Eyewitness to the Old West: Firsthand Accounts of Exploration, Adventure, and Peril

Eyewitness to the Old West: Firsthand Accounts of Exploration, Adventure, and Peril

by Richard Scott (Editor)


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A collection of over 150 vignettes from the journals and diaries of people who lived or traveled in the Old West, these accounts begin with the sixteenth-century collisions between the Spaniards and the Indians and conclude with Black Elk's mournful description of the Battle of Wounded Knee in 1890. Storytellers include explorers, missionaries, Indian leaders, a poet, an artist, and a future president.

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ISBN-13: 9781570984266
Publisher: Rinehart, Roberts Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 02/07/2004
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 6.09(w) x 9.04(h) x 1.27(d)

Table of Contents

1Living among the Indians, c. 15311
2Coronado Makes an Impression, c. December 15404
3Explorers Draw Blood, July 27, 18067
4The Pawnees Choose a Flag, September 29, 180611
5Living Off of Paradise, c. April 181013
6Encounter with Indians, May 10, 181016
7Rambling through an Indian Village, June 13, 181118
8"I Heard My Skull Brake," November 13, 182120
9An Artist's Description of a Sioux Home, c. Summer 183224
10"Creasing" a Wild Horse, c. 183228
11The Effect of a Meteor Shower on the Crows, c. October 183230
12Suffering in a "Desolate Wilderness," c. February 183334
13A Grave for a Trapper, c. September 183337
14The Power of a Pawnee Bow, May 22, 183441
15Getting Acquainted with a Grizzly, August 20, 183442
16Why She Ran Away, June 10, 183544
17A Buffalo Dance, July 29, 183546
18Surrounded at the Alamo, February 23, 183648
19Captured by Comanches, April 4, 183651
20Christmas Frolicking at Fort Union, c. 183854
21The Yearly Rendezvous, c. July 183956
22Walks-Galloping-On Falls from Grace, c. 184060
23A Flood's Aftermath, c. Summer 184662
24Birthing at Bent's Fort, July 31, 184664
25We're Taking Your Country, August 15, 184666
26A Funeral in Santa Fe, c. August 184669
27The Power of the Black-Robes, September 12, 184671
28Night Sounds of an Oglala Village, c. 184673
29A Blizzard in South Park, c. Winter 184776
30"You Don't [K]now What Trubel Is Yet," May 16, 184779
31Hanging Mexican Murderers, c. Spring 184785
32A Scout's Experience Saves Lives, c. June 184888
33The Painted Ladies of Santa Fe, c. Summer 184892
34Southwestern Mirages, September 1, 184894
35The Disaster of Fremont's Fourth Expedition, February 10, 184996
36Being Apprehensive around Apache Warriors, c. February 1849100
37Unexpected Party Guests, July 4, 1849104
38A Gift for a Gift, c. Summer 1849106
39Inability to Save Mrs. White, c. October 1849108
40Business Dealings in San Francisco, c. January 1850112
41Justifying Stealing a Gold Claim, c. January 1850115
42Captive Girls Brought into an Indian Village, March 21, 1851117
43Fighting Comanches on the Santa Fe Trail, May 21, 1853120
44Attending a Fandango, September 29, 1853123
45A Bride's Possessions, c. May 1854126
46"Day and Night Cannot Dwell Together," c. December 1854128
47Wanting to Minister to Another Woman, August 31, 1855132
48Wilderness First-Aid, c. 1855134
49Report on the Mormon Handcart Company, November 2, 1856136
50Provisions for Crossing the Plains, c. 1859140
51Overland by Stagecoach, October 10, 1858144
52Scalping Comanche Warriors, c. 1859147
53Burial at Mountain Meadows, May 6, 1859150
