Homeboys: Gay Urban Erotica: Gay Urban Erotica

Homeboys: Gay Urban Erotica: Gay Urban Erotica

by Shane Allison

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Shane Allison is more daring than any other gay writer today, and he pushes the boundaries further than anyone else. In Homeboys we ride shotgun with the wild and fancy-free outlaws of the streets. What happens when two horny members from LA’s notorious Crips and Bloods are involved in a secret love affair? Or when a few members of the Greasers and the Socs meet for hot group sex in an abandoned freight train? Feel what it's like to keep it on the DL with Del, Norteños-style, and read all about how to get hazed by Asian Boyz. This bold and so-bad-it's-good book explores the erotic lives of thugs, drug runners, mischievous miscreants, dirty cops, prison gang bangers, and warriors of the wild. As 2Pac says, it's all about "Snatchin' hearts and jackin' marks."

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ISBN-13: 9781627780797
Publisher: Cleis Press
Publication date: 06/02/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 236
Sales rank: 901,880
File size: 382 KB

About the Author

Shane Allison has been published in countless literary journals and publications, such as McSweeney's, Velvet Mafia, Mississippi Review, New Delta Review, and Outsider Ink. He is the editor of Backdraft and Hot Cops. His stories have also appeared in anthologies such as Best Black Gay Erotica, Truckers, and Cowboys. He lives in Tallahassee, FL.

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I walked through the locker room and headed out. A staircase led up to the next floor. I started up the open steps and saw the next floor. A sling hung from the ceiling and candles surrounded it. Black leather straps and toys lined a table with a bunch of bottles of lube.

This was so not the place to be.

The beam of the flashlight came around the corner, and I raced up the stairs. I entered the sling room and pulled the curtain to block the view from the steps. As the metal rings zinged along the bar, two guys emerged from behind another curtain. They wore leather harnesses over their hairy chests, leather studded jock straps and leather ass-less chaps.

“We found a hairy guy to play with,” the blond man said.

“He found us,” the guy with brown hair said. “Welcome. Come, don’t be afraid.”

I wanted to back away, but I heard the footsteps behind me and the beam sliced over my shoe. Instead, I stepped forward and the men took my arms. I could feel my towel loosen as they walked me to the sling.

“I’ve never, I mean, I …”

The blond man pushed his index finger against my mouth. “Shhhh,” he said, tapping my lips. “We’ll be gentle.” His smile didn’t seem true. He looked familiar, but I couldn’t place him and I couldn’t tell if he knew me.

I swallowed hard. Could this stupid move blow my cover? Maybe I had to follow through to the end. My erection grew back to full length. I covered my groin with my hands to hide my response.

The brown haired guy stood to the side and saw everything. “He’s excited. He’s ready to play.” He pulled on my towel, trying to peek underneath and opened the flap.

A cold breeze tickled the hair on my balls.

“He’s hung like a bull, look at those balls.” He reached under the towel and grabbed my sac. He squeezed my balls and rolled them in his palm. His thumb separated them as he pulled down.

The blond guy pulled the curtain closed as two guys hurried around the corner. He saw them look in his direction, and he said, “We’re busy.” The metal rings ran along the metal bar suspended from the ceiling as he closed the curtain all the way. “That will keep them out.”

The brown haired guy smiled and released my balls. “I think he’s ready to play, aren’t you?”

I glanced at the closed curtain and wondered where I was safer, in here or out there?

The blond pulled on a cord and a black leather sling dropped from above. He walked into a corner and returned with a metal cart on wheels with all kinds of bottles and colored devices on top of it.

As it came closer, I saw huge colored dildos, hand-cuffs, a blue fist, tubes, rope, clothes pins, and a few bottle of lube.

The blond picked up a red ball gag and approached.

I shook my head, but he didn’t stop.

“Open up,” he said as he raised it to my mouth.

The brown haired guy stepped behind me and grabbed my arms.

