Engaging Musical Practices: A Sourcebook for Instrumental Music

Engaging Musical Practices: A Sourcebook for Instrumental Music


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Engaging Musical Practices: A Sourcebook for Instrumental Music is a long awaited compilation of best practices for instrumental music education. This unique book contains practical and pedagogically oriented chapters written by leaders in the field of instrumental music education. Designed for instrumental music teachers or for use in instrumental methods courses, the book covers a wide range of topics, such as: student readiness for instrumental music beginning an instrumental music program teaching instrumental music at the intermediate and advanced levels working with strings and orchestras motivating students incorporating improvisation into the curriculum selecting repertoire based on curricular goals engaging students in assessment marching band pedagogy and techniques integrating technology considering traditional instrumental music practice becoming an instrumental music teacher communicating effectively with stakeholders Contributions by James Ancona and Heidi Sarver, Kimberly Ackney and Colleen Conway, Christopher Azzara, William Bauer and Rick Dammers, Brian Bersh, Suzanne Burton

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ISBN-13: 9781475804324
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 02/12/2015
Pages: 308
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Suzanne L. Burton is professor of music education, director of graduate studies, and coordinator of music education at the University of Delaware. Her pedagogical and research interests focus on musical development, partnerships and collaborations, professional development of music teachers, and the role of technology in music education.

Alden H. Snell, II is assistant professor of instrumental music education at the University of Delaware. Dr. Snell has experience teaching instrumental music to students of all ages, with research interests in generative creativity, professional development for music teachers, and teacher musicianship.

Table of Contents

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Part I: Getting Started
1. Shaping Readiness for Instrumental Music
Suzanne L. Burton and Rick D. Townsend

2. Beginning Instrumental Music Instruction with the End in Mind
Richard F. Grunow

Part II: Working with Ensembles

3. Focusing on Musicianship in Beginning Band or Orchestra
Colleen Conway and Kimberly Lansinger Ankney

4. Engaging Practices in Strings and Orchestra
Robert D. Gardner

5. Engaging Instrumentalists in Intermediate-Level Ensembles
Michael P. Hewitt and Bret P. Smith

6. Developing Advanced Ensemble Musicianship: Consistency Counts!
Chad R. Nicholson

7. The Modern Marching Band: Where Do You Start?
Heidi I. Sarver and James P. Ancona

Part III: Teaching and Learning

8. Ideals for Instrumental Music Making
Patricia Shehan Campbell and Lee Higgins

9. Teaching Everybody Everything
Alden H. Snell II

10. Improvisation and Composition: Developing Musicianship in Instrumental Music
Christopher D. Azzara

11. Engaging Students in Instrumental Music Assessment
David A. Stringham

12. Instrumental Music Learning and Technology
William I. Bauer and Richard J. Dammers

13. My Music and School Music: Informal and Formal Music Making
Dan Isbell

Part IV: Skills for Success
14. Nuts and Bolts: Practical Advice for Instrumental Music Teachers
Nathan B. Kruse

15. Support and Diplomacy: Transforming Instrumental Music through Effective Communication
Brian D. Bersh

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