Handbook for Humanity

Handbook for Humanity

by Dianna Frederick


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Handbook for Humanity provides you with the resources needed to discover who you are and how to release emotional reactions from your everyday living, bring happiness and love to you and live a good life. From understanding unseen forces to listening to your inner voice, this handbook offers techniques, instructions and insight to help you recognize and use these specific resources and assimilate them into your human being.

It teaches what separates you from your wisdom and gives you the instructions, tools and forces to find your fulfillment. Take it in and absorb this wisdom. Attract and integrate the missing parts of you.

The wisdom and power you are looking for is inside. This handbook is written for every person living or who will be living on this planet. It is written for you!

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“Dianna Frederick’s Handbook for Humanity offers a fresh and elegantly beautiful look into the spirit and soul of why we are really here on earth. Having known Dianna for twenty years, I have seen firsthand her inner growth and spiritual awareness. She is living proof of the power of directly connecting to God and all of the blessings that are bestowed upon one’s life. I highly recommend this guide; it will save your life!”

—Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, award-winning author of the bestselling Fat Flush Plan and Before the Change; creator of Fat Flush

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ISBN-13: 9781452593340
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 03/13/2014
Pages: 120
Sales rank: 985,820
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

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Handbook for Humanity

By Dianna Frederick

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Dianna Frederick
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-9334-0


The Force

The Force is a field of magnetic energy that encompasses all things. Energy is everything, it is everywhere, expanding over dimensions that continue to multiply exponentially by everything that is infinitely created. This includes you. Every thought, feeling, or action you have creates another action because everything and everyone is energy. This is the nature of all things. You cannot see the Force, but it is there with you every moment of your existence. Everything, including you, is one infinite field of energy.

Because energy is everything, including you, your actions, reactions, intentions, emotions, and thoughts, you have a major part to play in the outcome of everything that exists and everything that happens!

This is powerful information! You matter, your actions and reactions matter, your thoughts and emotions matter, and your intentions matter!

Your life is shaped by your actions, reactions, intentions, emotions, and thoughts. This is how the Force works with you. You manifest in your life what you attract through your actions, reactions, intentions, emotions, and thoughts. All of this is energy, and it creates your life and your future right now positively or negatively.

If you have not been taking responsibility for what you want in your life and for who you are, the outcome would be similar to the Force molding you as one would mold clay, shaping you and your life from your reactions, intentions, and thoughts. You will have no idea how your life is going to develop and how it will turn out because you are not in charge of what you are emotionally and thoughtfully engaged in.

You have the ability to change and guide the course of your own life! The positive choice you have is to make your life the best it can be, and it is based on what you believe and think about yourself. Your present moment creates your future right now. This means that creating your world is up to you.

Your beliefs and feelings emanate from you and engage the Force, a powerful magnetic energy that matches what you believe and feel about yourself and others.

The Force brings into your life whatever action, reaction, intention, emotion, and thought you are having. Whatever you are thinking and believing, all it wants to do is create exactly what you ask for. Happy or sad, it creates for you! It does this for you without exception. This Force was given to you to teach you how to create your life by your own design.

It should make you feel liberated to know that you are able to focus the Force to change your life and empower you.

The Force has worked with you at all times ever since you were born. You did not know that you were using the Force to manifest your world, which means you were making it real by your thoughts, actions, and feelings.

Now that you are aware of this, it is helpful to pay attention to what you are creating and attracting through your emotions and thoughts. The Force also creates what your physical, mental, or emotional health will be according to your thoughts, intentions, anger, resentment, and behavior.

When you are working with the Force, you should be using it correctly to help you have a life worth living. Expect the Force to bring into your life the best outcomes.


The Force and You

The dynamic energy within you begins with your beliefs, thoughts, actions, and feelings, and it then unites with the creating force that moves through the world and you.

These two energy forces moving toward each other reflect the amount of commitment, desire or emotions that you have in your awareness and become real in your life. Everything is constantly changing as a result of your actions, feelings, thoughts, and intentions. The Force and you dance in unison just as the macrocosm universe and the microcosm universe, the larger and the smaller universes, work together. You are one!

You are changing your life constantly by every choice you make. It would be a powerful shift for you if you were in charge of your change.

You live your life from moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day, year to year and do not realize you can take control of your destiny. You do not see the big picture or the systems that are evolving all around you in every direction further than your mind can imagine—microscopic life that you cannot see to enormous life that you cannot see because most of you do not have the microscopes or the telescopes that are required to see all of these systems of energy changing constantly, evolving to the next level of awareness.

