Final Siege (Love Over Duty Series #2)

Final Siege (Love Over Duty Series #2)

by Scarlett Cole

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"Cole is a genius at weaving together heart-racing, suspenseful moments with scorching intimacy and real characters." - USA Today

Hard, hot, and exhilarating, a sexy ex-Navy SEAL and a headstrong investigative journalist get a second chance at love in Final Siege by Scarlett Cole.

Former SEAL Malachai “Mac” MacCarrick is all about the future he’s created with his Navy brothers in Eagle Securities, taking assignments in the most dangerous places, and doing things no one but ex-military would attempt. But when an urgent phone call brings his troubled past—and the woman he once loved—into the present, it’s a chance to redeem himself that he can’t refuse.

An investigative journalist researching an explosive story, Delaney Shapiro tells herself she got over Mac—and his role in her brother’s death—a long time ago. But the first moment she sees him at her bedside in an overseas hospital, she knows it’s not true. Every moment together rekindles the desire that once burned between them, and now that she’s a target for an emerging Russian arms dealer, Mac won’t let her out of his sight. To protect her, he’ll risk it all—including his life…

“Non-stop action and heart-pounding romance...a must-read for romantic suspense fans!”
Cynthia Eden, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author on Under Fire

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ISBN-13: 9781250128478
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 01/30/2018
Series: Love Over Duty Series , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 97,285
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Born in England, Scarlett Cole traveled the world, living in Japan and the United States before settling in Canada where she met her own personal hero – all six and a half feet of him. She now lives with her husband and children in Manchester, England where she's at work on her next book. She is the author of The Strongest Steel.

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Malachai "Mac" MacCarrick pulled the knife from its sheath with barely a whisper. During his years as a Navy SEAL, most of his ops had been black in nature, with silence a prerequisite for staying alive. He and this knife went way back, a gift from someone special who knew and understood his appreciation for a well-made blade sharpened to his exact requirements. Light reflected off the metal, its balance perfection as he turned it in his hand. It had spent most of the last decade in storage in his parents' garage, but in the nine months since he'd left the Navy to start up Eagle Securities he'd enjoyed using it again.

"It's a goddamn chef's knife ... not an MK 3. Can you bring it into the living room so we can cut the damn cake?" Six, his partner in crime since the day they'd met in kindergarten, and co-owner of Eagle Securities, leaned against the doorframe of the bright kitchen in Mac's apartment. Well, it wasn't technically his apartment. He was housesitting for his younger brother, Lochlan, who had not only gotten away with a marginally more bearable Irish name than he had, but had also gotten the lion's share of the brains. He was off in San Francisco, angel investing in some tech incubator, doubling his money in a building that had slides for grown-ups and mandatory massage breaks. Still there were worse places to be than his brother's pad in the luxurious condo building, The Legend, which overlooked the Padres' stadium, especially on a day like today.

Cake. He looked down at the knife. A birthday cake for Cabe, the final part of their triumvirate. Once, though, they had been four. The memory of Brock stabbed at him as surely as if he'd pierced his heart with the knife in his hand. You never got over killing a friend, no matter what the circumstances.

He cleared his throat and locked the memory down tight as he had for the last fourteen years. Thinking of Brock would also mean thinking of Brock's sister, Delaney, and there definitely would be no coming back from that.

"On it. Did you talk to Lou about heading out again so quickly?" Mac asked. Lou had come into Six's life last summer when they'd taken on the job of protecting her from criminals who wanted to steal a formula she'd been working on and turn it into a weapon for chemical warfare. Somewhere along the line they'd fallen in love with one another.

They were quite the pair, the outgoing warrior and the cripplingly shy scientist, and it hurt Mac to watch them at times. He'd once had what they had — and he'd lost it through his own recklessness.

"Yeah. She isn't thrilled we're heading into Syria, but she gets it. Gets me, I guess."

Mac handed the knife to Six and then grabbed a beer from the counter before heading into the living room that overlooked the ballpark. The rest of the crew was spread around the apartment. Gaz, and Jackson, stood laughing by the open balcony doors as Miller complained for the thousandth time about his nickname, Lite. March in San Diego was a little hit and miss, but today the sun beat down on the patio where Sherlock, Buddha, and Ryder were looking out over the stadium toward the Coronado Bridge. On days like this, when the water sparkled blue and he was surrounded by his friends and coworkers, he focused on the good that had happened in his life instead of the bad. They didn't sing "Happy Birthday" — because they were a group of grown men for fuck's sake. But Louisa stepped out of Six's shadow to place a single candle on the cake and instruct Cabe to blow it out. When Cabe rolled his eyes, she playfully smacked him on the shoulder and pointed to the candle. Honestly, Cabe was probably doing them all a favor by putting off the moment when he'd have to cut that cake. Louisa had baked it herself, and knowing how dedicated the vegetarian was to healthy eating, Mac was pretty sure it would be sorely lacking in butter, eggs, and sugar. All the good stuff his mom crammed into her cooking, Louisa wouldn't use. So, the cake was destined to taste awful.

"Come on, make a wish!" Louisa insisted. It was impossible to guess what Cabe would wish for, really. An hour-long sit-down with Warren Buffett? A first edition of The Art of War ... in Chinese, if such a thing still existed.

Mac had spent most of his life mediating between Six and Cabe since the day he'd had to break them up as they'd fought over a tattered copy of One Fish, Two Fish in kindergarten. For all their love for each other, they were so different. Cabe was as cerebral as Six was spontaneous. At the same time, though, their differences also made them a great team. With Cabe's intense focus, Six's ability to roll with just about any situation, and Mac's resourcefulness, they were a force to be reckoned with.

