HIIT Your Limit: High-Intensity Interval Training for Fat Loss, Cardio, and Full Body Health

HIIT Your Limit: High-Intensity Interval Training for Fat Loss, Cardio, and Full Body Health

by Len Kravitz


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Get lean, build muscle, and stay healthy! A Fitness Hall of Fame inductee and world-famous exercise scientist explains high-intensity interval training and the nutrition that complements it, and provides a wealth of workouts, including workouts you can do at home, so you can get and keep the body you've always wanted.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an extraordinarily effective form of training that mixes high- and low-impact activities during periods ranging from seconds to eight minutes. In HIIT Your Limit, Dr. Len Kravitz, a National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee and internationally-renowned exercise scientist for the past thirty-six years, explains what HIIT is and how it effects your entire body (externally and internally), gives 50 workouts and a plan to whip you into shape fast, and presents a wealth of nutritional and other advice to further its impact.

HIIT was recently rated the #1 new fitness trend by the American College of Sports Medicine and is the key to staying fit for celebrities like David Beckham, Britney Spears, Hugh Jackman, and Scarlett Johansson. In addition to fat loss, it’s been proven to have major health benefits on blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. Through this groundbreaking volume you'll learn why, and see how to get fit quick and have a fun and truly sustainable exercise program, no expensive personal trainer required.

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ISBN-13: 9781948062244
Publisher: Apollo Publishers
Publication date: 11/27/2018
Pages: 216
Sales rank: 1,115,426
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Dr. Len Kravitz has thirty-six years of experience as a researcher, writer, and speaker on fitness, and is the coordinator of exercise science at the University of New Mexico. He is the author of Anybody’s Guide to Total Fitness (now in its eleventh edition with nearly 100,000 copies sold), and Essentials of Eccentric Training; has published more than 300 articles in dozens of health and fitness publications; and regularly travels the country as a speaker on fitness and health. Among other awards, he was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame. Dr. Kravitz lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Welcome to a Fabulous Key to Health––Exercise! My Moving Forward Message to You!

SECTION 1: Exercise, HIIT, and You! Let’s Get Moving on the RIGHT Track!

Chapter 1: What are the Health Benefits of Exercise?

  • Exercise is the ‘Super Pill’ to Quality of Life Benefits
  • Sitting is the New ‘Smoking Disease’
  • Great News! Health Care Providers are Now Encouraging People to Exercise!

Chapter 2: What is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

  • Why Is HIIT So Popular?
  • How Are HIIT Programs Developed?
  • Maximize the Results and Minimize the Risks with Your HIIT Workouts!
  • How Many Times a Week Can You Do a HIIT Workout?
  • Let’s Give HIIT a Try!

Chapter 3: What Are the Health Benefits of HIIT?

  • How Much Can HIIT Improve Cardiorespiratory Fitness?
  • What Is the Effect of HIIT on Insulin Sensitivity?
  • What Is the Effect of HIIT on Cholesterol Levels?
  • What Is the Effect of HIIT on Blood Pressure?
  • How Does HIIT Impact Fat Loss and Weight Management?
  • Summary of the Major Health Benefits of HIIT

Chapter 4: How Does Your Body Power Your HIIT Workouts?

  • Introducing ATP, the Fuel for Life and Exercise
  • The Aerobic Energy System: The Long-Term Exercise Pathway
  • The Anaerobic Energy System: The Glucose-Fueled Rapid Energy System
  • The Tale of Lactate
  • The Cardiorespiratory Systems Delivers the Oxygen
  • The Muscles Are the ‘Engines’ that Do the Work

Chapter 5: How to Succeed in an Exercise Program: Ten Steps to Follow

Chapter 6: Do It Right: Avoid These Exercise Mistakes

Chapter 7: Time for Your Heart Health Pre-Check

Chapter 8: Let’s Get UP and START MOVING NOW!

  • Introducing, ‘For Every 30 Get Your 3’
  • Implications from the Sedentary Behavior Research

SECTION 2: Optimal Weight (Fat) Loss Strategies that Work!

Chapter 9: Successful Weight Management; ‘Inch by Inch, It’s a Cinch’

  • Obesity Statistics with an Optimistic Outlook
  • Introducing, ‘Inch by Inch, It’s a Cinch’
  • Is There Any Science to Using a Small-Changes Approach?

Chapter 10: What Does Energy Balance Mean in Weight Management?

