Got a Right to Be Wrong

Got a Right to Be Wrong

by K. L. Brady


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Got a Right to Be Wrong by K. L. Brady

The sequel to the award-winning book club favorite The Bum Magnet features the return of the smart, quick witted, loveable real estate agent who also has a short fuse and an affinity for Grey Goose vodka.

Sassy and successful real estate agent Charisse Tyson is about to tie the knot with sexy undercover agent and man of her dreams, Kevin, but the wedding has everyone, including Charisse, under a lot of pressure. As Charisse and Kevin march toward matrimony, Kevin’s hidden past is revealed, Charisse’s deadbeat father resurfaces, and things heat up with Charisse’s best guy friend. Suddenly Charisse is faced with many new questions regarding her life decisions, and she must figure out just how right or wrong she was all along.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781451616576
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication date: 01/31/2012
Edition description: Original
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

K.L. Brady is a D.C. native but spent a number of her formative years in the Ohio Valley. She’s an alumnus of the University of the District of Columbia and University of Maryland University College, and she works as an analyst for a major government contracting firm. An active real estate agent by day, she writes by night (often into the wee hours of the morning).

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I had knocked Charisse’s ass out. She was snoring like a security guard on the midnight shift. Unfortunately, sleep did not come as easily for me. I still felt anxious with the wedding only one week away. Couldn’t shake the feeling something might go wrong and I wouldn’t get my queen down the aisle, as crazy as she’d been acting—at least not without a shotgun and a case of Grey Goose. I could see the love in her eyes 99 percent of the time, but that 1 percent—her thinly veiled fear—might prove more than even I could overcome.

Hmph, maybe I should’ve told her.

Some of my anxiety might’ve emanated from my own guilt, as much as her fear. The one-night stand was nothing. Happened before Charisse and I even thought about getting together. She wouldn’t care, would she? Not now. Not knowing how much I love her.

I tossed the remote control on the bed and scanned the nightstand for something to read. I’d left the latest issue of Jet magazine in the bathroom and feared my weak noodle legs might fail me. Puttin’ Charisse out always drained me. So, I grabbed an issue of Zaina Humphrey’s magazine—Charisse’s second bible—and flipped through the pages.

I yawned repeatedly as I flipped through, wondering why women bought these stupid magazines. Clothes. Perfume ads. Shoes. More clothes. Who cares? Zaina needed to get a “Z” beauty, some phat centerfold bikini model. That’s how you get men to read these things.

Nearly ready to give up and go get my first choice, I noticed an article that caught my eye, only because Charisse had drawn a letter X across the page from corner to corner. “Daddyless Girls: Women Who Grow Up Without Fathers and How They Cope.” I read the article with microscopic intensity. Some words leapt off the page . . . “sense of abandonment . . . feels unworthy” . . . “low self-esteem . . . attracted to emotionally unavailable men (like the absentee dad)” . . . “trust issues, even in healthy relationships . . . fear of commitment.”

I understood going into this relationship that Charisse was coming in with some emotional baggage. After all, she’d nearly been raped as a teenager. And the cousin she regarded as a brother stood by and let her get attacked. But until reading the article, I had no idea how her rocky, all-but-nonexistent relationship with her father had probably impacted her too. Whatever she said or didn’t say about him, her father’s absence still bothered her. Otherwise why would she even bother marking across this particular article?

Anytime I dared to mention the man’s name, especially as the wedding approached, her entire demeanor soured, her words turned to acid, but her eyes were filled with hurt. She’d been harboring some serious hate.

My father died from lung cancer, but I couldn’t imagine growing up without him in my life. His presence had meant the difference between my growing up to become any old kind of man, and a good man, even though we often bumped heads. Since my father passed away, I’d have given my own life to have him back for a day, just one day, to tell him I loved him once again. Someday, Charisse would regret letting the rift between her and her father fester for so long. I wanted to help them heal their relationship. I was determined to find a way.

