GOD Works Through Faith

GOD Works Through Faith

by Robert A Russell


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GOD Works Through Faith

This is the second in a series of books in which each title begins

with the words, “God Works.” I do not apologize for the repetition

in the title or in the content. The human Mind tends to learn great

truths, scientific principles, and mathematical facts slowly, or so my

own experience leads me to believe.

Can you remember your struggle with addition combinations? How

many repetitions did it take for you to master the multiplication tables?

Parents are often impatient with the persistent questions of children

about the facts of life which have been conscientiously presented to

them, and sometimes attribute these to a morbid curiosity. It isn’t

that. It is merely an indication that the child has not been able to

accept the explanation given “Him” and to make it his own in one


No day goes by that doesn’t teach me more about the way in which

God works and more about what the power of Faith can accomplish.

I learn from my own experience, from observing the lives of others,

and from reading the words of persons who have deep convictions.

In this book, I have centered my discussion on Faith.

Dr. Robert A. Russell

Dr. Robert A. Russell was an exceptional author and had an uncanny

ability to make the most difficult spiritual subjects easy to understand

and apply. While known primarily for two works “GOD Works Through

You” and “GOD Works Through Faith” he was in fact a prolific author

with over 16 titles to his credit. We have spent the last several years

tracking down his legacy of works and will be publishing them all in

the coming years, each a spiritual classic in their own right.

Barry J Peterson, CEO Audio Enlightenment

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