54A New Home at Gold Hill, c. July 1860153
55A Mysterious Corpse, c. 1860156
56Suspicious Shooting of an Officer, c. October 1860158
57Dissolution of a Partnership, c. Winter 1860160
58The Longest Pony Express Ride, c. May 1861163
59"Everything Went Off Quietly," December 24, 1862166
60Beans, Anyone? c. 1863171
61The Greatest of Wrongs, c. 1863175
62Inflation Comes to the Frontier, c. May 1863179
63The Vigilante Committee Takes Care of Slade, c. January 1864181
64Hand-to-Hand Fighting an Apache Brave, c. August 1864184
65Life Is Cheap on the Yellowstone, October 1, 1864187
66Testimony on the Sand Creek Massacre, March 14, 1865191
67Assault on a Prairie Dog Town, c. Fall 1866195
68A Cowboy Wedding, Winter 1866197
69The Problem with Disobeying Orders, December 21, 1866201
70The Battle Scene of the Fetterman Massacre, December 22, 1866206
71Martial Law on the Plains, June 16, 1867209
72The Wagon Box Fight, August 1, 1867212
73Diary of a Horse Trader, c. 1867216
74Letter to a Bereaved Father, August 23, 1867218
75The Fight at Beecher Island, September 17, 1868221
76Why I Don't Mingle in Society, September 22, 1868230
77Just Desserts for a Mule, c. 1868232
78The Death of Innocents, November 1868236
79A Rose among Thorns, c. November 1868237
80The Golden Spike Is Driven, May 10, 1869239
81Paying Attention to a Good Pony, c. 1869241
82Floating the Grand Canyon, August 14, 1869243
83Being Fast on the Draw, c. January 1870246
84A Frontier House Beautiful, April 11, 1871248
85Concerns of an Officer's Wife, c. Autumn 1872251
86Exchanging Courtesies, c. Autumn 1872254
87A Visit to Denver, c. October 1873256
88Double Perils of Frontier Women, c. 1873258
89A Buffalo Hunter Calculates His Earnings, c. 1874261
90"Doctoring" in the Seventh Cavalry, July 21, 1874265
91Capturing Wild Mustangs, c. September 1875268
92Searching for "Stone Bones," c. Autumn 1875273
93The Fight on the Little Bighorn, June 25, 1876275
94The Spoils of War, June 26, 1876281
95The Murder of Wild Bill Hickok, August 2, 1876288
96The Great Northfield Raid, September 7, 1876290
97Two Hundred Shots in Four Minutes, c. October 1876295
98A Walk before Breakfast, c. 1877299
99The Death of Crazy Horse, c. September 1877301
100"I Will Fight No More Forever," October 5, 1877303
101Geronimo Makes Demands, c. Spring 1878306
102Girl-Stealing, c. Autumn 1878308
103Christmastime at Fort Dodge, December 24, 1878315
104Enforcement of Civil Rights Laws, c. 1879318
105A Navaho Grandmother's Medicine, c. 1879320
106Night Tranquility at Fort Elliott, c. 1879323
107"Burro Punching" in the San Juans, c. 1879326
108Racing with Silvertips, c. 1880328
109An "Almost Hung" Cowboy Is Jittery, c. Summer 1880331
110The Kid Died with His Boots Off, July 13, 1881334
111Making Headlines at the O.K. Corral, October 26, 1881339
112Celebrating Reaching Womanhood on the Run, c. April 1882343
113The Killing of Jesse James, April 4, 1882346
114Tales of Boots and the Wiles of Women, c. 1882355
115The Hazards of Teaching on the Rio Penasco, c. 1882359
116The Death Sentence of Alfred Packer, April 13, 1883362
117Finding a Small Indian Mummy, c. Summer 1884365
118Advice to the Girls of Chillicothe, c. 1885369
119Winter Weather, c. 1887371
120Adios to the Coyote Kid, c. 1888375
121Practicing with the Bow, c. 1889377
122A Priest Makes a Sick Call, c. April 1890381
123The Death of Sitting Bull, December 16, 1890385
124The End of a Dream, December 29, 1890389
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