Gorillas in the Mist

Gorillas in the Mist

by Dian Fossey


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Gorillas in the Mist by Dian Fossey

Dr. Dian Fossey, the world authority on the endangered mountain gorilla, combines her riveting personal adventure story with fascinating scientific reporting in this landmark book on the greatest of the great apes. Gorillas in the Mist documents one of the longest field studies of primates, as it covers fifteen years, four gorilla families and three generations in the remote rain forests of the volcanic Virunga Mountains shared by Zaire, Rwanda and Uganda.
One of our closest primate relatives, gorillas form tight kinship bonds, which can sustain these close knit families for generations. These shy, gentile vegetarians (who occasionally eat grubs for protein) live in a group headed by a dominant male, called a silver-back, and roam a rugged age-old environment between 9,000 feet and 13,000 feet above sea level.
Working alone from a base camp 10,000 feet above sea level, Diane Fossey struggled with acrophobia on 45-degree slopes, torrential rains, hail and fog, foot-deep mud , poachers, gorilla slaughters, witchcraft and revolution. Gaining gorilla acceptance of her presence took years of acting submissively while she imitated feeding and contentment sounds. Dian Fossey made history when a male gorilla reached out to touch her.
Fossey's enthralling account of four family groups contains some extra-ordinary characters: little elf-eared Icarus, who in fifteen years becomes a powerful silverback ready to inherit his natal family's leadership; his 350-pound father, Beethoven, who is as forceful in controlling his family during interactions with neighboring groups as he is gentle in grooming his tiny offspring; Coco and Pucker, tragically orphaned babies who taught the author much about gorilla life and people's attitudes towards conservation; Old Goat, the dominant female who helped the family survive the traumatic adjustment to a new leader; Uncle Bert, the young silverback who learned how to keep his group together and handle responsibilities of leadership and Digit the young male whose lack of peers attracted him to human observers and who became the author's special friend.
In 1977 the slaughter of Digit by poachers brought the mountain gorilla's plight to international prominence and Diane Fossey into the limelight as she worked to insure a future for the rain forest and the few hundred gorillas that remained within it. In Gorillas in the Mist, Dr. Fossey confronts head on the complexities of effective conservation of a delicate system on which people depend as much as do wildlife for survival.
Scientific appendixes address such topics as census findings, gorilla food types, common vocalizations, autopsies and parasitology reports. The bibliography on the species in the most extensive in print.