It was a very rare day that the entire team was home at the same time. Since setting up Eagle Securities nine months before, they'd quickly developed a reputation as exceptional special ops contractors, putting them in demand both domestically and internationally. At first it had been a crazy rush of excitement when the contracts had started to come in and they could step away from the security training they'd set up as a sideline. But trying to stay ahead of the resources required and keeping up with scheduling had quickly become a logistical nightmare. Though they periodically hired outside contractors to keep up with the demand, their ultimate goal was to attract the best ex-special-forces skills possible and add them to the team. Interviewing and screening candidates took time. And truth be told, all three of them would much rather be out in the field than stuck behind a desk asking people where they wanted to be in five years. But it had to be done, so despite the demand for their expertise, they were on a three-day break to rest up, refocus, and take care of administrative shit that was piling up around them.

Mac's cell phone rang, and he looked down at the screen. Germany. His chest tightened. The largest military hospital outside of the U.S. was in Landstuhl. Over the course of his career, calls from Germany had either been the best kind of news — that everyone had survived their missions intact — or the worst kind, in which he'd find out that someone was injured. Or fallen.

"Hello," he said, stepping back into the kitchen.

"Am I speaking with Captain Malachai MacCarrick?"

He tried to place the voice. Female. American. Plus, he hadn't been called "Captain" in a while. It was almost strange to hear. "Speaking, although I've left the service."

"This is Meredith Dean from the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. I'm calling on behalf of one of our patients. A Delaney Shapiro."

Mac's mouth went dry at the mention of her name. A name he thought about a thousand times a day but never said out loud. An image of her laughing in the surf, the tiny diamond stud she wore in her nose sparkling in the sunshine as she grinned at him, crashed into his brain. "Is she okay?" he asked, trying to stem the flood of memories that threatened the edge of his usual control. Memories of their first kiss, of the first time she'd let him slide his hands over her soft, tanned skin. The day she'd let him take her virginity in a motel room on the way to Napa for a relative's wedding. The moment she'd slapped him in front of her brother's coffin fourteen years ago and told him she never wanted to see him again.

And she hadn't since.

"Ms. Shapiro has sustained significant injuries, but in moments of lucidity, she has asked if you are here yet. We have been unable to reach her immediate next of kin."

He strode to his office, grabbed his passport from the safe, and shoved it into his back pocket. "Tell her I'm on my way. I'm coming from San Diego. I'll be on the first flight I can get."

He hung up the phone and threw enough clothes for a few days into his backpack. Clean underwear and socks, always-packed toiletry bag, three T-shirts, two pairs of jeans, and a couple of hoodies, because if he remembered correctly, March in Germany was cold.

He hurried to the living room and signaled to Cabe and Six.

"What's up?" Cabe said, eying the backpack on the bed. "We got a job?"

"I gotta go," he said. "Delaney is in Landstuhl." He unplugged his chargers from the wall and shoved them into the front pocket of his pack.

"What the hell?" Six tugged his hand through his hair. "The place or the hospital? What happened?"

For the first time since his phone had rung, Mac allowed himself a moment of panic. "Hospital. I don't know how she ended up there. All I know is that she's been asking for me when she's lucid. I'm sorry guys, it means we're going to be short for —"

"Shut up," Cabe said. "You need to go. And we've got your back. Don't worry about tickets. I'll find you a flight while you're on route to the airport. I'll text you details, okay?"

Mac nodded and gathered his wits. He shoved his jacket into the top of his backpack as he had no intention of checking anything. He wanted to walk off that plane and head straight to the hospital. "Thanks, guys. I'll let you know what's what as soon as I get there."

Cabe stood and slapped him on the back in a hug. "Take care, man."

Six did the same.

"Lock up for me?" he said to Six as he made for the door without waiting for a response.

Delaney needed him.

He finally had the chance to make things right.

* * *

Even though her eyes were closed, Delaney could tell the light above her head flickered. And it was making the pain in her head so much worse. With the last of her energy, she attempted to force her eyes open but couldn't. It felt like her eyelids had been glued together. Had she been in an accident? Her heart raced. Nothing made sense.

Every part of her body ached. Her chest felt like it was on fire when she breathed. And the one time she'd tried to move her leg to relieve the ache in her lower back, pain had seared up her calf. Voices came and went, some not speaking English and none of them familiar.

Fear. She couldn't control it. It consumed her. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew that staying alert was the only way to get out of a difficult situation, but she was so tired. Exhaustion threatened to suck her back under, but she was determined to push through.

"Delaney? Hey, Buttons, can you hear me?" A man spoke to her. Knew her name. Sounded familiar. Who was Buttons? She tried to turn her head toward the voice. Anything that would let the person know she could hear him, whoever he was.

She clung to the voice, but it became garbled. Soon, she could no longer hear it. Then she felt ... nothing.

She had no idea how much time had passed before she finally heard the voice again.

"How long will she be like this for?" The voice sounded clearer. Less ... muffled.

"It's the combination of the painkillers and medication she needs right now, Sir, and the legacy effect of drugs they used on her. She needed rest. They said she was very lucky to be rescued." A different voice. A woman. And titles, like Sir.

"I want to know who brought her in. Can you get me that information, please?" The man was controlled. Insistent. Firm.

"That's not information I am able to provide, but it'll be my pleasure to find somebody who can talk with you." Footsteps moved away from her.

"Goddammit, Delaney," the man muttered. "What the hell were you doing?"

