His Untamed Desire (a werewolf romance)

His Untamed Desire (a werewolf romance)

by Katie Reus


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ISBN-13: 9781942447917
Publisher: KR Press LLC
Publication date: 11/18/2016
Series: Moon Shifter Series
Pages: 126
Sales rank: 523,170
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Katie Reus is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Red Stone Security series, the Darkness series and the Deadly Ops series. She fell in love with romance at a young age thanks to books she pilfered from her mom's stash. Years later she loves reading romance almost as much as she loves writing it. However, she didn't always know she wanted to be a writer. After changing majors many times, she finally graduated with a degree in psychology. Not long after that she discovered a new love. Writing. She now spends her days writing dark paranormal romance and sexy romantic suspense.

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His Untamed Desire (a werewolf romance) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous 9 months ago
So I found this very intriguing and am interested in the other books of this series. But I am nervous, this was just over 60 pages long snd labeled as a novella. So if the others are this long, hopefully not charging too much. I look at it that a dollar is too much for such a short story. It would be good maybe if they were all in 1 book together. Does end on a H.E.A od sorts. But also a cliff hanger. Worth it because I did enjoy reading it but am skeptical about the other's lengths. Guess I'll be finding out.
nku More than 1 year ago
His Untamed Desire (Moon Shifter, #3.5) by Katie Reus ...This book was a quick read and very enjoyable... Daphne (Lupine Shifter) has always had a crush on her best friend Leta's brother ... Hector (Jaguar Shifter) Leta's brother... has know for years Daphne is his mate...There are a lot of feelings in this book..laughs, happy and sad tears...stalking ...steamy sex...an ongoing mystery and a HEA...I can't wait to read more in this series.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
A short, sweet paranormal romance with danger elements... “You fight dirty..." His Untamed Desire by Katie Reus is a short, sweet paranormal romance with danger elements in the form of a dangerous, unstable stalker. This is the story of wolf shifter Daphne and jaguar shifter Hector. Daphne has moved back home to the pack after having been away at school. Daphne has crushed on Hector since before she left – but, he hurt her when he rejected her advances back then. Now, that she’s back, she’s determined to make him notice her as a woman. Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from His Untamed Desire: “It’s just you and me right now… No one’s going to hurt us.” --- "I don’t want anyone touching you but me." --- "I’ve been trying to take things slowly because I didn’t want to scare you with the intensity of how I feel." I thoroughly enjoyed His Untamed Desire even though I wanted to shake the heroine for much of the story. That’s a first for me with one of Katie’s books – probably because my son has had a recent experience with a stalker of his own. Daphne was just too naïve for me for most of the tale. Hector was an alpha, growly and hot! I loved him and the plot… and, thankfully, Daphne did come to her senses acknowledging the very real danger she was in, near the end. Katie is one of my favorite authors. Basically, if she writes it, I want to read it. His Untamed Desire is a sexy and gripping paranormal romance. It’s a must read for fans of the series as the ending sets up the next Moon Shifter book! My full review is published at Reading Between the Wines Book Club. Please check it out there!