This system works; that is why this tool was given to you!

In the last few thousand years other attempts were made to bring these instructions to humanity, but the consciousness of humanity was not able to take it and share it without fear.

There has been so much fear of the Force. People who were in charge did not want to lose control of the masses. Rulers wanted to hold all of the power over others, and they did this by using the Force.

In the course of the history of this planet, those who did not want to grow started bullying others into submission so that they would take care of them and do their work for them. Eventually, humanity started giving in to the passions of others. The larger part of humanity lost its identity and gave in to the desires of the few to fulfill those in power instead of themselves. Over time, those in power became lazy and fearful of losing their mastery over others.

Taking responsibility for one's self and having the wisdom of the Force was misused by certain individuals so they could establish themselves as the masters over others. This is where it all began breaking down. When people are not paying attention to their own feelings, it is easy to go out and hurt others. Individuals start telling others what to do because they are not being responsible for their feelings that in turn causes their misery.

It is much easier to look at someone else's failings than it is to look at one's self, which can be embarrassing and painful. Rather than objectively looking at one's self and realizing there is a need to change, it is projected on others. Trying to be the master of another human being puts that person's pain on someone else.

People make others suffer for their own pain. That plan does not work and there are now billions of very unhappy, lifeless people. Everyone is trying to figure out who to blame for all of the problems, which will never get worked out because it all started so long ago thousands of years before you.

Now release yourself from the traditional habits and beliefs that hold you back from growing and mastering yourself. You are in charge of fulfilling yourself and the outcomes in your life, and there is nothing that should be blamed on another person for any of your outcomes. You have an energy tool to assist you in taking responsibility for your life and your fulfillment.

The freedom, immense peace, and individual strength that come from being responsible for yourself and what happens in your life is called mastery.

The invisible energy force that surrounds you and moves through you is constantly shaping you and your life. This Force gives you what you think about, what you are feeling, and what you believe in. When you do not know what you want, it creates that too.

The best way to create the life you want is to have clear thoughts. It is important to understand that beliefs, feelings, actions, and reactions hold you back from manifesting happiness and what you really want. Knowing what you want and who you are is part of the process that you will learn from using the wisdom in this handbook.

Stop, pay attention, and listen. When you observe what is going on in your life and all around you, it allows you to stop thinking long enough to make discernments that will be of value to you. Observing ensures that you are having appropriate thoughts. Inappropriate thoughts will always hold you back from experiencing your own happiness. There is a lot of unexpected goodness that comes from observing and listening.

Patience is developed through the processes that you will go through, and you will learn about your beliefs, thoughts, expectations, emotions, actions, and reactions and how to change them to make your life better and be able to discern what you really want.

Patience gives you the ability to develop an understanding about your life and how to use the Force. Observing your life frequently and learning how to discern what is happening in and around you will open your awareness into who you are and what you want. By observing everyday life without reacting, you develop patience and then tolerance.

Now it is time for you to learn how to change and manage your mind, your thoughts, your emotions, and the actions and reactions that create your life. Through the proper use of the Force, you can live your life in peace, grace, gratitude, abundance, and love.


Moving Past What Holds You Back

In this section of the handbook, you are going to learn about yourself by exploring emotions and illusions that are causing you to make negative choices. It is essential to realize that there are many levels of your psychology that are not true, that are not really you. The following instructions are vital to free you up to make positive choices and understand how you attract life to you.

Using the Force without this knowledge is like wiring your home for electricity without the appropriate training and then being shocked or electrocuted. This example is similar to the shock or despair that you experience when you are not aware of what you are creating and attracting to you every day.

In order to be observant of the patterns that cause you to react, you will need to know what is hiding from your awareness. The lists below are the most complicated categories that cause distress in your life. You need to be a participant in this change if you want to improve your life and everything else that comes into it. These lists will help you to focus on what it is that is causing you setbacks.

The five categories listed below will help elevate your awareness of your thoughts and feelings. These are your lists to freedom. Please take time now to write down your information in each category. Be as honest as you can. This is only for you!

1) Who and what you are blaming for your unhappiness

2) Your habits

3) Your fears

4) Your burdens

5) Your expectations of yourself and others

As you continue to read through the handbook and learn more, set time aside each week to look over your lists and make changes to them as you become more aware of how you participate in creating dramas.

With this being said, separate yourself from the five other lists for a moment and write down what you really would like in your life. Keep this close by so that you can look at it frequently. This will help you to remember why you are doing this for yourself.

