Faces of Death: Volume 1

Faces of Death: Volume 1

by Monty


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ISBN-13: 9781532052613
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/20/2018
Pages: 104
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.25(d)

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iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Monty
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4697-9733-5


Midtown Crisis

This story begins with a incident that took place by a troublesome young man by the name of Eric Johnson. Who was involve in a fatal accident by nearly causing a huge disaster by spreading panic throughout the city. By threating to blow up himself along with a school full of children & teachers. Do to the fact that all he wanted was a little justices from the judge who found him guilty of the murders of Mr. & Miss Hatchet who were found mutilate in their basement several months ago. Eric who was sent to a mental institution for specific reasons has excape & now is holding up a school for negotiaton.

The police try desperately to reason with him, but it seem hopeless as eric had already made up his mind. The police then was all out of opinion & was force to call in a breach to take him down. However though they would have to be extremely careful of how they approach him because still in all. Eric had his finger on the button & one small mistake from the police would be devastated. So they decide to send in a undercover cop pretending to be a news reporter for channel five news.

The plan was to distrach eric long enough so that one of the snipers can sneak into the building through the vents to get close enough to get a shot off. The operation was a success as the police finally capture eric & was able to send him right back to the institution. Come to find out that the explosion he had planned wasn't real. It wasn't nothing more than a computerize smoke detector that had no substance of gunfire in it. Later on that fall there was another accident involving a well known science professor who was kill in a car accident.

It seems as if somehow he lost control of the vehicle do to the weather that day or as it been told? The slippy wet road was the explanation of the theory that must of cause him to go into the river. He die just before the fall semester of school that was getting ready to start. As they started their investigation on how the incident accure it then became clear that their is more to this story that meets the eye. While searching the vehicle they found a wood figure mask that was lying in the back sit of the driver side of the car.

They then realize that this was no ordinary mask that in fact this is the same identical mask that was found at the hatctet's house hold, last halloween. That suddenly disappear from their evidence department back at the police station. Which makes everything seems unusual at this point & time of how it connects the two murders. Follow by last years halloween massacre that involve numerous of missing teenagers that was reported to disappear without a trace. Which led to the out come that they all was murder do to the fact that there were no withness to who did the killing.

That all resolve to the man himself as eric took the blame of all those murders that was commited last october. Which he keeps on denying that he had nothing to do with the killing spree. Which led them to believe that there's another killer on the loose. Who is acting on killer instincts on the behave of eric's unfinish business. A theory that tip the police that eric has a partner in crime to finish what he started.

However they didn't want to alarm the citizen that there is another kill on the loose. So the police kept it confidential from the public to in sure that there isn't any city wide panic. Still in all the police couldn't figure out the strange marking on the mask that seems very odd to put together. Figuring that maybe it's from a cult. Fearing the worse as it's confinements seems untraceable for the police to follow. It was very clear that the police wasn't going to stop until they get to the bottom of this by under studying it's involvement role in all of this.

In the meanwhile the search was on to try & replace the belove professor Dell Fraser. Who was such a landmark at the university that all the students pull for as their favorite science teacher. Which was very hard to do considering a man of Mr. Fraser caliber. A person that can set standards far & beyond what any scholar has achive.


The New Professor

Doing the time fame the school manage to find a person that fits the description of their qualification. A man known for his reputation as well as how good of a science teacher he is, that put him well above the others. He is also a part time doctor who study medicine at the university as well. Who go my the name of Dr. John Edwards, a man of many talents. No one really knew Mr. Edwards all that well except for his profile that was use to apply himself as one of the greatest top scientist in the state.

In the meanwhile students of the school heard about the tragedy that took place involving a well known be love scientist. Who's life has been cut short that was edit by the school newspaper publicist Christian Bell. Who dedicated a school article about the incident involving Mr. Fraser. However, there were a couple of students who were disappointed that they miss the opportunity to work with Mr. Fraser this fall semester. They were really looking forward to working with the legendary scientist who made science fun to study.

There names were jill, jason, scott, jasmine & a couple of other students that had their hearts set on learning the basic fundamental of science. Everything seems gloomy at this point & time of how it would feel knowing that everything from this point on is a total lost. However though, once they all enter the classroom things then started to live up to their expectation. Once they seen the work of Mr. Fraser creations. Jill & her friends then started to wonder who is Mr. Fraser replacment & is this person liable to teach their class what it means to be in the world of science.

Once Mr. Edwards enter the classroom everyone became silent until that is when he introduce himself to the students. He then told them that he was no Mr. Fraser, but he is going to promise them that he will make this by far an exciting semester where they all could benefit from. As the class was on the way it seems as if Mr. Edwards was not all that bad as a science teacher, in fact he was a little more exciting then Mr. Fraser. As they all took interest in what he was doing by teaching them about how the body work's. He explan it in a way where they could relate too without any question being ask.

