Embracing Love Through Poetry

Embracing Love Through Poetry

by George K. Thompson II


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Yes God loves us : When it comes to any and everything I do, I always believe can do better, the reason for that is because my God loves me, he loved me then, he loves me now, and he will love me in my future. For the fact that God is great, you and I can in no other way, be any different. God's hand of greatness is upon us this very moment. Don't worry, he has our back, today, tomorrow, and forever, so let us put 100% of our faith in him, for any and everything is already done in his name. Now just as I began, I will end with this, YES GOD LOVES US.

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ISBN-13: 9781490749464
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 10/27/2014
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.34(d)

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Embracing Love Through Poetry

By George K. Thompson II

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2014 George K. Thompson II
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-4946-4


Loving Questions

* * *

Are You The One?

* * *

Every time I go to the gym, I see you, beauty at its finest, giving me the energy to produce many more reps, I then ask myself, "Are you the one?"

Will you be the one I call my queen? as you forever gleam, when I bless you with a ring.

I sometimes think you are the one, who will let me love with all I have.

There are some days when I want to ask you out on a date, but like always, I get nervous and let you pass on by, I then believe the day will come when I introduce myself to you, and ask if I may take you to dinner, all the while you think to yourself, "Is he the one?"

When I say hi as I pass you, I am hoping you feel my vibes.

When I am across the room and our eyes meet, it makes me happy because I see the glimmer in your eyes.

As I end my workout and prepare to leave, I hope you are there, so I can look you in your eyes and say, "Good night."

As I exit, I take one last look at you and ask myself, "Are you the one?"

Who's That Girl?

* * *

Who's that girl that I love so much?

Every day and every night I dream of her touch.

Who's that one girl that can make my world's sun, rise and shine all at the same time?

Who's that girl that can make me feel, like no other person can?

I will tell you who she is.

She is my love.

What Is Love?

* * *

Love is, knowing that you are loved, and just as someone is special to you, you are very special to them, resulting in everlasting love.

Love will never lie.

Love will always be truthful.

Love will always be on our minds.

Love will always be there to see how you are doing, and make sure, you had a great day.

Love will be there for you at all times of need.

Love does not eat, sleep, nap, take breaks, or run out of time.

Love works only to do one thing, and that is to bring love to everyone and everything.

The answer to love is caring.

For if you can care you can love.

Is It Love?

* * *

Is it love, that brings you to me or is it destiny?

When I would lay awake at night and think of being with you, I say, "Is it love?"

When the day our feelings meet face to face, will it be love?

I sure hope so.

Is it love, when I think of no one but you?

Is it love, when we care for each other?

Last but not least is it love, to be loved?

What Happens If You Leave?

* * *

What will happen if and when you leave?

Will I be on your mind or even in your heart?

I know that you will forever be in mine.

Will you remember all of the times we spent together?

I know I will.

We might have only gone to dinner and a movie, but I will tell you this, "It felt good having you with me".

I sit and say to myself, "If it is meant to be it will be, but if not, thank you for the attention you have gave to me."

It made me feel loved.

Will I See You Again?

* * *

My heart is torn from my chest, when I think I am missing the very best.

I want you here, so that I will never have to worry about tears.

Having you lay on my chest giving you rest lets me know you are the best.

Time and time again, I think of you and your heart pains and I think of holding you, with love from within.




Could It Be?

* * *

Lord, could it be that what I have yearned for is now starting to surface?

Could it be, that what I want is now, looking me in the face, waiting for me to open, my heart?

Could it be that it will shake me up and make me see, what is real?

Lord could it be?

Could what I feel be real? Or is it my thoughts, my feelings or my emotions?

Could it be my heart?

Lord could it be?

What Becomes Of A Broken Heart?

* * *

Can you tell me what becomes of a broken heart?

I think of all the ways in which, I love you and one question comes to mind, "Should my heart be broken?"

There should never be a time, when you should say, "Do you love me?" that's because you should already know that, I love you with all my heart.

From the first smile, to the last mile, you will be the one, who will never make me frown.

Did You Know?

* * *

Did you know I was on my way?

From that one special day, when I first saw you, the only thing on my mind was, Wow, "Who is that girl?"

Did you know at that time, I cared for you?

Did you know I wanted to be with you and only you?

Who Are You To Judge Me?

* * *

That's the question I ask when I see the negative way, you look at me.

I may not dress up all the time, but my heart is still divine.

You don't pay my bills, put food in my mouth, up lift me, so why do you judge me?

If you've never taken the time to know me, don't judge me.

I can be your best friend, I can lift you up, bring you joy, keep you happy, but you choose to judge me.


I never judged you, I only wanted to trust you, but now I don't think that can be, the reason for that is, you judged me, not knowing I could set you free.


Undying Love

* * *

Why Do You Lie?

* * *

Why do you lie when I'm only here to love you?

Is it that you feel I don't deserve you?

From the first day I saw you, I said to myself, "Let this be true because I'm tired of feeling sad and blue."

