His Family of Convenience

His Family of Convenience

by Amy Ayers


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Senna Callas

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ISBN-13: 9781544692579
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/14/2017
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.46(d)

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His Family of Convenience

The Medina Legacy

By Amy Ayers, Stephen Morgan

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2017 Amy Ayers
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-910-7



His voice reverberated across the counter of the beachside bar. It was warm, deep, and had the distinct lilt of Latin musicality. She had forgotten how delicious her name sounded on his tongue. The din of raucous patrons faded as flashes of memory assaulted her: downtown Miami skyscrapers, rooftop views, and the golden brown eyes she'd fallen into.

She set down the shot glasses in her hands and met his eyes with more confidence than she felt.

Marco Medina. Handsome as sin. For Senna, landing a coveted internship at the esteemed Medina Enterprises was like winning the lottery.

"Marco," she said reverently. The smell of his clean, heady scent coupled with the spice and heat of his cologne threatened to overwhelm her.

She shook her head to break the spell and busied herself arranging the shot glasses in a line in front of her. He was on her turf now. "What brings you into this little corner of debauchery? Shouldn't you be on a rooftop somewhere drinking Cristal?"

He laughed a sultry, carefree laugh. "What, I can't hang with the locals eating stale chips and drinking inferior tequila?"

Jerk. Even though he'd just insulted her job, her body was remembering what it was like to be close to him. Working for him had been a master class in global business and international supply chain management. It didn't hurt that he filled any room he entered with his own brand of potent masculinity. She'd spent the year trying to pretend her senses didn't ignite every time he was near. And then they'd shared an unforgettable night on the rooftop terrace of his downtown office building.

One night and a lifetime of responsibility.

"So I thought you were going to apply for one of the sales positions after you graduated." Marco's voice was glib and casual. Like they were just two old friends catching up.

Senna watched as he glanced around the bar taking in the tiki lamps glowing with faux flame and multicolored sombreros on the walls.

"Yeah," she said. "I was."

"Did that not work out?" His words positively dripped with sarcasm. The muggy bar was crowded, hot. It wasn't the cool, elegant offices of Medina Enterprises with its European espresso machines in the break room and imported marble floors. But it was an honest place to work, and her hard-won tips had kept her afloat when all other options seemed to dry up.

He's infuriating.

She tried to hang on to her anger, but her body wanted only to remember what it was like to be held in his thick arms, what it was like to be possessed by him, even if it was only for a night. She reached behind her, grabbed the bottle of Patron Silver off the shelf, and started pouring shots.

"I'm just waiting for the right opportunity." She returned the Patron to its place with more force than she intended.

"And this was it?"

"What, a girl can't take her time to find the right niche for her particular skill set?" His proximity was distracting. She would give anything for her body to behave, for her nervous trembles to still and her breath to return to normal.

"Well, I hope you don't wear that when job searching." She noticed a look of irritation passing over his Castilian features as he looked her up and down. "It advertises a distinct skill set."

With a shrug, she looked down at her too-short jean cutoffs and her Barbie-doll-sized tank top adorned with two giant maracas. "It's Florida, it's hot." She grinned, secretly pleased that he was irritated with her skimpy attire.

"Why haven't you ever asked me for some help job hunting? Or applied with our corporation? You're above ... this." He leaned in closer, his intensity palpable. "Have you forgotten that I know a thing or two about business?"

Senna froze. Surely he's joking.

"No, I remember." Her voice sounded shrewish, even to herself. She pulled out four glasses from under the bar with vigor and started pouring a second round of mixed drinks for another table.

In the year since their night together, she had spent many hours formulating the perfect words that would bubble forth calmly and directly the next time she saw him. Unfortunately, all of those eloquent sentiments had conveniently flown out the open doors of the seedy beach bar and into the hot August night.

She loaded her drinks onto a tray and lifted it carefully. "Excuse me, Mr. Medina. I have some customers to take care of. They teach that in business school, you know. Customer service and all that."

She hurried by him, desperately hoping she looked casually indifferent even though she was teeming with fiery emotion. Anger, hurt, frustration, and, if she was being truly honest, more than a flash of raw undulating desire for his large hands to grab her around her waist and bring her close.

