Falling for the Enemy

Falling for the Enemy

by Samanthe Beck

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Salon owner Virginia Boca has declared herself celibate...at least until she wins the election for mayor of Bluelick, Kentucky. No hot men. No sex. And her plan to play the good girl might have worked—if the mysterious, hard-bodied stranger she's seen around town hadn't pulled her from the street and saved her life. The least Ginny can do is offer her savior a free haircut.

But when an innocent haircut turns into hours of wickedly hot sex, former Navy SEAL Shaun Buchanan knows his plan to keep a low profile is shot. Especially once Ginny finds out he's the current mayor's son. With her reputation and the election on the line, Ginny seems determined to keep their nightly sexcapades a secret, but Shaun's not willing to stay in the shadows forever…

Each book in the Private Pleasures series is STANDALONE:
* Private Practice
* Light Her Fire
* Falling for the Enemy

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633751552
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 12/01/2014
Series: Private Pleasures , #3
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 225
Sales rank: 27,244
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

USA TODAY bestselling and award winning author Samanthe Beck lives in Malibu, California, with her husband, their son, Kitty the furry Ninja, and Bebe the trash talkin' Chihuahua. When not writing fun and sexy contemporary romance, or napping on her beach towel with her face snuggled to her Kindle, she searches for the perfect ten dollar wine to pair with Lunchables.

Connect with Sam via Facebook, (www.facebook.com/samanthebeckwriter), Twitter, (@SamantheBeck1) or through her website at www.samanthebeck.com to check her progress on that never-ending quest, or to get the latest on her upcoming Brazens!

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Falling for the Enemy

A Private Pleasures Novel

By Samanthe Beck, Heather Howland, Sue Winegardner

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Samanthe Beck
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-155-2


Holy crap, I'm going to die like a gnat, splattered against a windshield.

The thought blazed through Virginia Boca's mind while a pathetically unremarkable montage of her life flashed before her eyes. Twenty-eight years of sucking in the country air of Bluelick, Kentucky was about to come to a gruesome end thanks to that reckless little shithead, Justin Buchanan, and the stupid red Mustang his idiot father bought him last year for his sixteenth birthday. Worse, after running her down in the street like a dog, Justin would probably walk away with a slap on his wrist, because his idiot father also happened to be mayor. And without her around to throw her hat into the ring, Tom Buchanan would win reelection next month without breaking a sweat.

The steel death machine barreled down on her, so close she could see Justin through the windshield, texting away while speeding along Main Street. A scream slammed into her frozen vocal cords, but she could no more free the noise than she could change direction in midair. She'd already passed the point of no return on the journey from sidewalk to the crosswalk, and now momentum held her prisoner.

Time slowed and stretched as the Mustang neared. Justin looked up. Their eyes met. His went wide and filled with the kind of terror that came from confronting a math problem along the lines of, "How many feet does it take to stop a two-ton car traveling at sixty miles per hour?" and realizing the answer was more than he had.

Ginny closed her eyes—not so much because she accepted her fate, but because she preferred not to be there for it—and braced her body for a brutal kick-off into the hereafter.

An arm banded around her middle and yanked her backwards so fast she lost what she'd assumed would be her last breath. Displaced air from the speeding car buffeted her, but nothing more. She opened her eyes. Despite the black dots dancing around the perimeter of her vision, she managed to see the Mustang disappear down Main without a single flash of brake lights.


She might have indulged in a longer, more inventive rant, except the dancing black dots made her dizzy and a little queasy. She blinked fast, trying to clear them, but the stubborn things merged together to limit her vision to twin tunnels while the rest of her body turned as weightless as a helium balloon. Maybe Justin had hit her after all, and this was what death felt like? If so, the dark tunnels were even more troubling. Wasn't there supposed to be a light to float into? Lord knew she wasn't a saint. She'd fallen a bit short of chaste at times, and yes, she gossiped more than she should, but she'd recently vowed to mend her ways and do something meaningful with her life. Where the hell was ... er, scratch that ... where in heaven's name was her light?

Strong arms kept her tethered in place and a low voice murmured, "You're okay."

The words vibrated in her ear, echoed around in her foggy head, and then surged down her spine, forcing her nervous system into a shaking, stuttering re-boot. Her brain attempted a physical inventory and picked up some unsettling stimuli—whipcord taut thighs braced to support her far better than her own trembling legs, a sloping wall of hard abs along her back, and a warm, wide chest pressed against her like a shield.

Her neck muscles took a time out, and the back of her head connected with a well-developed pectoral, then lolled to the side and her cheek settled against the muscular cushion. A strong, rapid heartbeat pounded under her ear, and his rough breath fanned her temple. Both told her she and Justin weren't the only ones hopped up on adrenalin from their near-fatal game of car versus pedestrian. She stood there shivering while he did all the work—kept her from sinking to the sidewalk while somehow managing to slow his breathing and his heart rate.

Her breath and heartbeat played follow-the-leader and synched up with his, and her awareness of every plane and angle of the unquestionably male body behind her heightened. She'd never had a premonition in her life, and didn't particularly believe in them, but apparently a near-death experience coupled with a months-long sex hiatus brought about heretofore undiscovered powers, because a vivid image filled her mind. Her, naked and backed up against her guardian angel while he ran his big, sure hands down her sides and clasped her hips. She arched her back, groaned, and—

His answering groan pulled her back to the here and now—and to the unmistakable ridge burning a brand along the seam of her jeans. Get ahold of yourself, Ginny. You don't say "Thank you for the save" by rubbing yourself all over a stranger. She lowered her eyes and saw her hands clamped around strong, tanned forearms. Her fingernails dug into his skin as if her life still depended on him.

