Hard Ride #2: A Novel in Three Parts

Hard Ride #2: A Novel in Three Parts

by Opal Carew

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Hard Ride #2: A Novel in Three Parts by Opal Carew

Liv never expected to find herself trapped in a dark alley facing a band of rough bikers. And she certainly never expected to see him again. But Shock is no longer wealthy kid that Liv remembers from college. Instead of inheriting his family's fortune and becoming a billionaire, he's a hard-bodied, tattooed member of a biker gang. And he'll do anything to have her in his bed and on his bike.

Liv makes a choice to stay with Shock and his gang--and soon discovers that they share everything. In his strong arms, she's able to let go and feel, surrendering to her most forbidden fantasies. Shock unleashes a passion in of her that she's never experienced before, pushing her boundaries and pulling her deeper into his sensual world. But when reality comes crashing back, Liv has to decide if she can trust Shock with more than just her body.

This is part two of HARD RIDE, a three part novel.

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ISBN-13: 9781466878662
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 04/14/2015
Series: Ready to Ride
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 50
Sales rank: 60,501
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

OPAL CAREW is the author of fifteen erotic romances for St. Martin's including His to Command, Blush, Riding Steele and other erotic romance novels. She lives in Canada and makes regular trips to the U.S. to speak at conferences and industry events.

Opal Carew is the author of Total Abandon, Pleasure Bound, Twin Fantasies and other erotic romance novels. “So why do I like writing erotic romance?” she asks. “I like being able to push beyond traditional boundaries.” Opal loves crystals, dragons, feathers, cats, pink hair, the occult and all that glitters. While she writes, she listens to inspirational music, lights candles and keeps crystals near. Before devoting herself to her passion as a writer, Opal spent 15 years as a software analyst, and she has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. She lives with her husband and two sons in Ontario, Canada.

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Hard Ride: Part Two

A Novel in Three Parts

By Opal Carew

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 2015 Opal Carew
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4668-7866-2


"No." Liv stared at him defiantly.

Shock glared at her. "What do you mean 'No'?" She crossed her arms over her chest. "I mean I'm not going."

"The hell you aren't." He grabbed her wrist and yanked her with him, then dragged her up the stairs. He pushed her into the bedroom. "Now pack."

Instead, she went and sat on the bed.

"Liv, I'm not kidding."

She stared at him speculatively.

"Let's just talk about this for a minute," she said in her most reasonable tone.

"We don't need to talk. I've made my decision."

"Well, that's the whole problem, isn't it? You've made your decision."

"You said you'd do whatever I say."

"In the bedroom," she clarified. "And we both know that meant during sex, but now you don't want to have sex with me."

"That's not true."

She pursed her lips. "It is true, at least since you found out I'm not experienced."

"It's not your lack of experience that's the issue."

"What then?" Anger bubbled inside her. "Because of what happened to me?"

Her heart ached. He was judging her. Because she'd gotten herself into a stupid situation. And that stupid guy had taken advantage of that situation and ... Damn it, because of that, she had stayed away from relationships. Had been afraid to let anyone close.

God damn it, she was so broken.

"Liv, why don't you understand? I don't want to be the second man who forces you into sex."

"What?" She stared at him in shock.

"I coerced you to sign a contract. To have sex with me. You needed money and I took advantage of the situation." He picked up her backpack and set it on the bed. "That was wrong. And even worse now that I know what happened to you." He stared at her. "I'm no better than that guy."

"Shock, it's not the same thing. I know you would never ..."

She frowned and shook her head. She wanted to take his hand and tell him how much she'd wanted to be with him all those years ago. How much she'd dreamed of him taking her into his arms and kissing her. Touching her.

But after the incident happened ... she'd been afraid. Afraid to be touched. Afraid to trust.

So she'd pushed him away. Subtly at first. She found excuses to slow down the activities they did together. Like running in the park, which they did a few of times a week, became twice a week, then once. And she stopped going with him to see the old movies they showed at the campus center on Tuesdays. They weren't dates, just two friends spending time together, but she'd always wanted them to be more. Before "the incident."

Then, when he'd seemed to feel her slipping away, he actually asked her out on a real date. And she flatly refused, telling him she just wanted to stay friends. Over the following month, she'd discontinued all their time together, even studying, until they saw each other only in class.

