Forbidden Obsessions

Forbidden Obsessions

by Jodie Griffin

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Forbidden Obsessions by Jodie Griffin

Book four of Bondage&Breakfast

Bondage&Breakfast was a safe place for couples to explore BDSM—until an arsonist almost destroyed it. While the inn is closed for repairs, owner Gabe McConnell allows injured firefighter Olivia Watterson to stay and recover as a favor to a mutual friend. His attraction to her is unexpected and intense—but there's no way she's strong enough for the type of play he demands from a sub.

When she arrives at the inn, Liv is shocked—and intrigued. Her unanticipated obsession with the sexy, skilled Dom makes her all the more impatient with her slow recuperation. Even more frustrating is the way Gabe handles her like fragile glass, and she's determined to prove she's anything but by pushing her body to the limit.

Holding back should be easy for Gabe, but the more Liv challenges his limits, the more he craves her, body, mind and heart…

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55,000 words

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ISBN-13: 9781426896309
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 09/09/2013
Series: Bondage & Breakfast
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 364,356
File size: 295 KB

About the Author

Jodie Griffin didn’t always want to be a writer. She spent hours reading, but school papers were written one painful word at a time. Then a story idea came, demanding to be put on paper. After years of practice, she took the leap, submitted her first manuscript and hasn’t looked back.  Jodie’s own happily-ever-after includes one incredibly supportive husband and one future heroine.  Visit Jodie at

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Gabe checked the clock again and frowned. He'd expected Olivia Watterson nearly an hour ago and he was starting to get concerned. What the hell had he been thinking, agreeing to allow a woman a week and a half out of the hospital to stay with him here, at his currently under-renovation bed and breakfast?

The security system beeped and he glanced over at the monitor. A small SUV was just coming up the driveway. He headed outside, wanting to be there to meet his new...what? Guest? Housemate?

He leaned against the porch railing and waited, taking a few seconds to put on his genial host face. Not that it was an act, because he genuinely enjoyed meeting new people and hosting them at his inn, but this was different. Olivia's story had made the news, and he'd been shaken by it. As a former firefighter, he still had a lot of friends on the line, and the accident that had injured her could've happened to any of them. He'd agreed to this as a favor for a mutual friend, and in spite of some reservations he still had, he wanted her to feel welcome here.

She turned off her car. He didn't think she'd seen him, because she sat for a minute, her head tipped back against the seat, her eyes closed as if she were praying. When a minute turned into two and then into three he grew worried, but as he pushed himself away from the railing, she got out of her car, looking around with interested eyes.

He came down the steps and offered his hand with a practiced smile. "Olivia?"

She smiled back tentatively and placed her smaller hand in his. "You must be Gabe."

Her smoky voice was hotter than hell, especially with the faintest hint of a British accent to it, and the jolt he got from her simple handshake was nearly enough to fry his synapses. Now he remembered what he'd been thinking about when he'd agreed to let her stay here—his visceral reaction to the photograph of the confident, gorgeous woman that had been shown on television and in the newspapers. But the picture hadn't done her justice, at all.

He released her hand and she broke their visual contact, her eyes dropping down and away. As a Dom, he found her innocently submissive gesture tempting. Arousal pooled low in his gut and anticipation sizzled inside him, but he tamped both reactions down. Just out of the hospital, he reminded himself. Not a potential playmate.

"Welcome to Bondage and Breakfast," he said. Her cheeks pinkened slightly, giving her far-too-pale skin a much-needed bit of color. He reached out a hand. "Here, let me get your bags."

"No, I'm fine, thanks." She tilted her head stubbornly, a firmness to her jaw he'd seen in many a headstrong sub. "I've got them."

He nodded once and stepped back, watching her carefully. She looked as if a soft breeze could blow her over, but he figured that had more to do with her recent hospitalization than her normal fitness. She was fairly tall, about five-eight to his six-one, and as a firefighter, she'd need to be in great shape. She had more strength in her than he'd figured, because even just out of the hospital, she managed her bags without any issues.

He circled around her on the porch and held the door open. She murmured her thanks and stepped inside, setting the bags on the floor as she looked around the foyer. She seemed fine with stairs, which was good, because all the bedrooms were on the second floor.

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Forbidden Obsessions 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Vivi_Dumas More than 1 year ago
Review Source: NetGalley Vivi's Review for Romance with Flavor Blog Bondage & Breakfast. What a concept? This is the fourth book in this series, but my first read for both the series and the author. Ms. Griffin has been on my TBR list for a while now. Because of a recommendation from a friend and fellow reviewer, I moved the book up on my list. I'm very happy I did. Forbidden Obsession covers the developing relationship of Gabe McConnell and Olivia (Liv) Watterson. Liv was injured on the job in an accident. She is a paramedic, but was training to become a fire fighter. As you can tell from her choice of professions, Liv is a tough, independent female who can take care of herself. Well, the problem with these females (and I know first hand) is we make things hard for the people around us if something happens that we cannot be the superwomen we think we are. Due to Liv's injuries, she is in a state of vulnerability. She's questioning her abilities and the choices she has and will make in her life. Although Liv is in this state of flux, she is still a strong heroine and holds her own against all the changing factor in her world, including Gage. I liked her spunk and the fact she was strong enough to trust her body, mind, and heart to someone else. Gabe owns Bondage & Breakfast. Who can't love a man bold enough to open something call Bondage & Breakfast? Gage is struggling through his own issues when Liv comes to stay with him. He's had trouble at the B&B. He's working to renovate it after the fire and the death of a girl who set the fire. Gabe is questioning his life and his purpose, struggling with whether to reopen the B&B. Olivia bring to his life what was missing. Someone to truly care for and love, a submissive who needed him as much as he needed her. I loved Gabe's sweet, educational approach to Liv's submersion in the lifestyle. But I definitely could understand Liv's frustration with him treating her as if she were as breakable as blown glass. The chemistry between Gabe and Liv is like fire. I definitely felt the frustration of the unfilled play throughout the book. I was very happy for the both of the when they finally gave into the desires and finalized the deal. I truly appreciated the fact the characters are not twenty-something younsters just coming into their lives, but with millions of dollars and cars that cost more than my house. The characters are real people, with real jobs. People you can connect with and root for. I enjoyed my journey with Gabe and Liv. I'm  definitely going back to read the other books in the series.
ReaderWriterEditor More than 1 year ago
This is the fourth in the Bed and Bondage series by Jodie Griffin. The character of Gabe (who runs the B&B) is great -- I particularly liked his reaction when he found out he was a murder suspect. The plots are suspenseful, the BDSM play works, the characters keep me involved. I've bought all four and would definitely go for a fifth by this author.