Release death grip now. At the same time she loosened her hold, his arms tightened fractionally around her, keeping her in place. His jaw brushed her ear. He exhaled slowly, then released her, and stepped away. The warm June evening didn't stop a final shiver from skipping up her spine at the sudden absence of his body heat.

She turned to face her rescuer and experienced a jolt of ... inevitability. She didn't know him, but she recognized him. Recognized his mass of overgrown dark hair, stubbly jaw, and deep, brown, impenetrable eyes. She'd seen him around town several times over the last few weeks, always solitary, always silent, but something in the way he carried his tall, hard-packed frame hinted at coiled energy beneath his cool, relaxed surface. Solitary and silent were about as far from her type as a guy could get, but this man worked every erogenous zone in her body with nothing but his brooding stare.

Gossip abounded about his identity, and as the owner of the busiest hair salon in town, she heard every word of it. She didn't have a clue if any of the reports contained a kernel of truth, but his dangerous, almost feral appearance had inspired her friend Melody to dub him "Wolverine."

Before she could ask him his name, he turned and ... for God's sake ... started walking away.

"Wait!" she called to his retreating back. He didn't slow, so she yelled, "Thank you."

He shrugged his broad shoulders in the universal no worries gesture.

"Hey!" She waited until he craned his neck around and looked at her. Then she pointed to the entrance of her salon. "I owe you a haircut."

His hand came up in a casual salute, and that's all the acknowledgment she got. He made a right at the end of the block and disappeared around the corner.

Well, hell. Her system revved with the impulse to chase him down, but a quick glance at her watch nixed the notion. She was already late to meet Melody at Rawley's Pub. Damn it, she had to walk away from tonight's encounter with her curiosity—not to mention a few other things—unsatisfied.

* * *

Shaun Buchanan climbed behind the wheel of his stripped-down Wrangler, started the engine, and fought the urge to head straight out of town and keep going until he drove clean off the continent. The sexy little redhead might consider his presence outside her salon tonight a lucky coincidence, but he knew better. For weeks now he'd been finding excuses to pass by at the end of the day, blend into the shadows like a ghost, and watch as she talked and joked with her last customers.

An unsettling habit, considering "ghost" was an apt description of him these days, and that's just how he wanted it. He intended to stay on the untethered fringe, not get drawn in. She, on the other hand ... everything about her drew people in. Her salon buzzed with activity most of the day. A steady stream of clients overlapped, lingered, and chatted while the auburn-haired beauty worked her magic. She had the energy and personality to match her business. She was a talker, and a toucher, adept at putting people at ease—though "at ease" definitely didn't describe him after having her slender curves locked against him during their brief-but-intense encounter. Her sultry, slightly husky voice lingered in his ears, but in his imagination she was calling out a grateful "thank you" for entirely different reasons.

If it was only his pent-up libido pulling him in, he wouldn't find the situation so troubling. But it went deeper. She radiated purpose and vitality—two qualities sadly lacking in his life at the moment—and they attracted him at the same time he told himself to steer clear.

He put the Jeep in gear and took the familiar route toward Riverview Road and the big, stately homes of Bluelick's bluebloods. He had zero capacity for getting involved. Not with the community, or his messed-up family, and certainly not a hot redhead with twinkling green eyes and a quick mouth.

Thanks to Justin, family involvement couldn't be avoided tonight, but the rest of it? Hell, yes. He maneuvered his Jeep into the circular cobblestone driveway of the largest house on a street of large homes, and pulled in behind the red Mustang parked haphazardly at the apex. A few strides brought him to the white doors of the colonial he'd called home for the first twelve years of his life. He'd barely set foot in the place over the next seventeen, but he walked in as if he owned it.

Justin stood in the entryway, screwing around on his phone. He looked up when Shaun strolled toward him.


The single word dripped with attitude. Shaun ignored the tone. "Where's Dad?"

Justin shrugged and returned his attention to his phone. "Out to dinner with fuck-me-up-the-ass Barbie."

By that lovely endearment, he assumed Justin referred to the third and latest in the line of Mrs. Tom Buchanans—twenty-three-year-old former cocktail waitress Brandi something-or-other, who had hastened the inevitable split between their father and Justin's mom. Fidelity wasn't Tom's strong suit, and he had two ex-wives to prove it. Equally apparent, there was no love lost between Justin and Brandi.

"Better watch your mouth, unless you want to spend your senior year at a military academy in Savannah."

His brother looked up and smirked. "Fuck that shit. I'll go live with my mom."

Not likely, based on what he knew of Justin's mom, and he suspected her only son realized as much. Still, he didn't bother correcting the statement. Justin's custody options were not his concern. He held out his hand for the phone. "Can I see that for a sec?"

The teen gave him an irritated look but handed it over. "It's an iPhone, dumbass. Didn't they have those in the SEALs?"

He dropped the sleek device to the floor and stomped it under his heel. The screen shattered.

"Hey, you freak, what the fuck—?"

"Now it's a piece of garbage. If I see you speeding through town again, the car is my next target. Got that, dumbass?"

"You're bat-shit crazy. I'm telling Dad."

"Go ahead. Be sure to mention the part where you almost killed someone while you were texting and driving. Bet he buys you a new phone right about the time hell freezes over."

Dark eyes disconcertingly similar to his own burned with pure, unadulterated hate, and the kid's hands tightened into fists. Part of him hoped his little brother would go ahead and take a swing, because as far as he could tell the kid needed an ass-kicking, but dishing one out meant sticking around for a bunch of physical and emotional cleanup he preferred to avoid. So he dished out his version of cautionary advice instead. "Thinking about banging heads with me? Think about this. I'm taller, I'm heavier, and I'm trained to drop a guy twice your size. I can grind you under my boot just like this"—he kicked the battered phone so it slid to a stop by the toe of Justin's two-hundred-dollar athletic shoes—"without breaking stride."