She hadn't been able to handle more than that. Not while she longed to be closer to him. If they could have truly been just friends ... But she'd wanted more ... and couldn't handle that.

She realized he'd unzipped her bag and had grabbed a handful of clothes that she'd unpacked into an empty drawer in the dresser before she'd gone down to breakfast and was pushing them into the empty backpack.


At her hesitant tone, he glanced her way.

"Please stop," she implored. "I don't want to go home." She reached for his callused hand and held it in her own. "What we've started here ... it's been good for me. I'm ..." — she dropped her gaze, letting it fall to their joined hands — "broken."

He pushed the backpack aside and sat down beside her, tightening his hand around hers. "No, Liv, that's not true."

She gazed at his warm, brown eyes. "It is true. When he did that to me, he broke something inside me." She dropped her gaze to their hands once more, drawing comfort from the gentle pressure of his fingers. "I didn't choose not to have sex all these years. I was afraid to have sex." She looked up again, meeting his somber gaze. "But I'm not afraid with you. What we did yesterday ... and this morning was exciting." She squeezed his hand. "I'm not trying to put a huge weight on your shoulders or anything, but I really think that you can help me." She raised their joined hands and stroked his against her cheek. "Please, let me stay and finish what we started."

"Fuck, Liv ..."

Suddenly she was pulled into his arms, his mouth covering hers. She melted against him, her mouth opening to him.

Need washed through her and all she could think about was being naked in his arms, then opening to him as his big, heavy cock glided inside her. Filling her. Bringing her to heights even greater, and more fulfilling, than last night. If that was even possible.

"Liv, are you sure?"

She took his hand and slid it over her breast, then pressed his fingers closed around it.

"So sure."

He moaned and deepened the kiss.

Her heart beat wildly as he pulled her farther onto the bed, then leaned in and claimed her lips again, pressing her onto her back. She could hear his heart pounding in his chest, too. And a roaring in her ears.

She pressed his hand against her breast again, but the roar grew louder, then became thunderous.

"Oh, fuck." Shock slipped away from her and peered out the window.

"What is it?" she asked, just wanting him to come back.

"It's Steele and the others. They just arrived."

* * *

As Liv followed Shock downstairs, she tossed her hair over her shoulder nervously. Her cheeks were flushed and she was sure that the newcomers would know exactly what she and Shock had been doing.

Of course they'd know. That was why Shock had brought her here a day early, to give them some time alone together. Shock hadn't said as much, but it wasn't hard to figure out.

What had he told them about her? Did they know Shock had loaned her money? Did they know she was here to fulfill a contract?

The front door opened and she heard loud male voices and the sound of heavy biker boots on the ceramic tile floor of the entrance.

"Hey, Steele. Good ride up?" Shock asked as he and Liv stepped off the stairway and into the large foyer with Liv right behind him. Five large tattooed men in jeans, and two women, dressed similarly to Liv, standing in the entrance.

A tall man with dark wavy hair and exceptional good looks who Liv hadn't met yet nodded. "Always." His blue eyes locked on Liv, sending her heart stuttering. This was the leader of Shock's group of biker friends. "This is Olivia, I take it."

"Everyone calls her Liv."

Liv held out her hand and Steele shook it. The feel of his big, powerful hand around hers flustered her. When he released it, she drew it back and sent a quick glance to Shock for reassurance.

"Liv, you already met Wild Card, Magic, and Dom."

She nodded to them and Wild Card smiled. The other two nodded.

"And this is Rip," Shock said, gesturing to the fifth man.

Rip's hair was dark and wavy and his eyes a deep midnight blue. Dense, coarse whiskers shadowed his face, except where a two- inch scar slashed across his cheek, but his warm smile softened his dangerous good looks.

He took her hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you, Liv."

"And this is Raven and Tempest," Shock said as the two women stepped toward her.

Both women had long dark hair, but Raven's was as black as a raven's wing, which is undoubtedly how she'd gotten her nickname. Tempest was a little taller, with heart-shaped lips. Both were stunning.

"I love your jeans," Raven said. "I'd love to get a pair like that."

Rip slid his arm around her waist and drew her tight to his side. "And I would love you to wear a pair like that." He nuzzled her neck and she laughed.