Someone took her hand. The man, she assumed, given how close to her ear his voice was. Close enough that she could feel his breath on the side of her face. Something about his touch felt familiar but it was impossible to process anything more than that. She tried to move away, to tug her hand free of whoever held it.

"Delaney, oh my God. Can you hear me? Squeeze it again if you can hear me, Buttons."

This time, instead of pulling away, she willed her fingers to move.

"Nurse! She just squeezed my hand."

She gave opening her eyes another try, finally prying them apart. But the bright sunlight in the room and the flickering fluorescent were more than she could stand. She closed them again and tried to speak, but her mouth was drier than the desert.

The desert.

She heard a click, and the room darkened mercifully. Somebody had shut off the light. Memories raced back. Something beeped next to her, the noise feeling like nails driven into her eardrums. Stop it, please! Someone! She reached for her face and felt a tube near her nose, trying to tug it away. Where the hell am I?

What had happened? The jarring groan of grinding gears, of a broken or misused clutch, sounded through her head. But she couldn't figure out why it was relevant.

"Delaney, stop it. You're going to hurt yourself." The man's voice was right next to her ear. He held her by the wrist. They'd been held before. With rope. Oh, God. Why was I tied up?

She was going to be raped. Or worse, killed like in those awful videos. Frustration battled with fear as her body wouldn't respond to the most basic of demands. What had they given her? Something to subdue her. A drug of some kind. Her head spun with all the possibilities, but her body lay useless. She couldn't die, not without trying to live.

"Help," she tried to shout as the beeping sound increased. But she could barely speak. Hands pressed her shoulders to the bed. "No!" But her body still wouldn't respond. Tears burned the corners of her eyes as defeat settled over her.

"Please," she whispered. "Don't do this."

"Nothing's going to happen to you, Delaney. You're safe."

The accent. It was American. That had to be a good sign. She forced her eyes to open again. "Help me."

"Buttons, I got you, okay? It's Mac. I'm here."

Through the tears and the halo of sunshine, she tried to take in the blurry outline. "Mac?" "Yeah. It's me, Delaney."

Mac. Dear God. What the ... She closed her eyes, but held onto biceps that were firm and strong. Her anchor.

"Hey. It's okay, sweetheart. You gotta wake up. I know you hate waking up, but I need you to."

She opened her eyes again, concentrated on focusing, as he wiped her cheeks with a tissue. "What ... happened? Why are you ..."

What had she done? Everything hurt and her headache pounded in rhythm with her racing heart. Why was Mac there? Had somebody called him?

Rescuers. There had been rescuers. She gasped, then exhaled. Air escaped her lungs so quickly she feared they'd permanently deflated. She'd been taken, shoved to the floor of a truck. Her source had told her that those men could be trusted. They were supposed to be willing to share their side of the story. God, she was going to vomit.

The hut. She could still smell the dirt into which she'd been thrown down face-first. In the spot where she'd been left for what felt like days, hours blending together. When finally the guys with guns had burst into the house in which she'd been hidden and had told her in calm American accents that they were there to get her out. They'd lifted her broken body, and the pain had been too much. Passing out had been blessed relief.

"Mac," she whispered, and tried to stop the tears and the uncontrollable shaking of her body. She shrugged his hands off her shoulders, and scrambled to the other side of the bed. Even as he held his hand in the air, the universal sign of surrender, a part of her wanted to reach for him, to let him hold her the way he had when she'd sneak into his dorm room at night.

Her head spun in confusion as she pressed her fingertips to her temples. She couldn't do this again, couldn't grieve for him all over again. Not on top of everything else.

"Delaney, sweetheart. You're safe." Those eyes of his that always reminded her of the dark blue ocean at sunset reassured her she was. She'd dreamt of them. Missed them.

God, the anger she felt toward him now was only a fraction of the love she'd felt for him all that time ago. Until he'd killed her brother when they were both twenty years old.

Delaney jolted and swallowed, trying to get some moisture back into her mouth, and failing. "Where am I?" she gasped as she attempted to hide her confusion. She had a thousand questions right now, but getting answers was what all her years as an investigative reporter had trained her to do best.

"Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany. What happened to you? Where did they bring you in from?"

Germany? "Water," she gasped.

"On it," Mac said, jumping to his feet. Delaney took one deep breath after the other to regain control.

What was he doing here? How had he even known where she was? And if he'd found out she was here, wouldn't her mother also ... She glanced around the room, though she knew better. Her mother was no doubt still at home, self-medicating with a large bottle of Southern Comfort.


