Everything We Keep: A Novel

Everything We Keep: A Novel

by Kerry Lonsdale


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ISBN-13: 9781503935310
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 08/01/2016
Pages: 296
Sales rank: 76,920
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Kerry Lonsdale believes life is more exciting with twists and turns, which may be why she enjoys dropping her characters into unexpected scenarios and foreign settings. She graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and is a founder of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, an online community of authors located across the globe. She resides in Northern California with her husband, two children, and an aging golden retriever who’s convinced she’s still a puppy. Everything We Keep is Kerry’s first novel. Connect with her at www.kerrylonsdale.com.

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Everything We Keep: A Novel 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
runnergirl83 9 days ago
On what is meant to be the day of her wedding, Aimee is instead attending the funeral of her fiance. James was in a boating accident and vanished. Aimee tries to move on and works on opening a new restaurant. A psychic tells Aimee that James is still alive. She doesn't believe her, but soon she finds pictures that look as if James has painted them. Why are there paintings in the middle of Mexico that look exactly like James work? I liked this one. I was curious as to if James was alive or not. And if he was, why had he disappeared on his fiance. Looks like this is the first in a trilogy, I put the next one in the series on my to-read list. I can't wait to see what happens next!
LGHudson More than 1 year ago
SUPER INTENSE! Everything We Give, Book 3 in the Everything Series is super intense! This book may be read as a stand-alone but it really needs to be read in chronological order as part of the series to fully understand its significance its significance. This is Ian’s story and what a story it is! Lonsdale takes you on a journey starting with his childhood to the present and her vivid descriptions have you feeling as though you are a silent witness to it all. It isn’t an easy story but it certainly is the one that puts the entire series in perspective. When you read the last sentence, you will find yourself sitting and reflecting a few moments on this whole journey. It’s one of those “WOW!” moments! This story is overrun with such deep, emotional meaning that it will leave you thinking about your own family and relationships and how much we often take our normal lives for granted. I was provided an ARC of this book by the author. The opinions expressed here are completely my own and without influence. I have preordered a copy of this book for my own personal collection.
Tracey_L More than 1 year ago
This was a good read, very engaging with a twist I didn't figure out right away. I'd say it falls squarely in the category of a solid beach read. I did have some issues with a couple of the characters, but it didn't entirely get in the way of enjoying the book. I look forward to reading the next one out to see how the story progresses. Definitely an excellent job for a debut. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Candace-LoveyDoveyBooks More than 1 year ago
I was a little cautious going into Everything We Keep because I wasn't too keen on the first novel I read from Kerry Lonsdale, All the Breaking Waves. Thankfully, her debut novel has all the fire and suspense I felt was lacking in her second novel. It's the kind of heartbreaking read fans of Emily Colin's The Dream Keeper's Daughter and Kristin Higgins' On Second Thought will love. The story immediately thrusts readers into Aimee Tierney's grief filled day when instead of saying, "I Do," to her childhood sweetheart, she watches as he's lowered into the ground. James and Aimee seemed to have been made for each other, but the trials of life ended their forever before it truly began. Or did it? A mysterious woman claims that James is still alive. While her friends and family pressure her to move on and figure out who she is without James, she can't leave those words, or James behind. Everything We Keep follows Aimee as she learns to be her own woman while searching for closure. Kerry Lonsdale allows readers to emotionally connect with her characters as their secrets are laid out for all to see. Everyone has something that drives them and adds to the story's layers. What's even better about this story is the continuation of these characters' lives unfolding in the sequel. After the bittersweet conclusion of Everything We Keep, Everything We Lost is loudly calling my name! *ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*
Darcy714 More than 1 year ago
On the day that Aimee is supposed to be celebrating her wedding to James, the love of her life, a turn of fate results in her burying him instead. Wrecked with grief as she had known James for most of her life, Aimee is stunned when a mysterious woman approaches her, hands her a business card and tells her James isn’t dead. As the months pass, Aimee investigates the woman in bits and pieces but while she holds onto a small shred of hope that James is alive, her friends are convinced the woman is a con artist. As Aimee strives to move on with her life and the possibility of love again, she is haunted by the nagging feeling that the woman may be right. Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale is a masterfully written novel that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat till the very end. A page turning, plot twisting enjoyable read with believable dialogue, steamy romance and a mystery that unfolds a little each chapter. An intensely addicting beach read with the sequel out now for those dying to follow up on the cliff hanger ending. Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book on Netgalley in anticipation of the release of its sequel Everything We Left Behind and in exchange for an honest review.