The anger had to go somewhere, so Justin swung his foot and kicked the phone into the baseboard, where it landed with a thud and a shower of parts. "You suck." He turned and stormed up the central staircase. "Go back to Afghanistan, or Pakistan, or whatever shithole you came from, and stay there this time."

"Aw, you've hurt my feelings." Petty, but for some reason he couldn't resist having the last word. He was dead tired, still pissed, and, frankly, they'd never been close. He'd been ten when his parents had split. With the ink barely dry on the divorce decree, Tom had turned around and married Monica. She'd been such a bitch on wheels Shaun had gladly escaped to military school a couple years later when Justin came along.

A combination of choice and circumstances—including four years at Annapolis and six years with the SEALs—had kept him away pretty consistently since then. Despite the lack of brotherly bonds, he harbored some sympathy for the kid. Or at least not complete apathy, he silently corrected as he returned to his car. Monica had moved to Atlanta without a backward glance. According to their father, she couldn't be bothered to do more than send an occasional text to Justin.

He steered the car back the way he'd come and thought about the other half of the parental equation—their father. Tom Buchanan loved his sons ... in his own distracted, dysfunctional way. His parenting technique swung between benign neglect and attempts to overcompensate for his lack of attention by doing favors and purchasing affection. No surprise Justin had turned out spoiled and self-centered. Life with Mommy and Daddy had taught him to put his needs and desires first, or nobody would. Not your problem, a weary voice in his head interjected. You've got plenty of your own.

A left turn onto Main brought the salon into sight for the second time, and a few personal needs and desires pushed to the forefront of his mind. They centered around the woman he'd held in his arms less than an hour ago, her body pressed so close he could still feel the imprint of tight, toned curves in some very key places. The citrus-y scent of her perfume, or shampoo, or whatever it was, still flirted with his senses—something as distinct and teasingly sexy as the rest of her. Her soft, shuddery moan reverberated in his memory and fueled all sorts of highly entertaining and incredibly inadvisable thoughts.

Her words replayed in his brain as he drove past the shop. I owe you a haircut.

Without meaning to, he glanced at his reflection in the rearview mirror. Dark hair fell across his forehead, nearly to his eyes. His pulse kicked up at the thought of taking her up on her offer.

If he was smart, he'd go to Lexington for a haircut. Or Darfur. Or Mars. Any of those would be less risky. Hell, he'd cut it himself. He was taking care of all his other personal needs these days. Why break tradition? Especially not with a sultry salon owner he could too easily imagine giving him much more than a trim.


Ginny flipped her sign to CLOSED and pulled the string to lower the bamboo blinds shielding the large, street-facing window of her salon. A glance through the glass sent a prickling sensation down her bare arms as tiny hairs stood at attention. There he was—Wolverine—standing at the curb, about to enter the crosswalk. Dusk had fallen in the time necessary to turn dark-haired Dilly Hill into a summer blonde, but the waning light didn't matter. Nor did the fact that he wasn't facing her. She recognized him by sheer size, shape, and the disciplined stillness with which he held himself.

He'd invaded her subconscious every night in the weeks since he'd saved her ass, interrupting her ordinary fare of "winning the lottery" and "forgetting to study for the Geometry final" dreams with erotic, naked adventures. The kind of adventures she awoke from all itchy and achy ... and alone. She and her pillow had gotten unusually close, because a woman on a self-imposed sex hiatus had to take matters into her own hands. Talented as they were, her hands couldn't conjure up the heat and tension of his body pressed against hers. They couldn't recreate the thump of his heart or the weight of his strong arms wrapped around her. Imagination only got her so far, and she was quickly learning when it came to certain things, "so far" wasn't nearly far enough.