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by .
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Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
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Final Siege 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
Rhodes123 More than 1 year ago
Malachai "Mac" MacCarrick is a former SEAL and has started a new company Eagle Securities, with his "brothers in arms". Mac and his best friends takes assignments in dangerous places and do things that nobody else wants to do. His best friend died 14 years ago and when he lost him he also lost his girlfriend, Delaney, who happens to be the sister of his best friend, the girl he wanted to spend forever with. Mac can't stop thinking about her and suddenly gets an urgent phone call from a hospital in Germany asking him to get there quickly, that she has been asking for him. Maybe, this is his chance to redeem himself. Delaney Shapiro, is an investigative journalist, and goes places and does things that are dangerous. She promised herself after the death of her brother that she would make a difference and serve the truth in her stories for her country. Her research this time has caused her to be hurt by her enemies. When she is finally able to open her eyes in the hospital, she sees Mac, the one that she just can't get over and the man who is at fault for her brothers death. Time together reignites the spark that once burned between them. Delaney tries to draw boundaries but Mac is determined to pick up where they left off. Once, back in the U.S., she is being followed and the trouble she found in Germany has now made her a target by a Russian arms dealer. Mac doesn't want her out of his sight and enlists the help of his team members to help protect her. He will risk a future with her and his life to protect her at all cost....
belllla More than 1 year ago
3.5stars This story is a story about losing one of the important people in your life and finding hard to cope with grief. That's why Delany doesn't lose just her brother but also her friends and one true love. After years apart she meets Mac again on foreign soil all broken and beaten. She doesn't recall but her subconscious had him called. Mac didn't expect to ever see Delaney again especially not under these circumstances. And now that she is in his life again he makes everything in his power that she stays. But the journey is difficult full of old resentment and pain. It is intense story emotionally and situational because Delany is not finished with her research yet and of course because her job is becoming dangerous Mac will do anything to help her and protect her. I liked Mac, he is a strong character likable. I didn't like Delaney to much she was ok but I really didn't like hatred toward Mac you could really feel the resentment and she delivery fought against all the good that Mac did for her. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
xCynyx More than 1 year ago
Second chance romance? Check! Badass Heroine? Check! Super Hot Alpha Guy? Check! Amazing Chemestry? Check! Check! Check! 15 years ago, a tragedy torned Mac and Delaney apart. She needs to forget about him and move on and he keeps hoping for her to give him another while knowing he's to blame. But when Delaney is danger, Mac is the first person she calls. This is the kind of book that makes you want to hug the characters and tell them everything will be alright. I understood where each caracther was coming from with their pain and doubts and I couldn't blame them or get impatient. They have gone through so much they needed to move at their own time and the pace was perfect for the story. Mac is such an amazing guy. Strong and determined. Super sexy and caring. He would do anything for Delaney. Even when she doesn't want help, he puts her over everything else, including his work. But he never treats her as a damsel in distress he makes sure she has ways of protecting herself. Delaney is my kind of heroine. She needs no one, she knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it and honestly? her job as a reporter is something i always looked up to so she gets bonus points for that. Delaney is also the biggest issue in her and Mac relationship, because she's not ready to let the past go and won't let herself to see where they could go. Final Siege is a great combination of second chance love, drama and action. Delaney's life is in danger but so is her heart and in the middle of finding out who wants her dead, she and Mac need to figure out what is left of their relationship and if they can continue. The chemestry between Mac and Delaney is still there, palpable but their heads aren't. Reading their story was a great experience and I can't wait to see more about the men at Eagle Securities.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great read! Filled with emotions, suspense, action, and love, I enjoyed every moment of Delaney and Mac's story. This is my first read in this series and even though it's the second book, I don't feel like I missed a beat while reading it. I will say that I will be getting the first book, Under Fire, because I am so curious about Six and Louise' s story. Lol. This book was well written, informative, detailed without being boring and a bit of a tear jerker. I'm glad that Mac was able to finally tell his side of the story, in the events that led to Brock's death. Malachi, I have to say, is one of the best heroes that I have read in a while. He is strong and resilient and even though him and Delaney had been separated for over a decade, he never stopped loving her. When she called his name, he came running, even knowing that he could get hurt. I just felt for him on an emotional level. He is just awesome! Delaney was able to move on and make her peace with her brother and with herself, knowing that Mac was always the right choice. I'm glad that Mac and Delaney got their HEA! 4.5 stars!!!
RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
I've loved everything that Scarlett Cole has given us since the first tattoo hottie in the Second Circle series.  She does such a fantastic job of creating sexy, take-charge men with big hearts and a ton of understanding.  It doesn't matter what situation they find themselves in, they will do their best to do what they think is right.  And, of course, Mac is no different.   He's been carrying around a big regret for years and he finally might get his change to set things right.  Of course, it's not going to be easy and there is a lot of turmoil before he can set things right with Delaney.  But they have a connection that has managed to last through time and heart-break so if they can manage to put the past to rest it will be worth it.   Delaney has come a long way from the girl she used to be, but she's never gotten over Mac or his role in her brother's death.  When a dangerous situation brings him back into her life she finds it difficult to keep her distance.  She may not want to let those feelings go but it won't be easy when danger follows her back to California & Mac is the only thing standing between her and harm.   I've been reading a lot of military/suspense romance series and I don't know if I'm getting them confused, but I remember a bit more action in Under Fire.  While we do get it (and Cole does an AWESOME job of making it tense and thrilling), it mostly happens towards the end of the book.  The main part involves the back and forth between Mac & Delaney as they come to terms with their past & whether they can have a future.  Don't get me wrong, the emotional portion of the book is well done and quite compelling.  It's just that I was expecting something a little different so it took me of guard :)   *** I voluntarily read a Review Copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else’s. ***