Fredreeca2001 More than 1 year ago
Aimee’s future just came to a halt. Instead of getting married she is attending the funeral of her fiancé, on the same day she is supposed to get married. But, as she is leaving the funeral, someone tells her that James is still alive. Who would do this to her? And why?? Aimee was a bit of a struggle for me. I did not have the expected connection with her. She was more of a blah character. She also did not act the way many people would have in her situation. Aimee has been told by a psychic her fiancé is alive. She receives several major hints and clues. But, she waits 17 months to try and search for James. I understand it is a psychic which tells her about James. But she receives several great clues but does not pursue. It is not really clear in the book why she waits so long. I know it sounds like I did not like this story. Oh….but I did!! This is only a minor set back in this tale. There are still many great qualities to this book. I was completely caught up in the mystery of James’ disappearance and kudos to the author for several unexpected plot twists and turns. This really kept me reading and enjoying till the very last page! And guess what!! There is another book in this series!! To be continued…… I received this book from Netgalley for a honest review.
Jolie More than 1 year ago
This is another book that I really don’t know how to write the review for it. While I didn’t love Everything We Keep, I didn’t hate it either. I hate it when I really have no feelings for books that I review. It makes writing the review so hard but I will give it my best shot here. I did enjoy reading Everything We Keep. I thought that while the plot line was unoriginal, it did keep your attention to the story with James death/disappearance. Also, Aimee’s storyline did keep my attention but not in a good way. Aimee was a mess the first couple of chapters in the book, which is understandable. The love of her life was gone and he was buried on what was going to be her wedding day. It had of been horrible. But, as other people slowly accepted that James was gone, Aimee didn’t. Instead, with the prodding of a psychic investigator who showed up at the weirdest times, she became obsessed with finding James. I just couldn’t like Aimee or feel bad for her after a certain point in the book. I get that a very bad thing happened to her but that is life (and yes, I sound harsh but I have been there, done that). But, I did admire her tenacity in finding James and guess what, I really thought the same way her friends did. She needed to get over him. I mean, she caught the eye of Ian, who was a saint in my eyes, and she kept on insisting to him and everyone else that James was alive. If I was Ian, I would have dropped her like a hot potato. But, he stuck around. Love does funny things. Now, I kinda figured out Mexico before it was revealed in the book. Didn’t take away anything from me and it did give Aimee closure. I just wish that it was done sooner, way sooner. Because the book was kind of drawn out. The end of the book was pretty typical and I loved that there was a chapter from Everything We Left Behind included. I can’t wait to read James’s story!! **I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it**
IrishEyes430 More than 1 year ago
It should have been a happy day for Aimee. But instead of celebrating her wedding with her childhood sweetheart James, she is attending his funeral. He had been lost at sea and presumed dead. With her whole world shattered, Aimee has to learn to live without the love of her life. She is determined to solve the mystery of his death. This fascinating novel had me reading it straight through. With so many twists and turns I had to keep reading until the end. Once you think you have everything figured out, there is another twist and then you have to keep going. I highly recommend this book!
Ratgirl24 More than 1 year ago
“On our wedding day, my fiancé, James, arrived at the church in a casket.” What an opening… I was hooked! Instead of walking down the aisle in her wedding gown, Aimee is sitting in the same church, looking at the same flowers attending her fiancé’s funeral. There would be no wedding or children. They would not open a new art gallery or new restaurant together; all their hopes and dreams as a couple would be buried that afternoon. Just two months prior, Aimee’s fiancé James disappeared while on a business trip in Mexico. He simply went missing during a fishing trip… simply falling off the boat when other’s backs were turned. Outside the church, Aimee is approached by a physic who tells her “I have information about James’ accident”... “James is alive.” Aimee ignores her, but she keeps turning up in expected places dropping clues along the way. Sometimes she hears his voice, “Let’s get out of here” and she feels like James is still with her. She was not allowed to view the body as it had been in the water for weeks. Is she losing it or was James’ death not a mere accident. Is he even dead? “Everything We Keep” by Kerry Lonsdale is Aimee’s search for the answer to James’ death. Well written and intriguing it kept me interested till the end. A few bits that were not hard to figure out, but a great read nonetheless. Great ending and an excellent debut novel. The sequel, “Everything We Left Behind”, comes out tomorrow, July 4, 2017! Can’t wait to see how the story ends! Release/Publication Date: August 1, 2016 Genre: Romance, suspense Cover: Great. Source: I received this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review. Thank you for the opportunity to read this great book! Rating: 4 stars