But he didn't follow her. He let her go about her business of waiting tables and pouring drinks and escaping the paws of drunk patrons. Just a typical Thursday night. She didn't have time to process what his unexpected arrival meant. She did know if she didn't get enough tips tonight her electricity may not stay on much longer, and she couldn't let that happen.

Marco's table wasn't in her section, but she couldn't help keeping a close eye on him. Her mind was spinning. Several months after their illicit night, she'd tried to contact him, but he never returned any of her texts, calls, or emails. And now he has the audacity to waltz into my bar and down tequila shots like he doesn't have a care in the world.

Part of her wanted to drag him outside and let him have it. But another part of her, the part of her born of fear and worry, just wanted him to go away. She'd done fine without him so far. He'd hidden himself from her with enough skill to let her know that getting his polo ponies' hair braided was probably a more pressing pursuit.

The clock struck one a.m., signaling the end of her shift. She knew leaving now meant giving up the best tips, but she needed to spend a few hours working on the freelance bookkeeping that was helping her make ends meet. And she supposed her body would demand sleep at some point.

Valerie sidled up next to her at the bar as she was closing out her tickets for the night. "So how do you know those cute guys at the ten top in the back?" Val was another server, a few years older than Senna, who was trying to make it in the fashion world. In the meantime, she was a notorious flirt and never let a cute guy with a nice body or a black American Express card leave the bar without her name and phone number.

"Who says I know them?" Technically she knew only one of them.

"He does." She pointed directly at Marco. "The tall one with the yummy eyes."

"Jeez, Val, don't point at him." Senna turned her head just in time to catch the knowing smirk that washed over his features. Valerie actually waved at him. "He keeps asking questions about you."

Senna's stomach dropped. "What did you say to him?"

"Nothing." She leaned closer and lowered her voice. "Your secrets are safe with me."

The last thing she needed was Valerie babbling to Marco about what she'd been up to this last year. It was a conversation she needed to have with him herself. She just really didn't want to, at least not anymore. The thought was exhausting.

Senna turned back to the receipts in front of her. "Well I hope he tips you well. He's loaded."

"If you know him and he's loaded, then you should have taken the table."

"Ha. Serving that man drinks all night would be a special kind of torture. I'm out of here. See you tomorrow."

"See you. And don't worry. I won't go home with any of them."

"Good plan. 'Night." She grabbed her purse from under the bar and headed out through the back door.

* * *

Marco sipped his tiny tequila as he watched Senna leave the bar. It certainly wasn't the quality of the alcohol that drew him to this particular establishment on this hot August evening.

Senna was keeping a secret from him. And, for a smart girl, that was not the wisest decision.

Tracking her down had been effortless. His name and his fortune opened any closed door. But what he hadn't anticipated was the way just saying her name resurrected the memories of their time together.

He'd been back in Miami for only a week. Since the previous summer, he'd been kept busy at his family's ancestral home in the countryside outside of Barcelona.

After their night together, he wanted to spend more time with her, to find out what other delights her body had in store for him. But family obligations had their way of toying with even the best-laid plans, and staying in Miami to explore his feelings for Senna had been an unfortunate casualty.

Like it or not, Marco was bound by traditions and loyalties centuries in the making. His family operated like a business itself with all members embracing the job they were assigned. Marco had grown up knowing his place, his future. There were no variables; his path was set.

And it didn't include falling for his luscious intern. Their night was an indulgence a year in the making that put a zigzag in a previously straight and narrow course.

His skirt-chasing image had his senior staff chastising him for his interest in Senna. They thought she had simply caught his fancy and he only wanted her in his bed. This was partially true. She filled out a skirt quite well, and he would have chased her anywhere.

But when she entered a meeting and opened her mouth, everyone, including him, had realized her assets weren't just physical. She needed polishing, but she had a business acumen that couldn't be taught. You either possessed it or you did not. And she did.

The fact that she was working here in this crappy bar getting drinks spilled on her and dodging the constantly wandering hands of the patrons made his blood boil. She was certainly better than this; she always was. But especially now that he knew her secret. The phone in his hand buzzed, and he was relieved to see the text: All clear. That meant she was home safely.

She had looked tired tonight. No, exhausted. The light in her eyes, the one that made the room come alive when she entered, was dim and cloudy. Her defenses were so solid it was like a stone wall surrounded her. Maybe that was a good thing. It would make it easier to convince her of his plans.

