Flames at Twilight: The Novel of St. Patrick and Ireland

Flames at Twilight: The Novel of St. Patrick and Ireland

by Fachtna Joseph Harte


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It is July 384 when Roman officer, Calpurnius Potitus, receives a script from the emperor of Rome that he must take one hundred men with him to Britannia to reinforce the Roman army and protect the population from hostile marauders, especially the Celts from Hibernia who frequently invade the coastlands to murder and capture citizens. After a stunned Calpurnius reluctantly notifies his wife and teenage son, Succat, of the impending upheaval in their lives, he gathers his men and begins a dangerous journey into Britannia where uncertainty awaits.

A year after their arrival, all seems surprisingly well until their world comes crashing down without warning. After the Celts invade, capture Succat, and transport him to Ireland to become a slave, Calpurniuss son sets out on a valiant quest to survive that eventually leads him to a monastery on the island of Saint-Honorat. As Succat leaves his old live behind, the abbot assigns him a new name. While Ptraic becomes a man of God committed entirely to the will of the Most Holy Trinity, he rises up to accept his destiny to bring Christianity to the Emerald Isle.

Flames at Twilight shares a fascinating tale that celebrates the remarkable journey and life of Saint Patrick.

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ISBN-13: 9781480858343
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Publication date: 02/22/2018
Pages: 298
Sales rank: 1,174,728
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