Tempest held out her hand. "Nice to meet you."

Liv shook her hand and relaxed a little. She didn't know how to read the men's attitudes, but the women made her feel that she'd been accepted.

"Nice place." Dom glanced around the foyer, which opened onto a large living room with dark honey-colored hardwood floors. "Bedrooms upstairs?"

"Yeah, there are five." Shock stepped aside as the newcomers headed upstairs with their bags.

As the others were walking up the stairs, Shock took her hand and led her down the hall. "They'll probably be hungry, so I'll make some sandwiches. You can sit out on the deck if you'd like. Or go for a swim."

"No, I'll help."

In the kitchen, he pulled out a couple loaves of bread and cold cuts and veggies from the fridge, and they began putting together a plate of sandwiches.

"There aren't enough bedrooms for everyone. Will some of them be sleeping on the couch?"

"There are enough. Raven's with Rip, and Tempest's with Steele."

"That leaves one short."

He placed some slices of ham on the bread she'd buttered. "Dom and Magic will bunk in together."

"Oh." She cut a tomato into thin slices and arranged them on some of the sandwiches.

Fifteen minutes later the others started trailing down the stairs. Shock placed the sandwiches on the table with plates and then grabbed beers for everyone.

"The backyard looks pretty nice," Magic said. "I saw a pool out there."

"And a hot tub," Tempest said with a smile. "I'm going for a swim after lunch."

"There's a lake just down the way, too," Shock said.

"My kind of place." Steele smiled.

As they finished their sandwiches, they cleared their dishes and Shock put them in the dishwasher.

"Since you have this all handled," Raven said, "I'm going for a swim."

"Me, too." Tempest followed her to the stairs.

"Why don't you go put your swimsuit on," Shock suggested. "I'm basically done here."

"Okay." She glanced up at him. "Are you going, too?" The thought of getting into the skimpy bikini Shock had the personal shopper buy for her and wearing it in front of all these hulking men made her a little nervous. She knew she'd be safe with Shock, but she still wasn't comfortable with being on display.

He glanced at her and seemed to read her nervousness. "Yeah, sure. I'll come up now."

Magic and Wild Card, who were still sitting at the table finishing their beers, grinned and glanced at each other as Shock took her hand. They were obviously assuming ... but she shouldn't care. They could assume whatever they wanted. She would do her best not to let it throw her.

She trotted up the stairs with Shock behind her. Once in the room with the door closed behind her, she walked to the dresser and pulled out the black and white bikini. She tossed it on the bed and pulled off her T-shirt without even thinking. She reached behind her back to unfasten her bra, then remembered that Shock was standing only a few feet away.

She glanced around. He was staring at her, mesmerized.

Sure, he'd seen her totally naked, but that didn't mean she was comfortable just casually changing in front of him. She grabbed the bathing suit and headed to the en suite bathroom, then closed the door behind her. Once she had changed, she grabbed a brush from the vanity counter and brushed her long hair. She opened a small drawer and found some covered elastics, so she pulled her hair into a ponytail and braided it.

When she returned to the bedroom, Shock stood in royal-blue swim trunks. He whistled, his hot gaze gliding the length of her mostly naked body.

"Very nice."

"I take it you like your own taste in bathing suits."

He smiled and stepped toward her. His hands glided down her naked sides and his lips brushed her shoulder. "It's more that I like my taste in women." His arm hooked around her waist and he drew her near. As he kissed her skin lightly, shivers danced across her flesh.

"I think we should go downstairs."

Shock nuzzled the base of her neck, making her knees go weak. "I'm sure they won't miss us for a few minutes."

His hand cupped her breast, lifting it slightly, then his thumb found her tightening nipple. When he brushed over it, she had to stop herself from gasping.

"Please, Shock. No." When she glanced up at him, he frowned. "I know I said I'd obey you —"

He shook his head. "I just want to know. Have you changed your mind again?" His hand slid away. "I can take you home right now if you like."

"No, I don't want to go."

God, he must think she'd decided not to have sex with him after all.

"Nothing's changed except timing." She drew his hand back to her and tucked it under her breast. "I don't want our first time to be a few stolen moments."

