Ethnic Matching: Academic Success of Students of Color

Ethnic Matching: Academic Success of Students of Color

by Donald Easton-Brooks


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Ethnic Matching: Academic Success of Students of Color is an in-depth exploration on the impact of ethnic matching in education, the paring of students of color with teachers of the same race. Research shows that this method has a positive and long-term impact on the academic experience of students of color. This book explores what makes this phenomenon relevant in today’s classrooms. Through interviewing quality teachers of color, this book sheds a light on the impact these teachers make on the academic experience of students of color. This approach is meant to provide all teachers valuable insight into techniques for engaging with diverse learners. Also, from these conversations, the book shows how the intentionality of culturally responsive practice can enhance the academic experience of students of color. Topics such as the challenges of recruiting and retaining quality teachers of color, as well as the valuable work being done on the local, state, and national level to promote diversifying the field of education as a way to provide equitable education for all students is also explored in this book.

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ISBN-13: 9781475839661
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 03/13/2019
Pages: 154
Sales rank: 779,520
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About the Author

Donald Easton-Brooks is a educational advocate, leader, scholar, and researcher whose aim is to promote, create, and engage in educational practices that focuses of equitable educational opprotunies for all students.

Table of Contents

Forward: “Ethnic Matching:” Intriguing Idea, Challenging Practice
Geneva L. Gay
Where Do We Start?
Chapter 1: Framework of the Book
Population Change in the U.S.
Demography Shift in U.S. Public Schools
Schools Are More than Black, White, and Latinx
Systems, Challenges, and Solutions
Chapter 2: Ethnic Matching As a Concept
Developing Perspective Knowledge
The Impact of Perceptive Knowledge
Perceptive Discrimination
Perceptive Expectations
Expectation Combined With Race and Ethnicity
Explicit Expectations
Implicit Expectations
Situational Expectations
Expectations and Ethnic-Matching
Chapter 3: Ethnic Matching In PK-12 Education
Impacts of Ethnic Matching in P-12
Response to Diversifying Teacher Education
Chapter 4: What Can We Learn From Ethnic Matching?
Let’s Start the Conversation
Build Positive Relationships with Students and Community
Self-Reflection and Honesty with Self
Cultural Responsive Lessons and Student Behaviors
Empathy with the Challenges Students Face
Be Patient and Resilient
Patient Teaching through a Culturally Responsive Lens
Resilient Teaching
Advocate for Justice and Believe in Students
Chapter 5: Practical Insight into the Impact of Teachers of Color on Students of Color
Intentional Approach to Teaching Students of Color
Oblivious Teachers
Irresponsible Teacher
Conscious Teachers
Activist Teachers
Responsive Teacher
Cultural Response to Knowledge
Chapter 6: Challenges In Diversifying Teacher Education: Creating a More Culturally Responsive Educator Workforce
Communities: Students of Color Populations
A Missing Conversation
Teachers of Color
The Other Side of Teachers of Color
Local and State Challenges in Diversifying Teacher Education
Teacher Preparation Programs
Chapter 7: Systematic Strategies For Developing A More Diverse And Culturally Responsive Workforce
Policies and Diversifying Teacher Education
School Leaders and Diverse Schooling
Grow Your Own Programs
Retention of Teachers of Color
About the Author

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