"Klein has written a poignant and easily readable guide to the grieving process based on his personal and professional experiences. Grieving people will find some solace and professionals will gain insight from someone who has been on both sides of grieving and helping the bereaved."

-Stephen R. Connor, author of Hospice and Palliative Care: The Essential Guide

"As a hospital chaplain I witnessed the unwelcome burden that grief added to a person’s life. In his book, Allen Klein gives a realistic and sensitive vision that will sustain the hope necessary for grief’s journey."

-E. T. (CY) Eberhart, author of In the Presence of Humor

“Whew…what a book! Allen sings a simple song: embrace life, remember the joy, and find gratitude in knowing you have been loved.”

-Darcie D. Sims, Director, American Grief Academy® and Grief Inc.

"Embracing Life After Loss is a great gift to bereaved individuals. Klein offers sound wisdom, based on experience. He speaks here from the heart...with both humor and compassion."

-Kenneth J. Doka, Consultant, The Hospice Foundation of America

“Allen Klein’s new book, Embracing Life After Loss, is touching, informative and heartwarming. Allen’s ability to find the perfect quotations over the years adds to the lovely journaling in this treasure. A must for anyone and everyone!”

-Ester Leutenberg, co-author of GriefWork; Healing from Loss

"Allen Klein shows his readers how to find the joy and laughter that continues even after the loss of a loved one. Read this book and begin your own transformation from grief to joy."

-Nancy Weil, Director of Bereavement Support, Catholic Cemeteries

"Allen Klein has just written the handbook on how to cope with suffering. This book has all the tools you need to bounce back from loss of any kind."

-Steve Rizzo, author of Becoming A Humor Being

“Allen Klein has such a beautiful perspective! His book is an important, authentic, and liberating look at how we can move through loss with compassion, humor, and peace. If you’re dealing with a loss of any kind, this book will support you in your journey.”

-Mike Robbins, author of Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken

"Allen Klein is a counselor, a philosopher, a theologian. His pain, from losing his young wife, and his healing, from moving beyond her death, are evident in every word he writes. In easy-to-take doses, he offers practical advice on seeing the light in the darkest of times. He shares the secret that survivors — of everything from cancer to the Holocaust—have learned."

-Steve Lipman, author of Laughter in Hell

“There are very few books that everyone can identify with and benefit from. This is one of those books. We’ve all experienced a loss that leaves us dispirited and adrift. Learning to Laugh When You Feel Like Crying: Embracing Life After Loss recognizes that even on hallowed ground, we lose our footing and our bearings. Allen Klein encourages us to find our way and teaches us the five ‘stages of living’ after loss, so that we can not only survive, but thrive, enjoy, and embrace our lives.” ——Alan Gettis, author of It’s All Part of the Dance: Finding Happiness in an Upside Down World

“Klein's lucid writings make compelling connections with psychology, religion, history, philosophy, and good ole' common sense. His personal experiences, clinical examples, and delightful humor is like viewing a trapeze artist who lets go of one rope, and gracefully takes hold of another, without a misstep. This is a penetrating treasure-trove of profound insights and skillfully blended constructed tools.”

-Earl A. Grollman, author of Living When a Loved One Has Died

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