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Final Siege by Scarlet Cole Love Over Duty #2 Second chances at love with the woman you thought you would spend the rest of your life with don’t happen often so when Mac MacCarrick receives a call saying that Delaney Shapiro is asking for him he is on the next plane to Germany. He finds Delaney battered, bruised and sedated. He wants to take care of her and hopes there may be a second chance for them after fourteen years apart. Delaney is not sure why he is there and is unable to easily forget the “hate” she has felt for Mac over the years… With time she does thaw a bit but until a secret is revealed she is still in a bit of limbo. This story deals with the men of Eagle Securities Company and each of the two stories so far has seen one of the men meet the woman that is to be in his future. Both women have had compelling life threatening entities to deal with that required the assistance of the ex-military men they eventually fall for. And, there was a bit of overlap between books one and two in who the threat was perpetrated by. I wonder if in book three there will be another source of threat to the woman that is the main character and also who which male will be involved. The road to love for Mac and Delaney is not easy. There are tense moments, emotional battles to be waged, evil assassins to thwart and a friendship and love to rekindle. I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the next book in the series. It did make me wonder about what compels people to take risks that can be life threatening as Delaney did with her investigative journalism and Mac did in the military and pondering that was an interesting thing…as was thinking about how journalists and military might have different viewpoints on the same situation. Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the ARC – This is my honest review.
Monnie777 More than 1 year ago
I laughed, cried and was fighting for Mac and Buttons. I have not read the first book and you don't have to, to read this book but I do want to read the first book cause I would like to read Six and Lou story. These books have HOT former Seals who now own their own Security company. This is Mac and Buttons story and they have a lot to overcome and most has to do with a bad accident that happened 14 years ago. This is a HEA and you want to fight for Mac and Buttons to make it and help them along the way. I would like to find out who Cabe ends up with, I am hoping he will be the next book. *Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this for my honest opinion*
TBR_Book_Blog More than 1 year ago
I am truly envious of the ability Scarlett Cole has to ability to craft these stories that enthrall and grab my attention! The men are alpha and cocky enough that they aggravate you but sweet enough that they make you swoon. And every story is different!! I don't feel like I've read the same story just featuring a different couple. I think Mac might be my favorite story but I just feel like Ghost is going to be the story to really break me. All of these Eagle Securities guys are awesome in their own way but even as a group. They all aren't the same, which as it says in the story, is what makes them all work better as a team. Another series to add to the watchlist!!
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
With the intense start of a run for a rescue of an old girlfriend half across the world, at the beginning of the story, I jumped in the series by a new author to me with high hopes and great expectations. I liked the idea of the story, the plot of the young lovers separated 14 years ago by a tragic death of a brother and a best friend and all the trouble they run into because of their professions as a journalist and a former SEAL now security expert. I thought that the team of best friends and military brothers were fun and entertaining, their teamwork seamless, and the support they gave to each other priceless. I liked Mac, he was attractive, kind, protective, loyal, and smart. He was easy to be around with, and he genuinely cared about people around him. He was an alpha military man, tough and rough, yet his heart's desire was to have a family, a loving wife and children, a home. He once thought he was going to have it all with Delaney Shapiro but she tore them apart accusing Mac of her brother's death. I tried to like Delaney, I tried to be as forgiving as Mac and keep giving her second chances. But she just rubbed me the wrong way with her selfish, stubborn act that was rather immature, as well. Her ideologies and judgments made me see red, there were a lot of details with her that I struggled with through the story. The push and pull between Mac and Delaney didn't stop them from having steamy love scenes. The big secret that Mac was holding out of loyalty to his dead best friend was the key that kept me reading, I wanted to see how Delaney reacted to the reveal, hoping she would redeem herself. The majority of the story deals with the back and forth between the reuniting Mac and Delaney. It is towards the end where the action starts, where the investigation jumps forward leaps and bounds, that the adrenaline starts pumping, and things start happening with hair-raising speed and vigor. Like I mentioned at the beginning I liked the plot and idea of the storyline, but the eARC I received must have been a really raw and rough copy of the book since there were issues with timing - did it happen three days ago, a day ago, or that morning - type of guessing. When you have to go back and check what was it, and the timeline confusing the natural flow, it did make an impact on the enjoyment of the tale. Another thing was the jumping from scene to another without any warning or indication of the change of the different place, time, or the characters altering. This would just happen in the next sentence. Sometimes what was in a middle of a scene, in my mind. Either there were big junks of the story cut off without smoothing the edges or there was a considerate amount of editing still needed before the book is released. Despite all the issues I personally faced with the story and its flow, I hope the final copy that ends up in the reader's hands has been smoothed out of all the kinks. For the tight brotherhood, for the action and pressure towards the end, for Mac and his patience, loyalty, and love of family ~ Two Spoons with a teaspoon on the side
crys12065 More than 1 year ago
I am enjoying this series immensely, I loved the first book but this one has become my favorite so far. Mac and Delaney had so much emotion, passion and heat. Their past made my heart hurt and I was curious as to how everything would unfold so they could get their HEA. Scarlett Cole Does not disappoint as the queen of romantic suspense!! She can always weave just the right amount of romance and angst along with that edge of your seat suspense. I don’t like too heavy on the suspense preferring to focus more on the couple and she does that beautifully. I was intrigued from the first chapter and unable too put the book down. The secondary characters are well developed and I love everyone’s inter relationships. Plus Mac is just the perfect sexy Alpha with a sweet side. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!! Another 5 star for this super talented author.
