Going from Undisciplined to Self-Mastery: Five Simple Steps to Get You There

Going from Undisciplined to Self-Mastery: Five Simple Steps to Get You There

by Harris Kern


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ISBN-13: 9781940192703
Publisher: Koehler Books
Publication date: 10/01/2014
Pages: 234
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Harris Kern is one of the world's leading life and organization mentors. Harris has been mentoring people, www.disciplinementor.com, and organizations, www.disciplinetheorganization.com, for over twenty-five years to attain the highest level of efficiency. He helps individuals develop key skills i.e., self-discipline, leadership and EQ (communication, relationship management, inter-personal, etc.). He pioneered the Discipline Mentoring Program and Professional/Personal Growth Program (P²GP). Harris is a master of self-discipline and an acclaimed author and publisher of over 40 books, some of the titles include: DISCIPLINE: Six Steps To Unleashing Your Hidden Potential, DISCIPLINE: Training The Mind To Manage Your Life, DISCIPLINE: Mentoring Children For Success, and DISCIPLINE: Take Control Of Your Life. Harris is recognized as the foremost authority and highly regarded consultant on providing practical guidance for solving management issues and challenges. He is a frequent speaker at business, leadership, and management conferences. His client list reads like a "Who's Who of American and International Business." Standard and Poor's, GE, The Weather Channel, SONY Corporation, NEWS Corporation, Warner Brothers, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal (HACTL), among hundreds of other Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies. Mr. Kern is the founder and driving force behind the Harris Kern Enterprise Computing Institute, www.harriskern.com, and the best-selling series of IT books published by Prentice Hall. The series includes titles such as: IT Services, CIO Wisdom, and Managing IT as an Investment, among others. As founder of the Enterprise Computing Institute, he has brought together the industry's leading minds to publish "how-to" textbooks on the critical issues the IT industry faces.

Table of Contents

Foreword 1

Introduction 11

The Discipline Engine 11

Maturity Model 12

The Long and Winding Road to Discipline 20

Part I Executive Overview 23

Step 1 Institute Structure 26

Step 2 Prioritize Your Life 28

Step 3 Master Time 30

Step 4 Holo Yourself Accountable 33

What is Accountability 33

How to Attain Accountability 35

The End Result 36

Step 5 Seek Perfection 39

Part II The Five Steps 41

Step 5 Institute Structure 41

Don't Set Goals…Yet 41

Remain Organized 42

Establish a Daily Routine 46

Exercise Daily 50

Establish a To-Do List 51

Strategize 52

Summary 57

Step 2 Prioritize Your Life 59

Focus on the Big Three 61

Set Realistic Goals 61

Establish Milestones 62

Learn to Say No 62

Priorities vs. Goals 62

Simplify Your Priorities 63

Career, Health, and Relationships Come First 66

Finances 66

Health 68

Exercise an Extension of Your Career 68

Exercise in the Morning 68

Relationships 69

Your Significant Other 70

Over-Communicate 72

Bring Them into Your World 73

Schmoozing with Key Executives and Colleagues 74

Make Time to Network 75

Business Partner 76

Mange Conversations 77

Setting Goals 80

Backup Plans 81

Choose Your Own Path 82

Tracking Goals 83

Major Goals vs. Minor Goals 83

Goal Management 85

Summary 89

Step 3 Master Time 90

Know Your Numbers 92

Document and Categorize Activities 92

Assess Work-Related Activities 101

Document Time Wasters 102

Extrapolate Wasted Time 105

Determine Baseline Numbers 105

Establish New Baseline Numbers 105

Optimize Sleep 108

Techniques 108

When We Can't Sleep Less 109

Make it a Goal 110

Train Your Mind to Sleep Less 112

Make Every Minute Count 112

Eliminate Unnecessary Drama 113

Don't Sit Around Wasting Time 114

Equate Time with Money 117

Manage Energy for Peak Performance 117

Dos and Don'ts of Successful Time Management 119

Summary 119

Step 4 Hold Yourself Accountable 121

What is Accountability 121

There is No Such Thing as "We" 122

Don't Worry About Things You Can't Control 122

Don't Take on Too Much 123

Keeping Commitments 123

Managing Emotions 124

Being Prepared 125

Thinking Positive 126

Hope Very Little and Do a Lot 126

Summary 126

How to Attain Accountability 127

Establish a Contract with Yourself 128

Train Your Mind 130

Establish Phrases 134

Treat Every Day Equally 144

Summary 145

The End Result 146

Your Mind is Trained 147

Summary 148

Step 5 Seek Perfection 149

Never Be Satisfied 149

Determine Success Factors and Criteria 151

Monitor, Assess, and Rate Success Factors 151

Make Adjustments 153

Be Proactive 153

Maintain Balance 154

Summary 154

Part III The Proof 156

Individual Case Studies 157

Building Competitive Organizations 178

The 3-Step Process 178

Organization Case Studies 184

Epilogue 195

The Legacy 195

Leadership and Discipline 197

Acknowledgments 202

My Contact Information 202

About the Author 203

Appendix A Life Maturity Model 204

Appendix B Tips To Manage Your Expenses 205

Appendix C Individual Questionnaire 210

Appendix D Leadership Questionnaire 219

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