by Travis Thrasher
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Ghostwriter 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Fudgsicle1 More than 1 year ago
I just purchased the book, "Ghostwriter." I was excited because I had read "glowing" reviews. I immediately began reading the book and find it difficult because it is not well written. The plot could be devloped and make for an interesting read, yet I do not see evidence of anyone proofing this for content or writing errors, grammatical or otherwise. I am very disappointed and do not know if I will choose to finish the book or not. It is my feeling that I have just thrown away fourteen dollars. Perhaps, I am just not the target group that this book is meant to appeal. I have an English Literature degree and books are my specialty and lifeline. When I read on that Dennis, (the main character in the novel) ". . . didn't know anything about literature. .." I couldn't help myself, I wrote in the margin, in BOLD letters SO TRUE!! I am marking up my copy with word changes and proofreading marks, in an effort to help me keep my sanity while reading. I discovered where the first 50 pages of the book can be read on Faith Words website. I wish I had thought more before purchasing this book. The publisher should have paid careful attention in proofing this novel before being printed. Not only is the author's reputation on the line when published but the publishing companies reputation is at stake also. I would gladly volunteer to help proof for "free" in order to avoid another book being printed that has the problems that this one does.
Chira More than 1 year ago
Kinda sounds like Johnny Depp's movie, "Secret Window"
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Deborah_K More than 1 year ago
Ghostwriters are interesting characters as it's hard to imagine the thought of working hard on something and then letting another person take all the credit for it. This story manages to grab the reader from the get go, with material that pushes the edge and makes you cringe and squirm but keeps drawing you in. One thing I really did enjoy about this book was the tidbits it told about what life is like for an author. Just all the daily going ons of writing, touring, marketing, fan mail were very interesting to read and it made me wonder how many authors are struggling with these issues every day. The story builds up slowly but once it does it's like a non stop roller coaster. I've been reading other reviews and have seen that other readers have found this book too gory, very dark, and quite scary. To be honest, I didn't feel that way at all. I have read other Christian fiction books that are way more gorier than this one. In fact, compared to books I've read that have people being gored up on doors or having their skin peeled off, this book paled in that factor. I will admit the storyline is very creepy. Cillian's character is one that gets under your skin and makes you very uncomfortable due to his obsession with having Dennis tell the truth. However on the other hand Dennis is also a character that you could despise because of his actions. To me that is more the horror of the story, the fact that you get so desperate that you do anything to save someone you love, even if it means going against everything you believe in. A funny note: when I first picked up the book and flipped through it, the first thing I saw was Dennis Shore's bibliography. I was immediately confused and thought the publisher had inserted the wrong page from another book inside this one. Luckily though, I turned that page and all was made right. I really enjoyed reading this book as it is a page turner and kept me on the edge of my seat. If you're in the mood for a thriller and you're looking for a new author to try, you must read this book. I'm looking forward to reading Travis' back list and whatever new he's cooking up.
Frank_Redman More than 1 year ago
Dennis Shore is a successful horror novelist but has suffered one of life's greatest tragedies in the past year, the death of his wife. "When stricken by a paralyzing case of writer's block and a looming deadline, Dennis becomes desperate." He plagiarizes an unstable fan's manuscript, setting off a chain of events and the pursuit of violent revenge that threatens his sanity and the lives of his daughter and friends. This was a difficult review for me to write. I'm a fan of the horror genre, but loathe the excessive profanity, sexual content, and gratuitous gore that so many writers in the genre depend on to make an impact with the reader. I had not previously read a Travis Thrasher novel, so I was excited to see what he had to offer. It would be an injustice to the readers of this review, to myself, and ultimately to the author if I merely stated "This book is great--read it," and was negligent in revealing some disappointment. The fan in me loved this story. The critic in me found some minor negatives. I was concerned a few pages in whether I would truly enjoy it. The story took a while to develop and incidents occurred that seemed disjointed from the plot. The dialog felt forced. There are some editing errors, for example, the wrong pronoun used (p.17 "Did you threaten you?" The first "you" should be "she."). To