Excerpted from Falling for the Enemy by Samanthe Beck, Heather Howland, Sue Winegardner. Copyright © 2014 Samanthe Beck. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Falling for the Enemy (Entangled Brazen) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## Excellent read. The hero and heroine were both likeable in this story. But Shaun was the star of this book for me. Man, this guy was hot. And the sex scenes were fabulous. Really different from the norm. In the best way. The only thing I didn't care for was that the conflict was minor and didn't last very long but the rest was absolutely fun and sexy. This book was part of a series but stands alone just fine. I will read this again for sure.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story , enjoyed the characters, wish it was longer. The sex was hot, and happy there wasn't some horrible past that came up time and time again ( which gets tiresome in my book) so I will give it 4 1/2 stars, because of the length. Looking forward to reading more from this author, because this is my first.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Quick read. Short story so don't expect much in the way of a storyline or character development. Good read for something to get through quickly.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MelodyMay More than 1 year ago
It's time to go back to Bluelick, Kentucky in the third installment of Private Pleasures series. In Samanthe Beck's latest story, Falling for the Enemy, we catch up with Virginia Boca (Ginny) who has decided to throw in her hat for the mayoral seat and try to uproot the incumbent, Mayor Buchanan. Which isn't an easy feat since, he will stop at nothing to remain in his seat. Anyway, Ginny is trying to be a good girl and try to win this election. However, there is a challenge in her way and they call him Wolverine. Well, Wolverine does have real name and it's Shaun Buchanan, and yes he's related to the mayor. Oh boy things just got a bit complicated. She has the hots for the enemy's son. Truth be told Shaun isn't really interested in the town politics, but he ends up in the middle of them. Anyway, Falling for the Enemy does have it hot steamy sexy times. Some of them are kind of dirty, not what your thinking, but dirty. I'm talking dirty bathroom kind of sex, and only in fiction is it hot. Now the chemistry is explosive between Shaun and Ginny, but they have to keep it on the down-low otherwise Shaun's father would use this information to his advantage. Overall, Falling for the Enemy will have you need a cold shower afterwards. So, if you are looking for something to warm you up on a cold winters night, you might consider checking out Falling for the Enemy. Copy provided by the publisher
AllisiaWysong More than 1 year ago
The third book in Samanthe’s Private Pleasures series is full of things one should never do. The biggest for Ginny is to not fall for her competitions sexy mysterious son, Shaun Buchanan. When Ginny decides to run for mayor she knows it will be a fight but she didn’t count on the complication passion would cause. Shaun Buchanan is a former Navy Seal, he was trained to stay quest and only be seen when he wanted to be. He has come home but as hard as he in trying to stay out of the limelight and away from family politics, he can’t. Ginny has drawn him in and he can’t resist her. With the campaign in full swing Ginny has made enemy’s even she doesn’t know about. Shaun wants no needs to keep her safe. What starts as a quick one night stand turns into a passion and love neither were counting and neither want. Samanthe’s writing is brilliant; she has introduced all her characters from the first book. Giving us bits and pieces and then with others huge chunks. Regardless of the information we crave their story, we need to know that the girl who wanted no attachments, but was fiercely loyal to her friends got her guy. Ginny was slowly introduced to us along the way making a splash in her own book. Now let’s not forget the introduction we get of the Buchanan’s up until this book. I don’t know about you but I was not a fan! So, to have another Buchanan show up and win our Ginny, it was perfect! Way to go Samanthe for throwing your curve balls again in this story. I can’t wait to read what you have next!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
mkendallauthorMK More than 1 year ago
I loved this book it was yet another wonderful addition to the Private Pleasures series. The chemistry between Ginny and Shaun was bang on. Broody ex-military hero is definitely one of my fave hero types and Beck hit the mark with Shaun. I could not fault Ginny at all for having trouble keeping her hands off him. I also loved how Beck resolved the issue with the mayor. Overall a great sexy read.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
Ginny Boca is a hairdresser who has decided to do her civic duty and run for mayor against good ol boy Tom Buchannon. She has been on a break from men, and is concentrating on her career, and campaign. WhenShaun, a former marine and son of the current mayor, returns to town and turns her world upside down. They hook up, but decide that a relationship would be too complicated.... This resolve lasts about a day or so, and they eventually find their happily ever after.  This book was fun to read, sexy, and well paced. I enjoyed it! I would reccomend to fans of small town and miltary romances. I was given a free copy for an honest review. 
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
Samanthe Beck has another winner with Falling for the Enemy, the third book from her Private Pleasures series. The setting for this book and the first two is the quintessential small town of Bluelick, Kentucky, where everyone knows your name, address and serial number. This story centers around salon owner Virginia Boca and former Navy SEAL Shaun Buchanan. Virginia is a beautiful, outgoing woman who just happens to be a good listener. Shaun is trying to figure out his future while keeping a low profile about town. He notices Virginia from afar and after getting to know her in every way possible, finds that his nightmares are practically non-existent. Shaun's talents both in and out of the bedroom have caused Virginia to abandon her self-imposed celibacy rule. This is both a hot and sweet love story. Virginia and Shaun have amazing chemistry and Ms. Beck evolves their relationship with a unique combination of warmth and desire. These two characters transported me to Bluelick, as I watched their relationship unfold in real-time. Virginia and Shaun are well-defined, and I could not get enough of them. I did not want the story to end because I just wanted to remain in their lives. Ms. Beck beautifully combines excitement, heat, drama and a little bit of kink into this romantic read. I immediately connected with Virginia and Shaun, and there was never a moment that I did not want them to be together. The secondary characters are important in their own right and add a ton of intrigue to the plot. Overall, this is a terrific book with a happy ending that will leave a smile on your face. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher.
Nicola_1202 More than 1 year ago