JenniferSchultheisJS More than 1 year ago
Final Siege by Scarlett Cole is book two in the Love Over Duty series and gives readers a suspenseful tale and a second chance romance all wrapped up in one book! Delaney and Mac were in love, but almost 15 years ago, tragedy tore them apart. Delaney and Mac have never gotten over each other. Their love for each other was a once in a lifetime kind of love and now Delaney is need of help, Mac has no issues with picking up where they left. He’s not about to let Delaney go. In order for them to start over, Delaney must face the past and let go of the pain she carries. Cole delivers a fast-paced novel with many twists to keep the reader on edge. Well-written with plenty of emotion when it’s called for and enough suspense to keep me happy! Overall, a recommended read!
mrsdiddy More than 1 year ago
4 Stars! An intense, fast-paced, and suspenseful, this second chance romance from Scarlett Cole with have you on the edge of your seat, flipping pages as fast as possible. Mac and Delaney's story is good, really good. Tragedy caused a rift, while stubborness and blame kept it open. Now, years later, Delaney needs Mac's help. I really enjoyed this book!
Rainn2978 More than 1 year ago
This is book 2 in the Love Over Duty series. It absolutely can be read as a standalone book as I didn't read the first book and fully understood the story. This book is about Malachai “Mac” MacCarrick and Delaney Shapiro. Mac and Delaney were childhood sweethearts until a horrible accident brought about the end of the relationship. Mac never thought he would have a chance to make things right with Delaney until he receives a phone call saying she is in the hospital and asked for him. Delaney thought she was over Mac a long time ago. And doesn't even remember asking the hospital to call him. She doesn't want to grow to depend on him or care again but the circumstances of her injuries forces them into proximity. And they both realize how much they still care about each other. I really enjoyed this book. I haven't read any other books by Scarlett Cole but this one was very good. There were parts that were slightly slow for me and parts where I really didn't like Delaney as a person, which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. But on a whole I liked it. Mac is a very sweet, loyal, and loving man. He will do anything and everything for his friends, including give up his own wants and dreams. Delaney is obsessed with the truth, to the point of ignoring her own safety. But once she realizes how wrong she was about certain things, she begins to understand Mac and why he is like he is. I really liked how they reconnected and grew to love the people they are now instead of the kids they were. Including loving some of the differences between then and now. This was definitely a good read. Now I can't wait for Cabe's story!!
n7kk7br00ks More than 1 year ago
I loved the first book in this series so I had high hopes for this book and I was not disappointed. Mac and the others from Eagle Security have been friends since they were toddlers. But tragedy struck and they lost one of their friends. But Mac lost more than a friend, he also lost the love of his life, Delaney, the sister of his lost friend. She could not get past the fact that Mac was there but could not save her brother. Fast forward a decade or so and Mac and the boys have founded Eagle Security and Mac has had no contact with Delaney. But when he gets a call from Germany that Delaney has been hurt and is asking for him, he drops everything to go to her. Delaney is now an investigative reporter, steeped into a deep web of corruption, arms dealing and potentially with a drug dealing connection. She is kidnapped and beaten to a pulp. When she finally wakes up she doesn't know what to make of Mac being there. She grudgingly accepts his help and him getting her home but she is not ready to rip off the Band-Aid covering her heart. But when danger continues to dog Delaney she has to turn to Mac for help and all their old feelings flood to the top but she struggles with separating her love for Mac and her anger at the loss of her brother. We get to drop in on the shy genius that is Louisa and we get to see a bit more of Ghost and the others at Eagle. I loved meeting Mac's big, Irish, huggy, family. I enjoyed the way that Delaney was just swept up into the family as if she had never been away. It was also great that she didn't fall into Mac's arms right away, she really had to wrangle with her emotions, even when her body was telling her something else. Superb!
nelriv More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in this series. I love love love Mac. I just wished that he had another love interest besides Delaney. I understood that she had lost her brother and that is painful, however I felt she needed to get help and move on. Holding on to hatred and resentment is not healthy and she was too stubborn. Mac dropped everything for her and still loved her, so either sit and communicate with him and work at it, or move on. Does keep you entertained, just frustrating at times.
ZR1000 More than 1 year ago
A suspenseful second chance romance… This is the second book in the Love Over duty series that can be read as a stand-alone. Along with two best friends, former Navy SEAL Malachai (Mac) MacCarrick founded Eagle Securities. There used to be a fourth member to this group of friends until death parted them. It was that death that led these men into the service and now into their own security company, the death of one helped define the others from that day forward. Events in the past never truly leave us though the memories dim, for these men, and Mac especially, the past is about to return in full force. A telephone call from a military hospital in Germany sends Mac running overseas to assist the only woman he’s ever loved and unfortunately lost, she’s the sister of the friend who died. It’s been fourteen years with no contact but he’ll take this chance to make amends in any way he can, he owes it to her brother and her. On assignment overseas, investigative journalist Delaney Shapiro was abducted while tracking down evidence for an explosive story on illegal arms smuggling with connections to the United States. She’s beaten badly before being rescued and while in the hospital she calls out for the man she once loved though she hasn’t dealt with him in years. Her subconscious reached out for him and he answered the call to her immense frustration for she has reason to hate the man. When the danger follows her home she’s forced to trust Mac for protection but still wants her story. How does she reconcile the passionate feelings she still has with the hatred toward him? Can she forgive him for the role he played in her brother’s death? This was a suspenseful second chance romance, years after a tragedy tore two lovers apart. Neither one is the same person they were, the years have changed them, evolved them, but the feelings they once felt never truly died. They were left with unfinished business and now have a chance to finish things once and for all or try again. The hero took protection to the extreme, the heroine had built walls against the memories they shared and he has a devil of a time knocking them down. Closure and redemption and an undying love are themes found in the story. An advanced reading copy was obtained from the publisher via NetGalley.