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
HIS UNTAMED DESIRE is novella 3.5 in Katie Reus’s contemporary, adult MOONSHIFTER paranormal, romance series. This is jaguar shifter/bartender Hector, and lupine shifter/ grad-student Daphne’s story line. HIS UNTAMED DESIRE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Told from dual third person points of view (Daphne and Hector) HIS UNTAMED DESIRE focuses on the second chance relationship between Daphne and Hector. Daphne has been in love with her best friend’s older brother Hector for most of her life but Hector’s rejection several years earlier left a brokenhearted Daphne to move on with her life. Graduating and returning to her home town of New Orleans but refusing to move back to her Alpha’s mansion, Daphne’s independence comes at a cost. Someone is stalking our story line heroine and Hector’s presence in her life finds the stalker becoming more dangerous and determined. Meanwhile, several pregnant shifter females go missing, and Hector worries that his pregnant sister may become the target of an unknown assailant. The relationship between Hector and Daphne is a second chance; a friends to lovers story line wherein Daphne sets out to catch the eye of the man that calls to her inner wolf. Hector’s inner jaguar has always known that Daphne was their mate but he was not willing to squash Daphne’s dreams of success and education by mating her before she had a chance to set out on her path. Their ten year age difference mattered when a then eighteen year old Daphne had yet to experience the world. The rekindling romance is quick to develop but finds Hector as protector and guardian when Daphne’s stalker gets too close and personal. The $ex scenes are intimate and intense-Hector is desperate to mark his mate for everyone to know. HIS UNTAMED DESIRE is a quick read; a novella length story line that focuses on another couple destined for one another. The secondary storyline about missing and pregnant shifters continues to build suspense and mystery leading towards a showdown in the next installment Avenger’s Heat. The premise is entertaining; the characters are dynamic; the romance is energetic and passionate.
MBurton More than 1 year ago
Another awesome shifter book from Katie Reus! I love her Alpha's. She does the right mix of dominant, protective and loving alpha's. Hector is another favorite added to my list. Here's a short breakdown of what to expect. This is an older man/younger woman trope. Hector is about 10 years older than Daphne and also the older brother of Daphne's best friend. He noticed her when she turned of age but kept her at arms length since she was leaving for college. This book starts out with her move back home and they see each other again. Hector's Jaguar comes alive when he see's her and he's finally free to pursue her but finds he has to protect her first from a danger that followed her home from college. This is a safe story. No cheating and Hector stays celibate while she is away at college. There is an epilogue but very short. The series continues and the epilogue sets up the next book. A must read series! ARC provided by NetGalley.
ZR1000 More than 1 year ago
A sweet long awaited jaguar/lupine romance… This is a novella in the Moon Shifter series that can be read as a stand-alone. Wolf shifter Daphne returned home to New Orleans from college and now at the age of twenty-four she’s grown-up and matured. She’s no longer the youngster who had a huge crush on her best friend’s older brother who rebuffed her just before she went away to school. Like most women would she wants to see what Hector thinks of her now, she’s tough, beautiful, confident, and comfortable in her own skin, and this time she doubts he’ll say no. This reader really liked her sassy attitude. Jaguar shifter Hector had intense feelings for his younger sister’s best friend but being ten years her senior she wasn’t ready at the age of eighteen for them even if she might have thought otherwise. He let her go away to college to allow her to grow and become the woman she was meant to be but he’s been patiently waiting her return and a chance at what he wants and that is her. Now that he has her in his sights he knows she’s his mate, he’ll take it slow so not to scare her with the depth of his feelings but she’s his. His protective insights are high with a young human she knew turned vampire stalking her. This was a sweet second chance romance, best friend’s older brother who waited for his mate in a way that this reader did not expect. The main protagonists are really likable, their emotions relatable. The suspense in this novella was high from the onset, besides a determined vampire stalker there’s much going on in the underlying background storyline that concerns the whole shifter community and the main characters especially, pregnant feline shifters are being kidnapped for unknown reasons and Hector’s sister is pregnant. The much deserved jaguar/lupine HEA is affected by events out of their control, the ending here is a great set-up for the next book. This novella ended at 89% on an ereader followed by an excerpt of the next book which this reader read out of series order and loved. An advanced reading copy was obtained from the author.
tsinclr More than 1 year ago
Daphne has always had a crush on Hector, her best friend's older brother. She even acted on that crush years ago before leaving for college but he rejected her advances. Now she had graduated and returned home. She thought she was over Hector but seeing him again makes her question that. Hector has had feelings for Daphne for years but the ten year age difference made him feel like a lecher. But now she is home from college and all grown up. He is determined to let her and everyone elso know that he is interested in claiming her as his own. Hector wants to take things slowly with Daphne so that he won't scare her off but someone is trying to hurt her. He makes it his priority to protect her and eliminate the threat so that he can get to take her as his mate forever. I received an advance reader's copy in exchange for an unpaid honest review.
