Habits of Highly Effective Teachers: The Ultimate Guide To Practical Behaviour Management That Works!

Habits of Highly Effective Teachers: The Ultimate Guide To Practical Behaviour Management That Works!

by Marie Amaro


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What do I do when students won’t stop talking?

How can I stop students wasting time and disrupting other students?

What can I do about disrespectful students?

Sound familiar?

Difficult student behaviours can keep you awake at night! Effective classroom management can feel elusive and you feel isolated and incompetent dealing with students. Problematic student behaviour can lead to teacher stress, frustration and yes, even tears. You didn’t learn about this at uni!

If you dream of a classroom where you can get on with the business of teaching and learning without being interrupted by poor student behaviour, Habits of Highly Effective Teachers is the book for you.

Well-regarded trainer, speaker and author Marie Amaro, has over 30 years’ experience in the classroom. As a teacher, she really understands the unique challenges that face teachers today, the difficulties and demands on teachers and how to provide solutions that are achievable and easily implemented.

Learn what good teachers do, so you can do it too!

• How to establish clear expectations for behaviour in the classroom

• The secret to building rapport with students while maintaining appropriate boundaries

• How to reduce conflict with students through prevention and early intervention

• Simple ways to reinforce expected behaviour throughout the day

• How to skilfully redirect inappropriate student behaviour

• Highly practical teaching strategies to motivate and engage students

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ISBN-13: 9780648273301
Publisher: The Highly Effective Teacher
Publication date: 11/17/2018
Pages: 216
Sales rank: 524,231
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About the Author

Marie Amaro has been a teacher for over 30 years. She holds a Master of Special Education, focusing on students with emotional and behaviour disorders, and consults with schools K-12. She provides practical, teacher-focused, easy-to-implement strategies that are based on vast experience and understanding of how schools work.

Marie believes that academic outcomes are improved by addressing the social and emotional needs of students through explicit teaching of expected behaviour, engaging pedagogy, modelling of pro-social skills, collaborative learning strategies and giving students a voice. She is passionate about students achieving their potential, about supporting the wellbeing of teachers and about schools providing positive, stimulating and nurturing environments.
Marie is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer who specialises in improving teachers' personal and professional effectiveness. She designs and delivers specialised courses for university students, new and experienced teachers as well as training and coaching for executive and principals.

She is the co-founder/co-director of TheHighlyEffectiveTeacher.com

This is Marie's first book. It is a compilation of the information and research from the one-day course of the same name.

Table of Contents



Welcome to this book

CHAPTER 1: How Beliefs Shape Your Teaching

CHAPTER 2: Oh Behave!

CHAPTER 3: The Ineffective Teacher

CHAPTER 4: It's All About The Learning

CHAPTER 5: Creating Connections

CHAPTER 6: The Secrets of Classroom Communication

CHAPTER 7: The Power Of Consistency

CHAPTER 8: Reinforcement Rules

CHAPTER 9: Be Logical - Consequences That Make Sense

CHAPTER 10: Adopting New Habits



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