Enlightened Vagabond: The Life and Teachings of Patrul Rinpoche

Enlightened Vagabond: The Life and Teachings of Patrul Rinpoche


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Colorful stories about and profound teachings of Patrul Rinpoche, one of the most impactful teachers and thinkers in the Tibetan tradition from the nineteenth century.

The life and teachings of the wandering yogi Patrul Rinpoche—a highly revered Buddhist master and scholar of nineteenth-century Tibet—come alive in true stories gathered and translated by the French Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard over more than thirty years, based on the oral accounts of great contemporary teachers as well as written sources. Patrul’s life story reveals the nature of a highly realized being as he transmits the Dharma in everything he does, teaching both simple nomads and great lamas in ways that are often unconventional and even humorous, but always with uncompromising authenticity.

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ISBN-13: 9781611803303
Publisher: Shambhala
Publication date: 07/18/2017
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 589,297
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

MATTHIEU RICARD was born in France in 1946 to French philosopher Jean-François Revel and artist Yahne Le Toumelin. He is a Buddhist monk, translator, photographer, and author of several books including HappinessAltruism, and coauthor of The Monk and the Philosopher. He first visited India in 1967 where he met great spiritual masters from Tibet. After completing his PhD in cell genetics in 1972, he moved to the Himalayan region where he has been living for the past 40 years. PATRUL RINPOCHE, Orgyen Jigme Chökyi Wangpo (1808-1887), was a wandering renunciant who became one of the most revered spiritual teachers and authors in Tibetan history. Memory of his life-example is still very much alive today, offering an ever-fresh source of inspiration for practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations xv