JoRead More than 1 year ago
Even though this is labeled as #3.5 in the series you may want to read Avenger’s Heat: Moonshifters #4 to better understand who is who in this story. This was a quick, sexy story. It had me laughing at Hector’s reactions to Daphne’s antics. The once-little-now-hot-sister-of-your-best-friend-is-back is not one of my favorite tropes but Reus made it work. There was also that twist of suspense that unfortunately leaves you wanting but because this is sort of a prequel to Avenger’s Heat that was not unexpected. At least Hector and Daphne got their HEA. *** I received this book from the author at no cost to me and I volunteered to read it; this is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher.***
InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: His Untamed Desire - Moon Shifters 3.5 Author: Katie Reus Published: 1-7-2014 Publisher: KR Press LLC Pages: 140 Genre: Romance Sub Genre: Paranormal; Shifters; Werewolves; Vampires ISBN: 13-978-1942447894 ASIN: B01N94KV3U Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalley My Rating: 4.5 Stars I receive a copy of His Untamed Desire from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. Daphne, a wolf shifter has been in love with Hector, a jaguar shifter for years. Coming home gives her a chance to show Hector she is all grown up and ready for a more adult relationship. The one fly in her ointment is a vampire who has decided Daphne is his and will let no one or any thing stand between him and his chosen mate. Hector has always desired Daphne but considered her t0o young. With a stalker putting her in danger he steps up to do anything to protect her and claim her for himself. Will the too fated mates be able to survive a vampire's vengeance and determination to possess his hearts desire. A short novella filled with romance and danger. Suspense abounds in the story line and is filled with vibrant and bold characters that leap off the page. This maybe part of a series, but can easily be read as a stand alone. It is a book for lovers of paranormal romance. It will leave you pondering the thought that werewolves and vampires may be real. My rating is 4.25 out of 5 stars. I thought it would be better fit as a full novel as it seemed a bit rushed in a few scenes.
ehaney578 More than 1 year ago
I loved Daphne and Hector’s story. Daphne is a strong heroine and pairs well with the sexy, yet stubborn feline shifter Hector. I like the direction the series is taking and that there are many paranormal beings, not just wolves. I also love that there’s a mystery involving the disappearance of pregnant shifters. It’s the perfect setup for the next book in the series, AVENGER’S HEAT. HIS UNTAMED DESIRE is an exciting and sexy story that will leave you wanting more! As always, the only problem with this book is that it’s too short! ***Net Galley provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All conclusions reached are my own***
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
4 - "You fight dirty..." Stars! Another quick visit to Katie Reus’ Moon Shifter Series, gives us Daphne and Hector’s story. Best friend’s older brother is one of my favourite tropes, and although quick in its reading His Untamed Desire didn’t disappoint. Returning to New Orleans, after four years away for study, Daphne is all grown up when Hector sees her walking into the Pack Alpha’s bar for the first time since she got back, gone is the girl he thought he was too old for and in her place is the woman he knows is his mate. "I don’t want anyone touching you but me." Daphne is a tad wary of Hector's attentions initially, as her last attempt at seducing him before she left ended in the brush off and a lot of hurt feelings. But things have changed, and after a run in with someone she thought she had left back in college turns Hector all alpha and growly, she starts to realize that maybe the feelings she has are actually mutual. "I’ve been trying to take things slowly because I didn’t want to scare you with the intensity of how I feel." There is a bigger story-line being teased in this one that develops around this couples sweet reconnection in that pregnant shifters are being abducted in and around New Orleans, which is basically the set up for the next full book of the series, Avenger’s Heat, which left me all sorts of curious, and although book 3.5 in the series overall, I didn’t have any issue following along, so it can be read as a standalone without any real struggle. As I said this one really does set up the next book, and leaves you hanging with just enough information to make you desperate to start the next book to see how things play out, more juggling of the TBR for me now to try and fit it in, but I know it will be worth it as this is an author that never disappoints. This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.