Kindle_Loving_Mom More than 1 year ago
I really enjoy this author's romantic suspense titles! I LOVED book 1 of this series, and this one was great too. But, I have a serious love/hate relationship with second chance romance stories, and how they make me feel. And the angst between them in this story, and the reason for it, was a doozy! Malachai "Mac" MacCarrick is a former Navy SEAL, who now runs his own private security company with his 2 best friends. There used to be 4 of them growing up, but their other best friend, Brock, died when they were teenagers, and Mac has always blamed himself. Their friend had dreamed of becoming a Navy SEAL, so the three of them decided to pursue that dream on his behalf. They all excelled at it, but especially Mac. He always felt the need to be better, stronger, faster, than everyone, in order to live up to Brock's memory. Then, there's the other giant hole in his heart from his past: his high school sweetheart, Delaney. She's Brock's younger sister, and she never forgave Mac for his part in Brock's death. But, when she's hurt badly while out on assignment and asks for him, there's nothing that could keep him away. Delaney Shapiro is an investigative journalist. She uses her position to try to make things better in the world. She mostly does it to honor her big brother, Brock, who always wanted to do the same thing, in his own way. She's never really had a great relationship in her life since Mac, because no one ever measured up to him. But, she knows she could never be with him again, because it would only remind her of everything she's lost. They haven't seen each other in 14 years, but when she's hurt while in the middle east on assignment, in her drugged up haze, she asks for him, and is shocked when he actually shows up. As her head clears, she's torn on being happy to see him again, and how painful it actually is seeing him again. They clearly have unfinished business. Mac and Delaney's chemistry was off the charts, but then, that was never their issue. There is A TON of emotional baggage, things unsaid, assumptions made, and more, that have kept them apart over the years, and unpacking all that was quite the angsty journey. Here is where my love/hate of this type of story comes in. Usually, that serious angst is a little more than I enjoy in my stories. It was very relatable here though, and they were still so young when things fell apart, that it was more understandable too. I really liked the slow burn of them coming back to each other, and their journey to understanding each other, better. The suspense plot in this one was intriguing, and all had to do with Delaney's investigation and how it followed her back to the U.S. There were some interesting twists and turns with that and it kept me excited the entire way through. I really liked how they both handled the differences in their perspectives when it came to dealing with the bad guys, and how that could affect their relationship. It was an interesting angle that I'd never considered before in this type of story. As in the prior book, I loved all the side characters, especially the other guys that work for the security company. Also, seeing the heroine from book 1, Louisa, again was fun too, and the relationship Delaney built with her was very enjoyable as well. I love seeing positive relationships between women in my books, and they are both spectacular women, so I'm thrilled at how they got along. I really enjoyed this one, and I'm very excited to read book 3!
carvanz More than 1 year ago
Years ago Delaney and Mac were everything to each other. Their futures were laid out and their love was the enduring kind that would last through the years. However, that was before Delaney’s brother died. Before her brother died and Mac essentially killed him. Now over a decade later Delaney has been injured during a kidnapping. As an investigative journalist, Delaney is hungry for the story that will bring a madman and a group of terrorist to justice. What she doesn’t want or need is Mac coming to her rescue as she recovers from her injuries. Mac has tried to move on with his life without Delaney but now that he’s got his foot back in the door he’s not going anywhere. This book covers a lot of ground concerning illegal weapons, drugs and the money trail that helps to finance fanatical groups. It became just a bit too much for me at times and I found myself skimming. There were also times when the characters were outlining who would be doing what on the current assignment and those paragraphs became long and drawn out so I skipped them as well. However, the true story of this couple finding a way back to each other after each of them had lost their brother/best friend and all the years of hate and resentment that followed was worth the read. There is a lot of push from Delaney as she cannot let go of the fact that her brother is dead because of Mac. On the other hand, Mac is prepared to do anything to protect her even if it means killing someone. The pace is a bit slow, the connection between the men is incredible with lots of humor, the showdown is explosive and the sex is steamy. Overall, a very nice read. This is an honest review of an advanced copy provided by NetGalley and St. Martin's Press. Dual POV Safe – both h/H have been in relationships since their separation; H is not a manho; no om/ow drama Possible triggers – h was kidnapped off page but not raped; some violence
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Loving this series so much and as much as I loved the first book, Under Fire, I believe I may have loved this one just a bit more! I am a sucker for a second chance story and this is a great one. Mac and Delaney and their past made for a gripping story. Add in the excitement in their present and this was a book I couldn't put down! When Malachai “Mac” MacCarrick receives a call telling him that Delaney Shapiro has been injured and needs his help he goes to her without a second thought. She may hate him now but he has never stopped loving her even all these years later. He'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe and if he has anything to say about it to win her back. Put this on the must read list! It's action packed and filled with emotion. I highly recommend it.
ytcruz More than 1 year ago
This is book 2 of Ms Cole’s appropriately titled, Love Over Duty. But if like me , you have not read book one, rest assure it’s a stand alone and the author gives you enough background information that you get the gist of book one. Mac’s and Delaney’s story is a second chance story filled with a suspenseful, intriguing , but a plot that is at times faced paced and at other times slow paced. That is , when it wasn’t inconsistent and hard to follow. The characters were interesting. An example of the inconsistency is when Delaney refers to an incident that happened the day before, then says it happened 3 days before and back to one day prior. When the author jumps abruptly from one scene to another it distracts the reader. This all became distracting and took away from the two main plots of the book, the story of a second chance, and the reason why Delaney was kidnapped. I was gifted this copy by Netgalley and St Martin’s Publishing. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