  • The Energy in The Foods We Eat
  • What Are RMR, TEF and AEE; The Illustrious Acronyms of Weight Management?
  • How Much Energy Does the Human Body Store?
  • The Regulation of Energy Expenditure Picture…Is There a Set Point?
  • How Do We Know When to Eat and When to Stop Eating?
  • Where Does Exercise Fit Into the “Energy Balance” Equation?
  • Prominent Questions and Answers on Energy Balance

Chapter 11: Lessons from ‘The Biggest Loser’ TV Show

  • Resting Metabolic Rate Changes with Weight Loss
  • Did the Rapid Weight Loss of the Contestants Influence their Weight Regain?
  • Stop: Is It True that ‘Dieting ONLY Programs Can Actually Make You Fat?’
  • What Role Does Genetics Play in Weight Management?

Chapter 12. Secrets from the REAL LIFE Biggest Losers!

  • Introducing the National Weight Control Registry
  • What Strategies Work for these Long-Term Weight Loss Success Winners?
  • How Much Physical Activity are Registry Members Doing?
  • What Happens to Registry Members Who Regain Weight?
  • What Sparks Most People in the NWCR to Initially Start Their Weight Loss Plan?
  • What Commonalities Are Observed With NWCR Members Diet?
  • Practical Take-Home from the REAL LIFE Biggest Losers

Chapter 13: Is There a Healthiest Diet I Should Consider?

  • What Are Telomeres and Why Did the Researchers Measure Them?
  • What Did the Researchers Find?
  • What Are the Mechanisms of the Mediterranean Diet that Promote Longevity?
  • Wait, Are There Any Limitations of This Study?
  • How Does Physical Activity Effect Telomere Length?
  • Special question: What is Inflammation?
  • Should You Choose the Mediterranean Diet?

Chapter 14. Low Carbohydrate Versus Low Fat Diets: What Is the Verdict?

  • The Case for Low Carbohydrate, High Protein Diets
  • The Case for Low Fat Diets What Does the Science Show?
  • Which Diet is Better for Weight Loss?
  • The Verdict: Which Is Better for Weight Loss: Low Fat or Low Carbohydrate

Chapter 15: The Stress-Cortisol-Obesity Connection

  • What Are the Stress Response Pathways?
  • So What Can You Do About Chronic Stress?

Chapter 16: 50 Frequently Asked Health, Nutrition and Weight Management Questions

  • Questions on Health
  • Questions on Nutrition
  • Questions on Weight Management

SECTION 3: Let’s HIIT the Workouts!

Chapter 17: Let’s Go Over the Pre-Exercise Fundamentals

  • Please Get Physician Clearance Before Starting Your Workouts
  • Wear Proper Exercise Gear for Your HIIT Workouts
  • Your Footwear Boosts the Workouts
  • You Need a Workout Timer

Chapter 18: Your Workout Warm-Up and Cool-Down Are Important––Here’s Why?

  • The Warm-Up: Preparing the Body and Turning on Fat Burning!
  • The Workout Cool-Down: Calming Your Body and Mind

Chapter 19: How Hard Should You Workout?

  • Introducing the M.I.I.T. Exertion Monitoring Method
  • The Talk Test is an Accurate Gauge of Exercise Intensity, Too!
  • Overexertion Carefulness!

Chapter 20: Your HIIT Workouts Plan

  • Preface to Your HIIT Workout Plan
  • How to Integrate HIIT Workouts with Your Steady State Workouts

Chapter 21: Your HIIT Workouts––Enjoy!

  • Workout #1: 60s/90s HIIT
  • Workout #2: 60s/60s HIIT
  • Workout #3: 60s/30s HIIT
  • Workout #4: 90s/30s HIIT
  • Workout #5: 30s/30s HIIT
  • Workout #6: 30s/45s HIIT
  • Workout #7: 30s/60s HIIT
  • Workout #8: 30s/90s HIIT
  • Workout #9: 3m/3m HIIT
  • Workout #10: 3m/4m HIIT
  • Workout #11: 3m/6m HIIT
  • Workout #12: 4m/3m HIIT
  • Workout #13: 4m/2m HIIT
  • Workout #14: 8s/12s HIIT
  • Workout #15: 15s/15s HIIT
  • Workout #16: 30s/4.5min HIIT
  • Workout #17: 4min/1-2-4min HIIT
  • Workout #18: 5min/5min HIIT
  • Workout #19: 2min/1min HIIT
  • Workout #20: 2min/2min HIIT

Chapter 22: The Future of HIIT Workouts––20 MORE Workouts!

SECTION 4: 100 WINNING Ways to Cut Calories in Your Daily Life

  • Smart Swap Winning Ways
  • Winning Behaviors to Follow in Your Daily Life
  • Winning Ideas to Follow at Home
  • Distinctively Unique Winning Ways to Cut Calories

My Salutation to You: The After Workout! Closing Thoughts To Reflect!

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