How To Do Everything With Your Ipod

How To Do Everything With Your Ipod

by Guy Hart-Davis, Joe Hutsko


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How To Do Everything With Your Ipod by Guy Hart-Davis, Joe Hutsko

Do more — and have more fun — than you ever thought possible with Apple's portable jukebox and this easy-to-use guide. Not only will you be able to play music, but you will learn to find, download, and organize your music to get the best sound, use cool accessories, and pick up little-known tips and tricks to enhance your overall iPod experience.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780072227000
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/OsborneMedia
Publication date: 03/24/2003
Series: How to Do Everything Series
Pages: 452
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.91(d)

Table of Contents

Part IEnjoying Audio on Your iPod
Chapter 1Get Up and Running with Your iPod3
What Is an iPod?4
What Your iPod Doesn't Do5
Choose the iPod That's Best for You6
Understand the Different Models of iPod8
What's in the Box?10
Set Up Your iPod11
Connect Your iPod to Your Computer12
Install the iPod Software13
Load Your iPod with Music14
Connect Your Headphones or Speakers15
Use Your iPod's Controls16
Chapter 2Get Up to Speed with MP3 and Digital Audio31
Why Do You Need to Compress the Music?33
What Determines Audio Quality?35
What Does CD-Quality Audio Mean?36
What Is MP3 and Why Should You Use It?37
Understand Other Digital Audio Formats38
Understand Ripping, Encoding, and "Copying"39
Learn about CDDB and Other Sources of CD Information41
Choose an Appropriate Compression Rate42
Load Uncompressed Files on Your iPod for Unbeatable Sound Quality45
Copyright Law for Digital Audiophiles46
Understand Current Copy-Protection Techniques on the CDs You Buy50
Chapter 3Use iTunes to Load Music onto Your Mac iPod57
Get Your Mac Ready to Work with Your iPod59
Set Up and Configure iTunes on Your Mac60
Create, Build, and Manage Your iTunes Music Library71
Enjoy Music with iTunes80
Synchronize Your Music Library with Your iPod88
Listen to Spoken-World Files on Your iPod94
Create Custom Playlists to Enjoy in iTunes or on Your iPod95
Chapter 4Use MUSICMATCH Jukebox Plus to Load Music onto Your Windows iPod99
Get Your PC Ready to Work with Your iPod100
Install MUSICMATCH Jukebox Plus on Your PC102
Configure MUSICMATCH Jukebox Plus for Maximum Effectiveness106
Create, Build, and Manage Your Music Library118
Enjoy Music with MUSICMATCH Jukebox Plus129
Synchronize Your Music Library with Your iPod132
Create Custom Playlists to Enjoy in MUSICMATCH Jukebox Plus or on Your iPod139
Chapter 5Create, Edit, and Tag Your MP3 Files141
Convert Other File Types to MP3, AIFF, or WAV so You Can Play Them on Your iPod142
Create MP3 Files from Cassettes or Vinyl Records144
Remove Scratches and Hiss from Audio Files150
Trim MP3 Files to Get Rid of Intros and Outros You Don't Like152
Tag Your MP3 Files with the Correct Information for Sorting154
Save Audio Streams to Disk so You Can Listen to Them Later157
Chapter 6Download Audio Files from the Internet161
Quick Reality Check on the Music Market162
Understand the Darknet and the Light165
Download Music Files from Web Sites173
Find Music Files in Newsgroups175
Share Your Own Music on the Internet175
Chapter 7Burn Audio and MP3 CDs with iTunes and MUSICMATCH Jukebox Plus177
Understand the Basics of CD Burning178
Burn CDs with iTunes179
Burn CDs with MUSICMATCH Jukebox Plus182
Troubleshoot the Problems You Encounter When Burning CDs190
Part IIUse Your iPod for Contacts, Calendar, and Other Text
Chapter 8Use Your iPod to Take Your Contacts with You201
Understand the Wonders of vCards203
Create vCards from Your Contacts207
Put Contacts on Your Mac iPod212
Put Contacts on Your Windows iPod220
View Your Contacts on Your iPod221
Chapter 9Put Your Calendars on Your iPod223
What vCalendar and iCalendar Do and What They're For224
Create iCalendar and vCalendar Files from Your Calendars227
Put Your Calendars on Your Mac iPod231
Put Your Calendars on Your Windows iPod235
View Your Calendar on Your iPod236
Chapter 10Put Other Information on Your iPod239
Limitations to Putting Information on Your iPod240
What Text Can You Put on Your iPod?241
Mac Utilities for Putting Information on Your iPod242
A Windows Utility for Putting (Some) Text on Your iPod249
Part IViPod Care, Advanced Topics, and Troubleshooting
Chapter 11Keep Your iPod in Good Working Shape253
What You Might Want to Know about Your iPod's Internals254
Maximize Your iPod's Battery Life256
Understand What Makes Your iPod Unhappy257
Keep Your iPod's Operating System Up-to-Date259
Carry and Store Your iPod Safely266
Clean Your iPod266
Chapter 12Use Your iPod as a Hard Drive267
Why Use Your iPod as a Hard Drive?268
Enable FireWire Disk Mode270
Transfer Files to and from Your iPod273
Start Up Your Mac from Your iPod274
Back Up Your iPod so You Don't Lose Your Music or Data279
Optimize Your iPod's Hard Disk to Improve Performance280
Chapter 13Enhance Your iPod with Accessories285
Stands, Docks, and Mounting Kits289
Power Adapters290
Headphones and Enhancers293
Weird Stuff294
Connect Your iPod to Your Stereo295
Chapter 14Learn Advanced iPod Skills299
Convert Your iPod from Mac to Windows--and Back300
Change the Computer to Which Your iPod Is Linked301
Synchronize Several iPods with the Same Computer304
Load Your iPod from Two or More Computers at Once306
Transfer Music Files from Your iPod's Music Library to Your Computer309
Play Songs from Your iPod Through Your Computer321
Chapter 15Troubleshoot Any iPod Problems You Encounter323
Your Warranty and How to Void It324
How to Approach Troubleshooting Your iPod326
Learn Troubleshooting Maneuvers327
Troubleshoot Specific Problems336

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