Falling for Her Fiance

Falling for Her Fiance

by Cindi Madsen


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ISBN-13: 9781494480264
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/14/2013
Pages: 210
Sales rank: 1,030,108
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.44(d)

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Falling for Her Fiance 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 78 reviews.
xCynyx More than 1 year ago
I don’t think my poor tummy ever felt so many things before. Also, I don’t think I ever got so many weird look because of reading in public. Getting teary eyed and then smiling like a fool in love in the beach is bound to do that, though.  Falling For Her Fiance is a book full of romance, comedy and lots of emotion in each page. Dani and Wes have been best friends since freshman year in college. They push each other to do impulsive things and have amazing adventures together. And while life made Dani move a few states over, they still talk to each other for hours on the phone.  Problem is, Wes family is convinced he is so not over his ex fiance and bridesmaid for his sister wedding. And Dani’s after a promotion she’s sure she won’t get because she’s single and her boss is all about family... the two kinda crazy friends figure out that pretending to be engaged at each other will be the perfect solution for their problems... nothing can go wrong and people has believed there was more to them than friendship anyway... see? perfect plan...  Right. Dani is a lovely character. She worries about her family and tries to help them as much as she can, but for that she really needs the promotion. And after her last boyfriend dumped her, she is not really sure she can go back to the game.  Wes is impulsive, a dreamer in its purest form. He wants to be free and being a helicopter pilot is all he needs in life. But for most people, he needs to grow up, and learn some responsibilities. The relationship between these two is such a beautiful thing. They know each other inside and out. They never let someone else get in the middle, something no boyfriend/girlfriend was happy about. They can have an easy banter that had me laughing (Cue more weird looks from people around me) But there’s more to them than that.  They complement each other perfectly: Dani is more like the voice of reason of the two, always overanalyzing everything while Wes just loves to jump into things and figure things out on the way. The book’s writing is beautiful. Cindi Madsen really makes you feel the characters and their emotions while they struggle to deal with their feelings and keep intact their friendship.  The secondary characters were so well developed and added the perfect background for the story. Each one of them adding a bit more, Wes’ family is so full of love and always stepping into each others business that they make sure you have a laugh.  In all, the book is a perfect romance read. I couldn’t put it down, read it in a day and still want more. This is definitevely going to be another hit for Cindi Madsen and Entangled. A must read of 2013.
LoveBestRomance More than 1 year ago
This book is funny, cute and reads fast because you can't put it down. It's a refreshing fun story that will have you thinking about the characters after it's over.   Dani's a cute heroine and you can totally relate to her situation and Wes is just cute and adorable and the perfect BEST friend turned sappy in love ...It's a a great read.
ValerieStuckInBooks More than 1 year ago
5 stars - A book that reminds me why I love to read! Do books ever call to you? They do to me. Guess that makes me weird but this is one of those books that called to me. I started this new review policy that says I'll accept your book if I want to read it only. When this book was offered to me, I was so glad for that new policy. I didn't have to look at my calendar and say, I might be able to get it in sometime in March. I wanted to read it, now. Once I had it, it just kept calling to me. The book I was reading wasn't doing anything for me and so I picked this one up. A few hours later, I had finished a fabulous story. The pages flew by and I'm already missing Wes and Dani. Two people that were meant to be together but were only friends, best friends. They know each other so well and they enjoy each others company. Both recently dumped by people they thought they loved. Both looking for a way to get through some awkward social commitments. Both agree to pretend to be engaged. That's were the fun begins. I've read other stories were two people pretend to be engaged but end up falling for each other but this one felt fresh to me. Why? I think it was the characters themselves. Genuine and clearly best friends Wes and Dani don't always agree but they would do anything for the other. Their banter is fun and their history is rich. It's not that they suddenly fall in love, it's that they finally realize it. Both afraid of ruining the incredible friendship but miserable without each other, I just loved them together. Better together, happy together, they were fun to watch. When you're looking for a book to just enjoy for a few hours, then this is the one to grab.