He had surprised her on purpose. He wanted to see how she would react to his presence. He knew he had rattled her. That was to be expected. But the abject wrath? The daggers her beautiful deep green eyes were hurling at him? That was misplaced. He had every reason to be furious with her, to yell and scream and punish her with his words and accusations. What reason did she have to be so quick with that biting tongue?

He downed the last of the inferior tequila. Damn her! By this time tomorrow, he and Senna would have an understanding, and he didn't particularly care whether she liked it or not.

* * *

Senna made her way up the stairs to her third floor apartment, her steps getting slower as she ascended. The weight of the evening was catching up to her and her legs felt heavy as she maneuvered each stair.

A third floor apartment had made sense years ago when she and her grandmother had rented the place. It felt safer, more removed. A thief or a criminal would have to really want something to trudge up all of these stairs. Thankfully criminals in this neighborhood were fairly lazy.

But then her grandmother's health had declined and the stairs were a liability, a prison, and Senna watched as the isolation slowly poked holes in her sanity. Although if she was being honest, the early onset Alzheimer's quickly and aggressively taking her mind away in large chunks was probably more to blame than the stairs. But at the moment, the stairs were her personal Mount Everest.

She reached the top and quietly let herself in. Abby, her roommate, was asleep on the couch with a small study lamp burning brightly beside her. There were at least three separate textbooks spread out around her, and Senna wondered how she could sleep like that. Abby was finishing up a grueling summer course, so she was probably grateful to be sleeping at all.

The bright light and the blissful relief of the cool air conditioning assured her that they had at least one more day of electricity. She shed her purse and the backpack that held her bookkeeping work. She'd brought it with her to the bar hoping she'd have a few free moments to work on it, but of course that never happened. There always seemed to be too many college kids itching to burn through Daddy's money by buying the next round of shots. At least most of them tipped well.

Coming home from work and into her clean apartment always threw into sharp relief how dirty a shift at the Gusano Loco made her feel. She always had a thin layer of sweat and grit covering her thanks to the open-air concept of the bar and Miami's August humidity. Add the smell of stale tequila and cigar smoke and she barely felt human.

She darted into the bathroom for a shower. She knew it would just make her more tired, but it was a necessity.

After she was clean and felt semi-human again, she stole into her bedroom and fished around in the dark for a clean sleep shirt. She finally found one and shimmied into it. Now was her favorite part of the day. She crept over to her bed and sat down on the side. Slowly her arms felt in the dark until they landed on warm skin.

He was always right there waiting for her, and as difficult as things were, as broken as she was feeling about the direction of her life, he was her constant. Her arms wrapped around him, and she pulled him close to breathe his scent.

His eyes fluttered open and locked with hers. "Hi, baby boy." She cooed softly, kissing his sweet-smelling forehead. "Mommy's home."


The door to Senna's bedroom flew open wresting her from a deep sleep and bolting her upright. She grabbed the startled baby next to her and brought him close to her chest.

"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry to wake you. I was just worried. You're usually at the kitchen table mainlining coffee by now, and when I didn't see you ..."

Senna took a moment to process the fact that it had actually scared her roommate that she was in bed asleep at what a quick glance at her bedside clock told her was seven a.m.

"I can't believe I fell asleep." The baby at her chest started rooting for breakfast. She unbuttoned her sleep shirt, and he latched on quickly, much to the relief of her aching breasts. "No, Abby, don't be sorry. I didn't mean to sleep last night. I've got so much to do." She leaned back against her headboard willing her heart rate to return to normal.

Abby sat at the edge of Senna's bed. "I just was checking on him; he'd been so quiet all night. No wonder the little man was sleeping in. He had you all to himself."

Senna was thankful Abby had wandered into her life when she was pregnant and couldn't afford to see a regular doctor. Abby's bright smile and general cheerfulness made the university's somber free clinic much more bearable. She was studying for her nurse practitioner degree, and her postgrad specialty was obstetrics. The two hit it off at Senna's first prenatal visit and became friends.

When Senna's grandmother became ill last winter and had to be moved to long-term care, Abby was looking for a room to rent. The timing was perfect.

