Happywork: A Business Parable About the Journey to Teamwork, Profit, and Purpose

Happywork: A Business Parable About the Journey to Teamwork, Profit, and Purpose

by Chris Reimer


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In Happywork, Chris Reimer introduces an ambitious, professional consultant named Sam, who specializes in company turnarounds. Sam succeeds by “compartmentalizing people, streamlining processes, and creating systems of control.” He wastes no energy worrying about human emotions—he gets results.

Drawn into an urgent assignment at Vunorri, Inc., a manufacturing company facing foreclosure, Sam’s confident spirit is suddenly shaken. A career quiz from an unlikely source, impossible employees, and scandalous dealings at Vunorri cast doubt on Sam’s qualifications and test his ability to perform.

Against the suspense-building backdrop of a 30-day bank deadline, Reimer reveals a truth many people ignore—unhappiness at work hurts employees and employers. The colorful characters and practical advice comprise a thought provoking piece of revolutionary motivation for corporate America.

Delivered with wit and packed with profound sentiment, Happywork offers you truth—the way we work is broken, our priorities are out of order, and now is the time for colossal change. Apply these simple methods immediately, and experience a better work environment and life today.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780768405316
Publisher: Sound Wisdom
Publication date: 02/17/2015
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Chris Reimer is an award-winning communications strategist and is Vice-President of Social Media at Falk Harrison. He founded Rizzo Tees, a t-shirt company headquartered in his basement. He went on to become possibly the only human alive who went from being a CPA and CFO to a marketing and communications strategist. He is a guest lecturer at Washington University and resides in St. Louis, MO. Join him on ChrisReimer.com, or say hi on Twitter @ChrisReimer.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Respect for the Work Process 11

Chapter 1 A Cleanup Job 13

Chapter 2 The Crazy Uncle 21

Chapter 3 Neil Down 29

Chapter 4 Work Madness 37

Chapter 5 Shared Responsibility 49

Chapter 6 Work as a Cortisol Tragedy 57

Part 2 Respect for Each Other: Human Solidarity 65

Chapter 7 The Antichrist of HR 67

Chapter 8 Making the Coffee 75

Chapter 9 Charlie's Tribunal 81

Chapter 10 Cruelty at Work 91

Part 3 Respect for Business Goal Number 1: Happiness 99

Chapter 11 A 100,000-Hour Work Life 101

Chapter 12 The Pressure Is On 109

Chapter 13 A Broken Man 119

Chapter 14 Armageddon 135

Chapter 15 Indictment 145

Chapter 16 Drawing a Line in the Sand 153

Chapter 17 Redemption + Salvation 177

Acknowledgments 183

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