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Green Gold

Green Gold

by Alvin Savage


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Green Gold...A good read for all ages...

An innocent trip into the woods to shoot birds, led two boys to a nightmarish encounter with a drug raid that almost took their lives and unwittingly placed them straight into the arms of a police officer who saw no conflict between his ambition to run the largest drug cartel in Jamaica, and his aspiration to become the top man in the police force. Unaware of the danger Calvin succumbed to his overtures despite attempts by Alfred to dissuade him, with no success, leaving little hope that he could be rescued.
Pressured into action following repeated failures to stem the illegal drug trade the police high command began several under cover initiatives, which bore limited fruit. Convinced that there were leaks in the upper echelons of the police force, the area superintendent was desperate for a break, which came in the form of an experienced, but low level officer named Corporal Ken Geddes. Ken Geddes was categorized as "squeaky clean" by his colleagues and therefore unlikely to rise within the ranks, a fact that did not diminish his efforts to meet the challenge.
Corporal Bailey, privy to high level meetings planned to apprehend drug operators, progressed in his goal to dominate the drug trade. In time his operations became bolder and more sophisticated making it much more difficult to implicate him. In a last ditch effort to find the perpetrator Ken Geddes appealed to the superintendent, who insisted on hard evidence. However it was the foolhardy manner in which Baily treated Calvin that led to the first real break. With help from an undercover agent, Piggy, Geddes began the final plan to terminate the operations of Corporal Bailey. Even so it took considerable resources, a bit of luck and an elaborate plan, which had to be concealed even from the Superintendent himself, to save the boys and bring about a desired end.
Alvin Savage grew up in a rural town in the Dry Harbor Mountain near the north coast of Jamaica. A

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ISBN-13: 9781432783013
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 12/30/2012
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

Alvin Savage grew up in a rural town in the Dry Harbor Mountain near the north coast of Jamaica. An avid reader of western, detective and espionage novels from an early age, he developed a career in engineering and worked as a lecturer in a university for several years. As a product of rural Jamaica he has been concerned at the spate of urban crimes especially among young boys, particularly in inner city areas and the failure of law enforcement agencies to stem the flow. An ardent advocate of alternative approaches to solving crimes he has done extensive informal research that shows linkages between discipline in the home and the propensity of young persons to commit crimes. This novel is an opportunity to share some of these insights.

Alvin Savage currently resides in a suburb of Miami, Florida, where he continues his research and writing.

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