"So you want your first real time to be special. Maybe candlelight and roses?" She gazed into his warm brown eyes. "No." She stroked his whisker-roughened cheek. "I just want you, and enough privacy and time that we don't feel rushed."

She rose on her tiptoes and brushed her lips against his. He drew her tight to his body and deepened the kiss. She felt a growing bulge in his trunks pressing against her.

"I'm sure that can be arranged." He nuzzled her ear.

"Well, from the feel of things, you might not be going downstairs right away." She was his sexual partner, which meant she had responsibilities. He glided her hand down his stomach, then over his bulge. "Do you want me to do something about this?"

But he grabbed her hand and drew it away. "Look, baby. I understand if you want to wait, and yes, I'm hard being this close to you, especially in that fine little scrap of cloth you're wearing, but you don't have to suck me off because of it. Okay?"

She bit her lip. "But —"

"No buts. Let's go downstairs."

She glanced at his erection, clearly visible in his trunks. How could he just walk out there like that? But once they were in the hall he opened a closet and pulled out a couple of large beach towels and handed one to her, then draped the other over his arm, covering his hard-on.

She smiled, then followed him down the stairs and into the kitchen. Tempest stood at the counter, tall and sexy in a hot-pink bikini.

"Hey, you two. Want to help me?" Tempest asked. "I made a pitcher of margaritas. I could use help carrying out the glasses."

The three of them walked outside onto the patio with the glasses and a frosty pitcher and set them on the big round teak table. Soon they were all relaxing by the pool enjoying the afternoon sun.

The backyard was huge, with beautiful landscaping that was definitely well maintained. There were lots of plants and brightly colored flowers, different sitting areas, a large in-ground pool, and a lake with a small beach about a hundred yards from the deck. A hot tub was tucked in a corner, kept secluded from the lake by flowering bushes.

Shock took a sip of the margarita Tempest poured for him, then walked to the pool, dropped the towel and dove into the water.

"So you've known Shock since college?" Tempest asked as she sat down across from Liv.

"Yes, we were study partners and friends."

"And now you're more," Raven said with a smile as she moved from one of the lounge chairs near the table to pour herself a drink.

Liv wondered how much they knew about Liv and Shock's current situation. Did they know that he had a contract for her to be his sexual slave? Her cheeks flushed. Or did they just think she and Shock had started seeing each other? But would she really start riding with them — for a whole month — if they'd only just reconnected, and after being just friends?

No matter what they knew, they must wonder at how fast things had moved between her and Shock.

She wanted to explain that things hadn't worked out in college, but that they'd always been attracted to each other and this was their opportunity. She felt the need to justify why she had jumped into bed with him. But there was no real way to explain it, so better to leave everything unsaid. Anyway, whatever she said probably wouldn't match what Shock would say. He might want to protect her feelings by not making it seem as if she'd just spread her legs because he loaned her money, and that all he really wanted was a brief physical relationship with her — a month, to be precise.

Who was she kidding? He had probably told his buddies everything.

"Liv, are you okay?" Tempest asked, concern in her blue eyes.

"Oh, yeah, sure."

"You seemed to zone out there for a moment."

"Sorry, it's just a bit overwhelming meeting all of you." She glanced toward the big tattooed bikers hanging around the side of the pool, talking. "And the men are, well, a bit intimidating."

"I know what you mean. I thought that at first, too." Tempest placed her hand on Liv's. They may be big and rough looking, but believe me, there's nothing to be worried about."

"Yeah, Liv." Raven smiled. "They only bite if invited."

"Rave, you're just going to scare her," Tempest admonished.

The two women really got along well together. Liv could see that, and wished that she could be a part of their circle. But she would be here for only a month, so it would be better if she kept her distance. No point making connections she would only lose in the end. That would just make it harder when she left.

She glanced toward the pool and noticed Magic walking toward them. His gaze dipped to her breasts. The attention made her feel desirable, but also left her nervous, as it always did when men eyed her.