As good as thing was getting the time just like that went as the class suddenly was over. However just as the students was leaving the room Mr. Edwards made sure that he got everyone's names as they went pass him. On the way out of the classroom jill had words with her two nemesis Ashley Barnes & Tameika Gibson. The three were friends at first, until that is when Ashley & tameika both started to distance themselves from jill when she became friends with jasmine & crystal. It was known to everyone that ashley didn't care for crystal & Jasmine because they thought that the two of them was trying to compete against them.

After class was over jill & the others met up with their other friends bruce, crystal, scott, & christian. To sort out the plans for the halloween party that jason her boyfriend is going to give. Which will be a block party considering that all of the parents in the neigorhood will be gone to other parties around the city. Once the meeting was over jill went to her two last remaining classes for the day & decided to go straight home right after school was over. Else where at the police station" Officer James Dwright started to plan ahead to make sure that everyone has a safe halloween. He was the new face in town & wanted to start off on a good note. As jill was heading home she ran into Mr. Edwards who was making his way out of the hardware store near her house.

She blew her horn to get his attention as she pass him in her car, waving to say hello? He then smile & nodded his head to signify his hello do to the fact that he had two large bags in his hands. Once jill reach the house she found out that her parents hasn't made it in yet. So she decided to go else where until her parents make it back. Which was no where other then by her boyfriend jason's house.

Jill has a habbit of going by Jason or by one of her other friends in order to let time pass. Claiming that the house she lives in is haunt & that she doesn't like to be home alone. Being by jason makes her feel safe as they both decided to have a little fun by spending a great deal of time together. As time started to pass jill then realize that it was time for her to go home. That her parents should be there by now. Jill makes a habbit to leave early before it get dark out because she doesn't like to ride alone in the night hours.

Jill lives in a very spooky looking house that is surounded by a wooded area that gives of a sensational erie vibe. Once jill pull up in the drive way she seen that her parents had made it in for the night. Then as she walk throught the door her little dog sarha came rushing toward her as if she hasn't seen her master in years. Jill on the other hand made it clear that she too in joys the comfort of her dog greeting her at the door. Jill then swoop sarha into her arms & then headed toward the kitchen.


The Hunt For Sarha

Once she reach the kitchen jill seen that her mother perpare an outstanding scrumptious meal. They had homemade roasted garlic mashed potatoes with corn & meatloaf along with her mother homemade apple pie. Jill then sat sarha down on the floor & went to join her father at the table. While jill mother perpare the food. Her father want to know how was the first day of school. She told him that the day turn out very exceptional, except for the bad news about the veteran professor who die in a car accident, which was pretty sad.

While eating dinner jill ask her parents about the halloween party that her boyfriend was giving at his house. She wanted to know could she attend the party with her parents permission. Her mother thought it was a splendid idea for her to join the party with her friends. Meanwile jill's father disapprove of it all by suggesting that it would be in her best intrests if she didn't attend. Jill father wasn't a big fan of halloween, in fact he didn't even celebrate the hoilday do to the fact that he hated it festivity.

Jill then became furious with her father & demanded a reason of why she couldn't go to the party with her friends. He simply told her that it is far to dangerous for her to be out that time of the night knowing what took place last halloween. Jill & her mother then try to explain to him that those murders took place on the southside of the city far from where they are going to be. Beside the one that was doing all of the killing is now in custody. Which now causes a fuses between her mother & father that suddenly turn for the worse. As the two argue constantly over the matter until they both got fed up with one another & went their separated ways.

As jill mother storm up the stairs to her bedroom to cool off for a little while, jill did the same thing as well to calm herself down. Jill was so fed up with her father that she couldn't even think straight. She then decide to do her ususal routine which was to get on the phone & call up her friends to chat with them for a little while. Before she gets ready to go to bed which was a every night thing with her. Then finally jill nodded off to sleep dreaming about the party.

However, the next day jill woke up with no sarha lying on the end of the bed where she ususally sleeps. Which was the first, as jill got up to stretch & notices that her dog is missing. She then begin to search around the house to see where is her dog hiding at? She even try calling outside for sarha but, didn't get no response back which seems very odd as of why her dog didn't come. Jill then was getting all nervous about where did her dog disappear too, knowing that she didn't let her out of the house last night.

She then ran up to her parents room to see if sarha was in there but, still didn't have no luck with finding her. Jill then ask her parents did they see sarha around the house somewhere. The two told her that they thought that sarha was in her room where she always is. Which now spells out trouble as jill thought that her dog must have somehow gotten away which really didn't make no sense at all do to the fact that sarha is house train & the fact that sarha would never leave the house on her own. Jill became upset that her belove dog was missing & wanted to know what happen last night.

Her mother told her not to stress over it that soon or later sarha will turn up somewhere around the neighborhood someplace. So jill started to calm down a bit & decided to go get ready for school. When jill got to school she seen her friends sitting in the students life center talking. Jill then join the party as they all started talking about this years halloween party of how great it's going to be. Jill wasn't herself today as her friends took notices.

She told them that it was nothing really? except for her dog that is misplace. Jason & the others told her that in order to get her dog back she must put out some filers to see if anyone may have seen her dog & hopefully they will return sarha to her. However, when the students enter the classroom they all notice the shelf in the back of the room containing all sorts of dead animals in a jar. This made everyone feel uneasy sort of speech a specially jill because she's is the one with the missing dog. This put her an a ackward situation because it is one of those times where your mind is play tricks on you. They all then decided to take a walk to the back of the classroom to get a better look at the jars to see just what is inside of it.

Inside of the jars were small animals such as frogs, lizards, snakes, even containing baby pigs that was located in some of the jars. Which was a concern for everyone not knowing what to expect to happen when Mr. Fraser enters the classroom. Who by the way was headed toward the door as the students rush to their seats the moment they heard his footsteps tagging down the hallway. Everyone became silent the moment Mr. Edward enter the room who by the way explain today's lesson on how to dissect an dead animal to analyze the simulation to the human parts of the body. While dissecting professor Edward explain to his students the details on how the body works when it begins to shut down. Thought's came rushing through jill's mind as she started to cut open the dead pig until it became unvarible for her to withstand.



Jill then became disorient to follow up with her assignment as she became frustrated & walk straight out of the classroom for a few seconds to gather herself. She thought that a breath of flesh air would help her to relax for a bit, but it didn't do no good as jill got into her car & drove off to see about sarha. On the way home jill stop at the police station to see if she can get some help there. The only thing that they subjuncted for her to do is to put out some flyers around the city & hope for the best. When she reach the house jill found out that there still wasn't no update on her dog. Her only option was to call up her boyfriend to see if he would help her put up some flyers around the city.

They spent the whole afternoon putting up flyers around certain parts of the city hoping for a miracle. However, when jill return home later that night she seen that her parents finally put their differents aside. Which made her happy to see her parents back together again. Her dad apologize & told her that he was sorry for yelling at her. He then told her not to worry about sarha because soon or later she is going to show up. Jill ran over to her father & gave him a great big hug. Later on that night after dinner jill went up to her room to do what she alway does which is to talk with her friends on the phone until they all get restless.

Meanwhile, later on that morning around three'o'clock jill receive a phone call from her boyfriend jason who subjuncted that maybe they should play a prank on the students that show up at the party & scare the living daylights out of them. Kind of making things more interesting," He said"? Without thinking twice about it jill totally agree with his evil twisted plans. Afterwards she went back to bed & slept the night away. When jill woke up the next day she had a concern look on her face of why in the world would jason call her up that time in the morning to tell her that. She then walk over to the window to take a peep outside when she spotted sarha's collar hanging from the tree near her window.


Excerpted from FACES OF DEATH by MONTY. Copyright © 2012 Monty. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Midtown Crisis, 1,
Chapter 2. The New Professor, 3,
Chapter 3. The Hunt For Sarha, 6,
Chapter 4. Emotional, 9,
Chapter 5. Invitation, 12,
Chapter 6. Excape Killer, 16,
Chapter 7. Trouble On The Horizon, 19,
Chapter 8. The Halloween Party, 22,
Chapter 9. The Nightmare Begins, 26,
Chapter 10. Killer On The Loose, 29,
Chapter 11. Unexpected Guest, 34,
Chapter 12. Changing Identity, 38,
Chapter 13. Mind Games, 41,
Chapter 14. Unexpecting Surprises, 44,
Chapter 15. Sometimes They Creep Up On You, 47,
Chapter 16. Trick or Treat, 52,
Chapter 17. The Messager, 55,
Chapter 18. Intense Situation, 58,
Chapter 19. The Unexplained Theroy, 61,
Chapter 20. Nightmare At Galleria Hall, 65,
Chapter 21. Truth or Dare, 68,
Chapter 22. Smoking Mirrors, 71,
Chapter 23. Deceiving Appearance, 75,
Chapter 24. Cause & Effect, 80,
Chapter 25. Down to the Wire, 84,
Chapter 26. Secret Reveal, 88,

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