Her Colton P.I.

Her Colton P.I.

by Amelia Autin

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Her Colton P.I. by Amelia Autin

A private investigator tracks a mysterious widowed mother of twins in the next gripping installment of The Coltons of Texas series!

Raised in foster care apart from his six siblings, PI Chris Colton knows what it's like to be separated from family. So when a kindly older couple hires him to find their son's gold-digging widow who ran off with her twin toddlers, Chris won't rest until Holly McCay is held accountable. But he quickly discovers that his employers are out to get Holly. And they'll eliminate anyone standing in their way…including the brave woman and sweet little boys the investigator-turned-bodyguard has come to think of as his own!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781488004971
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 05/01/2016
Series: Coltons of Texas , #5
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 103,525
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

   Amelia Autin is a voracious reader who can’t bear to put a good book down…or part with it. Her bookshelves are crammed with books her husband periodically threatens to donate to a good cause, but he always relents…eventually.

   Amelia currently resides with her Ph.D. engineer husband in quiet Vail, Arizona, where they can see the stars at night and have a “million dollar view” of the Rincon Mountains from their back yard.

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Her Colton P.I. 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
SusanFrank More than 1 year ago
A double whammy of goodness in this book. First, it is the continuation of the Coltons of Texas series, with its ongoing mysteries of catching the Alphabet Killer, and the Colton siblings trying to find out where their serial killer father buried their mother. But the icing on cake, so to speak, is that this installment was written by Amelia Autin, an author who excels in characters and stories you can't forget. The book opens with an older couple hiring Chris to find their daughter-in-law, a woman who has taken their grandsons away from them. They paint her as a gold-digger who tricked their late son into marriage. Chris believes in the importance of family and is determined to find her. I started out thinking that he was being awfully judgmental before getting the whole story, but that opinion changed pretty quickly. Chris is a very observant man, and something about them made him look into their story a little deeper. What he discovered sent him looking for Holly, not to turn her over, but to protect her. Holly had taken her boys and run after someone tried to run her off the road twice, and then tried to run her down in a grocery store parking lot. She is the sole trustee for her sons' inheritance, and her in-laws had already tried to overturn the will and also take custody from her. She was convinced that they were trying to kill her to gain control of their money. After several months of running, she ended up in Granite Gulch where she has made friends with, of all people, Chris's former sister-in-law. Just as she thought she might be safe, she gets the feeling she's being watched and prepares to run again. Can I say just how much I adored Chris? He is a very complicated man, with so many things that have influenced the man he has become. There's being the son of a serial killer, having spent time in foster care at the mercy of foster parents only in it for the money, and holding himself responsible for the death of his wife and unborn child to name a few. In spite of it all, he is a kind and honorable man. I loved how he very quickly put Holly's mind at ease when he found her, letting her know that he believes the truth of why she ran. Not only that, he is determined to protect her and her boys, while at the same time catching the McCays and stopping them for good. Holly was fantastic, too. She is independent, resourceful, and a great mother. She and her husband had been best friends growing up. She carries some guilt over how their marriage came about, but she was the best wife she could be to him. When she realized that her life was in danger, she did what she needed to in order to survive and protect her boys. Okay, she wasn't devious enough to be really good at it, but she tried. Fortunately, Chris was the one to find her. I loved the development of their relationship. The attraction was there from the moment that they met, but both were wary of doing anything about it at first. Chris simply avoids involvement as a way to protect himself, where Holly believes that she is simply bad at it. When they shared that first explosive kiss, both had to come to terms with the feelings it stirred up. I loved seeing Holly embrace it first. She is so open and caring that she easily sees through the walls that Chris has put up. I loved seeing the way that she takes each one of his issues and shows him a different way to look at it. She also sees how wonderful he is with her sons and knows that he'd be a great dad if he would
BRumsey More than 1 year ago
This is a fantastic book. Romance, suspense, love and loss, and hope for finding a second chance at a happy ever after ending....it's all part of this story. Amelia Autin has a gift of throwing out pieces of the puzzle, keeping you guessing until the end, then tying it all together. With the heroine and her young twin boys in danger her only chance may be the private investigator who was hired to find her by the very people trying to kill her. Both the heroine and hero have loved and loss and have issues that they must come to grips with if they ever hope for a happy future. I really enjoyed reading this story. The author writes emotional characters that seem real and pull at your heart strings from the very beginning, making you care what happens to them next. One of my favorite lines in the book was ...."Your not the boss of me!"...it still makes me smile. A heroine with guts and a hero that loves with all his heart....what more could you want? I looking forward to Amelia's next book