Foreword His Holiness the Dalai Lama xvii

Foreword Alak Zenkar Rinpoche xix

Foreword Jigme Khyentse Rinpoche xxi

Preface xxiii

Introduction xxxv

Beginnings 1

The Palge Lineage 2

Infant Patrul 4

Patrul's Root Guru 4

Little Monk 6

Patrul Takes On a Powerful Adversary 8

The Palge Tulku Goes His Own Way 8

Patrul the Scholar 11

Do Khyentse Takes Patrul by Surprise 12

» A Piece of Advice 14

Patrul Tries to Offer Prostrations 15

Patrul's Teacher Demonstrates Clairvoyance 15

Patrul Lectures Himself on His Practice 16

Patrul Receives a Special Transmission 16

The Boulder Reminder 17

Patrul and the Paramita of Patience 17

» Drive Them Off with Stones 18

Patrul and the Prescient Monk 24

Flowers Magically Appear 24

A Robber Sets His Sights on an Offering of Silver 25

Patrul on Having Things 26

Patrul Practices in a Haunted Charnel Ground 27

A Meeting of Two Minds 27

"You've Ruined It!" 27

Patrul's Gift of Tea 28

The Haunted Fortress 29

Jigme Gyalwai Nyugu and the Harmful Spirit 30

Patrul and the Three Dargye Monks 30

Patrul Mentions His Past Lives 31

Lungtok Meets His Root Master 32

An Insight into Patrul's Mind 33

» The Crucial Points of Practice 33

Patrul's Offering to the Horseflies 36

Patrul Finds His Limit 37

Developing Empathy, Understanding Emptiness 37

Lungtok's Dream 38

Patrul Introduces Lungtok to the Nature of Mind 39

Lungtok Learns Backward 40

Lungtok Practices in the Glacier Wilderness 41

The Great Master Patrul 42

A Monk Makes a Full Confession 43

Patrul Waits in Line to Receive a Blessing 44

Patrul Paints Some Tormas 45

Patrul Passes Dargye Monastery Again 47

Patrul and the Widow 48

Patrul's Teachings Inspire All Beings 50

Patrul Acts as a Servant 50

Patrul Takes Tea with a Little Girl 52

Patrul and the Tossed Louse 52

Just Sitting on His Bed 53

A Tulku Has a Change of Name 54

Patrul Tries to Meet Shabkar 54

The Land of the Insect-Eaters 55

Parrul Meets an Exemplary Monk 56

Patrul's Dedication to Practice 57

Patrul Pacifies a Blood Feud 58

Patrul Practices in the Ari Forest Wilderness 60

Patrul and the Venue of Vultures 62

Patrul Practices Tummo in a Blizzard 62

Lungtok's Mother 63

Patrul Gives Teachings in the Forest 64

Far-Reaching Effects of Patrul's Teachings 66

Lungtok and the Bandit Chief 66

Do Khyentse's Hospitality 67

The Gift From Lungtok's Mother 69

"That's It!" 70

Adzom Drukpa's Dilemma 71

Patrul Is Asked to Bestow Special Teachings 72

Visible Effects of Yoga 73

Animate and Inanimate Dances 74

Patrul Laughs Over an Old Man's Corpse 74

Nine Brothers Delight Patrul 76

Patrul Reads Terton Sogyal's Mind 76

Patrul's Miraculous Recovery 77

Patrul and Chokgyur Lingpa 77

Patrul Expresses Confidence in Chokgyur Lingpa 78

Patrul's Pointing-Out Instruction for an Old Nomad 79

» On the Nature of Mind 80

An Offering of Silver 82

Patrul and Chokgyur Lingpa's Yellow Parchment 82

Another Offering of Silver 83

» One Taste 84

Karmai Khenpo Rinchen Dargye Requests Teachings 86

Patrul Receives Teachings from an Old Lama 88

Patrul Is Taught His Own Teachings 89

Patrul Asks the Great Kathok Situ for a Favor 92

The Key to Practice 93

» Advice for Garwang from the Eastern Gorges of Gyalmo Rong 94

Patrul Receives Teachings from the Mahasiddha of Trom 96

Chöying Rangdröl Demonstrates Higher Perception 98

Gyalwa Changchup's Prediction 99

Seeking an Audience with a Very Important Lama 99

Seeking an Audience with Another Very Important Lama 101

Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo Countermands Patrul's Advice 101

Patrul and Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo 103

Patrul Is Upset and Disappears 104

Patrul and Lama Mipham 105

Patrul in Awe 105

Estimations and Rankings 106

Among You Three Great Masters 106

Patrul Leaves Dzogchen Monastery 107

» Advice to Myself 108

Patrul's Pain 112

Patrul Teaches Khenpo Yönten Gyatso 113

Patrul Judges a Great Debate 114

Advice for Alak Do-ngak 115

Two of a Kind 116

Patrul Goes Begging for Food 116

Lungtok Leaves His Lama 117

How Patrul Taught at the Willow Hermitage 118

» Longing for Solitudes 119

Patrul Receives an Extraordinary Guest 120

Patrul Meets Two Murderers 121

Patrul Teaches the Great Perfection at Trama Lung 123

Food for a Day Is Plenty 124

Patrul Is Distraught 124

Patrul and the Learned Geshe 125

The Quick-Thinking Lama 126

The Lotus-Grove Play 127

Patrul Is Tricked by a Nomad Family 130

Patrul Is Tricked by Another Nomad Family 132

Patrul's Patrician Manners 132

Patrul's Rude Manners 133

Some Love Him, Some Fear Him 134

Patrul's Respect for the Natural Course of the Elements 134

» Words of Warning 135

Patrul Gives Away a Fine Mandala 140

Beggars and Mani-Stone Carvers 141

Patrul Begs for More Beggars 142

Patrul Accepts What He Is Given 143

Patrul Practices Yoga 145

Patrul Travels in an Unusual Way 146

Patrul Receives Lo-nga Tulku 146

Lo-nga Tulku and Patrul's Carpet 147

Meeting the 3rd Dodrupchen 147

Meeting with a Yogi 148

First Teaching of the 3rd Dodrupchen 148

Second Visit of the 3rd Dodrupchen 150

Patrul's Encampment 150

Wangchok Dorje's Renunciation 151

The Return of Wangchok Dorje 153

Khenchen Tashi Özer Tries to See Patrul 154

Khenpo Könchog Drönme Tries to See Patrul 156

Trama Tulku Receives Instructions 156

Patrul's Last Great Public Ganachakra 157

Last Days and Hours 158

After Patrul's Death 159

Patrul's Unique Qualities 161

» Calling the Lama from Afar: A Song of Devotion and Yearning 167

Biographical Notes: Influential Figures, Masters, and Disciples 175

Adzom Drukpa 176

Alak Do-ngak Gyatso 177

Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa 178

Chöying Rangdröl 179

Do Khyentse Yeshe Dorje 180

Dola Jigme Kalzang 183

Gyalse Shenphen Thaye 184

Gyurme Pema Namgyal, 3rd Shechen Gyaltsap 185

Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Thaye 186

Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo 189

Jigme Gyalwai Nyugu 192

Jigme Lingpa 194

Jigme Ngotsar Gyatso 195

Jigme Phuntsok Jungne, 2nd Dodrupchen 196

Jigme Tenpai Nyima, 3rd Dodrupchen 197

Jigme Trinley Özer, 1st Dodrupchen 198

Karmai Khenpo Rinchen Dargye 200

Kathok Situ (2nd), Chökyi Lodrö Orgyen Tenpa Namgyal 200

Khenchen Tashi Özer 201

Khenpo Kunzang Palden (Khenpo Kunpel) 202

Khenpo Pema Dorje 203

Khenpo Shenphen Chökyi Nangwa (Khenpo Shenga) 204

Khenpo Yönten Gyatso (Khenpo Yonga) 205

Lama Mipham Rinpoche 205

Longchen Rabjam (Longchenpa) 208

Mingyur Namkhai Dorje 213

Minyak Kunzang Sönam 214

Nyoshul Lungtok Tenpai Nyima 215

Önpo Orgyen Tendzin Norbu (Önpo Tenga) 215

Pema Dechen Zangpo, 3rd Mura Tulku 218

Rogza Sönam Palge 219

Shabkar Tsogdruk Rangdröl 220

Shechen Öntrul Gyurme Thuthop Namgyal 222

Notes 223

Glossary 247

Sources 255

About the Contributors 255

Sources for Stories 259

Sources for Biographical Notes 265

Written Sources 268

Acknowledgments 271

Index 277

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