Samanthe Beck once again brings her readers a five-start sizzling read with amazing characters and everything from sexy shenanigans to sweetness. I loved Ginny and Wolverine. There is little more I can say because, to quote Ginny, "Wolverine's got skills... 'I can get you off like a personal toy all night, every night and nobody in town will be the wiser.' Once again, everything worked perfectly; enemies to lovers is a favourite of mine and Ginny and Shaun's strengths, vulnerabilities, between-the-sheets/washroom/hair salon antics and fight brought a journey that I devoured and kept me riveted whilst being watched for a concussion (seriously). It made me laugh, sigh, swoon and fan myself, it had moments where I just wanted to hold Shaun tight and with an epilogue that tied up the previous books in the series perfectly, Falling for the Enemy was the full package. Copy received courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest and unbiased opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lots of steamy scenes! I'll never look at a makeup brush the same way.... ;-)
Eve379 More than 1 year ago
This was a huge surprise for me. I loved book 1, "Private Practice", and when I had finally given up on a sequel came book 2, "Light her fire". I didn't expect the 3rd book to come out so soon! We've heard a little about Ginny in both of the previous books, but we really got hints as to what her future had in store for her in book 2. While you don't need to read the previous book, I really liked them and I think it adds to it.  Ginny, probably my favorite female character in series. She's never lacked in confidence, nor has she been known to keep her opinion to herself. She's the owner of the local salon, and as a hair stylist is someone that everyone feels comfortable confiding in. Whether it's gossip, or hard times, she hears it all. She's got her finger on the pulse of the town. It's one of the reasons her friends think she would make a great Mayor. In her bid to become Mayor, she takes a vow of celibacy. She knows she needs to keep her nose clean to avoid the slimy incumbent from dragging her name thru the mud. Everything was going well, until Wolverine... Shaun is making a pit stop in the town he grew up in as he starts to figure out what he's going to do now that he is out of the military. He's restless. He keeps to himself, but he's drawn to watching the owner of the salon, but since he has no intention of getting involved, all he can do is watch. Watching her turns into saving her life. He tries to refuse the free haircut and shave she offers in return, but eventually gives in. That's where the story really starts to pick up. From the second he sat in Ginny's chair I knew it was going to get crazy. I just wasn't expecting it to get that crazy, that quick. It. Was. Amazing. As they started getting closer I really felt for Shaun. Shaun was in the position that women are generally put in. I loved that it was opposite. Samanthe Beck is one of my favorite authors. I love that any of the books in this series will make me LOL, and make me teary eyed. I really hope the series continues.
JillianReadLoveBlog More than 1 year ago
Falling for the Enemy is the third book in author Samantha Beck’s Private Pleasures series. This is a series I have loved for the beginning written by an author I adore but I must say, Falling for the Enemy is by far my favorite of Ms. Beck’s work yet.   Oh my yum, this book was packed with passion, emotion, and even a bit of mystery and suspense. I loved every smoldering second of this story. Ginny Boca has had enough. She’s got enough on her plate with being the owner of her town’s beauty shop and deciding to run for mayor that she surely doesn’t need the aggravation of sex or men. She was tired of having bad relations with the same men and was swearing off sex, at least until the election was over. Of course there was one man she would consider making the exception for…if her ever spoke to her that is. The dangerously sexy and handsome stranger she affectionately nicknamed Wolverine had been in her sights since he showed up a few weeks ago. She soon realized he was out of the question because he acted like a ghost, appearing and disappearing in town without even a wave of hello. But there was something about him, the way he carried himself that told Ginny he was something special. Sort of unluckily, they would finally get their chance to meet what he jumps in and saves her from almost getting run over while crossing the street. Ginny realizes at that moment that he is even better up close than she ever imagined and she has to do something to repay his selfless act. Coincidence that he seems to be in need of a haircut, no? Bingo… Former Navy SEAL Shaun Buchanan was only back in his hometown for as long as it took to figure out what he was going to do next. His life. His career. He had no clue. What he did know was that being back and seeing the beautiful beauty shop owner on a daily basis was something he was becoming to count on. Look forward to. Even if she didn’t know who he was, or that he could tell she had fire and spirit second to none, he coveted the glimpses he caught of her. When he saves her from what could have been an awful accident, touching her in real life proves to be better than he imagined. And when she wants to repay him for being her knight in camo armor, he doesn’t want to accept. He wasn’t ready for personal relationships and getting to know her. He was happy with his self-imposed isolation and it seemed to be working in dealing with his lingering pain from his last SEAL mission. But keeping his manner about him, he knew he had to say yes to the haircut she offered. The question is, would he be able to walk out of her shop when she was done? Having lusted after one another from afar for weeks adds so much heat to the chance-meeting fate has given Shaun and Ginny. There’s no denying their attraction and need to sate the desire flowing between them and luckily they both realize it would be ridiculous not to act on it and after a few days, their connection is growing to something more than just sex. Will what they’ve found be strong enough to stand the test of town gossip and a mayoral campaign? I sat down to start this book; only having about an hour to read at that time, and quickly realized I needed to change my plans for the day. No way was I putting this book down. And I didn’t. From the very beginning there was something about Shaun (aka Wolverine) that had me hooked. He was the strong, silent newcomer that had a way about him that just drew me in…as it did Ginny. Of course that was only a peek into what Shaun has to offer. He’s kind and patient. Struggling with his demons alone and my heart broke for him. He’s loyal and strong and truly a man’s man. Oh, and he is 100% alpha in and out of the bedroom….totally delicious! Ginny is also amazing. She’s got a good head on her shoulders and has a way with people that makes her honest and extremely likeable. She’s a fantastic match for Shaun in so many ways and the fire and passion they share was off the freaking charts! Adding to these two amazing characters is the drama of someone trying to sabotage Ginny’s bid for mayor and this book is the total package. Scandal, mystery, emotion, passion, and beyond sexy, Falling for the Enemy is a book all romance loves should pick up. Thank you, Ms. Beck, for one of my favorite reads this season!
LovinLosLibros More than 1 year ago