And when Max was born, Senna knew Abby was almost as in love with the chubby little baby as she was. Abby's schedule allowed her to watch him while Senna worked. There was no way she could afford quality childcare with her paltry bar tips and the occasional freelance accounting job. He was a good baby and rarely had fussy nights, so Abby got to study all she wanted; Senna gave her a huge break on rent, and everyone was happy.

Plus, living together had fast-tracked their friendship, and Senna didn't have many friends these days. She had never really fit in with the typical college kid sorority crowd, mostly because she had too many responsibilities with working and supporting her grandmother.

It had taken her an extra two years to graduate simply because she wasn't able to hold down multiple part-time jobs and do school full-time. Throw in an ailing grandmother whose descent into Alzheimer's had been terrifyingly brutal and quick and she felt lucky to have graduated at all.

Using her free hand, Senna reached up and rubbed her eyes. "I can't believe I fell asleep. I was just going to feed him real quick."

"Yeah, crazy. You got in bed, snuggled with your baby, and fell asleep. That's grounds for institutionalization." Abby said dryly.


Excerpted from His Family of Convenience by Amy Ayers, Stephen Morgan. Copyright © 2017 Amy Ayers. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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His Family of Convenience 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
I think this story flowed very nicely. It took me a little time to warm up to Marco. Sometimes he was a little too high handed and bossy for me. I probably could have told him off a few times. But in the end, I did like him and was glad for his change of heart. Senna was a sweet character, perhaps a little bit of a pushover. However, I liked how she took care of her son and did all she could for her relationships. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
His Family of Convenience is a quick little read, with a touch of a Cinderella story, some secret baby, and a second-chance romance thrown in for good measure. There isn't a whole lot of depth to the story--as soon as you think Marco and Senna have run into an insurmountable problem, it's solved fairly quickly soon after--but still it was an entertaining read. The two of them are very cute together, and Max, of course, is absolutely adorable. The push-and-pull aspect of the story (his original plan for Max and Senna, which he abandons almost immediately after seeing his son and she never finds out about...they can't be together and push each other away and seconds later are in each other's arms...he can't give up his place in the company and loyalty to his family, or can he?) was a bit much at times, but still there's definite promise in Ms. Ayers' writing. We don't really get to know the other Medinas terribly well here--the focus is really on Senna and Marco and Max--but still, I'll be keeping an eye open for more of The Medina Legacy in the future. Rating 3 1/2 stars / B- I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
IreneC More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars His Family of Convenience by Amy Ayers was a well written and very entertaining read. The storyline held my attention all throughout the book, the characters Senna and Marco were strong, passionate and very stubborn people who knew what they wanted out of life and went after it. While I did enjoy His Family of Convenience I did find it a little off putting how long it takes our hero, Marco to realise he can't be without Senna, and that she means more to him than a legacy that in the end was easy to work around. These two share a strong attraction, they had amazing chemistry and I enjoyed watching them together. Overall, His Family of Convenience is a heartwarming and emotional read with strong characters that will capture your attention. This is the first book in The Medina Legacy series and I'm looking forward to the next book.
nelriv More than 1 year ago
Received an ARC for my fair review for netgalley. This book is not bad, so I will give it a 3 star, however, I could not condone Senna's behavior. Senna had Marco's son, while working for him, and then Marco leaves the states. Senna tried to get in contact with him and hears nothing from him, so she assumes he wants nothing to do with her child. Marco is upset that Senna had not informed him of his child. But the truth comes out, however he is supposed to marry someone else in a months time, and all thru this, Senna is sleeping with him, and thinking that eventually he will chose her. But he doesn't so she leaves and goes about her life, she will still allow him visitation. Marco is heartbroken, and finally decides he wants his own life, and he goes after her.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