KimMc More than 1 year ago
Holy Smokes! The first thought in my head as I put this book down for good. What a ride! "On our wedding day, my fiance, James, arrived at the church in a casket." What a way to begin a love story, and what a love story! Aimee and James have been together since childhood, and now he's dead; or is he? Something fishy is definitely going on- his strange family and unanswered questions leave a lot of room for doubt, even as Aimee is trying to get on with her life. Simply asked, if you lost someone you loved, how far would you go to get them back? Simple, yet, maybe you really don't want to know. The twists are apparent, until the u- turn in this story, and wow, what a doozy. Lonsdale reels you in and doesn't let go, her characters are multifaceted and the suspense and mystery of the plot's situation is riveting. You must read this book! *I received an arc from the publisher through NetGalley for an honest review
MerryWifeofWindsor More than 1 year ago
Aimee Tierney had it all: she was going to marry her handsome childhood sweetheart, they were going to start a life together, and live happily ever after. Or so she thought! Her life is changed forever the day she learns her beloved fiancé James has died in a mysterious boating accident while on a business trip in Mexico. To add insult to injury, she is forced to attend her fiancé's funeral on the same day and in the same church they were supposed to be married. It's like her worst nightmare has materialized. She attends the funeral alongside James's family members, her parents, and two of her closest friends. As she is walking out of the church, a strange woman who calls herself Lacy approaches her and utters three of the most troublesome words imaginable, "James is alive." Offering Aimee her card, Lacy disappears just as quickly and mysteriously as she appeared. In a surprising gesture, Thomas Donato, brother of her deceased fiancé, gives Aimee a check for $277,000. He doesn't say much by way of explanation and excuses himself. The next day, Aimee learns that her parents who have been running the Old Irish Goat, a pub for years, are finally retiring from the business. Aimee is shocked and dismayed at the unexpected revelation as she has been working there for years. Her first thought is to purchase the Old Irish Goat but it soon dawns on her that she can open up the cafe that she's been dreaming about for a long time. Kerry Lonsdale's Everything We Keep is a delicious synthesis of different genres: romance, mystery, adventure, drama, comedy, and thriller. Not only is it well-written with a cast of delightful characters, it is a satisfyingly human story. I felt for Aimee when it was difficult for her to pick up the shards of her shattered life and move on. I confess there were lulls when the story seemed to be slow but then there were times when I was on the edge of my seat. The different characters such as her friends (Nadia and Kristen), James's mysterious and sometimes troublesome family members (such as his creepy cousin, Phil), and the heartthrob photographer Ian really kept things interesting. The ending had an amazing twist that really made me enjoy the book all the more. Without a doubt, I give this book five Stars! If thrillers are something that you enjoy, read this book because you won't be disappointed!! **Reviewed by the Merry Wife of Windsor.**
Brittany_Ptrs More than 1 year ago
Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale is a contemporary romance mystery all bundled into one poignant book. Her novel is a thoughtful exploration into relationships, the human psyche, hope, and dealing with loss. Lonsdale takes readers on a tumultuous trip through a young woman’s life over the course of a few years. It begins with a funeral on what was supposed to be Aimee’s wedding day, and ends with a terrifying awakening that readers cannot possibly see coming from the start of the story. While I felt the first few chapters were slow paced and at times underdeveloped, I fell in love with the characters and found myself torn between the men in Aimee’s life. I found myself rooting for her, crying for her, and questioning her as though she had become my best friend. While the ending pained me and ripped my breath away, I also found it completely satisfying. It makes me wonder…does Lonsdale have more words to weave about these characters?? I recommend this novel for readers that love a good romantic nail bitter that isn’t gruesome and gritty. This would make a great novel to read while relaxing on vacation!
KrittersRamblings More than 1 year ago
Check out the full review at Kritters Ramblings Aimee was headed down a path that she had been building since her childhood - a great guy, a plan to own a restaurant, the house and everything. Right before she is about to walk down the aisle her fiancee heads out on a work trip and never returns. Aimee must bury her husband instead of marry him. BUT she internally feels like he is still alive and keeps getting hints that he could be, so she must go and find the truth and make decisions with that truth in hand. Usually I like my books to be really realistic, not a fantasy reader here! But for some reason when I read this book, I easily suspended my need for reality and just got swept up in Aimee's story and need to find the truth. I didn't fall on the fence of wanting him alive or not, but I did want Aimee to be able to accept the truth and live with whatever that truth was. I loved her as a character and I think that helped me go on this journey with her with reckless abandonment!