Andreat78 More than 1 year ago
As someone who believes that falling in love with your best friend is the best thing ever, I almost feel as if Falling for Her Fiance' was made for me. I'm always quick to jump into books with this particular plot angle, and I can happily say that Cindi Madsen nailed it. To make this scenario really work, the story needs a believable reason for the characters to fake an engagement, and it works perfectly here because Wes and Dani have been best friends for years. Wes, who's been recently dumped, wants Dani to attend his sister's wedding with him to keep his family's pity at bay. Dani, who desperately needs a promotion in order to support her mom and abuela, needs Wes to help her through a couples-oriented work retreat. He needs her; she needs him. It's a win-win, right? Dani and Wes truly love one another, as friends. When romantic feelings start to surface, though, the situation becomes complicated. And cute. And awesome. Not only does Falling for Her Fiance' have a fun, romantic plot, it also has two great characters that I quickly fell in love with. Dani is a "guy's girl". She is funny, sarcastic, cute, and can play a mean game of basketball. She's been hurt in love, and a bit hesitant to jump back into the scene. She's the best friend Wes has ever had. Wes is...well, he's pretty freaking dreamy. He had a great personality: funny, smart, and charming; is adventurous, and he cares for and treats Dani so well. It probably doesn't hurt that his physical description fits Bradley Cooper and I read his lines with that lovely voice in my head. Hubba, hubba. Everything about Falling for Her Fiance' worked for me. I laughed. I got all teary-eyed. I begged my family to leave me alone so I could read non-stop. I wanted that happy ending, and boy, Cindi Madsen makes her readers earn that ending. This is the third book of Madsen's I've read and I can say she is an expert at witty banter, charming characters, and stories that grab my heart and leave me with a smile. Falling for Her Fiance' is another great book from Entangled Bliss.
andysgirl11 More than 1 year ago
Very cute book. I really enjoyed the story. Def worth reading and it really does make you nervous at times. Author did a great job at making you anxious lol
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I LOVED this book!! The playful banter between the two of them, the bull-riding scene, the helicopter ride, I could go on and on! It is a must-read for anyone looking for a funny and fun romance.
uvmander More than 1 year ago
Winner!!! I was not ready for it to end. Cindi's ability to pull you right into Wes' family and Dani's emotions is brilliant. These are two characters that are meant to be together forever! Loved every second of this snarky, fun romance! A definite must read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I truly enjoyed the characters in this story. They were entertaining and remind me of a few friends I have.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great characters and story u fall in lover with dani and wes.
jenababy13 More than 1 year ago
"She accepts that you're part of my life or she's not a part of mine." Falling For Her Fiancé is everything I love about the Bliss line. This book is heartfelt, playful, and real. It's one of those book where you adore the characters and love watching them crash and burn into love. I couldn't get enough of Falling For Her Fiance and when it was over I totally wanted more! I absolutely love that our main character, Dani, was the exotic looking girl that is athletic and fantastic at being "one of the guys". That has always been me. I've always just been "one of the guys" and got along with guys way more than girls, so I was definitely able to relate to Dani in that sense. Then on the other side is super adorable, super hot, I'm-in-a-band-and-fly-helicopters... Wes. Wes is everything you could want in a guy. He's playful, hot, caring... I mean I would have jumped on him in a second! Plus with these two characters, we get dual view points which I absolutely love getting into the different characters heads! And, there are other characters through out the book that I loved as well... especially Wes's family. There were so many times that they plus Wes and Dani had me literally laughing out loud. Through out the book there were so many times when I wanted to hit Dani and Wes on the head and tell them to kiss and make babies already! Yet, watching them discover love along the way is what makes it all worth while. Every couple has struggles and these two have definitely been through the ringer. There are so many awe moments in Falling For Her Fiance, but that's not all. There are laughs, struggles, and overall a brilliant book that you will not be able to put down. I absolutely adored this book from the moment it started. If you're thinking about giving this one a shot... go for it!  Whether you love contemporary, love romance, or just want a book that will make you smile... this book will do it for you!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book, first time I didn't want to stop, read it in a day
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Falling for Her Fiance made me laugh and smile while reading it. I could really feel the friendship between Dani and Wes, and when they started feeling more for each other, I could feel that too! The chemistry between them grew and grew and I was cheering for them to figure it all out. This a fun, romantic read with great characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book, would love to see another book about them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Falling for Her Fiancé features one of my favorite types of romances: best friends who turn into more. This was super sweet, but it really tugged on my heartstrings. I felt the achy longing of the characters intensely. Dani and Wes have been best friends since college. They are super close and know just about everything about each other, a fact that usually bothers anyone who dates them. I know if I had a boyfriend with a super close best-girl-friend, it would bug me. I'd be worried, because often if you're close on an emotional and mental level with someone of the opposite sex, it turns into more than "just friends." And that's exactly the case for Dani and Wes even if they don't recognize it for themselves....yet. Circumstances