Holiday Hijinx

Holiday Hijinx

by Shara Azod

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Holiday Hijinx by Shara Azod

Who knew hiring a male stripper for the office Christmas party could lead some nice, yet oh so naughty?

Dana was determined to attract the very best venture capitalist to invest in Sirens, Inc. Her partners and best friends were determined to make this year's office Christmas party the best one ever. So leaving the two to do their worst, which could be extremely bad, she set out to give the presentation of a lifetime to Ty Lafitte, the most sought after investor in all of Silicon Valley.

Who knew a man worth billions could strip like he was a pro? Who knew a lap dance could lead to forever?


"Dude! You are late! Your costumes were delivered like an hour ago. Come on you can get ready on my office."

Ty wasn't exactly sure what the hell was happening. There hadn't been time to step off the elevator before a tiny termagant of a human was pulling him along then pushing him into an otherwise empty office, shoving a gym bag in his hands.

"Hurry up!" the little woman hissed at him, actually stomping her foot. "Dana will be here in five minutes, the one I sent you a picture of. You remember what she looks like right?" Not giving him time to answer she launched into instructions. "It doesn't matter, she will be the only one seated, I will be standing right behind her. I'm Kimmi by the way, the one who hired you. Just make sure you give her one hell of a show before working the room. We've already paid you double so that shouldn't be a problem, right? I mean, you are bound to get a lot of tips out there. Oh and you are bi right? The guys that are into this kind of thing - you know- you shaking it all over them or whatever, will be up front. Leave the dudes hanging back alone. Are we clear? Good! Now hurry up and get those buns out there. As soon as I see you enter I will start the music."

There was no time to tell the diminutive general who he really was. As soon as she finished talking she was gone, closing the door with authority despite doing so quietly.

Yep, he was definitely investing in this company. Hell, he was prepared to give them twice the capital they were asking for. What he couldn't figure out was whether he was going to march out of the office he was currently standing in the middle of like he had lost every available brain cell in his head, or have a little fun and go out there and play the role. There was a reason Ty kept a very low profile despite his unprecedented success in business. Truthfully, he just didn't want to be bothered with questions and have an exposé done on his background, the Louisiana swamp he crawled out of, or the fact he put himself through college by stripping.

This situation would be funny if it was so eerie. It just so happened he could go out there, shake it like they had never seen before, then surprise the three partners with his identity. It would be a great prank. But as Ty began hastily disrobing, he knew the real reason he was doing this. It was Dana. The straight talking, serious pitch woman had piqued his interest beyond her company's potential growth. As he watched her deal with Dale and Dallas, he found himself fascinated by her. And yeah, he was more than a little interested. His cock had gotten hard by the way she continually slapped down Dale's insinuations that maybe the apps she was presenting weren't so unique, or that maybe Dana and her partners needed assistance in supervising a growing company. Dale hadn't even realized how thoroughly she had slit his throat with witty, accurate comebacks. Some flew right over Dale's head. Dallas had simply sat there and let his counterpart be torn apart rhetorically speaking. Sirens was a company that didn't need Ty, they wanted him. That made a business deal desirable. Dana was a woman who needed Ty in an entirely different way. TY was willing to bet she spent every waking moment thinking about, planning, or help running her business. It was Christmas; it would be wrong for him not to assist her.

Actually, he was going to fuck her. They were going to have some kind of relationship, even if it was only sexual, though Ty knew deep in his heart it would be more than that. There was something about the woman that called to him in a way he wasn't prepared to ignore. That was the real reason he had come to the Siren offices instead of calling or sending over the contract Dana had left with Dallas via messenger. He had come to claim his woman.

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