by Darrell Maloney


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In Book 1 of this series, "Final Dawn", we met Hannah and Mark. She was a brilliant scientist, working for a NASA contractor. He was a successful engineer and a bit of a cornball. Together they made the perfect pair. They were a young couple in love, and looking forward to a bright future.
Everything changed the day Hannah found out the world was doomed. She discovered a meteorite headed for earth that would wipe out most of mankind.
The United States government, led by a corrupt President more concerned with saving his cronies than his citizens, tried to silence her. When she was able to spread the word anyway, President Sanders did what politicians usually do. He lied.
"Don't worry," he told his citizens. "We have a plan. We'll work with the Chinese. We'll send up a weapon with a powerful nuclear warhead, capable of diverting the meteorite onto another path."
People around the world were conflicted. They desperately wanted to believe. No one wanted to die. But they knew they couldn't trust their governments. Some panicked. Some rioted. Some calmly accepted their fate.
And some, like Mark and Hannah, continued their efforts to save themselves and the people they loved.
A few days before impact, the mine they would call home for the next seven years was finally ready. Mark and Hannah gathered up family and friends and gave them shelter. It wasn't a tropical paradise, but it would keep them alive.
"Final Dawn" ended when Saris 7 collided with the earth. Around the world, millions were dying. But deeply hidden in an old salt mine outside of Junction, Texas, these forty people would survive.
Here, in "Hidden", is the story of their survival.

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Publication date: 11/25/2013
Pages: 220
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