blast from the past 2nd chance romance His Family of Convenience by Amy Ayers is a 2nd chance love story which is one of my favorite types of books to read. Senna Callas had one night stand with her boss Marco Medina at the end of her internship. She worked all those months with him and everything exploded with him at the end of her time with her boss into a night of passion. It was hot and beautiful, a night that couldn’t be stopped or denied. But after that night, she never heard from Marco again. Senna has not had an easy life and her life after her internship has really been rough. After years of hard work, Senna has her degree, but an unexpected surprise takes her life in a different direction to where she least expected it. No matter what, Senna works for what she gets, and she does it with a smile, knowing someday everything will pay off. I found myself really liking her work ethics and her overall character. But Marco-well he is another story. Marco has always had it easy. From a wealthy family, he has never wanted for anything or ever had to struggle. Until Senna changed everything. When Senna realized her surprise, she did try to get a hold of Marco but he never returned her call. Now Marco is back in her life, thinking she hid from him, hid this life changing secret so now Marco is super rude and nasty to her, making her life miserable. He comes back into Senna's life and takes over. What Marco did, some of the plans he's got cooking , had me uneasy. He became this person that I didn’t recognize and he took out his pain on the wrong person. There is some villians in this story but will Marco realize who the true villain is before he destroys the wrong person? I like Senna but Marco , at times, his actions left me cold. Overall this is a good and quick read and could have been fantastic if not for some of the hero’s actions. My rating: 4.0 stars **** "I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
When Senna looks up at her next customer from behind the bar where she is pouring drinks, the last person she expects to see is Marco Medina, her ex boss at the company she interned at and the father of her child. She isn't happy to see him, after many attempts to reach him after finding out she's pregnant after their one night of passion, her anger still hard to mask. He ghosts out on her. Disappearing the next day. Marco has his big boy pants in a knot thinking that she's been hiding his son from him. Marco is obnoxious to a fault. He comes back into Senna's life and takes over. Marco is first born son and heir apparent to his family fortune. His brother helps run the company that has been in the family for generations. Marco is Catalan. Back when he was a baby his father struck a deal with another wealthy family for his son and their daughter to marry. When Marco finds Senna he flies her and his son (yet another first born male heir) back to Spain to meet his family. Marco is devious and some of the plans he's got cooking left me cold. Senna is overwhelmed at the family wealth. Her son has a nanny, she has a suite of rooms and Marco's sister Mila fills her closet with appropriate attire. Senna is totally out of her element, first having to face down his mother who meets her with cold regard and is still planning this wedding in front of her with the woman who Senna knows from working with Marco in Miami. A woman who kept her messages to Marco from him. A woman who has no interest in marrying Marco either. Yet another business transaction. Despite the note about his brother keeping the birth from him too, Marcellus seems to understand that Marco needs to man up and not marry Brynn and put Senna and the baby first. Marco hides behind his "tradition" excuse. At the same time Marcellus finds some serious business discrepancies and he continues to follow that. Marc is much more a business man and leader than Marco. Pretty apparent from the story line, although unspoken. So while Senna and little Max spend a short time with his family, she knows that Marco will be marrying Brynn, out of his sense of duty. Despite the fact that their chemistry is off the chart and Marco can't keep his hands to himself. Senna also knows, she's no ones mistress and she and her son deserve more. She makes a command decision after a chat with Marco to leave and go back to Miami. Meanwhile things have happened at home, some of her financial pressure is gone thanks (or not) to Marco, but this does buy her time to find a real job using her business degree. Senna hasn't had the best upbringing and was raised by her grandmother. While Marco does move her Gran into a much better memory care facility, shortly after her return she faces that loss. Marco decides to come to Miami. That's all I'm saying. You have to read the book to find out what happens before he leaves Spain and when he comes to Miami. Lots of twists here. I really liked Senna. I liked her better when she was angry but she still held her own against this medieval family and their nonsense. And she was a great Mom. Marco was tough to like for me. Some alpha MC's are rough but they have endearing qualities that balance out there rough edges. Marco was all about sex. Not that that's a bad thing, but seemed like that was his pat response to everything with Senna. I loved Marcellus and I am on edge waiting to see this man get his story. I'm kind of hoping it's with Amy, Senna's best friend... but bring it
Laura_F More than 1 year ago
This was a sweet quick read. Marco has a strict rule of never engaging in relationships with his staff. He only broke his rule once with an intern but family duties called him home. Now a year later, he learns that that one night has given him a child and that child is the heir to his family's massive fortune. Senna tried to get in touch with Marco when she learned that she was pregnant with her child but assumed that he had abandoned them. She is happy to have Marco involved with his child but she will not allow him to take over their lives. When she learns that Marco is engaged, it leads to confusion and frustration. Marco is committed to fulfilling his family's expectations for him but can he forget the one woman who may be worth walking from it for? I liked this story but never really felt connected to the characters. Senna and Marco were both pretty frustrating in their stubbornness but once they connected with each other, I was rooting for them to work it out. *This is my voluntary review of an advanced reader copy*
