by Chris Keniston


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Shenanigans and romance abound in the new Hart Land series from USA TODAY Bestselling Author Chris Keniston. Fall in love with the lakeside small town of Lawford, retired Marine Corps General Harold Hart, his artistic wife Fiona, matchmaking housekeeper Lucy, and his nine single granddaughters. Did we say single? Well not for long!

Boston cardiac surgeon Heather Preston has invested everything to achieve her dream of working at a world renowned hospital. When an unsettling call from her grandfather the retired general brings her back to her childhood lakeside home, she rediscovers the appeal of life in a small town, the joys of free-spirited youth—and Jake Harper.

After serving in the military, Jake Harper has returned home. The slower pace and neighborly spirit makes Lawford the perfect place to settle down. Pitching in may be second nature to the former Marine, but while helping out at Hart House he discovers things may not always be as they seem, especially one irresistible surprise—Dr. Heather Preston.

"Small town, big family, and mismatches that will steal your heart! Delightful!" Roxanne St. Claire, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Dogfather Series.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781942561408
Publisher: Indie House Publishing
Publication date: 06/24/2019
Series: Hart Land , #1
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 509,381
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.37(d)

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Heather 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 69 reviews.
Anonymous 12 months ago
Enjoyed this 134 page giod clean romance. I am puzzeled why people can't just say they like or don't like a book. July 2019 (2 star criticism) was really really hard to figure out what they were talking about. They need to edit their writing b-4 criticising someone else. I also can't figure out why all the - + * in between each word is for. I don't read those reviews.! ??? GJRA
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked this book so much.i have read almost all of your stories.I always feel like I am with friends and enjoying an adventure. The romance is well done, the characters are laugh out loud hilarious. So if you are reading this review,get the books and start enjoying a good read.
Anonymous 12 months ago
Really enjoyed this book... especially as there was no one suffering from... "how can I survive this truma!" just a sweet and romantic story with normal people living their lives!!!So worth reading...
Anonymous 3 months ago
I gave this four stars because of some grammatical errors and there were times in the story that I would re-read what was said and still have difficulty figuring out who was actually doing the talking. Even so, the book WAS fun to read and I LOVE the fact there were no sex scenes!! I will be purchasing the other books in the series because the story I read was enjoyable and kept my attention! It's worth your time to read it. Sure wish I could have pre-read it before she published it to assist the author with those issues!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
7/19. Entertaining but with rather immature writing. Confusing in places. Heather has to be, at least, 40 years old to be a prominent heart surgeon, yet she and her cousins act like they're teenagers. One even carries a recliner! None are married? With children? Their experienced grandmother can't knit a scarf? Sometimes, the author gets a little mixed up. "listening carefully to every word Jake said, even if most of it was going in one ear and out the other." Offensive & unnecessary: What the hell is wrong?; Damn hard to ; pissing on his leg and... ; one helluva ballerina. ; What the hell are...; Are you…crap.” Damn it.” ; butt dialed What happened to editors? Or, to having educated people read manuscripts? Do authors take no pride in their work any more? Grammar needs work, such as: if she wasn’t so fixated; Even if it was just a cold; women huddled around; etc.; Just for the record, "their" is plural. he is male; she is female; he is unknown. Punctuation needs work, such as: ...thoughts “Oh, Jake ; make or will ; on and this ; etc. ; Especially the one ; to sell.” ; I stopped on page 33. That's enough editing. I won't read any more of this author's work. Errors are too irritating.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Chris Keniston did not write a cliffhanger. Heather was a reknown cardiologist who was always in demand. She had missed so many family dinners that nobody expected her to attend. Jake took over the family hardware store business when he returned after serving in the military. Then one day, Heather spoke to her granfather, and she was worried. Over the telephone, she was worried by her grandfather's coughing spasm. She felt impelled to drive home to see if she could diagnoss what was happening to him. Jake used compassion, to get his elderly friends to all him on fixing their problems. I found him intriguing This is a good story! I recommended it.
Michele Mills 19 days ago
good read
Angela Whitfield 19 days ago
Loved, loved, loved it!
Anonymous 27 days ago
Your book was so interesting i read it in only 3 days. Loved your characthers and the family feeling . Keep up the great work.
Anonymous 27 days ago
Your book was so interesting i read it in only 3 days. Loved your characthers and the family feeling . Keep up the great work.
Karen Reynolds 3 months ago
enjoyed the book very much.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Very enjoyable.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Loved the story and the characters
Anonymous 3 months ago
Pleasantly surprised at the author's medical and handyman knowledge. I am medical and my husband works in maintenance so it was fun to see.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Very nice story
mylily 6 months ago
Thank you for writing a nice loving family story. The fact that there was not a reason to use profanity and vivid sexual references, made it a nice read. Non offense. Just a man and a woman and love. Linda
Anonymous 6 months ago
I have really enjoyed the story and characters. A fast paced book that makes you anticipate reading the rest.
M_Forces-number1fan 7 months ago
I j7st finished "Heather" and can't wait to read other books in this series and other series. It was clean and a good read for all ages. I often read books that are good or even great but a lot have too much content that isn't needed. Especially the language. Thank you for writing this book.
Anonymous 7 months ago
great read , thoroughly enjoyed all the characters, couldn't put it down can't wait to read the rest of the stories.
Anonymous 8 months ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Great descriptions and details. Makes me want to live there.
Anonymous 8 months ago
The characters are people I'd like to know!
Anonymous 9 months ago
Anonymous 9 months ago
I enjoyed the main characters and the whole family. Can't wait for the next book.
Anonymous 9 months ago
It is a romance without the garbage details of sex. Those types of books I want read or skip the pages. This book would reminds me of a Hallmark movies. Its another of boy meets girl with a different setting that fall in love.
Anonymous 9 months ago
I tried to read it. All the characters were being introduced all at once and in great detail. It was too much. I don't recommend this unless you have a sheet of paper to keep track of ALL the characters.