Oh my. I just got my world rocked by one Shaun Buchanan. In fact, I think he's my favorite of the Bluelick leading men! He's incredibly sexy and I thought for sure he was going to be a tortured bad boy. Instead, he just keeps to himself, which gives him a mysterious edge. He might not be willing to open up and talk to Ginny in her salon like most of her patrons do, but boy did his actions speak WAY louder than words! I always love when sexual tension boils so high that the couple can't help but throw themselves at one another. It's so deliciously hot and that is exactly what we get during Ginny and Shaun's first encounter. Ginny knows she shouldn't indulge with Shaun, as she is running for mayor and doesn't need any extraneous complications in her life. She knows she has her work cut out for her with the town's current mayor, who seems to have quite a few people in his pocket. However, one time with Shaun is just not as easy as it seems. The man oozes sex appeal and genuinely wants to look out for her, especially since she's having trouble with someone vandalizing her property. Even after Ginny finds out he's the current mayor's son, she still can't seem to let him loose and nor does she want to. As long as they keep their 'dealings' a secret, Ginny's standing in the race won't be compromised. The more time Shaun spends with Ginny and opens up to her, the more he realizes he doesn't want to be kept in the dark, constantly sneaking around. He's falling for her and he refuses to be her dirty little secret. Even after everything Shaun has been through from his time in the SEALS, he is not running from his feelings claiming he's too broken and messed up to be deserving of love. This made me so happy because he just isn't the self-sacrificing type. He wants Ginny and he isn't afraid of that. Ginny is a really sweet character. Her care and concern for the town of Bluelick is genuine and wants to bring about change for the better. One of the biggest issues she has is dealing with the county sheriff department. She feels Bluelick would do better with their own local police department. After seeing how the sheriff's department operated in the previous book, I am right with Ginny on this one. I also really liked that Ginny is a go-getter. She isn't afraid to take charge in her personal, professional, or sexual life. She knows that she probably shouldn't be fooling around with Shaun, but she's not constantly berating herself over her actions either. This is a lighter read and I'm glad it was lower on angst. Ginny and Shaun find resolution to their conflict fairly quickly, which I preferred to the longer, drawn out drama it could have been. It was fun to see familiar faces from previous novels as well and the epilogue was really fitting and a great ending for all our Bluelick couples. Samanthe Beck always brings the steam and this book is no exception. Ginny and Shaun have serious chemistry and like I said earlier, I love it when couples have so much passion together it just explodes and they can't get enough of one another. I won't lie... I think it would be awesome if Samanthe wrote a redemption story for Justin... he's a little punk, but I definitely think his story might be worth telling....
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
My favorite kinds of books are those with strong characters, witty dialogue, and lots of steam and Samanthe Beck consistently provides that. With this latest read we get an emotionally bruised ex-Seal drawn to the woman who's his father's sworn enemy who get together in a fiery battle of the sexes. With secrets causing friction in their relationship, and mysterious figures putting her in danger, will their obvious connection ever reach HEA? Shaun has returned home after a mission gone horribly awry, feeling lost and battling emotional demons. The only thing keeping him going is the fiery redhead full of life that he's quickly becoming obsessed with. After saving her from almost getting ran over by his half-brother the ground work is laid for an emotionally intense connection that catches both of them off guard. His being the son of her mayoral competition though leads to him being her dirty little secret which is okay at first but soon chafes as he realizes how important she's becoming to him. She's a bright light to his darkened soul and brings him peace and comfort through mere words. She's the first person in a long time to truly care for him and represents home and happiness to him. She becomes the reason to finally put down roots and stop roaming. Shaun in turn is a heroic man, willing to do anything to keep her safe. He admires her strength but doesn't hesitate to step in at the first sign of danger. He's super sexy, charming, and very talented at dirty talk which made all their encounters crackle with sexual tension and culminated in LOTS of erotic interludes. Ginny is a strong-willed woman who's lived in this small town all her life and feels invested in it. People may think her flighty but she's very smart and not afraid to do what's right. She may have been a wild child early on but with her now running for mayor she's trying to be a good girl. Glimpses of a dark but thoroughly sexy man make that a difficult task and once they meet it becomes impossible to keep away from him. She senses his loss and longs to comfort him which leads to numerous erotic encounters that help both of them forget the chaos surrounding them. Him being the son of her enemy angers her but ultimately gets swept aside in a sensual haze. Keeping him a secret frustrates her too and has her desperate for more of him. As danger comes from out of the blue though she'll have to rely on him more than ever which forces them to admit their feelings and finally fight for their HEA. This was a fast read with two delightful main characters. Ginny was larger than life and refreshingly outspoken. She was sweet yet not afraid to show her naughty side to Shaun. He was quietly commanding and off the charts HOT. Together their banter was witty and teeming with sexual tension. Their erotic encounters were hot, intense, and yet playful at times. Their relationship progressed quickly but was enjoyable to watch and had me cheering for them. The mystery aspect of the story was a bit lacking as it was only haphazardly included. It never took on an overly serious feel and was wrapped up way too quickly. Ginny and Shaun were the highlight of this story though and Ms. Beck showed them off to perfection. Anyone looking for a fun and flirty read, with lots of erotic encounters, can look right here as Ms. Beck has crafted yet another enjoyable read.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews by Kim Simply put, Falling for the Enemy by Samanthe Beck is a must read. I’m happy to say that I’ve read all of Samanthe’s books and she definitely doesn't disappoint with this one. Virginia “Ginny” Boca is a hairdresser and salon owner. Shaun Buchanan is a career soldier. The two first meet when Shaun saves Ginny from his idiot younger half brother, almost running her over. With no more than a chance to say thank you to the stranger who saved her, the two part ways. Ginny has had enough of the current politics and political leadership of Bluelick and decides to run for mayor. She knows that to beat the current mayor, Tom Buchanan, she has to keep her nose clean. So no partying hard and no revolving door of men. Better yet, no men what-so-ever! Too bad the sexy, dark, and mysterious “Wolverine”, the man who saved her, fills her thoughts and dreams. Shaun has returned to Bluelick to figure out his next move. He’s tired of the military life. Shaun wants to keep a low profile. Too bad he can’t stop thinking about one certain hairdresser, who has the ability to talk too much and yet put people at ease at the same time. Ginny catches Shaun crossing the street and convinces him to let her give his shaggy hair and beard a cut. What should be something innocent turns into more. The result is the two of them christening almost every surface and seat in Ginny’s salon. For these two, one time just isn’t enough. With Ginny running for office, she has to keep her relationship with Shaun under wraps. It never occurs to her to find out what Shaun’s last name is and Shaun could really care less of the politics of Bluelick. But things change when Shaun’s last name is revealed and Ginny has to wonder if she can trust Shaun at all. There’s more to this couple than just sex. Ginny is a really good person who truly wants the best for her community. Shaun, as with all of Samanthe’s heroes, is incredible. He has a sense of honor that is unmatched. When put to the test, he will always do the right thing. Of the three books in this series so far, this is by far my favorite. You just have to read for yourself to find out why. **Received a copy from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest unbiased review.**