PennieM More than 1 year ago
This was so, so good! This is a second chance romance with way too many years separating them and so much pain but when Delaney is injured and calls out for Malachi (Mac) there is nothing that will keep him from her side. He is in a position now to help her and keep her safe, even if that is not what she the beginning...but with threats still coming at her, she needs all the help she can get. This is full of so many feels I could not put it down. Love and forgiveness, sexy and thrilling and so, so good. I definitely recommend this one! **Received this ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
patricia-varange More than 1 year ago
Ex seal , Malachai "Mac" MacCarrick is busy creating a new project with his friends . We already met them in the first book of the series. All sexy and hot ex seals ;-) . Mac is surprised by a phone call. HIS FIRST AND ONLY LOVE needs him. A love he lost in painful circumstances YEARS AGO. Now he find himself in an hospital room, in a foreign country, ready to help Delaney Shapiro. Mac wears a lot of REGRETS concerning Delaney. But for her, he's the one who made the unforgettable mistake. UNFORGETTABLE; But Mac is not easy to resist. He's brave and strong and charming but most of all he's ready to do everything to protect her, even giving HIS LIFE if necessary. MAYBE... she doesn't know everything about what happen in the past... I liked the alchemy between Mac and Delaney, their banter (they both have a strong temper !). The passion they had younger is still there, it never died , we see the flame between them growing like a huge fire. Wild, deep, strong and UNCONTROLLABLE. Delaney can't resist forever. Yes she became this amazingly brave and independent woman, but that doesn't mean she can't accept Mac's help. Sometimes being BRAVE is accepting help. And the ones who want to help you are people who LOVE you... Not easy for Mac to stay professional when Delaney's life is in danger. He's 100% in his mission, protecting her. He's 100% in love with her. Delaney is the kind of woman you can only admire. Her way of life, everything she does, everything is for her quest of JUSTICE. In her own kind of way she's a WARRIOR as much as the ex seals, as brave as them. The author succeed creating a story with both suspense and real love , a second chance for the characters and a quest of Justice. I'm used to romances, not much to suspense with ex seals and guns and sometimes i was a little lost but this series is a good start for me because Scarlett Cole knows how to write beautifully with guts and heart. 4.2 stars.
TerryL56 More than 1 year ago
Mac and Delaney were teenage lovers until Delaney blamed Mac for her brother`s death (who was Mac`s best friend). Mac has spent his life in the military ... the dream that his best friend had of becoming a SEAL, Mac fulfilled for him. After 15 years apart, Mac gets a call that Delaney needs him and he doesn`t hesitate getting the on the next available plane to be by her side. The sparks are still there between them, even if Delaney doesn`t want to admit it. Mac will do everything in his power to protect Delaney from the danger she has gotten herself into and to try and make it up to her for causing her brother`s death. In this second chance love story you will be drawn into the world of gun smuggling and drugs. And as you turn the pages, you will keep wondering what will happen next. The chemistry between Mac and Delaney can`t be denied even though she fights it every step of the way. There were times I just wanted to shake her and tell her to let him explain what happened that fateful day on the cliff. I received an ARC copy courtesy of St. Martin`s Press through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
AmberHughes1 More than 1 year ago
**4-4.5 stars** Final Siege is the second book in Scarlett Cole’s Love Over Duty Series and it was one I was highly anticipating. After reading and loving the first book, Under Fire, I couldn’t wait to read this one! This can be read as a standalone though. 14 years ago, former SEAL Mac MacCarrick lost his best friend Brock in a tragic accident. He’s blamed himself all these years for Brock’s death and so has the love of his life (Brock’s sister). He never thought he’d ever have a chance at getting Delaney back in his life. Delaney is an investigative reporter and when she gets too close to finding out incriminating info on a weapons dealer, she’s kidnapped. But that’s just the beginning of the trouble that lies ahead. When Mac gets a call from a hospital in Germany telling him that Delaney is in the hospital and has been asking for him, he jumps on a plane to go to her. When Mac sees Delaney again, he knows his feelings for her are just as strong as they were all those years ago and he’ll do anything to protect her. But for Delaney, seeing Mac brings back all the pain and anger from when she lost her brother, as well as feelings for him she wishes she didn’t have. She doesn’t want to let him back into her life, but now there are new threats to her life back in the states and Delaney knows going to Mac for help is her only option. Can they work through the hurt and painful memories and hope to heal from the past or will the past continue to get in the way of their happiness? I really enjoyed Final Siege. It kept me turning the pages! A sexy, emotional and thrilling romantic suspense read! **I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**
Brigittehf More than 1 year ago
This is an emotional and exciting second chance romance. It's action packed and full of suspense. Mac, an ex SEAL is the co-owner of a security firm with his two best friends Cabe and Six. He lives with a fourteen year old guilt which drives him to be the best. Delaney is an Investigative Journalist who goes to great length to expose those who pose a danger to her country. A promise she made to a loved one. Whilst organising one of their missions, Mac receives a call from a hospital in Germany. It concerns Delaney and he doesn’t hesitate to drop everything to go to her aid. This is their first meeting after breaking up fourteen years ago. His feelings never changed, but Delaney can't forgive him for what happened all those years ago. She refuses to acknowledge her own feelings. She is in a dangerous situation and Mac is prepared to put his life on the line to protect her. Is she prepared to put the past behind and give them a second chance? As the story unfolds it becomes apparent that Delaney needs help. She is up against arm dealers, intent on keeping their secret and reaping their fortune. As much as she objects to Mac's help, she eventually accepts in view of the danger that she is in. They are now constantly in each other's company and old feelings keep resurfacing. Their interactions are hot the one minute and cold the next. Mac is patient and has carried a secret to protect his friend's honour at the cost of his own happiness. It's only when this comes to light that Delaney realises her mistake. She is smart and courageous in her line of work, but her behaviour in her personal life can be frustrating at times. This novel if full of angst and danger. The suspense makes it a real page turner and had me on tenterhooks right until the end. It's a compelling and intriguing read. I was kindly issued with an eARC and the views expressed are my personal opinion.