There is a process involved to undo the negative beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that one has been living with and rebuild one's self with truth and positive thoughts and behaviors.

The good news is that you are the only person you are able to change. You must be happy with yourself. Spend time with yourself and begin changing the details of you so that you like who you are.

When you look at your five lists, you are only looking at what you need to change in yourself. When you begin to understand this, it is much easier than imagining that you can change another person. You are here on this planet in this life to fulfill yourself. Every individual is here to do the same thing!

What is fulfillment? Fulfillment is what makes you whole and allows you to know who you are and what you want in your life. Being fulfilled is the interior you that becomes whole. This wholeness and fulfillment is what anchors happiness and inner peace and creates the solid foundation needed to live your life.

To be fulfilled, you need to attract all of the pieces of the puzzle that make you whole. Only you can find those pieces of your puzzle. They may come from something that you read or you hear, from something that someone says, or from things that you experience and do that changes you and deepens you. It is also very important that you change your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and behavior to align yourself with the part of you that you are looking for. This makes your awareness of self easier because you are now attracting the positive solutions to you.

How do you know if you are finding the right pieces of your puzzle and information that is appropriate? For some it comes with maturity. It takes consistency and practice and the specific intention to draw your pieces of your puzzle to you to begin completing you. As you do this, your fulfillment begins to show on you. How? You notice you are happier and lighter. It shows when others begin noticing you in different ways than they had before. People will turn their heads to notice you, smile at you more, and want to be around you.

People who are miserable may not enjoy you as much simply because they have not made the choice to change and have not intended that change. When you choose to change, it is a switch that a person turns on. Turn on your switch to attract the positive pieces of your puzzle to you. Remember that you may not see the information you need that is right in front of you if you are still caught up in the middle of your drama. This is the drama that is created from what you have written in your five lists.

Make a commitment to yourself and release the things that are upsetting you, the blame, unhappiness, disappointments, fears, habits, and expectations you have so that you can create what you really do want in your life.

You must make a commitment to yourself to become aware of the issues that you identify on your lists! This is how you learn about yourself, and this is how creating your life becomes easier.

Your life will begin to shift, and you will be able to create the lifestyle and space where you live and work that makes you relaxed and happy little by little.

Develop a positive outlook for your life and know you are the only person who can change that. Allow communications, comments, information, ideas, and situations you are experiencing to flow through you without getting attached to any of them and do not let them cause a negative reaction in you. There is an appropriate timing for all things in life. The things that you wish to modify will change more successfully if you relax and do not become attached to any of it and trust that this change is taking place.

Congratulations! This is the hardest part of the handbook. Now sit back and enjoy the positive changes that you will begin to attract.


From This Moment on There Will Be No Blame

Stop blaming anyone, including yourself, and start taking responsibility for what is happening in your own world and your own personal life from this moment forward. Why? You are responsible for what happens in your life, and you are responsible for your fulfillment. No one else can do that for another person. It just is not possible!

Material fulfillment is not what is being discussed throughout this handbook. The fulfillment being discussed here is the crowning of achievements, your internal fulfillment. When you are internally fulfilled your material fulfillment comes naturally based on your positive thoughts and desires.

With this being said, it is important to begin with what is keeping you from your internal fulfillment. If you are not aware of the basic negative expressions inside of you, it will be difficult to know who you really are and obtain the life you would really like to have.

The first emotion to be aware of is blame. It is easy to blame your partner, children, family, friends, and others for the problems you have. Even if you feel it is coming from another person, you can only look at yourself to see if you are creating these problems. This is how you learn to find fulfillment in your life and create lasting relationships.


Excerpted from Handbook for Humanity by Dianna Frederick. Copyright © 2014 Dianna Frederick. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Foreword, xi,
Preface, xv,
Acknowledgements, xxi,
Introduction, xxv,
Chapter 1 The Force, 1,
Chapter 2 The Force and You, 5,
Chapter 3 Moving Past What Holds You Back, 11,
Chapter 4 From This Moment on There Will Be No Blame, 17,
Chapter 5 Transform Your Habits, 25,
Chapter 6 Overcoming Fears, 29,
Chapter 7 Acceptance, 35,
Chapter 8 Expectations, 39,
Chapter 9 Appreciation and Gratitude, 45,
Chapter 10 Memories, 53,
Chapter 11 Cycles in Life, 57,
Chapter 12 Fulfillment, 61,
Chapter 13 Thought Regeneration, 65,
Chapter 14 Sending Out the Love, 77,
Chapter 15 Happiness, 83,
Chapter 16 Live Your Life Now!, 89,

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