I forced myself to relax. I didn’t want to tip them off or appear like a victim, which would only excite them to do more. Maybe if I played it cool, they would become bored with me and …

The ball was pressed into my mouth and secured behind my head.

I felt my body rise up and get gently placed in the sling. Velcro straps wrapped around my wrists and ankles and held me secure. I raised my head so I could see what they were doing.

The blond pulled on my towel, and it loosened. He pulled hard, causing it to come free from my waist. I was naked and spread open. My balls rose and my butt tensed as the brown haired man wheeled the metal cart toward me.

“What should we start with? Make sure he is clean?” He picked up a Fleet enema bottle and screwed off the cap. He stepped between my legs and fingered my hole. “So tight and so pink.”

I could feel it wink at him and tighten as his rough finger tip explored.

“He’s going to need extra work to loosen up.” His hand slapped my ass, stinging as it struck my sweaty skin.

The blond nodded. “Douche him.”

The bottle’s narrow tip entered me. He squeezed as he inserted it and cold water escaped down my ass and dripped on the floor. He pushed harder and a fine stream of water shot into me. The pressure rose and rose.

I could feel my bowels fill with cold water as the pressure increased.

He emptied the bottle in me, but the blond handed him another one. He quickly switched bottles and pushed again.

I pulled on my restraints, trying to free myself to no avail. I felt like I was going to burst, as he emptied the second one. He pulled it out as he turned to pick up another one, I couldn’t hold it any longer. A huge gush of water exploded out of me.

The men jumped out of the way and watched as my bowels emptied on the floor. As the water swirled down the floor drain, they noticed I was clean.

“Clean as a whistle,” the blond said as he picked up a beer bong. “I think we should give him a buzz.” He picked up a bottle of vodka and waited as the last of the water drained from my ass.

He inserted the clear plastic tube into me and poured the vodka into the yellow funnel. Glug, glug, glug. The cold vodka entered me. The blond poured enough to fill me up, but not enough pressure to cause me to expel it. He wanted me to get a buzz from the alcohol. It would absorb into my blood stream faster in my bowels than if I drank it.

The tube was removed from my ass, and a slim butt plug was inserted. He patted it in place. “We’ll be back for more soon.” His hand trailed along my balls, raising them up as it came up. He rolled one ball under his thumb and released it as his index finger trailed along the underside of my shaft.

A bead of precome oozed out of the tip as his fingers pinched my fat head. The blond caught the drop and started to raise it to my mouth, but stopped when he saw the ball gag. He brought his hand to his mouth and licked it off. “Sweet.” He smacked his lips.

The other guy joined him at my waist and looked down at my erection. He reached over and milked my dick. One hand fondled my balls as the other one stroked up and down my cock. A finger rolled over the end and as soon as he felt wetness, he bent over and swallowed my dick. He gagged as his nose touched my pubic bush.

The blond reached between my butt cheeks and pulled on the butt plug, and then quickly pushed on it, making it tap on my prostate gland. The vodka and butt plug increased the pressure inside me. My cock leapt in his mouth and the sensation was amazing. My head started to buzz as the alcohol was finally hitting my blood stream. Without my willing or thinking, my hips started to rock back and forth as the men double teamed my body.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Cyber Thugs* Bob Vickery

Punks: A Transgression* Simon Sheppard

Elevator Shaft* Barry Lowe

After the Dollar Died* David Holly

Fat Faggots Offer Drugs for Sex* Thomas Kearnes

Warehouse Gang Bang* Logan Zachary

2 Cute* Roscoe Hudson

Paying for Protection* Brent Archer

The Luv Brothers Gang* Landon Dixon

Run for the Border* Michael Bracken

Straight Dick
• Timothy McGivney

Tricked* Huck Pilgrim

Street Meat* R.W. Clinger

D.K. Jernigan* Banger

Ganged Up On
• Shane Allison

Second Stall for a Blow Job
• Derrick Summers

London Nights
• Bobby Starr

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