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Gorillas in the Mist 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
AnnieBM More than 1 year ago
In this popular book, Fossey summarizes her work with the Mountain Gorilla in its natural and human context. She recounts her initial interest and then how Louis Leakey facilitated her interest and research. The chapters present a lot of detail regarding her observations and developing relationship with the gorillas and conclude with a summary of important points and discoveries. She also documents impacts of the local culture and people, especially poachers, on the gorillas and other animals and speaks both candidly and personally to the challenges of maintaining an international park for wildlife preservation. She concludes with a brief discussion of the underlying issues and their resolution. Lots of black and white photos. Even though the events happened quite a while back (1985 and earlier), I recommend the book for those interested in Dian Fossey, the Mountain Gorilla, field research, and conservation in the midst of the human context.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Diane Fosse enlightens the world of the Mountain Gorillas while creating problems for the native people. Diane explains the views of the gorillas in her book while the beginning is more focused on her life and the problems she faces starting out (the boring part) then she later goes on to clarify the life of the gorillas. At first I think that Diane did this experience just for the ride and then it hits her hard when she finally interacts with the gorillas. Later when Diane starts caring for the gorillas is when problems start to arise because she wants to stop poachers, cattle grazers and tourists. It’s easy to tell with her telling of all the time she heard gorillas freak out and she would go crazy to try and save the gorillas. Towards the end she takes in two gorillas but can’t stop the people from killing tribes of gorillas to get two gorillas and then when Diane gets both of them taken from her and later they both die in a zoo. All that she had done and creating terror among the native people and their traps and other small material. Undergoing all that Diane did once she finally started writing it was filled with emotion which is easy to tell with her passion for the gorillas. She also wanted to express her connection with the gorillas and how they were being harmed and that their land was shrinking. Diane captivated many Americans in the hunt for the poachers and lives of the groups. In my view Tarzan was motivated by Diane in the essence of the human with the gorillas and that gorillas aren’t bad they are just protective and with Diane and Tarzan’s help the world looks towards gorillas differently. Diane was big on her relationship with gorillas and that they slowly grew closer to her, but that she never intruded into their lives because intruding on their lives was something that people should never do. Diane was much more than just someone who loved nature and life she was one who would do everything to protect the circle of life. You can even tell by her cover that she wanted to prove to America gorillas’ good side and that she was on that side. She may have been too pushy and obnoxious to people but others were very inspired. Her dedication to her observations and her time spent on every little detail, it showed that she was right for the job. The group I was most attached to was group 5, the instinct of the mother gorillas is inspirational and how one day when Puck’s mother Effie was sitting around and when puck was swinging and suddenly got caught in the fork of the tree and was being strangled in that split second Effie was up and at it rescuing Puck. The observer said he didn’t even realize what had happened because it occurred so fast. In my view this book was a reality to the lives of the gorillas and the slow extinction to these rare creatures although sometimes I would have preferred another book I then wanted to know the ending to these wonderful creatures.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Page 3 I did not like.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book Gorillas In the Mist by Dian Fossey is an amazing true story that takes you into the life of Dr. Fossey's and allows you to see the majestic Mountain Gorillas the way that many have never seen before. In the book, Fossey interprets the lives of gorilla families by documenting their existence. Along the way she runs into ruts created by poachers and the African Government. Poachers resented her persistence and perceived her as a threat to their illegal livelihood. As she becomes closer and closer with the gorillas she feels as though she has found where she belongs. Dr. Fossey shares her research with the rest of the world in hopes to preserve the existence of the Mountain Gorilla. Although Dian's work highlighted the importance of animal research, it became much more than research, it became her life. Each person has the responsibility to be the voice of those who cannot speak. I really enjoyed the brutal but honest message this book had. Dian wrote this book to inform the world on the beauty of the Mountain Gorilla but also the tragedy that they had endured. The only thing I disliked about this book was the sad ending that could not be changed. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about these magnificent animals and anyone who wants to read about Dr. Fossey and her life's work.
Eny8A More than 1 year ago
Great book, I totally recommend it to everyone regardless of your age.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book Gorillas In The Mist is a brilliant image of not only animal interactions but human emotion as well. It follows renowned gorilla researcher Dian Fossey as she recounts the events of her studies over the many years she spent in Africa. She writes in excellent detail and at times pure emotion that makes it feel like you can see it all happening. For example, when she recalls being charged by a group of silverbacks, ¿Suddenly, like a pane of broken glass, the air around me was shattered by the screams of the five males of the group as they bulldozed their way down through the foliage toward me.¿ The setting of this book was amazing. The detail that the author put into describing the setting made it so vivid in my mind I could almost see it. It all sounded like it was coming from someone who knew those forests like the back of her hand. It was a good feeling knowing that she really knew what she was talking about. She experienced the setting, which made it all the more accurate. She described the lush forests as having huge trees and rich undergrowth, ideal conditions for gorillas. However, she also included the effects of poachers, cattle encroachment, and new development on the forest. This added to the setting because it explained a lot of the change going on and some of the destruction happening to the habitat. When people think of this book they may not think of it having many characters to develop. However, there were actually quite a few ¿characters¿, the gorillas. Reading about their development was just as good as reading about a character in a novel overcoming challenges and developing into a strong person. Dian Fossey followed their life stories for over a decade and it was very interesting to read about her interactions with them and how they developed. This is a story of love, loss, and renewal and all of this is shown through the lives of the gorilla family groups. The author writes of how they dealt with the loss of a family member for each gorilla coped with it in a different way. Some seemed to be deeply affected and would be very upset for a long time. Yet others would be hardly affected at all. There was one such incident when an intruding silverback killed a mother gorilla¿s baby but she couldn¿t be bothered by it. She also wrote about how they welcomed new life. Every member of the family seemed to enjoy this. The other infants in the group would be able to make a new friend and the juveniles would have a new baby to practice with for when they became parents. They all had their family bickering and friendships but as the gorillas got older they were able to deal with loss and family problems easier. They were even able to develop in their social standings. To do this some would become closer to the silverbacks or to the dominant female. The other main character to develop was Dian Fossey. This was also her story and she seemed to develop along with the gorillas as they became more trusting of her. She was a very strong woman and was able to deal with problems very well, especially when it came to the safety and well being of her gorillas. As she developed she seemed to take responsibility and ownership of the gorillas she studied and did think of them as hers. The theme of this book had a very strong message and that was to protect your environment and think about what is going on around you. Dian Fossey wrote this book to share her experiences with the gorillas with the world. But she also wanted people to become aware of what was happening to their environment. Throughout the book she talks about going out on anti-poacher patrols and how numerous gorillas became the unintentional victim of the poacher¿s traps. This book was meant to tell people more about how these mysterious animals act and interact with each other but also to send a message to help save these animals from destruction. As for my personal feelings about this book, I thoroughly enjoyed rea
Guest More than 1 year ago
superb women. superb evaluation. a must to animal lovers who distain humanity
Guest More than 1 year ago
great great great!!!!!!!!!read it and see the movie!!!!!!!!