Excerpted from Hard Ride: Part Two by Opal Carew. Copyright © 2015 Opal Carew. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Hard Ride #2: A Novel in Three Parts 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review Because of an incident during her college years, Liv stays away from relationships. Shock told Liv to pack, he was taking her home. She refused. After the incident at college, Liv started to put Shock away. When he seen her start to slip away, he asked her out on a date. She said no and after a while, they were only seeing each other at class. She never explained why. She just told Shock she was broken, but she thought he could help her. Spending long hours taking care of her sister and grandmother, Liv seemed to lose socialization skills, but she still met Shock's friends. Liv is growing and healing in the second part of this story and you cheer her on, even through he tears. Shock is a very strong man. He comes across a hard bike, but is actually soft on the inside. He does everything he can to put Liv at ease. He's loyal and considerate and actually sweet. I am thoroughly enjoying this story.
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
This is a continuation and I would recommend reading part one first.  This takes up where you left of in part one.  After Shock learns Liv’s secret he wants to take her home but Liv is determined to stay and learn more about how Shock makes her feel.  Sexy, caring billionaire biker, Shock is one sexy guy as are his biker friends.  This story has me hooked and I am looking forward to reading more.  Sexy and entertaining!  Excellent Read!
celticmaggie More than 1 year ago
Well, we are now getting down to the nitty gritty. Shock wants to know why she pushed him away in college. She explains how she was raped at a party. Now he knows why she is introverted. She trusts him. They come home and watch some of the others with multiple partners. He is afraid for her. She gets excited. Shock has to do some business in town. She meets someone from his Lawyer's office. She tells Liv about her fling with Shock. She is upset, won't explain and then Rip gives Shock the phone to give to Liv. Her sister is in the hospital dying. Noooooo. To be continued! I have this book for an honest review for NetGalley.
Samantha_Alice More than 1 year ago
The second book picks off right where the first book leaves off! Liv and Shock continue their affair and Liv begins to fall in love. There's a few twists but it is easy to see Shock adores her. It is such a shame she can't realize that. The chemistry and tenderness between them is powerful. The writing is incredible, keeps you locked in the world of Liv and Shock until the cliffhanger end. 
cntrygirlzroc More than 1 year ago
RECEIVED A COPY FROM NETGALLEY...This is the second installment and it is about Liv and Shock agreeing to an arrangement. She needs money for her sick sister and they enter into a sexual contract. He has a month with her and they all go to a house he has. But it comes to an end when she gets a call about her sister. Bad boy biker on outside, loving guy on inside.
sl0873 More than 1 year ago
Excellent continuation of the first part of this story. It picks up right where the last one left off. The lack of honest communication between these two was driving me crazy!! Neither one of them thinks the other has true deep feelings for the other.They both decide to just take advantage of the month that they have together.  They finally have make love, which is her first time since being raped in college. Shock was so sweet and set the whole thing up as this huge romantic scenario with candles all over the place...(sigh)... They spend the whole book exploring each other physically, but holding back emotionally. Neither one wants to take a chance at being hurt. Just as Liv is admitting to herself that she loves him, someone steps in to make her doubt every sweet thing he'd done and made her feel like she was wasn't anything special. Just another notch on his belt, so to speak. This person made it sound like Shock had some secrets that Liv wonders about. I really hope these two can be finally be honest to one another and just love each other in the last part!
booknooknuts More than 1 year ago
This is book #2 in this really sexy story. Liv finds herself accepting the help of her old college flame Shock. He and his biker buddies are not the foes she ran into inside the bar.  Liv has a secret however of something that happened back in college and when things with her sisters health take a turn for the worst she is caught between her fear and doing what she must.  Liv asks Shock for his help and he comes up with a plan to get back the girl he was so in love with all those years ago in college but can he help her heal what was broken? Loved this 2nd part to the story. We get so much more insight into this couples past and what happens is so  sexy and downright HOT.  Can't wait for the next one !! Pickup your copy and get reading.  I was gifted a copy of this book for my honest review
jeniNY More than 1 year ago