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book until the epilogue. Then I wanted to throw the book - not because of anything wrong - I know it was just a personal preference - but OH MY GOD it made me so mad. Now, this could be seen as a good sign. It takes a lot for me to have that type of reaction to a book. I was so drawn into the characters and their lives that I felt like they were my friends. Good thing!! I learned a lot about memory and what it can and can't do. It's quite fascinating, and from my simple research partner (Google) the author did a great job of portraying the circumstances. As Aimee comes to grips with what has happened to her fiance, we learn right along with her, and it was a great way of relaying information without doing just a big info dump on me. Everything We Keep is an incredible emotional ride. I felt everything in the spectrum right along with Aimee and even James (the little bit we get to see). Right before the end, I was frustrated with life, but satisfied with the way Aimee had reacted and sorted things. Then the last two page....and the almost throwing. I want to say those pages ruined the book for me, until I tried to explain it all to someone. Their comment, "If it touched you so deeply, then it was a good book." And they were right. This was a book that was beyond amazing and engaging. But if you read it, be prepared. It is not what you are going to expect. I could tell you the story, and it still wouldn't be what you expect. You have to live this one to truly experience it.
LauraMHartman More than 1 year ago
DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy for free from Netgalley and the publisher. Aimee is living her worst nightmare. What should have been her wedding day was now the day all of her loved ones and friends gathered to say goodbye to James, her fiancé. On a routine business trip something went horribly wrong and he became the victim of a boating accident. As the days drag on, Aimee feels as though she is just going through the motions of living without any emotion. Then a mysterious stranger tells her James is not dead. Of course the woman is crazy; her fiancé was buried after his body was brought back from Mexico. But Aimee can’t shake the feeling something is off. It is keeping her from moving on. James is still all around her, at least in spirit. His paintings cover her walls, his clothes are in her closet and every happy memory Aimee has is filled with her life with him. He was her best friend, and then became her fiancé. Now she had to make some tough decisions. What was she going to do with her life? Somehow the dream she and James had for her future, opening an upscale coffee shop didn’t seem like it would ever happen now that he was gone. Enter Ian, a fabulous photographer that is smart, funny and wants to get to know Aimee after meeting her in at a gallery event. She feels it is too soon to have another man in her life. They become friends, but will he stand by and let her go off on a wild goose chase to get answers that may upend her world turning her reconstructed life into chaos. The fast paced story and unexpected twists and turns made me fly through this book to see what happened next. The unexpected twist at the end is one of the best endings I have ever read. It was amazing and I am still talking about this book to my book loving friends. Everything We Keep is Ms. Lonsdale’s first book. It is a stunning debut novel, with richly developed characters. I cannot wait for her next book All the Breaking Waves which will be out in December 2016 per her website. Finding a new favorite author to add to my list is one of life’s small pleasures. Copyright © 2016 Laura Hartman
Holly More than 1 year ago
Everything We Keep is the story of a woman and her discovery that not everything is what it seems. Aimee Tierney thought she had the perfect life with a perfect career until her childhood love and now fiance, James goes missing in a boating accident in Mexico. On the day they were to be married, she is at James's funeral. As she tries to pick up her life after, things are not adding up to what really happened to James until a trip to Mexico will make her see the truth in a totally unexpected way. With Aimee having this new found knowledge of a stranger in Mexico and what inspired the events to unfold as they did, it is left up to fate for what is to come for Aimee and her future. It's so hard to write this review without giving too much away about this book but I so can't wait for the next book in this series to come out next year to get more answers for Aimee and what she found in Mexico. I totally loved this book and for what the story-line told, you will get so into this book that before you know it, the book will be finished with a thousand questions on your mind about what is to come! Kerry Lonsdale is one my list for favorite authors after reading this book and it's amazing to me that this is her first book but her writing suggests like she has been writing books her entire life! Thank You to Kerry Lonsdale for making me a fan of yours with this one book!!! I received this book from BookSparks : Fall Reading Challenge 2016 I received this book from the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
Ziff130 More than 1 year ago