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
'His Family of Convenience' by Amy Ayers is book One in the "The Medina Legacy" series. This is the story of Marco Medina and Senna Callas. This book is somewhat a second chance at love theme. Marco and Senna had what seems a hot attraction and acted on it their last working day together. After their 'one night' Marco just up and disappeared. Senna had tried to contact him to let him know that she is now pregnant but he never made contact back. Now in the present day he shows up at her work. Marco wants his son and quickly moves them to meet his family. But we learn that even though Marco has strong family values/ties he has been promised to another one to marry by his father. Marco and Senna can't fight their attraction but Senna doesn't want to be a mistress. Will these two work it out? Can Marco not see what he should really be doing? "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
'His Family of Convenience' by Amy Ayers is book One in the "The Medina Legacy" series. This is the story of Marco Medina and Senna Callas. This book is somewhat a second chance at love theme. Marco and Senna had what seems a hot attraction and acted on it their last working day together. After their 'one night' Marco just up and disappeared. Senna had tried to contact him to let him know that she is now pregnant but he never made contact back. Now in the present day he shows up at her work. Marco wants his son and quickly moves them to meet his family. But we learn that even though Marco has strong family values/ties he has been promised to another one to marry by his father. Marco and Senna can't fight their attraction but Senna doesn't want to be a mistress. Will these two work it out? Can Marco not see what he should really be doing? "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
I loved His Family of Convenience by new to me author Amy Ayers. This novel flowed effortlessly from beginning to end, and the entertaining plot kept me glued to my seat. A one-night stand, an unwanted marriage of convenience, and unbreakable family traditions, all come together to create the heart of this story. Senna Callas is a wonderful mother to her infant son Max. She has very little money and works very hard to ensure that Max has what he needs for a happy and healthy life. Max's father is Marco Medina, an extremely wealthy and powerful man, who gave Senna the brush off immediately after their one night of amazing passion. Marco is now back in Miami, on the hunt for his recently discovered son. Marco has no idea that Senna relentlessly tried to share her pregnancy news with him, however, his loyal staff intercepted her many calls, texts, and emails. Marco is the heir to the Medina empire, whether he wants it or not. Being the first born has its privileges, but it also comes with an arranged marriage and a ton of responsibility. Marco believes wholeheartedly in his family's deeply entrenched traditions, so even though he has strong feelings for Senna, he moves forward with the life path that his parents' arranged for him when he was a child. Sienna is completely blindsided by Marco's plans to take Max to Spain to meet his ailing father and the rest of his family. However, Marco's wealth allows him to take care of all of Senna's financial problems in one fell swoop, including her grandmother's Alzheimer's care, which is what is best for Max's future. So Senna and Max go to Spain, where Senna and Marco explore their feelings for each other, while dealing with Marco's predicaments. Luckily, love does conquer all. This story is well-written and the characters are well-defined. I formed an immediate connection with both Senna and Marco, in addition to the secondary characters. Their feelings for each other developed at a wonderful pace and their time together was quite seductive. I liked how the author continually softened Marco's character from a business authoritarian into a caring father. Overall, this is an engaging novel that should not be missed. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
His Family of Convenience by Amy Ayers.......This was a great book with fabulous characters that hold your attention. The story keeps you flipping pages with secrets, one night stand and lots of chemistry that melts the pages. This is my first book by this author and it will not be my last. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book from publisher via NetGalley.
repsgoddess More than 1 year ago
His Family of Convenience by Amy Ayers is Book 1 of The Medina Legacy Series. Now this book has it all...the feels, oh my goodness the feels. The chemistry between Marco and Senna is off-the-charts and you can’t help but get caught up in their story as we watch this dynamic duo struggle to find their way to having it all. His Family of Convenience is one hot read with a second chance at love troupe that will suck you in real quick! Please note that an ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review of which this is both honest and completely voluntary.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I thought this was a great read. It's very well written and I really enjoyed these characters. Senna was so gracious and not angry like many women would be. Marco was intriguing. Trying to live up to everyone's expectations yet never going for what he really wants. A terrific story of family loyalty and love and I book I definitely recommend to everyone.