From my eyes to your eyes, I do not lie, in likes of making you my bride, and the reason for that is, you are my blue sky.

So I ask myself, "Why would my baby lie?" and I think it's because of the deception in her eye.

You treat your love like the ocean's tide, rising to retreat, rising to retreat, only to rise and retreat.

Deep down inside, this is why I feel my baby lies.

Just A Touch

* * *

Just a touch is what I need when feeling lonely and can't see you.

I laid awake, many nights wishing you were by my side making me feel oh so right.

No one ever touched me the way you do, that's because the love between us is ever so true.

I remember having you lay on your bed, as I then would start rubbing your chin while seeing you grin with peace from within.

As I touch each part of your body, I am storing the feeling in my memory for all eternity.

Your loving touch, your sweet embrace, leaves me wanting to say, "I love you."

Days Of Our Love

* * *

There are many things that I want to say to you, I'll start with I love you, I sit and think of you and remember the time I made you mine all mine, for it will forever be in my mind for eternity.

My heart for you is oh so much, leaving me yearning for your touch, thinking of you reveals to me your beauty.

I look out the window and feel as though you are connected to my soul, faithfully I go to our mountain top to prove our love will never stop.

If you see a bird soaring, know it is me, when you sit under a peaceful tree it is also me and when you see our sunshine on a clear day know in your heart our love is here to stay, forever and a day.

I pray for one more day that I can see your face and say, "You are my grace in every single way."

Many thoughts of mine are waiting in line to tell you, "Yes you are mine."

Now I will rest and wait for the moment I feel you resting on my chest.

Flowing Moments

* * *

Going to Cold Stones and sharing an ice cream cone, shows me how much we've grown.

Exploring a new world with you leaves us jumping for joy.

Enjoying a graceful walk at our mountain top leads us to the Cross reminding us never to stop our spiritual clock.

Making a stop with glee leaves us entering Busy Bee burger shop, oh so happy.

With the two of us having dry throats we nervously drink a chocolate coke and to our surprise it was wonderful.

The greatest moment in time is when I made you mine.

It was divine.

Flying High

* * *

As you fly high in the sky soaring high above the clouds, I am ever so proud of you, that's why I love you.

I love you because you are special.

I love you because you are sweet.

I love you because you love me.

If people look into the sky they will see you and I, soaring as dove through the Heavenly sky with two ribbons tied together as one, uniting the two doves to make, one true love.

A Letter To My Love

* * *

I hope this letter finds you in perfect health.

I want to say, "I love you", I always have and always will.

If I could start over a million times our time together, I would do it in a heartbeat, just to have you here with me, that's been my dream.

I would think to myself sometimes, there is a place where we are free happily raising a family in perfect peace.

Can you tell me how to bring those days back our days of togetherness.

When I see your face I say, "Amazing grace", I want to be with you, forever and a day.

Best Man

* * *

Can I be your best man?

I promise I will do all I can, while holding your hand.

I will gladly count each strand of your hair, just to let you know I am here.

To be the best man I will run in a race, to win the reward of your loving grace.

To be the best man, I need you to let me tie your shoe and cuff your pants, right before we go out to dance.

I will leave you in bed to rest your head and have you wake up to, breakfast in bed.

Last but not least if you are low on energy I will give you me, so that you can be free, for all eternity ...

If We Try

* * *

If we try, you can dry your eyes and keep those tears from falling from your eyes.

If you wonder why I am by your side it's because I want you to be my bride.

Day and night I think of the time when I seemed as if I were blind, I was nervous and didn't see that you were already mine.

Over time you would tell me you wanted to be mine that is when I made up my mind and said, "If we try, our love will be divine."

Missing You

* * *

Since the day you left, I have missed you.

You might say, "Missed what?"

I've missed your smile.

I've missed your beautiful face.

I've missed your laugh.

I've missed your honesty.

I've missed us.

Heaven I Need A Hug

* * *

Heaven, when I sit down and think about what I have gone through, I need a hug.

When my family is not there to say a kind word, when my family is not there to give and show love, when my family is not there!!!

Heaven, I sit at the ocean shore saying, "Heaven I need a hug."

Heaven hear me as I say this, "When all is said and done, I will stand, stand and stand and after that, I will keep standing for what is right."

Heaven I need a hug.


Loves Embrace

* * *

Dancing With The Moon

* * *

She danced in a way that would take your breath away.

The movement of her body spoke clearer than the words used to express passionate love.

To watch her in her element which sustains life through passion is remarkable.

She dare not dance for fame, money nor, status.

She dances in remembrance of the one who came in like the wind and embraced her like no other would ever be able to achieve.

So as long as the night sky shines bright, you will find her at their mountain top gracefully dancing with the moon, as if no one was watching.


* * *

The smile she sends my way leaves me with the feeling of victory.

Her eyes are those of Gods greatest Angel.

The angelic voice that emits from her inner being is that of heavens best singing praises to love, for all eternity.

Her gracious walk captures my eye and I know I cannot afford to miss one single step.