present that make it "necessary" to fake an engagement. Dani has a company retreat and Wes has a family wedding. Dani has lived in a different state for some time, so they're both shocked when they find they're so affected by each other's presence, when they meet again. Dani is reminded how gorgeous and magnetic Wes is, and Wes is equally stunned by Dani. Here's one of Dani's reactions: "His bed. All those muscles. Heat rose to her cheeks and she could feel her pulse steadily climbing. She couldn't seem to look away from the tattoo on his side. The thick black ink formed a tribal sun that morphed into a swirled shape with hints of a beak and wings, like a bird soaring away from the sun. She'd seen it before--she'd even been with him for one of the two sessions it'd taken to get it--yet her pulse was still climbing as she took in the way it cut off right where the V of his obliques led to his low-slung jeans." Gotta love those low-slung jeans! ;) So you know the song and dance. They each steal glances and breathe each other in, secretly admiring one another. Yet, neither wants to spoil their friendship by admitting how they feel. *bangs head* The longing they feel and won't admit really got to me! It was achingly bittersweet, and I just wanted to yell at them: "Just tell him/her, why don't you?!!" The chemistry and tension just rolled off the pages. Cindi Madsen brilliantly crafted a story full of longing romance, and sizzling attraction. It's sure to satisfy the romance cravings of any junky. I can't wait to see what Cindi comes up with next! A copy was provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've never written a review before but this book was so good it gave me goose bumps! Love it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Pleasantly surprised from a super cheap book! Loved the storyline and the characters!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cute concept, mediocre execution. Pretty repetitive for as many pages were in the book. If you enjoy depth in the story I would consider a different book. Decent for a light, quick read.
storygirlRJ More than 1 year ago
This is such a fun read. Nothing heavy, but two well-developed characters in a nice love story.
Amabe421 More than 1 year ago
I love a good adult contemporary romance. They always have the fun, the chemistry, and the heartbreaking situations that make reading so enjoyable. This book was no exception. I loved Dani and Wes. They are best friends afraid of crossing the line into something else, but both can feel their want for each other. What starts off as a fun arrangement pretending to be engaged to help each other quickly starts to be more. But that is not without issues that keep making them doubt whether the other feels the same or not. It's one thing after another pushing them together and apart at the same time. I was just waiting for them to realize that they belong together and nothing should stand in the way of that. I also wanted them to just suck it up and tell each other, but I understood them both being afraid of losing what they have as friends if they tried. Dani is in a rough spot in her life. She just broke up with her boyfriend, a jerk at the office got promoted by taking credit for her hard work, and she is struggling to make ends meet because she is sending money to her mother who is taking care of her grandmother. She is worried about money and knows that she needs a promotion. The only way to get it is to be on the bosses good side at the retreat. It seems like more of a couples retreat than a work thing though and she has asked Wes, her best friend to play fiance for her. She has to play for him too at his sisters wedding to help him show his ex fiance he has moved on. Well the more time she spends with him, the more she wants to really be with him, but thinks he doesn't feel the same. She would die if she lost his friendship so she keeps quiet. I wish she had been a little more laid back instead of always over thinking everything. She is the level headed, logical type, but I wanted to see more of her fun side that we know she used to have. Wes was so fun to read. He is very impulsive and fun. He throws sensibility to the wind. He has big dreams, but he is determined to make them a reality. Hurt over his fiance dumping him, and then his sister having her in her wedding, he is happy that Dani is going to play fiance for him. What he didn't count on was falling for her, but not knowing how to act on it without losing her completely. I felt so bad for him because he really did try, but then he would get the wrong impression about things and think that Dani didn't want anything more than friendship. I really loved his personality. He is great to his family, great to Dani, and puts everyone else first, even if it hurts him. Oh, and to top that all off, he's in a band and a pilot. Hot right?!! This was a great book about two friends who fall for each other, but with so many other things going on things are taken the wrong way, and there are so many miscommunications that they think the other doesn't feel the same. It was so frustrating wanting them to be together and then something happening that tore them further apart. I felt like my heart was being tugged over and over. They would get so close and then it would all fall apart again. Normally such a yo-yo of back and forth would bother me, but I was so invested in the story, and with it being in dual POV's you understand how all the mixed signals happen. When each of them was feeling the happiness or the hurt, I felt it too. I wanted to jump into the book and tell them that they are in love with each other and that they belong together. Everyone around them could see it except for them. I thought this was a great romance. Once I started I couldn't put it down. I rarely ever read a book in one sitting, but there was no way I could stop until I knew how it all ended up for them. Cindi Madsen sure knows how to keep you turning pages until the end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like this book for the friendship they shared and because this thing happen u know when u have this special friend u almost always star feeling more than just that something deep ...this book has that a more ..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
emmalynn1808 More than 1 year ago
This book is a wonderful love story.  Worth every penny.