Linda__ More than 1 year ago
Loved! In this novel, Senna is a struggling single parent of a six month old baby - the result of a single night of recklessness with her former boss. After their night, it's as though he disappeared from the face of the earth despite her numerous attempts to contact him...until he walks into the bar she's waitressing at. Before long, she finds herself doing exactly what Marco wants, even as she bumps up against his family obligations and pressures. His obligations allow no room for her in her life and have the awkward effect of casting her in the role of the other woman. This is a role she swore she would never occupy after her childhood. This is an engaging book that kept me turning pages just as quickly as possible. Fans of the genre will love this novel. The author is on my must read authors' list and I'm already looking forward to her next book.
KonnyD More than 1 year ago
His Family of Convenience by Amy Ayers is the first installment in The Medina Legacy Series. This book is a romance novel with HEA. Meet Marco Medina, oldest son and heir to the Medina imperium. He´s filthy rich, handsome and to be wed in a arranged marriage. Senna Calla is a waitress who´s ONS with her ex-boss was not without consequences. Suddenly he´s back and he has plans of his own. Plans without Senna in the picture. I liked the writing and I liked the characters, though sometimes I was speechless. In His Family of Convenience you´ll meet with a headstrong hero and a lovely and strong heroine. Thank you Amy Ayers, 4 Stars.
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
His Family of Convenience, Amy Ayers Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Romance,  Sometimes I just want to read a simple love story, the alpha male type, with a bit of angst but always a HEA. Entangled are my go-to publishers for that. I've been reading a few heavy romances, and in-depth paranormal and I wanted something light so chose this one for last nights bedtime reading :-)  I loved the blurb, loved the secret baby idea ( but the failure rate for condoms in romances must be about 75%!!) The dilemma of Marco being ultra traditional, having an arranged marriage but now finding he's got a son too was intriguing. I was really hoping that would lead to some delicious scenes between senna and his wife to be.  Sadly though for me this stayed in the mundane end of romance, a barely adequate story, nothing special. The line I was hoping between Senna and Marco's fiancee didn't come, she was at one moment icy and unapproachable and the next she was all freinds with Senna. There were things about Max that Marco discussed with her, promised he'd put to Senna and which would have provided some awesome fireworks, but instead they never happened? Why raise that topic anyway then? Not just once but twice -maybe three times it came up. I also had her pegged as responsible for something else that came out but...nope. TBH I felt she was an odd character and I was unsure of exactly how she was supposed to be, what kind of person she was, if she was going ahead with the wedding through duty, wantied to marry Marco for power and prestige, name etc, or in love with him and determined to keep him for herself....then at other times she seems to not be looking forward to the wedding. Very mixed person, and she could - IMO - have made such a difference to the story. Still, its perfect for other readers of course.  I didn't buy Marco's excuses for not knowing about the pregnancy, he might have not got a few messages passed on, and of course he was concerned for his sick father but all of them? Why didn't his brother say something - Senna says she met him on one visit to the company to try to see Marco and he must have known she was pregnant. Not saying anything didn't really gel with the guy he seems to be later, though maybe he didn't know she'd been with Marco...I'll let him off, though you'd think it would have come up in just general conversation. " BTW Marco, did you know your former assistant is pregnant? I met her at the office recently" Y'know, how people just chat about stuff... Senna, she's come so far with just the help of her flatmate, and she stands up to Marco at first. I'd have been outraged too at the heavy handed way he did things, been so angry at his bulldozer ways. She realises though that he didn't know, that her messages weren't passed on and gives him a pass. Well....her choice, I'd have hung on a bit more. He could have made the effort to see she was OK after their night of passion, he's the sort of guy who's always doing six things at once. It would only take a phone call to one of his team to check on her. Then when they're back at his family home and she's being treated appallingly by his mother he says nothing, walks off and leaves her at the family dinners and functions. If it wasn't for his sister Mila poor Senna would have been totally isolated. After all that she just rolls over and says yes when he's in her bed, knowing he's to marry someone else in a few weeks. Senna, where's your self respect!! 
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Marco is a man who takes his responsibilities to heart. Family and business are his first priority, until a one night consequence has him yearning for more. Senna made a choice that changed her life forever. One night cost her the career of her dreams, the guy of her fantasies and gained her the love of a lifetime. If she's willing to risk her heart and take a chance. Meddling families, secret engagements and a surprise baby make for DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA.