Faith Physics: A New Theory of Everything

Faith Physics: A New Theory of Everything

by Nathan V. Hoffman


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Faith Physics is a new Theory of Everything (ToE) combining ancient spiritual wisdom and modern quantum physics findings to deliver a belief system that is both intellectually sound and spiritually satisfying. It maintains an ineffable Supreme Consciousness is the catalyst of all material creation as a 'great thought' through pure white light in zero-point morphogenetic quantum fields. Faith Physics claims that consciousness is the cornerstone of base reality existing in a timeless state of now.

By using the natural cause-and-effect laws of classical physics, the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics, and dark matter/energy, Faith Physics posits pure consciousness manifests physical creation in a remarkable myriad of forms. In the wave/particle duality paradigm revealed by quantum mechanics, conscious observation transforms light energy into particulate physical matter as condensed or frozen light in accordance with Albert Einstein's famous E=mc2 equation.

Faith Physics teaches us we exist and thrive in a unified participatory universe emanating from an eternal Supreme Consciousness source, and we are not just a product of random-chance evolution. In the 21st century, religion and science are reaching an enlightened consensus that pure metaphysical consciousness is perpetually painting a picture on the space-time continuum canvas depicting a miraculous cycle of physical creation, entropy, and cosmic rebirth.

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ISBN-13: 9781627343244
Publication date: 04/01/2021
Pages: 536
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 1.08(d)

About the Author

Nathan V. Hoffman received a Bachelor of Science cum laude degree in Political Science and Economics from The American University in Washington, D.C. in 1982, and also studied at Birkbeck, University of London. He graduated Loyola Law School of Los Angeles in 1985, and has worked as an attorney, adjunct law school instructor, journalist, and business consultant.

Mr. Hoffman is a voracious reader of literature concerning religion, spiritual mysticism, New Age philosophy, cosmology, quantum physics, biology, and chemistry. He has been on a life-long quest to understand the fundamental nature and purpose of the universe, as well as how it all began. By extrapolating information from diverse source materials for well over a decade, Mr. Hoffman has developed a new theory of everything called Faith Physics based on the teachings of some of the world's greatest spiritual masters and scientific thinkers. It is with great humility that he offers a plausible explanation for how our physical universe was created, operates, and is perceived.

Table of Contents



1 In the Beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth . 23

2 Genesis Converges with Modern Particle Physics . 31

3 A Divine Anthropic Principle in a God-Centered ToE . 35

4 Enlightened Quantum Thought in World Religions .45

5 Describing God and His Creation: The Perennial Philosophy . 81

6 The Godhead in Quantum Physical Terms . 99


7 It All Started with a Big Bang .107

8 The Scientific Method March to Create a Unified ToE . 119

9 Scientific Core Theory Effort to Forge a ToE hits a Dead End . 131

10 The Grand Unified Theory .135

11 The Standard Model of Physics Is Cracking . 141

12 Quantum Uncertainty Principle Upsets the Standard Model Applecart . 147

13 Key Points and Implications of the Quantum Physics Revolution . 157

14 Overcoming the Scientific Dogma of Exclusionism . 169

15 A Participatory Universe . 183

16 Science on the Verge of Rediscovering God . 189

A. The Universe Has a One-Time Beginning . 192

B. The Universe was "Finely-Tuned" for Conscious Life to Appear .195

C. DNA: The Language of Life . 199

D. Chemistry Cannot Prove Creation of Life by Random

Chemical Reactions .203


17 A New Grand Unified Theory of Everything . 211

18 Dark Matter/Energy = Invisible Hand of a Supreme Consciousness? .217

19 Rational Ways to Perceive God in Scientific and Mathematical Terms . 223

(1) Laws of Math . 224

(2) Math and Other Worlds . 225

(3) Human Consciousness and Free Will .227

(4) Evolution and Faith . 228

(5) Concurrent Miraculous Ideas

in Human History .229

20 The Mathematical Fingerprint of God: Golden Ratio of Phi Φ . 231

21 The Biological Human Body Itself Is a Miracle . 239

22 Convergence of the Sciences . 243

23 Quantum Entanglement in a Non-Local Holographic Universe . 247

24 Astrophysics: Humans Are Cosmically Special in a Fine-Tuned Universe . 255

25 Universal Consciousness as a Virtual Reality Simulation .259

26 Brain as a Receiver, Not a Creator of the Mind . 265

27 The Universe as a Great Thought . 273

28 Panpsychism: Consciousness at Every Level of Life . 279

29 Cosmic Consciousness and the Akashic Record . 287

30 Quantum Physics and Awakening from the Dream of Scientific Materialism .295

31 A Modern Redefinition of the Soul . 307

32 Consciousness Is Not the Brain or Physical Matter . 311

33 The Cosmic Duality Principle .317

34 The Body as a Temporal Holding Vessel of Our Timeless Consciousness . 331

35 Faith Physics and the Advent of Idealism over Material Realism .337

36 God as a Supreme Cosmic Consciousness .343

37 Eastern Mysticism Beliefs and Faith Physics .351

38 Scientific Facts That Will Change Your Worldview . 357

39 New Age Philosophy and Faith Physics . 363

40 Scientists Take a Second Quantum Leap . 371

41 Leap of Faith between Spirituality and Science: Noetic Science . 377

42 Reincarnation and Faith Physics . 387

43 The Path of Rebirth in Faith Physics . 391

44 Consciousness, Near-Death Experiences, and Reincarnation .395

45 "Feelin' Groovy" in the Quantum Era .399

46 Quantum Era of Conscious Immortality and Cosmic Life Lessons . 403

47 The Cause-and-Effect Universe Struggle with Quantum Consciousness .415

48 A Multiverse Theory Cannot Explain Away God . 423

49 Black Holes and Cosmological Natural Selection .427

50 Space-Time and Faith Physics .433

51 Light: The Ultimate Scientific and Spiritual Mystery .437

52 Science Uncovers the Origin of the First Light in the Universe . 443

53 Light Unifies the Physical and Spiritual Realms ..

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