This installment is so much better than the first one for me, which was more of an introduction to the story. Book two gives us more insight into why Liv pushed Shock away all those years ago in college. Someone she thought was her friend and classmate raped her at a frat party he betrayed her trust. She pushed Shock away that’s why sex isn’t comfortable for her she practically a virgin. This is the point in the book that we find out Shocks true nature, which is not to just be a big bad biker but a sweet caring man who wants nothing more than to keep Liv in his arms forever. He doesn’t push her to have sex he waits until she is ready but he shows her how pleasurable sex can be. Does she feel the same way as he does? He keeps asking himself the question as he moves Live into his cabin home and they start a sexual relationship. Shock doesn’t know Liv is asking herself the same question. These two keep their feelings hidden behind the sex slave contract Shock had Liv sign but we can tell right from the start their desires run deeper than an agreement on paper. While Liv and Shock are getting to know each other, again physically as well as emotionally the other bikers and their girls are taking care of their sexual needs. I didn’t mind the sharing women part of the story as added hot sex it was fine but not needed for the story I think. It shows these people have very open minds and lives but sometimes was just gratuitous sex. The sex scenes with Liv and Shock were exceptionally erotic I especially enjoyed when Shock showed his control in the bedroom. So very sexy and sweet at the same time, he wants to do whatever it takes to get her to realize how much he really cares and if he has to give her multiple orgasms to prove it Shock is more than up for the task. This couple has a long road ahead of them between interfering women that Shock may have had a thing with and secrets they are both keeping there is no telling how these two will end up. RECEIVED AN ARC FROM NETGALLEY IN EXCHANGE OF AN HONEST REVIEW.
Eretria2 More than 1 year ago
Hard Ride #2 A Novel in Three Parts By Opal Carew Liv refuses to go home. The connection she once felt toward Shock in college is expanding. She wants him to be her first lover. The whole contract thing is allowing her to feel like herself. She no longer has the weight of the world on her shoulders. It has provided a freedom not like any she has ever had. She wants a relationship with Shock even if it is just for the month. Every time Shock tries to get closer, she pulls away, afraid of having her heart broken. As she stays, she sees how the whole crew interact with each other and love each other both sexually and emotionally. Two of the bikers have their own lovers, but they all share each other. Everyone partakes of the smorgasbord of sexual positions and partners. After acting like a voyeur, she finds herself oddly turned on by the whole idea of multiple partners, but how will Shock feel? Shock is enjoying watching Liv experience and awaken her true desires. Now that her metaphorical blind fold is off, all of her senses are on high alert. She has turned into a temptress who is never satiated. She is game to play anything and unashamed of the salacious thoughts and desires that she is developing. She is fitting right in with the rest of the crew and their women. She seems to acclimate well to their lifestyle. “What is wrong; he wants her and she wants him”. Every time he feels as though they are getting closer, she pulls away from him, shutting him down. He may have let her go in college, but this time, he is serious and refuses to let her go, but she keeps mentioning the terms of the damn contract. Is she falling for him or just fulfilling her side of the contract? My thoughts: This is the second book in the series. With the introduction of all the other characters over, we can continue reading about the transformation of Liv into a sexual being. Before Shock, she only thought of sex as an act of degradation towards women. I was so happy how Shock treated her for her first time. He has two directly opposing sides to his personality. He can be very sweet, but then turn cold the next. Liv has the ability to bring out both sides of him, especially when she keeps shutting him out. I enjoyed this book more because we continue to experience the development of Liv. She is a strong woman who is just opening herself up to a life full of lust and lascivious behavior. This continues to draw the reader in by changing up the positions and ways that she learns about sex. Freedom is sexy, and after all this time, it is enjoyable to watch her develop her freedom. Review by Michele Douglas Full Disclosure: I was provided an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Omg I'm loving Shock!!!! Hot dayum he is sexy. Love how him and Liv are together Fantastic
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
4 star I was pulled right into this story. The series has laughs, lies, secrets, suspense, and heartbreak.  This is part two of a three part series.  You need to read all three parts for the full story. Reading order Hard Ride #1: A Novel in Three Parts Hard Ride #2: A Novel in Three Parts Hard Ride #3: A Novel in Three Parts This is more Liv and Shock’s story. This story picks up right where the last one ended.  With them now connecting on a sexual level they are moving forward but they are both holding back with the emotions.  They both think different things are going on with the month.  Can they come together to a place where they are both full in with emotions?  When outside people get involved with the couple it could really break everything they are both working to build together.  Are they finally going to trust each other with the truth of what this relationship is and where they both want it to head? I felt I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read.    I recommend this book and can’t wait for the next story in this 3 part series.
AMANDA_BRAT69 More than 1 year ago
Loved this book! Can't wait for more!!