Ethics in Direct Sales: The Rising of a Gold Standard 3.0 Life!

Ethics in Direct Sales: The Rising of a Gold Standard 3.0 Life!

by Kevin D. McNabb


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The Rising of a Gold Standard 3.0 Life!

Author KEVIN MCNABB demonstrates to you exactly how the Golden Rule operates globally, and precisely how, especially in Direct Selling, it delivers remarkable rewards.

Ethics in Direct Sales presents:

Tales provided from the profession of Direct Selling that underscore exactly how gifted leaders invoked this classic guideline.

Good examples of challenging Direct Selling business decisions and the best way the Golden Rule is applicable to each and every scenario.

The five most widespread factors men and women in the Direct Selling Profession compromise their own ethics.

Case histories that confirm that the Golden Rule develops well-being, raises production, promotes down line teamwork, significantly increases down line retention, and helps to keep customers returning time after time.

This stimulating book superbly illustrates exactly howcarrying out the right thing promotes a successful scenario for all Direct Selling Professionals, together with beneficial outcomes for down line, customers, family, as well as your own positive mindset.

"The word "Integrity" is used a lot in Direct Selling. It is used so much and with such ease that it has become a word as a matter expedience instead of true relevance...very few people in Direct Selling can handle the spotlight...where it matters the most. Even fewer can handle it in the dark or behind closed doors where the public can't see. However, it is in the dark when no one is looking that "Integrity" matters most. This is outstanding!"

- Keeper Catran-Whitney, Owner, DirectSellingLive.comand

"Ethics in Direct Sales is a life-changing book: a powerful wide open invitation to completely transform your own heart and mind. Enlightening and significant."

- Steve Warshaw, Pocatello, Idaho

"Discover a number of life's most significant lesson's by pursuing the guidelines masterfully delivered in this powerful book. You will then be prepared to experience the great invitation waiting for you at the book's end."

- Louise Cadillac-Smythe, Tempe, Arizona

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ISBN-13: 9781492357049
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/01/2013
Pages: 214
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.45(d)

About the Author

Kevin McNabb is the Founder of Kevin McNabb International, Creator of The Responsible Direct Seller Series™, and Author of Ethics in Direct Sales.

Kevin is a 29 year veteran (began September 1985) of the Direct Selling Profession and he helps direct sales professionals (MLM, Network Marketing, Party Plan) recruit more distributors, generate more leads and develop into top earners in their company by incorporating a personal development strategy into their lives and business, so that they are personally positioned to help themselves and others become financially independent.

Kevin McNabb is one of the most in-demand speakers on ethics, peak performance, and responsible marketing in North America. Kevin over the past 29 years has shared the stage with Kim & Robert Kiyosaki, John C. Maxwell, Robert Rohm, Lisa Nichols, Paul Zane Pilzer, Bruce Wilkerson, Chris Widener, Andy Stanley, Dexter & Birdie Yager, Rich & Doug Devos, Jay & Steve Van Andel, Burke Hedges, Ron Ball, Brad & Kim DeHaven, Scott & MJ Michael, Ron & Toby Hale, Joe & Marybeth Markiewicz, Bill & Janice Kerr, Lennon Ledbetter, Grace and Nicki Keohohou, , Frank & Joan Mazzeo, Mark Hughes, Randy & Valorie Haugen, Jim & Sherry Reed, Bill Childers, Tim Foley, George & Ruth Halsey, Jerry & Cherry Meadows, Ron & Georgia Lee Puryear, Jody & Kathy Victor, Rick & Sue Lynn Setzer and more.

Kevin McNabb - Definition of Success

"Success to me is having the people in my life that know me the best (family friends, colleagues, customers, etc.), love and respects me the most. During that journey I will know my purpose in life; I will grow and reach my maximum potential, and continually sowing seeds that benefit others. "- Kevin McNabb

"Kevin McNabb is an incredible person. His follow through, communication skills, writing abilities, and experience give him a leading edge. He is someone that you can count on to tell you the truth and is a person of high integrity. I am proud to call Kevin my friend and consider him a blessing."- Grace Keohohou, Co-Founder, Direct Selling Women's Alliance

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