Kiwibooknerd More than 1 year ago
Advanced Readers Copy Courtesy of Entangled Publishing...:) Welcome back to Bluelick Kentucky, where the men get hotter with each book and the women sassier and funnier..... This is the story of Virgina, a.k.a Ginny and Shaun, a.k.a Wolverine and how their one night stand becomes a repeat offence that leaves the readers panting for more... Ginny is a hairdresser and owns her own salon in her small hometown. She was born and bread in Bluelick and has now decided to run for mayor. After all being a hairdresser she is up to date with all the gossip in town, not to mention she has a opinion on just about everything. From the first time she lays eyes on the mysterious stranger, she dubs Wolverine, she knows that she wants him. When he saves her after someone pushes her down in front of her salon, she offers him a haircut and shave for helping her.... This of course leads to her having the hottest sex of her night repeatedly with the hunky stranger who she finally finds out is named Shaun. What she does not know and only finds out later is that he also happens to be the son of her opponent running against her in the mayor race. Shaun is a ex navy SEAL who has come home to find his place. He is restoring his dad's old hunting cabin while he decides what to do with his life. He did not anticipate the hot little read head hairdresser catching his attention. What results is these two sneaking around getting to know each other in and out the sheets, which of course leads to many interesting situations. This is truly a great read and once again Samantha Beck has done a great job of giving us truly likeable characters which will keep you reading and entertained from start to finish...
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars--FALLING FOR THE ENEMY is the third installment in Samanthe Beck’s contemporary, adult Private Pleasures romance series focusing on the people of Bluelick, Kentucky. This is former Navy SEAL Shaun Buchanan and salon owner Virginia Boca’s storyline. Although this is the third book in the series, it can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Told from third person point of view FALLING FOR THE ENEMY follows Virginia ‘Ginny’ on her run for mayor of Bluelick, Kentucky. Her only opponent, the current mayor Tom Buchanan, has targeted Ginny in a scheme to ensure she will lose. When Tom’s youngest son takes aim at Ginny, our mayoral candidate finds herself falling into the arms of the new man in town. Enter Shaun Buchanan, a man who keeps his identity a secret and his demons close to his heart. Wild sex at the salon finds Ginny contemplating her future as mayor only to discover that the man with whom she had sex it her opponent’s son. The storyline finds Ginny and Shaun in a sexual relationship that will soon escalate into something more. But Ginny demands that their relationship be kept hidden as she makes a run for the office of mayor. As the mayoral race heats up, Ginny will become the victim of several plans intending to take her down. The relationship between Ginny and Shaun began as a one night stand but soon develops into something more. As Ginny endeavors to keep their relationship hidden, Shaun no longer wants to be Ginny’s ‘dirty little secret’. As the election draws near, Ginny reconsiders what it is she has with Shaun. The sex scenes are spontaneous, seductive and hot. The secondary characters include the previous storyline couples including Dr. Ellie Swan and Tyler Longfoot; Melody Merritt and Josh Bradley. Ellie, Melody and Ginny get together for girl talk and gossip adding some humor and funny moments to the romance storyline. FALLING FOR THE ENEMY is a fast paced, satisfying, sweet romantic storyline. There are moments of betrayal, emotional highs and lows, humor and long, hot sex. There is no overt angst or anxiety just an evenly paced storyline where two people will begin to fall in love under extenuating circumstances. Shaun is a man who knows what it is he wants and he wants Ginny to call his own Ginny faces a battle for the mayor’s seat but it is a battle that has been played out on too many political platforms and will be to come.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This steamy romance is the story of Shaun and Virginia. Ginny is a local salon owner, trading haircuts for stories and determined to give her town of Bluelick a mayor it deserves. A wild passionate fling is not in the cards, at least until the stranger nicknamed "Wolverine" by her friends saves her life, comes to her shop for a haircut and ends up in the chair with her in what could be a compromising position should anyone find out what she eventually does - that he's Shaun, son of the current mayor who is her competition. But secrets are hard to keep, and as things heat up in the mayoral race, they heat up for Shaun and Ginny too. Is a happy ending in the cards for them or will exposure of their secrets and others wreck their chances at a future together? I loved this story! There is no denying that Samanthe Beck can write a sexy story and when you combine the undeniable sexual attraction between Ginny and Shaun with her talents you get a smoking hot story that will knock your socks off! But along with the steamy scenes you also have a town that comes to life in the characters, both old friends from previous stories in the Private Pleasures series and the new ones introduced in this story. Shaun is a lonely man, looking for a new career using his skills learned as a Navy SEAL and a new team to befriend. He's not sure if he'll stay in Bluelick, but the attraction he feels for Ginny is undeniable and he can't stay away from her, particularly when it appears that her stint at mayoral candidacy is attracting some unwanted attention that sets him on edge. His protectiveness of Ginny is sweet and a definite plus of his alpha male mentality (as is his bedroom personality). Ginny is a friendly, smart woman, having worked her way up to owning her own salon. Her decision to run for mayor thrills her friends but attracts enemies too, and having Shaun around to help with the situations that arise is one she admits to herself she likes, even if she wants to put up an independent front where he is concerned. It doesn't take long for them to start to share more with each other than just their bodies, and I loved how their romance developed over the course of the story. This story will keep you entertained from beginning to end, and fair warning, you might want to keep a glass of ice water on hand. 5 stars!
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