the author's defense, it is tricky starting a novel, establishing the plot and characters, and simultaneously hooking the reader. If you stop reading this book because of these flaws, you'll miss out on what simply can be defined as an extraordinarily good story. I'm incredibly grateful I stuck with it. Yet there was still one more thing that frustrated me--I couldn't wait to see what happened next! This... was a good feeling. For thrill-seekers, GHOSTWRITER is very much like the beginning of a monster rollercoaster. After climbing that first big hill (having time to look around, check your watch, shift around in your seat...), the rest flies at you in an eye-watering rush and your focus is dominated by what's coming in the next stage of the ride. When you read a scary story and you're not really sure what's going on, but just when you think you've nailed it, something unexpected happens and your perception is shattered, that is the outline of a great horror story. That's a great story, period. That is what GHOSTWRITER is. It's easy to develop compassion for Dennis Shore and identify with his grief, lack of faith, and his struggles with what's real and what's not. While it's a remarkably frightening story, it is also an emotional love story. The reader feels Shore's nightmarish fears and also his gut-wrenching sorrow. Shore bounces in and out of lucidity so the reader cannot always discern what is real and what is the product of his poor mental health. This element can be difficult to pull off while mitigating reader confusion, but Thrasher makes good use of the technique, effectively keeping the reader guessing. While this may sound like just a scary love story, do not be deceived. It is a full-on horror novel. Unspeakable supernatural evil tries to destroy the very essence of Shore's life with an unhealthy serving of shocking violence. GHOSTWRITER is an emotionally intricate masterwork of how evil can destroy us and love can redeem us. Thrasher has proved to me to be an exceptional storyteller.
MichelleSutton More than 1 year ago
Horror is not a genre I care to read. I should have been suspicious when the back of the book merely said "fiction" and nothing else. Hmmm... If there was any doubt in me before, this story proved my gut instinct was right on. Ghostwriter was indescribably terrifying. But that word is woefully inadequate so I'll try more on for size. Disturbing. Frightening. Horrific. Gory. Disgusting. Evil. Creepy. Ack! I couldn't stop reading this book and it scared me to death. One thing I know for sure is I'm never reading another one of Thrasher's books. This one was too much like a slasher film with bodies maimed, blundgeoned to death, cut into pieces, rotting, etc. everywhere and there were so many I lost count! Ick, ick, ick. It's like reading a Stephen King novel, only worse! I won't read those either. Interestingly enough, my oldest son (who loves Dekker) was so disturbed by Thrasher's other book, Isolation, that he refused to read this one. He said Isolation felt "dark" and he didn't feel good after reading it. He's never said this about a book before, so I was intrigued. You think I'd be smart and take his advice? Um, no. Like an idiot, what does this stupid mother do? She reads the book Ghostwriter to review anyway because the premise sounded good. And while compelled to keep reading this book, a sick sense of dread filled me the entire time and my stomach hurt. And guess what? I felt that same "ick" feeling after I finished the story. Too dark. Not redemptive enough to make it worth my time reading any more of his books. Is the guy an amazing author? You bet. He did an amazing job with this story. Do I want to put myself through that type of horror again. NO WAY! That's my review. Like it or leave it. I said my piece. It's up to you now if you want to be scared sick or not.
ChristyLockstein More than 1 year ago
Ghostwriter by Travis Thrasher is a gut-wrenching, spine-tingling story of suspense and horror. Dennis Shore has been facing writer's block since the death of his wife over a year ago. That's trouble for any writer, but when you are the next best thing since Stephen King, it could be career ending. Dennis took the extreme step of turning in a manuscript sent to him by a fan and claiming it as his own work, and on the eve of its release, the real author, Cillian Reed, has come calling to claim what's owed flesh. Congratulations Travis, you are the first author to give me a wake up gasping and shaking nightmare in a really long time! Thrasher keeps Dennis and the reader guessing as Cillian amps up the stakes in his quest for recognition. And the twists, when they start coming, are switchback curves taken at breakneck speeds. There's an unexpected depth to this novel in Thrasher's dissection of the life and work of an author. Dennis' writing helps him process personal tragedies, but when he steals someone else's work, he brings a whole new tragedy not only on himself, but on his loved ones as well. Thrasher doesn't give in to horror movie/book cliches, and the hero at the climax is very unexpected. This is definitely not a book to read late at night (like I did!). Save it for on the beach on a sunny day when you are completely surrounded by people!
