End of Millennium

End of Millennium

by Manuel Castells



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ISBN-13: 9781557868718
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 02/11/1998
Series: Information Age Series
Pages: 456
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Manuel Castells is Professor of Sociology and of Planning at the University of California, Berkeley, a member of the European Academy, and a member of the European Commission's High Level Expert Group on the Information Society.

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A Time of Change.

Part I: The Crisis of Industrial Statism and the Collapse of the Soviet Union: .

The Extensive Model of Economic Growth and the Limits of Hyperindustrialism.

The Technology Question.

The Abduction of Identity and the Crisis of Soviet Federalism.

The Last Perestroika.

Nationalism, Democracy, and the Disintegration of the Soviet State.

The Scars of History, the Lessons for Theory, the Legacy for Society.

Part II: The Rise of the Fourth World: Informational Capitalism, Poverty, and Social Exclusion:.

Toward a Polarized World?.

A Global Overview.

The De-humanization of Africa.

The New American Dilemma: Inequality, Urban Poverty, and Social Exclusion in the Information Age.

Globalization, Over-exploitation, and Social Exclusion: the View from the Children.

Conclusion: the Black Holes of Informational Capitalism.

Part III: The Perverse Connection: the Global Criminal Economy:.

Organizational Globalization of Crime, Cultural Identification of Criminals.

The Pillage of Russia.

Narcotrafico, Development, and Dependency in Latin America.

The Impact of Global Crime on Economy, Politics, and Culture.

Part IV: Development and Crisis in the Asian Pacific: Globalization and the State:.

The Changing Fortunes of the Asian Pacific. Heisei's Japan: Developmental State versus Information Society. Beheading the Dragon?.

Four Asian Tigers with a Dragon Head, and their Civil Societies.

Chinese Developmental Nationalism with Socialist Characteristics.

Conclusion: Globalization and the State.

Part V: The Unification of Europe: Globalization, Identity, and the Network State:.

European Unification as a Sequence of Defensive Reactions: a Half-century Perspective.

Globalization and the European Integration.

Cultural Identity and European Unification.

The Institutionalization of Europe: the Network State. European Identity or European Project?.

Conclusion: Making Sense of our World. Genesis of a New World.

A New Society.

The New Avenues of Social Change.

Beyond this Millennium.

What is to be Done?.


Summary of Contents of Volumes I and II.



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