"HE KILLED OUR JANNY": A Family's Search for the Truth

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A shocking and gripping true story of domestic violence, physical and sexual child abuse, and a mother's fatal journey with a very evil man. [1984 Janyce Hansen Unsolved Case, Aurora, Colorado]

5.0 out of 5 STARS! "This book evoked so much emotion from me - Book voyeurs who are able to tackle tough subject matter will love this tale." --Kim Cantrell, True Crime Book Reviews

"HE KILLED OUR JANNY" is a gripping story of child abuse, domestic violence and corruption in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Not at all unaware, a son and daughter chronicle the events leading up to the mysterious death of their mother. This book is the first to explore the mysterious death of Janyce "Janny" Hansen, a former top model from Denver, Colorado. She, along with her husband and children, live in an upscale home in the suburbs. The community sees an affluent, glamorous family. The reality is far different--an abused wife who can't let go; a husband who beats and sexually assaults his adopted children--while running gambling and prostitution businesses from their home.

In the early morning hours of September 21, 1984, Janny's husband returns home to discover her lifeless body in his Mercedes convertible parked in the garage--or so he says. Her family are led to believe she committed suicide.

Now, 25 years later, her son and daughter set out to prove she was killed by her husband, a successful real estate developer rumored to have strong ties to city officials and underworld crime. Many believe the investigation into Janny's death was a cover-up--starting with the coroner's office--and that her husband got away with murder. As their own investigation continues, they are led to believe their suspicions are true. Especially since evidence increases almost daily and points to only one killer--their father.

TCBR - 5 stars -- "In her new book author Sherrie Lueder recounts the life of Richard and Janyce Hansen, as told to her by two of Janyce's children and Court documents. "He Killed Our Janny" doesn't read so much like a book, per se, but more like written account of a friend's story. It was a pleasant change from the textbook-style of many of today's writers. When I was reading, I didn't want to stop; when I had to put it down, I couldn't wait to get back to reading. I wanted to know the ending. . . . Book voyeurs who are able to tackle tough subject matter will love "He Killed Our Janny" by Sherrie Lueder." --Kim Cantrell, TRUE CRIME BOOK REVIEWS

"Fueled by the frustration of decades of a criminal cover-up, the siblings go forth to unravel the truth with their own investigation... The story is told to, and brilliantly put together by bestselling author, Sherrie Lueder... Let's talk literary excellence: on the heels of being awarded 'Best of the Best of 2011 True Crime Book Reviews' is the release of the official He Killed Our Janny trailer. The clip is enthralling. . . . The trailer looks like the book could be really good - and it is. Can't wait for the day I watch it on the big screen." --Fran Briggs, Accomplished and Award Winning Writer, Author, Educator, Professional Private Investigator, and Key-Note Speaker THE FRAN BRIGGS COMPANIES

BOOK TRAILER: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaU7j-JMTNI

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Publisher: Jaks Golden Knights
Publication date: 09/21/2011
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Pages: 236
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About the Author

SHERRIE LUEDER was born on November 13, 1951 in Tracy, Minnesota and christened Sherrie Rae Taarud. She would be the second oldest of four siblings. When she was a little girl, the family moved to Spirit Lake, IA. Several years later, she married a lifelong resident of Fort Atkinson, WI, where they chose to settle and raise their four children. Sherrie has always been intrigued with true crime stories and investigative research. Her grandfather was a US Marshal for 25 years and her step-father was a Chief of Police. She loved spending her summers near the water and enjoyed long days of lounging on the beach reading mystery novels and writing poetry. One of her poems "A Tribute to Mom" was published in a local newspaper (The Lake Park News, December 29, 1979), and later in Eddie-Lou Cole's Anthology of Great Poems.

Lueder's 1st book "HE KILLED OUR JANNY": A Family's Search for the Truth was self-published September 21, 2011. Within three months of its release the book won 2 True Crime Book Awards. In December 2011, it won Top 30 True Crime Book Awards. Literary agents claimed the research was impeccable. In January 2012, it won Top 10 True Crime Book Awards. Within days, "HE KILLED OUR JANNY" went on to become one of Amazon's Top 100 Best Sellers in two categories (1) True Crime Murder/Mayhem and (2) Family Relationships/Dysfunctional Relationships. In April 2012, "He Killed our Janny" was considered for the 21st Annual Colorado Book Awards. Today it is an international bestseller.

In May 2013, Lueder self-published her 2nd true crime book, "UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HURT:" The Multi-Layered Crime Spree and Murder by a Master Criminal Enterprise, a/k/a Kaushal Niroula and his Gang of Grifters. Lueder appeared on Investigation Discovery's new series 'FORBIDDEN', Series 1, Episode 9, a documentary titled "Prince of Darkness" a/k/a Kaushal Niroula, which premiered October 10, 2013. Sherrie resides in Wisconsin with her husband where she is currently at work on her third book ASPEN, SNOW, BLOW, AND BO, The Strange, but True Story of Bohdan Nicholas Mazur, Kid Brother to TV Star Ramona Singer

JOHN HANSEN is a contributing author of "HE KILLED OUR JANNY." He is the youngest sibling and son of Richard and Janyce Hansen. He was raised in Denver, CO & resides in Gilbert, AZ.
JILL HANSEN SMITH is a contributing author of "HE KILLED OUR JANNY." She is the youngest daughter of Janyce Hansen. She was raised in Denver,CO & resides in Aurora

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