© 2012 K. L. Brady

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

It’s a Comedy of Errors for the hip-hop generation, as misunderstandings and trickery separate lovers meant to be together but sabotaged by well-meaning friends, jealous ex-lovers, and the destructive secrets of their proud and misguided families. Brady (The Bum Magnet) reprises her sassy, headstrong, successful realtor heroine Charisse, now getting ready to tie the knot with savvy G-man Kevin. But first, the couple will have to face down the myriad roadblocks hurled their way: Charisse’s trust issues, triggered by a bad marriage, her long-missing father, and brothers she never knew she had; a sneaky lover-in-waiting; Charisse’s secretive mom; and Kevin’s conniving baby mama and the love child they share. Charisse jumps to one wrong conclusion after another—offering a proclamation that gives this book its title—in the outlandish, comic, and charming tradition of the Bard himself. Brady updates an old theme for a new audience and finds a thoroughly modern tale of grown-up love, the endurance of friendship, and the strains—and comfort—of family.

- Publisher's Weekly

“Brady draws readers in immediately from the prologue and propels them straight through the drama, humor and the various twists and turns that will leave you exhausted but satisfied at the end of the novel. Charisse is not your typical heroine and that may be the strongest part of the story.”

4 Star Review

- Romantic Times

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Got a Right to Be Wrong 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Charisse has had more than her share of messed up relationships. Fast forward down the line where she meets and becomes engaged to Kevin. Kevin is the opposite of every man that Charisse has ever dated. Will all of the baggage and trust issues that she has picked up over the years cause her to lose the man of her dreams days before her wedding day? Add to that the drama of family members meeting for the first time, and you get this comedy laced, drama filled story about how one woman picked her happiness over everything else.
sistahsoul More than 1 year ago
Author K. L. Brady is back from her sequel The Bum Magnet with sassy Charisse with all of her love dramas and her problematic friends and family. She has finally met a man that she think is her Prince Charming but she finds out that he has skeletons in his closets just like her past encounters. But Charisse finds out that he is not the only one with skeletons because her parents have been withholding some secrets from her. Will Charisse be able to handle Kevin¿s skeletons and her families? Will she be able to see a realistic vision on what real relationships are suppose to be? Author K. L. Brady classic sense of humor continues to make you laugh at Charisse¿s actions even though they are painful at times. You are able to appreciate the storyline on how a person makes their decisions about mates based on how they were raised and what they have seen. We are also enlightened on how bringing emotional baggage into relationships can make us make decisions whether they are good or bad. As the story unfolds, Brady is able to bring life to each character and circumstance and you are able to relate with the characters. As you continue read the story, you become everyone¿s relationship coach and their biggest cheerleader as you get to the end. Well done Ms. Brady. Karen B. Waiters Sistahs of Urban Literature, President *Simon and Schuster furnished review copy
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
OOSABookClub More than 1 year ago
Something old Something new Something borrowed A baby in blue? Huh? Huh is right. If planning a wedding isn't already enough, Charisse Tyson must also deal with the news that her hubby-to-be is a dad-dy! A revelation that she finds out only one week before her wedding. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Further complicating the situation is Charisse's friend Lamar who wants to be more than a friend and her father that's been MIA for years. Here comes the bride? More like, here comes the drama. Like its predecessor, GOT A RIGHT TO BE WRONG is entertaining, engaging, witty and fun. Themes of love, forgiveness, life decisions, insecurities and abandonment pervade this tale as main characters Charisse and Kevin square off in narrations. Although not a perfect novel (replay of the same events though different narrations and some too neat/convenient happenings), GOT A RIGHT TO BE WRONG works. Easily recommendable, Brady again delivers. I'm looking forward to her next novel. Reviewed by: Toni
Chellie More than 1 year ago
The heroine from K. L. Brady's, "The Bum Magnet" is back bringing her trademark sass and drama to another relationship. This time Charisse is engaged to Kevin, federal agent and all around good guy. But he has a few skeletons in his own closet that are about to be revealed. Chariss's lack of trust leads her to jump from one wrong conclusion after another and paves the way for some hilarious mishaps. Wayward friends, deceitful family members and a conniving baby mama make for obstacles that the couple will need to overcome if they plan to make it to the wedding on time. "Got a Right to Be Wrong" is the story of letting go of the past, trusting your heart and allowing good things to come into your life. This book is an excellent read with a character that is easy to root for. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Brady.