Smilingsally More than 1 year ago
Spooky. That would sum up how I feel about this book in one word--spooky. Although I like suspense novels, this goes way beyond suspense; this is a tale of horror. However, the author steers away from graphic violence; he allows the readers' imagination to work. Dennis Shore, the protagonist, is believable as a man grieving for his wife, who has recently died from cancer. Furthermore, he suffers from writer's block and a deadline is approaching. His writer's block is not the only thing that torments him, nor is it the biggest terror he faces. The name of Cillian Reed, sounds like the chill this reader gets as we peek inside his evil mind. And Bob ... oh, I cannot tell you about Bob. Read this one with the lights on, and be prepared to keep turning pages rather than close your eyes and chance nightmares. Contains mild profanity. Interview with the author included.
lg4154 More than 1 year ago
Ghostwriter Travis Thrasher Faith Words/Hachette Book Group 237 Park Avenue 978-0-446-50558-1, $13.99, May 2009 Reviewed by (Laura Goodwin) for Reader Views (x/06) 5 Stars for Amazon Dennis Shore is a horror and mystery thriller author who is recently widowed and has a daughter who attends school out of state. In the past, Dennis has had some not so desirable fan/stalker run-ins. After the loss of his wife to cancer, the author has a severe case of writers block. In part due to his grief and maybe exhaustion and lack of sleep, he finds a manuscript that a fan had sent him to get his opinion on. He decides to use this as his own writing and publish a novel, Empty Spaces, and taking full credit for the work. While at a book signing, Dennis is greeted by the author of his stolen work, a man named Cillian Reed. Cillian toys and badgers the author at first, and Dennis knows he should not have stolen his work. As the novel progresses, so do Cillian's threats and actions. In turn, this makes Dennis question his own sanity thru the grief process. At one point in the book, Dennis comes home to find his own pages from his novel ripped up and soaked with blood writings strewn all about his yard. Cillian eventually takes his threats to the people closest to Dennis, his friend Hank and his own daughter, Audrey. Filled with this new sense of rage and vigilantism, Dennis goes after Cillian and beats him up. The reader is introduced to a sinister man named Bob who lives next door to Dennis and is even more evil than Cillian. Almost like the devil himself, the reader learns that Bob is the one who had killed Cillian. Towards the end of the novel, Bob abducts Dennis and has him tied up to a chair in his barn. As Dennis is so close to death, he catches a glimpse of heaven and sees his wife Lucy. Hank comes to Dennis rescue and saves his life, killing Bob in the process. Dennis finally makes his peace with the loss of his wife and is able to overcome his writers block and starts on his next novel, Us and Them. This idea actually came from a package his wife had sent and he uses this inspiration for his next novel. In the end, the reader is glad to see that Dennis has grown stronger and is able to overcome his hardships. I highly recommend this book; it was well written and was full of suspense. I like how the author breaks it down into five sections, each titled words from a Pink Floyd song. The references to God, good and evil are excellent making his novel better than any Steven King one. Once you start reading it, it is hard to put down! This book is definitely geared towards the fans of the thriller/supernatural genre.
ruby07 More than 1 year ago
Ghostwriter starts going and never stops. It has many different elements that are woven together in an intriguing plot. You never quite figure out what is really going on until the end. It is a book that really makes you think about what desperation, grief and our imaginations can create in us.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Horror writer Dennis Shore is extremely popular with his novels always making the bestseller lists. However, since his wife Lucy died several months ago, he has struggled with making coffee let alone writing. After driving his daughter Audrey across the country to her college in California, Dennis has come home to a lonely empty nest overlooking the Fox River.--------------- He is desperate as a deadline is coming soon, but he has nothing. That is nothing except a manuscript sent by a fan. Dennis sends in the work as his; it becomes published with incredible critical acclaim. The author Cillian Reed is irate that his hero stole his work. Cillian wants what he deserves and harasses Dennis who feels his life is in jeopardy as much as his reputation, but what to do to remove the horror that threatens his existence is met with the same paralysis he suffered with writer's block.------------------ This is an exciting tale starring an intriguing lead character whose morale anchor died when his wife passed away. Dennis is a terrific protagonist who knows he is doing wrong but cannot stop himself from passing Reed's manuscript off as his. The story line for the most part is fast-paced even though the jumping back to the relationship between Dennis and his then alive wife can be confusing and detracting. Still Travis Thrasher hooks the audience with this fine tale somewhat mindful but much more psychological suspense than the movie A Murder of Crows.------------------ Harriet Klausner