The touch of her hands are amazing as they caress they comfort, stimulate and keep the warmth near and dear.

She's protected from the sun, protected from the wind, that's because she's covered by the wings of an angel and there she is safe, even though some days she steps out from under the wings to breathe, sing, dance and love the life God has given her, because after all we are on this earth To give and receive the greatest gift God has given us, that gift is love.

Love Notes 1

* * *

I cry, locks of love, the path of love, dream a little dream, Sunday nights, Venice beach, talk show, rose exit, Turn Pike exit, cold hands under my shirt, our song, dried roses, your nails, the pillow you love, the ring, Tuesday nights, my babies home, you are just in time, follow me, it's bath time, I'm spending the night, the look of love, time well spent, tonight you rest, I'm cooking for you, keep my heart, Valentine's Day, she really loves me, you are what I need, EMBRACE LOVE, city of joy, spread the joy.

Love Notes 2

* * *

The heart of a Lion, light house, let's run away, a place of our own, Hot spots coffee shop, to endure, peace by the sea, Asian food, speak to me as I sleep, can you feel my vibes?, exploring with you, dinner by candle light, when I touch you, together we are great, never forget, home sweet home, no chest pains when with me, worry no more, your dreamy eyes, people wish to be us, deep within, overlooking the city, who would have thought, finishing my meal, can I go with you?, you know who I am, you took the time to see within me, cleaning out your room, giving up not at all, The Little Mermaid Song, The Song From The Movie Annie.

Sound Proof Room

* * *

Kicking, screaming, beating down the door, but I can't get out.

Someone must hear me because I hear them.

Although I've been here for a long time, I know you love me.

I need you to sing your heart out, because it makes the days go by much easier.

You have tucked me away in that special place in your heart and vowed never to let me go. I must admit I like it here, this is a place of our own so I will stand guard and protect us until that last beat, even that last glance we once gave for the first time.

Heart Felt Dreams

* * *

I was up late last night, exhausting myself just so I could get to that moment my eyes shut and at that very moment I transcend to the land of milk and honey, which is created by dreams.

I find myself inside a living breathing heart with a space of my own, with my one job being to create oxygen through poetry and as the blood enters I use it as ink and write life into it and as it flows out through its pulmonary artery, I know it will not return void.

I once dreamt that the sun, moon, and stars were transformed into a wondrous element and embedded within my very being, leaving me the coolest of all, with the power to shine through the darkest light.

I once dreamt of an angel in the form of true love and told her, "I will find you and I will love you and that is because you are my true, heartfelt dream."

I Know Who I Want to Take Me Home

* * *

Many times you would say to me, "Take me home to a place of our own", and would say, "Yes my love in due time."

That is something I want to do right now, it would make me so proud.

I know who I want to take me home you can find her sitting on her throne making sure the eternity in 203 is stress free.

The love of my life, the woman of my dreams, the one that makes me sing.

The one that reassures her love over the phone is the one I want to take me home.

Moon Lit Sky

* * *

At night I sometimes find myself gazing at the moon lit sky, wondering why I want to cry.

It's because you are not by my side and that puts a damper on my night.

We would walk along the ocean shores, speaking of what we would endure and believe we would find a cure.

The moon lit sky kept twinkles in our eyes and gave us hope that our love would never die.

Between you and I a moon lit sky, keeps love on our minds.

Field Of Love

* * *

Babe, you are the one who knows my heart, thank you for trusting in you and me, thank you for trusting that we can be one beautiful gleam.

There is a field of love, which grows within me, I want to thank you with all my heart for taking the time to dwell within my field of love, you are the one I give its finest fruits, simply because, you are you.

A Phone Call To Me

* * *

The place we loved called me on the phone yesterday and I cried.

Have a seat and I will tell you why, it said to me, "I never saw two people love with so much glee," I then said, "That's because it's ever so true."

It then said, "I often felt like a child in a candy store when I would receive word that the two of you were coming home, that's why I worked overtime to make it peaceful."

I then gave it thanks.

It speaks of how it enjoyed watching us love the way we did.

When we would lay and express feelings, the times when we would shower each other, eat dinner under graceful candle light, babe it speaks of the true love that we have for each other.

It told me it sees it in us and in no one else because they will never compare to us.

You and I will forever be.

Babe, before I got off the phone it told me, "Let her find you, as she lets you find her, and when that time comes, come home to me."


Excerpted from Embracing Love Through Poetry by George K. Thompson II. Copyright © 2014 George K. Thompson II. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Dedication, xi,
Acknowledgements, xiii,
Chapter 1: Loving Questions, 1,
Chapter 2: Undying Love, 13,
Chapter 3: Loves Embrace, 25,
Chapter 4: Heart's desire, 37,
Chapter 5: Hijab, 49,
Chapter 6: Open Mic Dreams, 61,
Chapter 7: What you mean to me, 73,
Chapter 8: Victory, 87,
Chapter 9: Looking out my window, 99,
Chapter 10: Loves determination, 111,
*A message to you*,

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