Aimee has plans - marry the love of her life, open her own restaurant, and live happily ever after. All that changes when her fiancee goes to Mexico on a business trip and doesn't come back. Two months later his body is found and buried on their wedding day. Lacy introduces herself at the funeral as a psychic and says her fiancee is still alive. Aimee brushes her off as crazy person and moves on with her life. She meets a guy, opens her restaurant and things are going well. However, clues are appearing that things may not have happened the way she had thought and she may still have a fiancee out there somewhere - alive. I had trouble getting into the story at first. It moved a little slowly. Finally, I got to a point where I didn't want to stop and I just wanted to keep reading. It did have a few sex scenes that were a little more detailed than I was comfortable with, however, it wasn't to the point that I would classify it as erotica. There were also a lot of cuss words in it, including the F word. So, this is a book I would NOT recommend for teens. Definitely adult material in here. Overall, it was a really good book that kept me moving along throughout the story. There were constant flashbacks throughout where clues kept coming to the surface. By the time I, as the reader, had all the information, I couldn't figure out how Aimee didn't know "who-done-it." Sometimes Aimee got on my nerves when it came to Ian, her romantic interest. She was so mean to him and I just wanted to shake her. Full review is on my blog: http://smithlinda60ls.wixsite.com/lrrsmith/single-post/2016/08/26/Book-Review-Everything-We-Keep
PegGlover More than 1 year ago
Everything We Keep is an intriguing and entertaining romantic suspense novel. Aimee thought that she had the perfect life. And she did; until the news of her fiancee’s death had reached her ears. Aimee was devastated, of course, but, to add to her distress, her fiancee’s mother insisted on having James’s funeral on the same day that they were supposed to have been married. Aimee did her best to move on; she opened her dream restaurant, met new people; she even developed a close friendship with another man. But her heart was still stuck in the past. Aimee couldn’t help bouncing a crazy psychic’s words around in her head. “James is alive. He’s living in Mexico.” Aimee’s friends tried to convince her that the psychic was a phony and only after her money. Aimee was not so sure about that. She never did see James’s body and things weren’t quite adding up. Against everyone’s advice, Aimee boarded a plane. What she found in Mexico, though, shocked her to the core, not to mention all of the lies and secrets that she unearthed while she was there. Aimee didn’t know who to trust anymore. Kerry Lonsdale proves herself to be a talented storyteller. Everything We Keep is a captivating novel, crafted with a unique storyline, and a mixture of mystery and romance. The book could benefit, though, by a quick edit to remove unnecessary repetitions. All in all, I found Everything We Keep, an enjoyable read. I received this ARC from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Everything We Keep,  Kerry Lonsdale Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Women’s Fiction, General Fiction. What an amazing Debut, a fabulous, well written story! I’ve been lucky recently and read several great debut books – as a reader I love that, a “new” author to follow, books I’m pretty sure I’ll love... Anyway – this book. Well, poor Aimee, I was gutted for her. Not only burying the man she loves on their wedding day but to have all those little quirks, pointers, mysteries suggesting that actually he may not be dead. Must be gut wrenching. Having had my own lovely husband of 40 years die suddenly recently I know just how she feels, how we desperately want them to still be alive. I still wake and feel maybe its all a bad dream, but know that sadly its true. Aimee though isn’t so sure, she didn’t actually see the body his brother Thomas brought home. Is it possible he was mistaken? Her friends are sure she’s being duped by someone who’s a scam artist, and sadly that does happen far too much. Grieving people want things to be different and listen to those they’d usually ignore. Then she meets Ian and he kind of opens her mind to things that may be considered impossible to believe, but somehow are true. I loved Aimee, loved the way she hung on to her hope for James, wouldn’t just accept he was gone. There’s Ian though, he’s a terrific guy, talented and good looking, really kind, so supportive of her and its clear he feels more for her even though he’s been Friend Zoned.  Aimee is struggling to pick up her life, to carry on with the plans she’d made with James, and supported by her friends she opens her restaurant, but at the back of her mind is always “what if” and it’s the little oddities, coincidences, weird things that happen that keep drawing her to the possibility he’s still alive even though his family and her friends are convinced he’s gone. Ian is just gorgeous, right from the outset its clear he wants Aimee, and he’s so, so patient, sitting back and waiting for her to realise what they have could be something very special.  When the secrets start to unravel they do so in a huge way, and though I’d a hint of what was going on I didn’t see it happening That Way, was taken by surprise by the way everything came out. Its got a perfect ending too, one that fitted the story really well, and left me feeling happy but sad too, and that in a way was how I felt about the whole book, it’s a bittersweet story, such tenderness and yet full of heartbreak too.     Stars: Five, an amazing debut read, full of emotion. ARC supplied by Netgalley and publisher 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I want to read this book on my nook why is it not available?
Ellen-oceanside More than 1 year ago
EVERYTHING WE KEEP, by Kerry Lonsdale. An unusual story full of twist, turns, lies, and yet new beginning. We meet Aimee, who thought she had the perfect recipe for life with her fiancé James. Being a sous chief at her parents restaurant, the wedding is just days away. When James insists he goes to Mexico, while there, he has a boating accident. The church, flowers, guests had come for the wedding instead it's a funeral. How unreal can this get. Her love for baking, is what she needs, to lose herself, and her thoughts.. To find out her parents had sold the restaurant.losing money they didn't want her to have that burden. What, where and whom was she to turn to. When a psychic comes up to her and says James is not dead. What else can go wrong. A great story. Given book by Net Galley for my honest opinion, of which I have given.