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Forsaken Eternity

Forsaken Eternity

by C. A. Carriere


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In the darkest hour of the eternal endless night that has fallen on Trivium, when even the greatest places of power have fallen into the page of history, a single ray of hope glimmers through the war scarred lands. Can the 91 territories of Trivium composing the 13 greatest kingdoms of magic left stand against the test of times for the Great Anikhaziri war game to earn their right to live for the next 4 Milenius? Or when it come which leaves nothing in its wake render them all into the pages of history for magic to be banished for all time. When all of eternity is at stake, the sands of time run short in the hunt for the greatest weapon against the decimation of their entire world, one sacred child the last of kind. Will the shattered people of Trivium band together with their shape shifters, magic wielders, necromancers and all that is unnatural to save their home, or will they destroy everything they have built in this quest for survival? Only time will tell when the last sacred child rises on ebon wing to call the battle, as the last sand falls in the land between for the battle of Blood Valley. Who will stand victorious when the die is cast as the last kingdoms standing for the great Anikhaziri War Games?

War has waged in Trivium for 8 Milenius in the struggle between the forces of life, death, light and darkness for the greatest foot hold which may save them from utter decimation from the invasion of the War Machine, the Anikhaziri. In a world where magic and technology is the key to survival and survival is only granted to the strongest, thirteen orphans of the ancient bloodlines are cast by the tides of fate into the arena of a war stricken land where only the strongest will survive. The battle for the middle ground of Trivium has waged for Milenius to determine the single foot hold of power, the rite to rule and even the greatest of kingdoms can rise and fall for the whisper of magic. With the threat of invasion from the greatest enemy known to all known as the war machine of the Anikhaziri, the children of the Blackrose must band together to unravel the mysterious origins of the Great War itself, their lineage and stand as the last greatest hope left. Only one place stands to be decided, the last place of power left that will decide the fate of all man kind a like, the place where the Blackroses grow.

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ISBN-13: 9781532833960
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/17/2016
Pages: 648
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.60(d)

About the Author

C.A Carriere was born in Clarence, NY in 1985 and grew up in Eagle, NY. The oldest of four children, she went to high school at Pioneer Central High to graduate with college credit in 2003 and a dual bachelors in biological and environmental sciences at Empire State College in 2016. She was married May 17 2014 to Brandin M. A. Carriere. From Medieval reenactments in the SCA to research papers published on scientific application and national awards for poetry C.A. Carriere started her early writing of short stories in 2005.

Having completed extensive research into the philosophy, beliefs, culture and practices of ancient civilizations up to current, with a focus on their mysticism and the relationships between people and their environment, several parallels can be drawn between ancient societies and modern ones. From the basis of Alchemy in ancient times to the advancements of modern science, science and magic have always despite their conflicting nature ran hand in hand with the spiritualism of every civilization. It is in this world between things were the possibilities hold endless potential, the post apocalyptic world for Broken and the primordial world for the Aegis collection are born. Reality can be described as a collective phenomenon of experiences that make us question the very nature of things around us and between ourselves as the basis of science itself.

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