How Customers Buy.& Why They Don't: Mapping and Managing the Buying Journey DNA

How Customers Buy.& Why They Don't: Mapping and Managing the Buying Journey DNA

by Martyn R. Lewis


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Martyn R. Lewis makes the compelling argument that instead of focusing on their own internal view of how to position and sell their offerings, companies must look to the external reality of how their customers actually buy.

Essentially blowing away the threadbare notion that customers buy because of the value they see in an offering, Lewis unveils a profound new business model that rests on his pioneering concept of Outside-In Revenue Generation.

He shows that vendors are too often trying to solve the wrong problem because time and time again, customers actually do “get it”, they understand the offering and truly believe in its value, and yet they still hesitate or fail to buy.

From his transformational decoding of the Buying Journey DNA through to the robustly practical Market Engagement Strategy, Lewis shows that for those whose success and livelihood depends upon positive revenue generation, the only rational course of action is to map, manage and positively influence the end-to-end Customer Buying Journey.

Results-based from over twenty years of research with hundreds of companies and thousands of interviews, How Customers Buy…& Why They Don’t is a guide for success in today’s interconnected business world. This book presents a comprehensive and very readable introduction to a bold new approach to business development.

  • • Learn the secrets of how customers buy, and more importantly why they don’t
  • • Discover the logic and formulae for success in today’s business world
  • • Acquire strategies and techniques - all eminently practical and immediately implementable

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ISBN-13: 9781635765144
Publisher: Radius Book Group
Publication date: 08/15/2018
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 1,004,637
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About the Author

Martyn R. Lewis is an acclaimed business professional with a vast background in all aspects of revenue generation. Born and educated in the UK, he emigrated to Canada in the early 80’s s and now resides in the Napa area of northern California. His beliefs were shaped and honed over two decades in corporate sales and marketing, starting as a front-line sales person and eventually rising to CEO of a multinational, which included hundreds of sales people under his responsibility. In the mid-90s, he started his own company, Market-Partners Inc. ( interacting with many clients and most importantly with many of their customers. His consulting work uncovered the disconcerting fact that while most of his clients were doing good work presenting a good product, the results all too often suggested otherwise. After seeing this phenomenon so many times, it was obvious to him that something was missing; there was something more at play and he needed to find out.

Mr. Lewis consults globally and his work been used across 44 countries, in 17 languages, and has impacted over 85,000 sales professionals. He is internationally recognized as an extraordinary speaker, having delivered numerous keynote addresses live, on radio and television and he is a pioneer in utilizing webinar technology to deliver effective training through his sister company, 3GS ( Mr. Lewis acts as an advisor to a number of executives in the high technology industry and is active on several advisory boards and Boards of Directors, and has served as the Committee Chair for the Sales Enablement Community of Practice Advisory Board for the American Society for Training and Development, ASTD.

Table of Contents

How Customers Buy…and Why They Don’t
Mapping and Managing the Buying Journey

Martyn R. Lewis



Prologue: A Revelation
Chapter 1 From the Outside-In
Chapter 2 Three Generations of Customer Creation

Part 1 Mapping the Customer Buying Journey
Chapter 3 The DNA of the Customer Buying Journey
Chapter 4 DNA.1 Triggers
Chapter 5 DNA.2 Steps
Chapter 6 DNA.3 Key Players
Chapter 7 DNA.4 Buying Style
Chapter 8 DNA.5 Value Drivers
Chapter 9 DNA.6 Buying Concerns
Chapter 10 Case Study 1: DiaNascent: A Buyer’s Tale
Chapter 11 DiaNascent Case Study Analysis
Chapter 12 Case Study 2: CCHN: Does the Glove Fit?
Chapter 13 CCHN Case Study Analysis

Part 2 Developing the Market Engagement Strategy
Chapter 14 What to Do about It
Chapter 15 Crafting the Market Engagement Strategy (MES)
Chapter 16 #1. Harmonizing to the Buying Style
Chapter 17 #2. Into the Customer Buying Journey: Trigger or Engage?
Chapter 18 #3. Ensuring Adequate Motivation
Chapter 19 #4. Staying Engaged and Ensuring Positive Progress
Chapter 20 #5. Overcoming Friction in the Customer Buying Journey
Chapter 21 Engaging the Market with Orion Technologies

Part 3 Managing the Customer Buying Journey
Chapter 22 Translating Strategy into Application
Chapter 23 Outside-In Marketing
Chapter 24 Outside-In Selling
Chapter 25 The Outside-In Revenue Generation System

Epilogue How Customers Buy…and Why They Don’t

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