5 - "Wolverine's got skills." Stars! Samanthe Beck is an author that can basically do no wrong in my eyes; she has taken a fictional town and its residents and made me want to move there. Bluelick, Kentucky is definitely on the overachiever side of the scale when it come to hot-single-and-ready-to-mingle men, and all of the ones we have so far met have their own little brand of something special to keep a girl on the slightly damp side. ”I can assure you I haven’t been a virgin for a long time…” ”You are by one important standard.” “Oh yeah,” … “How do you reckon?” ”You haven’t had sex with me.” Ginny has featured in the previous two books in this series in that she has been friends with the girls whose stories the books are telling. Ballsy, confident and not afraid to speak her mind, she’s been the talker of the group. It was good to get behind the public persona and see more of the woman behind. ”Sugar, if you’re not happy with your haircut, all you have to do is say so.” What initially turns out as a haircut and shave in thanks for swooping in and saving the day quickly turns into something a whole lot more for Shaun Buchanan. Ginny as owner of the hair salon is known about town, and since his return, ‘accidentally’ ending up in the vicinity of the woman herself and her hair salon has become something of a habit for him. What she doesn’t know, and what he isn’t aware of is that their physical and emotional connection behind closed doors could have a whole heap of ramifications for the both of them if ever made public knowledge. ”Some mistakes are worth repeating.” I think that Samanthe Beck is probably one of the most accomplished writers that I have come across recently who manages to bring her characters to life in such a way that you feel like you have known them forever, what with giving them really well developed and highly emotive back stories as well as personalities that you can’t help but like, you really feel like you are in Bluelick following along with their trials, tribulations and lives with them. "Take a ride with me." Loved this book. Adore this series. I really hope that this isn’t the last we have seen of this town and its residents. ARC generously provided by Entangled, in exchange for the above honest review.
JaneyC More than 1 year ago
ARC generously provided by entangled publishing in exchange for an honest review.. 4.5 "Brace yourself, sweet Virginia" stars Loved, loved this.. Virginia “Ginny" Boca is the town of Bluelick’s ears, when it comes to anything that’s going on. Being the local salon owner, she’s used to townsfolk imparting their hopes, fears and general discord with any public services. It’s what encouraged her to stand for the mayor’s election. She had a plan, a serious plan, that didn’t include any distractions, especially of the manful kind. Shaun “Wolverine” Buchanan has quit his Navy SEAL life, and finds himself back in his hometown of Bluelick. Wandering the streets in his familiar ghostlike skulk, a spirited, red haired siren catches his eye, and he finds himself drawn to her, admiring her from the shadows. Following an incident, which causes Shaun to come out from obscurity, their association commences, innocent initially. But their lust bubbles very close to the surface, and any promises Ginny made to herself. are well and truly tested. What she doesn’t know is that any coalition with this fine feral friend, could scupper her chances with the forthcoming election. I really relish coming across a new story from Samanthe Beck, who seems to have an enviable ability to mix humour, steam and a captivating storyline with ease. Ginny was full of life, love and licks, and saw through Shaun’s vulnerability, heightened by his last operational experience. She had a persona larger than herself, and alongside her friends, I felt she was my new BFF before she’d even got the shaving implements out!  ”Uncensored, unsupervised lust tore through him. Desperate to feed it, he sank his teeth into her lip and tightened his grip on her ass.” Shaun was ruggedly beautiful, hypnotically seductive, and lustfully mine..yes mine. That was my lip, and definitely MY ass! He wouldn’t be a back-alley booty call for me. I definitely look forward to venturing back to Bluelick soon. 
Phe_BookMusings More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars - As the third installment of the Private Pleasures series begins, the mayoral race in Bluelick, Kentucky, is heating up as salon owner Virginia Boca officially announces her candidacy against the previously unopposed, two-term incumbent Tom Buchanan. After years of sitting around complaining about certain things that can only be fixed at the town council level, Ginny Boca has decided it's time to get involved. Knowing her opponent won't go down without a fight and that he's never been afraid to sling a little mud, she's well aware the campaign could get ugly. Which is why she doesn't intend to hand him any dirt to fling her way. Determined to keep her reputation clean ... or cleaner than her opponent's at any rate—though, behaving better than him shouldn't be difficult, considering he could take lessons in fidelity from a stray dog—she's declared herself celibate ... at least until she wins the election. Which means no hot men. And no sex. So, naturally, as soon as she puts herself on a sexual moratorium, a mysterious new man appears on the scene. And when he saves her life by pulling her from the path of an oncoming vehicle, the least Ginny can do is offer her savior a free haircut ... right? Former Navy SEAL Shaun Buchanan has returned to his hometown to figure out his next step. Wanting to keep a low profile while he's there and avoid the small-town soap-opera, he's been restoring his father's old hunting cabin outside of town. But for weeks, he's been finding excuses to pass by Ginny's salon at the end of the day. And what's an ex-SEAL to do when a speeding car nearly runs down the sexy little redhead? But when Ginny's innocent offer of a haircut turns into hours of wickedly hot sex, bringing her sexual hiatus to a shattering end—or more like a fireworks finale—she begins to thinks perhaps a short detour off the straight and narrow isn't such a bad thing ... until she discovers that the dangerously sexy stranger is none other than the current mayor's son. And Shaun's a complication she doesn't need, but can't resist.  “I can get you off like a personal toy all night, every night, and nobody in town will be the wiser.” Ginny can't afford to get caught in a sex scandal, which is exactly what sleeping with her adversary’s son would amount to, and with her reputation and the election on the line, she's determined to keep their nightly sexcapades a secret. But Shaun's not willing to stay in the shadows forever… Another steamy, small-town romance, Falling for the Enemy can be read as a standalone, but why deny yourself of the other sexy stories in this series. There's simply no denying that Samanthe Beck can write a well-developed erotic read, but the third book in this series fell a bit flat for me. Individually, I really liked both Ginny and Shaun, and their chemistry was undeniable—truly explosive and creative! Together as a couple, not so much. Overall, their relationship just felt forced to me. The story contained very little drama and from the beginning it was fairly clear how it all would end. Still, a fun, flirty read with a satisfying HEA, Falling for the Enemy, while not my favorite story in the series, is full of spontaneous, erotic sexcapades and Ms. Beck's brand of wicked humor that will keep me coming back to Bluelick, Kentucky again and again.